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Krystal Ball answers your questions

Have you been looking to learn more about Cycle co-host Krystal Ball? Well you are in luck as she has answered some of your questions!
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Have you been looking to learn more about Cycle co-host Krystal Ball? Well you are in luck as she has answered some of your questions!

The Cycle is one big family, whether you are working behind the scenes or part of our loyal fan base. And so, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to learn a little bit more about me. On Monday I asked you all to pose a question to me on our Facebook page, and the response was great. There were a lot of interesting questions which I had a great time answering. Be sure to keep them coming through Twitter or Facebook . I love to hear from you!

Dave Dman: Will you ever make an attempt to run for a political office again?

This sounds like a dodge but I really don’t know. I never planned to enter politics in the first place but was pulled in after my daughter was born. And I hadn’t planned on going into media but ended up being pulled to that path after my campaign. So my life has taken several totally unexpected directions. Who knows what could be next. I believe in the saying that every time you make a plan God laughs. You just never know where the next path may lead.

Kimberly Moore: How often do you and the rest of the crew hang out together? Do you or when the camera goes off you go separate ways?

Well, I’m writing this response after the show and we’re actually all together right now. We’ve all got separate lives and I’ve got my hands full with a new baby but we definitely genuinely enjoy each other’s company and try to make time for that.

Jimmy Alison: Do you still live in East Liverpool, Ohio or spend any time here?

I live in New York now but we still have our house in East Liverpool. I actually spent most of my maternity leave there which was wonderful. East Liverpool has certainly seen better times but we love it there. It’s beautiful in its own way and the people are incredible. I actually have found East Liverpool to also be an important inspiration reminder of the economic values we’re fighting for. We haven’t come close to figuring out what will replace the steel mill and factory jobs of the industrial Midwest. Until we do, towns like East Liverpool will suffer.

Reem Mc: Will the Bills make the playoffs?

Thank you so much for asking – I’m a Redskins fan, but let me give this a shot. For starters – the NFL has shifted over the last decade to a quarterback’s league. Buffalo has a great prospect in E.J. Manuel, but missing the last two games of the preseason puts him at a huge disadvantage. He’s losing valuable reps with his line and receivers, which will force him to find a rhythm in live games. On top of that, the Bills’ two best weapons are both in the backfield, with CJ Spiller emerging as an elite running back, and Fred Jackson as the best backup in the NFL. The problem? You have to throw to wideouts. Stevie Johnson’s dropsies and TJ Graham simply don’t get it done consistently enough to help this team make the leap.

On the defensive side of the ball, I like the way that Marone and Pettine are rebuilding, they’ve put and emphasis on speed, and Pettine is going to mix up a lot of looks in order to bring the blitz. Somebody like Kiko Alonso could become a real weapon this year, but their linebacking corps lack the elite athleticism that would allow them to both attack the QB, stuff the run, and shut down the middle for receivers. They successfully avoided making splashy signings to fortify the defense, choosing instead to focus on the draft and the scheme, but these changes will take some time.

In a perfect world, EJ Manuel is healthy and continues the NFL’s “Young QB Takeover” or Kolb develops consistency, the Pats get exposed as a gimmick team, Spiller rushes for 1,500+, Robert Woods or Marquise Goodwin emerge as legit threats, the defense gets their turnover ratio to +15, and the Bill are able to sneak into the playoffs with 10 or 11 wins. But the more realistic scenario is that the bills end up a 7 or 8 win team, and establish themselves as the second best in the AFC East, and a team on the rise. With the Pats, Broncos, Chiefs, Bengals, Ravens, Texans, and Colts all looking strong – I can’t see this team making the playoffs. But they’re heading in the right direction, Reem. And you haven’t been able to say that in a while. Good luck this season.