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3 Ways Entrepreneur Editor Amy Cosper Rocks on Twitter

Our fearless editorial leader has been named among the smartest women on the popular social-media site.
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She's smart. She's a badass. She's also pretty awesome on Twitter. Entrepreneur magazine's editor-in-chief, Amy Cosper, has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the 25 smartest women on Twitter.

Cosper is on the list for good reason and is among impressive company. Also on the list are serial entrepreneur Caterina Fake, noted TV journalist Christiane Amanpour, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Chelsea Clinton. Fast Company describes the women on its list as "thought leaders and pioneers, and who continually advance groundbreaking ideas and provide surprising insights that can change perspectives."

But beyond being an avid tweeter, what makes Cosper a must-follow on Twitter ? OK, we're a little biased, but here are three reasons we think she's awesome on Twitter and how you can be, too:

1. She shares thoughtful pieces from around the web.
Being the top editor at a major business magazine, one might think that Cosper would share only her favorite articles from Entrepreneur. You'd be wrong. Cosper goes beyond the print and digital pages of our magazine to share thoughtful and inspiring articles from all over the web with her thousands of followers.

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Business owners who follow this lead can be seen not only as experts in their industry but also as a go-to resource for useful information.

2. She interacts with followers in a meaningful way.
A quick glance at Cosper's Twitter feed shows that the overwhelming majority her tweets are either retweets or direct responses to her followers. Whether she's responding to followers asking about attending Entrepreneur events or to people who simply share their views on business and entrepreneurship, Cosper isn't just broadcasting, she's engaging.

This is a critical strategy for businesses. Engaging followers over Twitter and other social-media sites can be key to driving sales and creating loyal customers.

3. She gets personal.
On Twitter, Cosper is more than just the editor of Entrepreneur and an advocate for 'treps. She's a person. Cosper gives her followers a window into who she is beyond her work. From Twitter, we know that she's an avid runner and a motorcycle enthusiast -- Ducatis, specifically. She shares details about her trips around the world and even tweets funny pictures of her family members.

It's a good day to go to italy and ride motorcycles. Ciao stati uniti! Buongiorno italia!

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Share personal stories. Tweet pictures of employees on the job. Businesses that can demonstrate the personal side of their company can win over more followers over social media.