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PoliticsNation, Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

September 18, 2013

Guest: Chaka Fattah; Simone Campbell, Karen Bass, Joy Reid, Abby Huntsman, Shaka King

thanks to you for tuning in. I`m live from Washington D.C. Tonight`s
Lead, political extortionist. We are 12 days away from a reckless right
wing political move. Speaker Boehner caucus is again threatening the whole
of the American economy hostage, threatening economic chaos. The kamikaze
mission is being led by an arrogant tea party vowing to shut the government
down and stopping the nation`s bills unless they defund President Obama`s
Healthcare Law.

A law that literally saves lives. And today speaker Boehner showed he
lacks any political courage to stand up to the radical right.


going to continue do everything we can to repeal the President`s failed
Healthcare Law. So this week the House will pass a CR that lacks sequester
savings and defunds ObamaCare.


SHARPTON: Is he kidding? It`s a bill Congress passed, a law the
Supreme Court held up. A central issue in the presidential campaign, but
they refuse to accept it. And today, President Obama unloaded on the
political hostage takers.


the history of the United States the debt ceiling or the threat of not
raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a governing
party and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget
and have nothing to do with the debt.


SHARPTON: Extorting a president, and the president wasn`t finished.


OBAMA: Just flip the script for a second, and imagine a situation in
which a Democratic speaker said to a Republican president, I`m not going to
increase the debt ceiling unless you increase corporate taxes by 20
percent. And if you don`t do it, we will default on the debt and cause a
worldwide financial crises. Even though that Democratic speaker didn`t
have the votes to force through that particular piece of legislation, they
will simply say we will bloat whole thing up unless you do what I want.
That can`t be a recipe for governing.


SHARPTON: No. It`s not a recipe for governing, but it is a recipe
for hurting this country. But if the right wing is waiting for President
Obama to blink, it`s not going to happen.


OBAMA: What I will not do is to create a habit, a pattern whereby the
full faith and credit of the United States ends up being a bargaining chip
to set policy. It`s irresponsible.


SHARPTON: It`s irresponsible and it`s dangerous. Speaker Boehner,
the inmates are running the asylum. You have 12 days to show some
leadership. And President Obama`s not bailing you out.

Joining me now is Congressman Chaka Fattah, Democrat from Pennsylvania
and Richard Wolffe. His new book is called the message, the reselling of
President Obama.

Thanks to you both for being here.


SHARPTON: Congressman Fattah, I mean, do you believe the right wing
will shut down the government if they don`t get their way?

REP. CHAKA FATTAH (D), PENNSYLVANIA: We have seen them do it before,
during the Clinton years. But let me tell you this. What your listeners
and viewers need to know is that the president is not spending one dollar
that the Congress didn`t appropriate. So the debts that the country`s run
up, this Republican Congress has passed this appropriation bills. We have
a responsible to pay our bills. And the president`s right, that we can`t
negotiate through extortion about eliminating the full faith and credit or
eliminating or credit rating as a way for them to meet a political goal
that would mean taking health care away from tens of millions of people,
you know. So --


SHARPTON: Let`s be clear. They ran on this. The Congress voted on
it and the Supreme Court voted on it. So it`s not just a political goal.
It`s one they lost. And you say the president hasn`t spent one dime that
Congress hasn`t approved. But the talking point, Richard, has been blame
President Obama. Watch this.


BOEHNER: There should be no conversation about shutting the
government down. That`s not the goal here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If the government is shut down, it will be
President Obama who will shut down the government. If the government is
shut down, it will be Harry Reid that shut it down.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: And I think it is unfortunate that the
president is saying well, if you don`t fund Obamacare we will shut down the

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: He wants a shutdown because he
understand this is one thing that could rescue --

wants this thing to happen, a shutdown of the government. I`m totally
cynical on the thing. I think that`s exactly what he wants.


SHARPTON: Richard, let me get this right. They lose the vote in
Congress. The Supreme Court upholds it as constitutional. They lose the
election. Despite all that and that it`s law, they now come back and say
we are going to shut down the whole government.

WOLFFE: And it`s his fault.

SHARPTON: If we fund what we know has been voted on to be funded and
is law. And then they are going to blame the president for shutting down
the government. It`s an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

WOLFFE: Well, I also think it is bad politics. And by the way, this
is being driven by a group of people, the tea party house Republicans who
claim that what drives them, what motivates them is the constitution.

What we are talking about is a law, the Obama health reform law, that
has been ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court. What we are talking
about is a change in the constitutional balance of powers. This, as the
president has put it, this politics of extortion. It`s fine for the house
to have the control of the purse strings. That`s perfectly within the
constitution. That`s their role. But as the representative just
explained. They have exercised that power. They have passed these

What they`re now doing is saying we have additional power that goes
beyond the budget to shape the entire presidency, because we will threaten
everything, the world economy would collapse. That`s what they`re doing.
And it`s important the president made that speech to the business
roundtable. Because if they won`t listen to the president because they are
the House Republicans, they will sure listen to their business backers who
fund their campaigns and need to be able to say to them, this is not god
for anyone if you crash this economy.

SHARPTON: When what Richard says is not good politics, Congressman, a
recent poll of who would be blamed if there`s a government shutdown, says
that 51 percent said they would blame the Republicans, only 33 percent says
President Obama. With this story getting more attention, you would have to
think that number would rise in terms of a negative to the Republicans.

FATTAH: Well, what the Republican party wants to do is play to its
extreme right wing. And the problem with that is it may help in a primary,
but it doesn`t help in a general election. And it won`t help our country
if we default on our credit. Again, the Congress has approved and
appropriated these dollars, every dollar. The president has no authority,
has not spent one dime that the Congress did not require him to spend by
law. So now we have the responsibility to pay our bills. And that`s
what`s up in terms of this debt limit vote.

And what they want to do is shift the discussion. The reality is that
they voted 41 times to eliminate Obamacare. Their problem is not with the
president. Their problem is that the Senate won`t agree with them. So,
they want to have a debate between them and the president when they really
need to do like Eric Cantor said, is the regular oil business when he walk
down on the president`s discussion a few years. He said look, we don`t
agree with the Senate and present something for the president to sign or

They need to go through regular order, pass what they want to pass.
Let it go to the Senate. The Senate will reject any cuts in Obamacare. It
will come back. And then, the question will be front and center whether
they want to stop paying our soldier, our FBI agents, stop paying those
people who are risking their lives to keep this country safe, where they
want to eliminate lead inspection and, you know, when we talk about closing
the government, we are not talking about closing tourist attractions. The
government provides vital services. And that is where the question is
really going to be.

This is not a debate between them and Obama. In order to get a bill
in front of the president, it has to pass the Senate and the Senate will
now, and has not taken over one of their 41st bills to defund Obamacare.

SHARPTON: Well, you are also talking about this is between them and
how we govern this country, whether we are going to let people who lose
votes, lose elections, lose in the Supreme Court and then decide we will
extort our way. We don`t care what all three bodies, legislative, judicial
and the general election go with.

Richard, the other thing that outrages me is Speaker Boehner who is
backing now to push to defund Obamacare. Listen to what he said earlier
this year.


BOEHNER: Do you want a risk of the full faith and credit of the
United States` government over Obamacare? That`s a very tough argument to


SHARPTON: A very tough argument to make. Now he`s taking the
opposite track or at least supporting it, heading that way.

WOLFFE: You know, the only thing at risk here is the speaker`s job,
right? He is doing this not because he actually believes that they need to
default or even though they stand any chance of repealing Obamacare. He is
doing this to hold onto his caucus. Because look, they wouldn`t even back
him on the vote to strike in Syria. So he is in a very weak position.

You know, the irony here is that they think that, you know, their hash
tag behind him was about jobs. What are they talking about in terms of a
policy about jobs? This is nothing to do with jobs. Not him, not the
president. No one is addressing what is still sluggish growth in terms of
jobs. When I go, you know, sadly one of the things what you`re talking
about a book is you have to go talk to the conservatives. Talk shows, they
don`t say Obamacare is killing jobs. Well, Obamacare hasn`t been fully
implemented. So, this economy has a problem about jobs that is independent
of healthcare. They have no other agenda to agree on. They have no jobs
agenda. They can only talk about this because this is the one thing they
agree on. They oppose everything to do with this president and about
health care.

SHARPTON: You know one thing, though, Congressman, the president has
been very tough all week that he is not negotiating when it comes to paying
bills as you pointed out. The country already owes. Look, listen to this.


OBAMA: I have responsibilities at this point not just to the current
generation, but the future generations. And we`re not going to set up a
situation where the full faith and credit of the United States is put on
the table every year or every year and a half, and we go through some sort
of terrifying financial brinkmanship because of some identify logical
arguments the people are having about some particular issue of the day. We
are not going to do that.


SHARPTON: Congressman?

FATTAH: We are going to see what I already know. And I know Barack
Obama before he was president and before he was even in the U.S. Senate.
He is not going to equivocate on this issue. What he is saying is that
he`s not going to put a dynamic in play in which the Congress can willy-
nilly in an unfettered way threaten the credit rating of our country every
time they want so the policy goal.

And so, we have to have this argued out now. It`s better to argue it
out now. And there will be consequences. And unfortunately, they won`t
just be for political parties. They will be for our country and our
economy if the Republicans go in this direction.

But it`s far better for us to settle this matter now, and that`s what
the president`s saying, he is not going to equivocate or compromise one
inch. The debt ceiling will not be negotiated. He won`t negotiate about
the budget and about what the spending priorities are. But he`s not going
to negotiate about the debt limit. And the Congress voted to spend this
money, and the Congress has a responsibility to pay its bills.

SHARPTON: Congressman Chaka Fattah and Richard Wolffe, thank you both
for your time tonight.

WOLFFE: Thanks, Reverend.

FATTAH: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming um, more on the grand obstructionist party. Why
these political hostage takers are governing like Rush Limbaugh.

Plus, I want to know how it`s OK to take food away from Americans in
need. Tomorrow they will vote to slash $40 billion from food stamps. How
can they look in the mirror?

And from Glenn Beck to the halls of Congress, they`re talking
impeachment again.

And also, what`s on your mind? E-mail me, friend or foe, I want to
know. "Reply Al" is ahead.


SHARPTON: I want to know why this Republican party thinks it`s
morally OK to strip millions of Americans of food stamps. How can anyone
be OK with themselves attacking the poor? Tomorrow the House votes on
Congressman Eric Cantor`s bill to gut food stamp programs. It would gut
$39 billion from the program over ten years and four million would lose
benefits next year.

I have heard all the right wing talking points. There`s massive
fraud. They are all lazy parasites. It`s a drag on the economy. It`s all
nonsense. A record number o people, four million, we have lifted above
poverty level last year when food stamps counted as income.

Here is the bottom line, feeling Americans should not be about
politics. It`s a moral responsibility.

Joining me now, sister Simone Campbell, leader of the nuns on the bus
which is part of the network on national catholic social justice lobby.

Thank you for being here Sister Simone.

you, Reverend Al.

SHARPTON: I mean, the outrage to even suggest, when you have people
that are getting by, barely, with food stamps, that we`re going to take it
off the table. And on top of that, denigrate and in many ways demonize
them by calling them names.

CAMPBELL: Absolutely. And it`s shocking that the basic argument is
because getting food stamps, they say, keeps people lazy and dependent.
But what they are not dealing with is reality. Sixty-nine percent of the
folks getting food stamps are living in households where there are working

SHARPTON: That`s correct.

CAMPBELL: And additionally, the remaining part goes to folks who are
disabled and elderly on Social Security and SSI. That adds up to almost 93
percent. So seven percent are unemployed people who are looking for jobs.
And the fact is, there are three people looking for a job for every job

This is crazy. This does not deal with reality and it`s wrong for our

SHARPTON: For people that are confused, here`s who actually get food
stamps as you touched upon. Seventy-six percent of households that receive
food stamps include children, seniors or disabled people. In households
where adults are able to work, one adult, 58 percent do and 82 percent
worked the year before or after they received food stamps.

We`re not talking about lazy`s (ph). We`re not talking about
parasites. We`re not talking about fraud, and we talk about very little
money. Everyone that has gone on this amount of money has talked about.

I had a congresswoman on last night, Simone, said it was the worst
situation she`s ever had to face in terms of a diet. What are we talking
about here?


And this is just supposed to be supplemental, food stamps are
supplemental to the ordinary budget. But what`s happened? Because rents
are so high in so many places, people are using $1.40 per meal per day to
try to get by. This is impossible. Who are we as a nation that we do not
value our people enough to make sure that everyone eats.

My faith says it is a moral responsibility. The dignity of every
human person demands at least food to survive.

SHARPTON: You know, on top of the fact that we are risking people
having the ability to have this food that they need, they are demonizing
them. Let me show you how the right, some on the right have just demonized
food stamp recipients.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The reality is that American poor people are not
malnourished. They in fact eat too much food.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When the safety net becomes a hammock.

BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: My contention is that the Obama
administration is encouraging parasites to come out and, you know, take as
much as they can with no remorse and this is how a country declines. This
is how we become a weak nation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thirty percent. That`s how many more Americans
according to a study are selling food stamps for cash illegally. They will
see that is not legal. Nearly 48 million received food stamps. The
program costs 80 billion a year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Government has reached into American neighborhoods
and says, it`s OK to be dependent.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Shouldn`t there be at least some


SHARPTON: I mean, a stigma. Should we be concerned about being a
powerful, wealthy nation and we don`t even want to help those that need it?
That are mostly working or seniors or children? Isn`t that a stigma,
Sister Simone?

CAMPBELL: Well, and I think additionally, the stigma is the reason
data indicates that 80 percent of our nation has not benefited from the
economic recovery. Those who have benefited have been the top 20 percent.
And you will notice, it is the top 20 percent that are making these

So what I think we need to do is make sure everyone understands we are
in this together. This is not about as against each other. The 100
percent benefits when people eat, when children get nourished. The
longitudinal studies indicate children that get food stamps do better.
They have a higher graduation rate from high school. More go on to
college. This is a benefit for our entire nation.

This is not a stigma. This is not a reason to throw people under our
bus. The -- everyone is welcome on the bus to really stand up for what is
right. What is right is feeding hungry people who are working hard.

SHARPTON: No doubt about it, Sister Simone Campbell. We are going to
have you on after the vote.

Thank you for joining us tonight though.

CAMPBELL: Thank you. Glad to be here.

SHARPTON: Ahead, Rush Limbaugh is leading the GOP right over the
cliff. Why don`t Republican leaders have the courage to stand up to all of
his hot air?

And Glenn Beck wants to impeach President Obama? I will have a few
things to say about that. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Republican party, now
trying to lead the country off a financial cliff. How can we stop him?
That`s next.



LIMBAUGH: The Democrats are the ones always advancing their agenda.
The Republicans never say no. The whole party ought to be obstructing.
The whole party ought to be saying no to everything in Obama`s agenda.


SHARPTON: Just say no. That`s Rush Limbaugh`s version of a policy
agenda for the country. Rush and his tea party cronies have been calling
for government shut down over Obamacare all year. Tea party senators like
Ted Cruz have been demanding it. And now Republicans in the House are
giving it to them.


REP. SCOTT RIGELL (R), VIRGINIA: Ted Cruz and meek lee have been
asking for this fight, the conservative base have been asking for this
fight. So we`re going to give them the fight.


SHARPTON: Actually, what Republicans are giving people is a reason to
vote them out of office next year. Some other Republicans are in complete
denial. They claim they`re not shutting down the government at all.


RIGELL: A vote to defund it is not a vote to shut the government
down. I don`t see it that way. Someone asked me earlier on a radio show,
they said, well, are you voting to shut the government down? I`d say no,
absolutely not.


SHARPTON: Keep on saying that, Congressman. If you repeat it enough,
maybe someone will believe you. Now there are actually a few Republicans
who see the disaster coming their way, but seem powerless to stop it.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: You think it`s a good idea?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What`s the outcome? We can`t let the government
shutdown. We can`t be kamikazes.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: So, what`s the alternative?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We`ll see how it goes along.


SHARPTON: Kamikaze? General Custer? Normally I don`t worry too much
about Republicans racing toward disaster, except this time. They`re
dragging the rest of the country with them.

Joining me now are Congresswoman Karen Bass, democrat from California
and Joy Reid. Thank you for coming on the show.


REP. KAREN BASS (D), CALIFORNIA: Thanks for having me on.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, will the GOP follow Rush Limbaugh`s advice?

BASS: Well, you know, what? I mean, I think he`s held the Republican
Party hostage for a very long time. They`re scared to death of him. If
they don`t follow what Rush Limbaugh says then they might get primaried. I
really think it`s sad when the economy is slowly getting better, the number
one agenda on everybody`s mind is the jobs, not the antics and theatrics
that the Republicans do here in the House of Representatives.

SHARPTON: Joy, Rush Limbaugh saying Republicans just want -- they
just want to tear Obamacare down. They don`t want to build anything up.
Listen to this.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Now I`m going to make a wild
guess that most of you don`t want any of this replace business. What you
want, let`s repeal this and then start from scratch.


SHARPTON: Now you have millions of people uninsured. But all we want
to do is stop the insurance options you may have now, and then we`ll just
start from scratch. You just sit there and stay in your uninsured

REID: Yes. Because everybody wants to go back to 2009 and do that
nine month process again. That`s what we want to do with the next nine
month to a year. No, that`s ridiculous. And the problem that the
Republicans have, that they have, what they`re worried about, Rev, is that
starting October 1st, more of these benefits kick in. And it`s a lot
easier to say you want to repeal something that hasn`t been fully
implemented so people aren`t a hundred percent sure what it is.

When people have the benefits, when they`re getting the no pre-
existing conditions, when they`re actually getting all the pre-screening
and it`s kicked in and people understand what they`re receiving, then when
you try to propose taking it away, it`s going to go down the way that they
used to when they talked about during that to Medicare. Remember,
Republicans used to hate Medicare. Just as much, Ronald Reagan on down.
They said it would destroy the country, it was socialism, but once it was
implemented, you can`t even take it away from a Tea Partier.

SHARPTON: You know, Congresswoman, John Boehner claims he quote, "won
the fight" by surrendering to the Tea Party. Listen to this.


has been won. The House has voted 40 times to defund, change Obamacare.
To repeal it. It`s time for the Senate to have this fight.


SHARPTON: I mean, Congresswoman, why can`t John Boehner just stand up
to the Tea Party?

BASS: Well, first of all, I think that they control a bloc of votes.
And he can`t get to 218 without their votes. But let me just say something
else, Rev, I`ve been here two and a half years now and I have participated
in all those crazy 40 plus votes. They keep talking about repealing. You
notice they don`t talk about replace anymore because they`ve never come up
with what they want to do if they were going to propose a healthcare law.

And I think Joy is absolutely right. And I will tell you that plenty
of my constituents right now already feel the impact of healthcare reform
and they would fight tooth and nail for anybody to take away the benefits
that they`re already receiving.

SHARPTON: Now not only does her constituents, the Congresswoman`s
constituents Joy, know the benefits there. Let me run this by you for your
reaction. If there`s a government shutdown, and it`s threatening and it`s
looking more and more like we`re headed that way. The people that are
affected. Military pay, veterans benefits, unemployment benefits, new home
and business loans, what is not affected is Obamacare implementation,
Social Security checks and traffic controllers, food inspection and postal
services. So they would shut the government down over Obamacare, and it
won`t even be affected.

REID: Exactly. This is the equivalent of somebody at a carnival
selling a bottle of snake oil that does absolutely nothing. Because at the
end of the day, it`s a feel good measure to constantly tell their base,
we`re going to get rid of this horrible thing with the word Obama in it.
But at the end of the day, they would shutdown the government for nothing.
They would get blamed and Obamacare just let Medicare and Social Security
would roll merrily along. It is non-discretionary spending. You cannot
defund it.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, so basically what they`re doing is trying to
have a symbolic victory over the president and some of them just despise
him so because this is his prized accomplishment. They want to try to
humiliate him by saying we shut the government down on his prized
achievement. But they`re doing it at the expense of seniors and children
and people that will suffer from a government shutdown.

BASS: Well, I think that`s absolutely right. But, you know, this is
a ritual, almost, that has to be performed every couple of months. Every
couple months we have to dutifully walk on the floor and cast our vote. Us
of course against measures to remove funding from a healthcare reform. But
this is something that they spend themselves up to every couple of months.
It`s really a sad waste of time. There are so many things that we need to
be doing right now, like getting back to jobs instead of wasting our time
with silly antics like this.

SHARPTON: Joy, we go forward. They are try again, the President
doesn`t blink. The Congress does not, the Democrats in the Congress go
through the ritual. The Senate stops it again, then what?

REID: Then nothing. And as the congressman says. They`ll just do it
all again. It is a ritual leading up to 2014. Look, these members are
afraid of getting primary. They know that if they don`t go through the
motions of pretending they could get rid of this horror of giving people
healthcare 30 million people, that they could face a primary. And all they
care about is self-preservation. This is the most cynical kind of politics
because it is literally just about self. It`s about this right wing
members worried about even more right wing challengers.

SHARPTON: But Congresswoman, if this goes this way and leads into a
shutdown, how do we salvage what the American people need and what they
would have to endure if we`re facing this shutdown?

BASS: Well, I think we need to hold their feet to the fire. I mean,
the way out of this is if they need to go through the ritual of having the
continuing resolution, that takes money away from the affordable care act,
sending it over to the Senate, then when it comes back, he, the speaker,
has to come to reality. Go over to leader Pelosi and say look, I need your
votes. Let`s put our votes together, let`s fund the government and let`s
not have their shutdown. So this is completely preventable. There is no
reason for the self-imposed crisis.

SHARPTON: Joy, do you feel that the politics here in Washington as
polarized as it is, is there any outside chance that some responsible
leadership could emerge in the Republican Party to stand up to these

REID: I think probably not, because the responsible leader who would
need to do it would be the Speaker of the House, and John Boehner has
proven himself to be completely unable to even reason with his caucus, let
alone exert the kind of leverage of speaker normally does over the caucus.
He is completely neutered by those 78-79 Tea Partiers. He is a pre-school
teacher who has lost control of his class. And he cannot get them to quite
down and raise their hands when it`s time to talk.

SHARPTON: And he showed that today, Congresswoman when he said,
again, we`re going to go and let the process go the way they have guided
it. It is the most, it lacks such political backbone, that it`s appalling.

BASS: But, you know, he has on several occasions this year allowed
for democratic votes to help get us over the cliff. You know, he`s done
that before. He can do it again. It means him falling on the sword. It
means him risking his speakership, but you know what? This is on behalf of
the American people, and no one`s individual job should be that important
that you`re going to risk the fiscal health of our country for.

SHARPTON: No, but at the end of the day, I mean, I said to Simone in
the last segment, you`ve got to live with yourself, you`ve got to believe
in something. How do you live with yourself knowing that you`re doing
these things to vulnerable people who for the first time have a way of
ensuring their kids, themselves, people with pre-existing conditions. And
you`re going to draw a line in the sand here because you don`t like the
president or don`t like that it`s named after a president you don`t like?

Yes. And I think that`s the problem Reverend that you have a certain
set of Republicans who do really believe in something. They really do
believe the government should not provide anything for the poor or for
those who go without. But then you have Republicans like John Boehner and
some of these other Republicans who honestly, I`m not sure they really
believe in a lot other than keeping their jobs. And so, when you have
people who don`t have core beliefs and this ironically what Rush and all
the right wing media people say about the Republicans like Boehner, like
McConnell is that they believe in nothing.

So, that`s why they think that they give in. But at the end of the
day, because they don`t have core beliefs to argue back against the true
believers on the far, far right, the far right runs the party, the media
people run the party and people like Boehner are basically being blown
along in the wind.

SHARPTON: I`m going to have to leave it there. Congresswoman Karen
Bass and Joy Reid, thank you both for your time.

BASS: Thank you.

REID: Thank you.

BASS: Thanks for having me.

SHARPTON: Ahead. How desperate is the Republican Party? They`re
talking impeachment. That`s how desperate. That`s next.



GLENN BECK, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I called today for the very first
time in my career on this president. I, personally, I have said before,
that`s impeachable. I personally I`m calling to impeach the president of
the United States.


SHARPTON: You personally, Glenn Beck, are calling for the impeachment
of the President for the first time in your career. Well, watch this,


BECK: They can take it to impeachment, I, I personally think there`s
a lot of people on both sides of the aisle that shouldn`t be impeached,
should go to jail.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Is the President one of those people?

BECK: Yes.

It is time to appoint a special council to explore impeachment of this


SHARPTON: So now that we have your consistency out of the way as well
as your being very open and transparent since you`ve used this line before,
let`s talk about how ridiculous it is.

Joining me now is Abby Huntsman. Abby, thanks for coming on the show

ABBY HUNTSMAN, CO-HOST, "THE CYCLE": Thanks for having me, Rev.

SHARPTON: Now, the fact is that it`s not just Glenn Beck, Abby. It
is some GOP lawmakers that are suggesting President Obama be impeached.
Watch this.


REP. STEVE STOCKMAN (R), TEXAS: We want all tools available to use,
including that impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: If he continues, could that build up to make a case
for possible impeachment?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: All options should be on the table.

REP. BLAKE FARENTHOLD (R), TEXAS: If were to impeach the president
tomorrow, you could probably --

SEN. JIM INHOFE (R), OKLAHOMA: People maybe starting the use the I-
word before too long.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: OK. I-word meaning impeachment?


REP. KERRY BENTIVOLIO (R), MICHIGAN: Tell me how I can peach the
president of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: To establish the criteria that would qualify for
proceedings against the president. And that`s called impeachment.


SHARPTON: Now why because you disagree with policies would you be
talking about impeaching the president if you were in fact serious as
lawmakers and leaders in this country? They have, Abby, called for
impeachment around immigration reform, recess appointments, Defense of
Marriage Act, president`s birth certificate, health care law, all the
czars, Syria. I mean, over and over and over again, none of these
impeachable acts.

HUNTSMAN: They`re really doing a lot to change this country, aren`t

SHARPTON: That`s for sure.

HUNTSMAN: No, I mean, Glenn Beck, he is a professional flame-thrower.
And he is almost as loud guy, almost as loud as your red jacket which I
very much love, Reverend. But, you know, he -- we all know, that he is
entertainer, unfortunately though he`s not qualified to impeach the
president. He`s not a lawyer, he`s not a member of the House, so people
can follow him. They can, you know, get all excited and that very much
excites his part of the party, the extreme part of the Republican Party,
but other than that, nothing`s really going to happen there. The
Republican Party has got to figure out a way to differentiate itself
between the entertainment wing of the party and the issues wing of the

And unfortunately because the party is so weak today, it is this
entertainment wing, this Rush Limbaugh`s Glenn Beck, even members of the
House we hear from all too often, that the dominant voice that are
controlling the narrative and Reverend, you look at that narrative is, it`s
defunding Obamacare. It`s impeaching the president or even members of his
own party. John McCain, I think he also said, he needs to be impeached and
it`s defunding the governments or its shutting down the government rather.

And none of these things get us anywhere. None of these things
actually provide jobs. It`s such a sad state of affairs that we`re in.
You think we`re really at a crossroads as a nation where we`re dealing with
issues that are going to affect my generation. The generation after
millennials, to think that we can`t come to the table and have a robust
debate about our, you know, role in the country, about the budget, about
healthcare. It`s a really sad thing to think about where we`re at right

SHARPTON: That`s my question to you. Because you, we can disagree.
We`ve seen that all through this nation`s history. And we can do it
without being disagreeable. Your father is a republican, a leading
republican. Yet, he work for President Obama, was ambassador to China and
came back and ran against some in his own party.


SHARPTON: How do guys like your father, who are loyal Republicans,
believe in the Republican Party but have to deal with this element, what
kind of position does it put them in?

HUNTSMAN: Well, sadly, they have nowhere to go right now. It`s
really unfortunate for someone like my dad who you mentioned who has a lot
of great ideas that I think he could provide to the Republican Party today
in order to actually win a general election. He understands the world.
He`s been governor of the most conservative state in the country. They`re
not going to people like my dad. They`re not interested in the ideas.
They`re interested in the rhetoric. You look at Bill Clinton and Ronald
Reagan for example. Why did they succeed?

You know, these are both politicians that brought their party back
from the fringes. They put forward policies that were best for the
American people. Clinton for example was able to balance the budget. He
was able to bring different constituencies to the table. Ronald Reagan who
ended the cold war. We are not seeing that in the parts. They are not
throwing out ideas. If they have issues with Obamacare, great, let`s have
that debate, let`s have that discussion at the right time.

SHARPTON: That`s right.

HUNTSMAN: But bring an alternative to the table as well.

SHARPTON: Well, Abby, I want to thank you for your time. And by the
way, Abby, a friend of mine told me with all of these attacks on the
president and Democrats, I should quietly slip in to Washington. I decided
to dress and let them know I was in town.

HUNTSMAN: Well, I love that. I love it, Reverend.


SHARPTON: The brand new film, ""Newlyweeds" is drawing comparisons to
the early works of Spike Lee, filmed in Brooklyn, telling a story of a
young couple struggling both in their relationship and with drugs. The
film follows their daily struggles and dreams, their desire to escape.
Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I had a bad day at work. I want to go somewhere.
I do. I do. Look. Look. Thirty dollars. Got a box or something

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: You`re not funny.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m not trying to be funny. I`m being serious


SHARPTON: Joining me now is Shaka King, the director of "Newlyweeds."
Thank you for being here first of all Shaka.

SHAKA KING, DIRECTOR, "NEWLYWEEDS: Thank you so much for having me,

SHARPTON: Now, the New York City Times wrote today that "Newlyweeds"
has the vitality of an early Spike Lee movie. You went to NYU like spike
did. And he also tweeted about the movie today. What do you think of that

KING: It`s a tremendous honor, you know, he`s someone who I can
remember as a child, I mean -- and has filmed about three blocks from my
house. I remember, you know, seeing that shoot take place in my
neighborhood and just feeling an energy around that. And I also remember
seeing the right thing in theaters and that movie blew in my mind. And
he`s just, you know, a tremendous filmmaker and talent and teacher as well.
You know, he taught me during my third year at NYU. And his class was
phenomenal. So it was just a great honor.

SHARPTON: One of the things that I noted in reading that really
impressed me, because I grew up in Brooklyn in Bed Stuy, Brownsville, is
that you talk about how with gentrification and other things we`re seeing
in urban areas, that real life like with you showing the film has not been
projected like you grew up in Bed Stuy where there was a crack house and a
business on the corner. And that`s the Brooklyn I knew, not the Brooklyn
of the high rises and the expensive apartments and even restaurants outside
in the street with cafes, and that`s happening all over the country.

KING: Yes.

SHARPTON: Why was it important for you to tell that part of Brooklyn
and urban life?

KING: Well, for one, you know, that`s the Brooklyn that I know and
love. And that exists in my current neighborhood that I`ve been living in,
in the last ten years, I live in the -- Bed Stuy, and in a lot of ways, my
neighborhood remains unchanged. In some ways, it has been (INAUDIBLE) but
I also feel like, you know, mainstream immediate sort of focuses on that so
much. And you know, that representation of the borough. And I wanted to
contribute, you know, a different perspective that I fell is been lacking
in a lot of movies and television shows. So, you know, this was my
response to that in some ways, but also, again, this is just really my life
experience growing up there. Portrayed on the screen, exactly.

SHARPTON: You know, a lot of movies by black directors are getting
major attention this year. You know, the butler, Fruitvale station, 12
years a slave. Is this a new renaissance of black movies?

KING: Well, I think it`s just a continuation of, you know, what has
preceded it. You know, I`m caution to, you know, use terms like
renaissance, because that sets an expectation that, you know, and I just
don`t really believe in setting expectations beyond things you really can
control. So, I`m very excited about, you know, all the movies you`ve
mentioned. Obviously, I haven`t seen 12 years a slave yet, but I know that
could be one of the greatest movies of all time. Just because the director
is a phenomenal, phenomenal director. But yes, and I`m happy about that.
But I don`t want to call it a renaissance. Because, you know, I think that
a lot of times things like that get overblown.

SHARPTON: All right. Well, glad to have you with us. Shaka King,
thank you for joining us tonight. His first feature film, "Newlyweeds"
opens in New York tonight and in Los Angeles on Friday. We`ll be right
back with "Reply Al."


SHARPTON: It`s time for "Reply Al." Remember, friend or foe, I want
to know. Lavar wants to know, "I am single, I`m a single parent of two
boys, and have no health care. I`m severely underpaid but I work every
day. And I need food stamps. Does that make me a taker?"

Absolutely not. If you work every day trying to make ends meet,
you`re not a taker. Use food stamps as your basement not just ceiling.
And remember, you are defined not by what people call you but by what you
respond to.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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