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Morning Headlines: Thursday, September 12

The Morning Joe headlines for Thursday, September 12
/ Source: Morning Joe

The Morning Joe headlines for Thursday, September 12

Here are the headlines we’re reading this morning. Which headlines are getting your attention?

How to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons

Putin: ‘Force has proved ineffective and pointless’

NYT: Putin op-ed: A plea for caution from Russia

Kerry set for ‘difficult’ talks on Syria chemical weapons

Could ending celibacy vow help the church?

North Korea nuke reactor likely restarting, institute says

Controversial pastor arrested before Quran burn

NYT editorial: Diplomacy as Deterrent

A Rare View of Policy Pivots by Obama in Syria Confrontation

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage

D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton

House Republicans delay vote on bill to fund government

Dana Milbank: Conservatives use Sept. 11 to attack Obama

Exclusive: The Koch brothers’ secret bank

Boehner, Cantor struggle to lead House

REPORT: UN Has ‘Wealth’ Of Evidence Implicating Assad In Attack

National Champs Ensared In Latest NCAA Scandal

Flash floods kill at least 1 in Boulder, Colo.

Breaking Bad spin-off prequel announced

Colombia arrests woman ‘with cocaine’ in pregnancy bump

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler on Reflektor: “A Mash Up of Studio 54 and Haitian Voodoo”