Twitter Just Made Connecting With Influencers a Little More Difficult

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If you thought getting influencers and celebrities to respond to your messages over Twitter was a hassle before, a new update might make that process even more difficult.

On the same day it said it filed its long-awaited IPO, the social network also released a feature it says will help verified users better manage the large number of conversations they have.

By going to the Connect tab above their feed, verified users can now navigate their "@" mentions in three categories: all, filtered and verified. For Twitter newbies, verified users are usually celebrities and industry influencers. If you're not sure if someone is verified, look for a blue check mark next to their name.

Like you'd expect, verified users will see every mention under all. In filtered, they will see mentions that Twitter's algorithm deems not to be spam. Under verified, only mentions received from other verified users will be shown.

In other words, unless you or your business has a verified Twitter account, there's potentially another barrier to having influencers see your messages to them.

Twitter says the new mention feature is available now to verified users on the web and it has plans to roll it out over mobile as well.

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