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‘Sex tape’ to explain Syria situation

Alyssa Milano's “sex tape” for Funny or Die is more heavy than hot.
/ Source: The Last Word

Alyssa Milano's “sex tape” for Funny or Die is more heavy than hot.

Well, that got your attention.

Actress Alyssa Milano and a male gentleman posted a so-called “sex tape” this week to the satirical website Funny or Die.

The scene begins with a night out boozing in Cabo San Lucas, rose petals…But it gets more heavy than hot after Milano kicks away the camera, showing a view of a stone-faced anchorman on TV breaking the serious situation in Syria.

“Our nation is on the brink of yet another conflict in the Middle East, this time in Syria. The roots of the current upheaval in Syria lie insectarian divisions: Sunnis verses Alawite,” he begins. “For decades, the nation has been ruled by the Assad family. First Hafez, and now his son, Bashar. Their government is made up primarily of members of Syria’s Alawite religious minority.”

The anchorman gives some background on the Assad’s power and their ties to Russia: “They ruled ruthlessly over the country’s Sunnis Muslim majority using their extensive security and still-existent Russian military support to maintain tight control. That is, until two-and-a-half years ago.”

“A loose coalition of Sunni Islamist insurgents rose up against the Assad regime, creating pockets of resistance throughout the country and brought the battle to the nation’s capital, Damascus,” the host explains. “Most recently, reports came in that a chemical weapons attack by the Assad government killed nearly 1,400 Syrian civilians. This brutal action by the Syrian government on its own citizens crossed President Obama’s ‘red line.’”

The anchorman wraps up his summary, saying “Now, he has asked Congress for the ability to make tactical military strikes in Syria. The American people await their decision.”