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The Ed Show for Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

September 18, 2013

Guests: Michael Eric Dyson, Stacie Ritter, Nina Turner, Goldie Taylor, Joel Berg


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We may have forgotten, this is the law. Hello,
this is the law.

CHRIS TUCKER, ACTOR, COMEDIAN: Do you understand the words that are
coming out of my mouth?

REP. MATT CARTWRIGHT, (D) PENNSYLVANIA: Every witness invited by the
majority here today represents a state government that is openly
obstructing implementation of our Affordable Care Act.

REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, (D), MARYLAND: You have to have the whole law
to make it work.

REP. DARELL ISSA, (R), CALIFORNIA: Will the gentleman yield?

CUMMING: No, I want to finish my statement.

CARTWRIGHT: But the majority has not allowed. Stacie Ritter here
represent her statement but I`m going to read an excerpt.

ISSA: Would the gentleman yield?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has kind of turn into the new Joe McCarthy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Projected by viper, stand back.

CARTWRIGHT: The witnesses do not have concerns about implementation,
they are creating concerns in barriers to implementation and they are proud
of it.

ISSA: I voted against the Affordable Care Act.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks.
Thanks for watching "Progressives, are you smiling tonight?" You should be
smiling because there`s a lot of good news because of this guy right here.
I mean, the market`s hot. If you are in the market right now, you`re in at
the right time. The economy, 41 months of private sector job growth. The
automobile industry, wow, is it cooking, had a fabulous August. Best in
five years, we`re on the verge of implementing ObamaCare. I mean, there`s
so much good stuff out there. The Republicans, they don`t know how to
handle it. This guy has got the Republicans right where we want him to be,
on the defense.

So, how do you know that we really have got him where we want him?
Well, when they don`t let people testify, that`s a pretty good sign. Now,
all the good news that`s out there, it`s all positive. Well there is this
guy, Darrel Issa. Congressman Darrel Issa, that`s right, the head of the
House Oversight Committee. He, to his credit, he is one of the richest
guys in Congress. Good for him and he`s got kind of a checkered past, I
keep hearing that on Talk Radio from liberals of California, whatever that
is. It`s fair to say that Darrell Issa is one of the biggest Obama haters
in the Congress. I mean, this guy has made a name for himself with one
witch hunt after another trying to tarnish the President. And every time
he fails miserably. Nothing has come of anything he`s tried to do when it
comes to fast and furious. Nothing has happened with the Benghazi witch

He`s working extremely hard to get some dirt on the IRS scandal but
there`s just doesn`t seem to be anything there. Their job is to collect
taxes. Issa also has been on a crusade to shut down the postal service.
Why are we at war with the postal service? He`s introduced bills to -- in
door to door delivery. Who the heck is for that? Issa has failed to fix
the postal service having to prefund their pension 75 years in advance.
And Mr. Issa is such a successful business man, I wonder if he would run
his business where he would prefund something 75 years in advance.
Probably not.

Point in case here -- a case in point here is that a lot of things
that this guy does, he`s a failure. Then there`s the way he selects
witnesses for the House Oversight Committee. Now, the word balance is not
a word that Darrel Issa is very familiar with. You might remember this
scene. Remember this scene? Oh yeah. Calling all male staff. Last year,
Issa invited an all male panel to speak on women`s healthcare issues. All
these experts. It calls quite a rift between the Republicans and the
Democrats at that time. And if I can rekindle your memory a little bit,
the result was Sandra Foyer (ph). Who was blocked as a witness and then of
course became a big national story and of course the down fall of many
talkers in this country because the advertising community reacted to what
Rush Limbaugh said on Talk Radio for three days.

Now, we have the latest chapter from Darrel Issa`s dysfunctional House
Oversight Committee. You got to give the guy credit. He won`t stop.
Issa`s subcommittee on healthcare and entitlements held a hearing on the
implementation of ObamaCare today. Now, the committee is shared by
Republican Congressman Jamie Lankford. Now, once again, I can`t believe
it, once again, witnesses were less than balanced. Four Republican
officials were invited to testify from states obstructing the
implementation of ObamaCare. Three sale legislators were selected as
alternative views and they were allowed to testify, but no one, not -- no
one consumer who has actually been impacted by the benefits of ObamaCare
was allowed to speak. At one point, Congressman Matt Cartwright of
Pennsylvania attempted to tell the story of one of his constituents Stacie
Ritter. Ritter has been personally impacted by ObamaCare and was blocked
from testifying today.

You see, Darrell Issa does not want to hear Stacie Ritter`s story
because it`s positive. Congressman Cartwright was telling her story and
then this happened in the hearing.


CARTWRIGHT: Every witness invited by the majority here today
represents a state government that is openly obstructing implementation of
our Affordable Care Act. Our constituents deserve better than this, and
once that constituent is right here with us today. Stacie Ritter, a
resident of Pennsylvania, my home state. Stacie, if you`re here, would you
stand up? There she is. Welcome Stacie. She came here on her own dime.
She`s here at her own expense and she`s here to tell you either on or off
the record her compelling story. But I`ll tell you what it is right here.
It`s in her written statement. Unfortunately, the majority has not allowed
Stacie Ritter here to present her statement but I`m going to read an

ISSA: Would the gentleman yield? I suspect that I am the majority.
We have an unprecedented number of witnesses here from the minority three
when the tradition is one and they were selected by the minority, not by
the majority. So, there are four witnesses that we selected. The ranking
members sent me a letter yesterday asking for an additional eight but in
order to get them all on one panel, we have the largest panel we ever have,
and all three of these witnesses were selected by the minorities. So, I
hope the gentleman was mistaken in that portion of the statement.

CARTWRIGHT: Reclaiming my time.


SCHULTZ: Bottom line here is that this was a rigged panel. There
were no Americans who are allowed to testify who could tell this committee
just how important ObamaCare is to them and their family. All of these
happened by the way, on the same John Boehner said that he would let the
Tea Partiers have a vote to de-fund ObamaCare, the proposed bill would tie
the vote to de-fund ObamaCare to a vote on funding the government.
Democrats warned this could result in a government shut down. So, what are
we seeing here? This man is Mr. Desperation. The Republicans are in
terrible despair right now. They don`t have any plans. They don`t have an
alternative plan for healthcare. They can`t stop this role that the
progressive movement is on and they are going to do anything they possibly
can to block ObamaCare.

Can we say that President Obama has him exactly where he wants him?
You know, it kind of reminds me of that 1971 movie "Patton." It was played
by George Scott. George Patton was played by George Scott. And General
Patton was in the field and he was watching Rommel bring his tanks into a
trap. And General Patton put the glasses on him, the field glass and said,
"Rommel, you bastard. I read your book." Our guy reads a lot too. He`s
got these folks right where they deserve to be. All of the obstruction
that they have come up with, all of the attacks that Darrel Issa has played
on American workers, all of the efforts they have done to stall job growth
in this country is all coming home to roots.

And now, they`re going to do anything they possibly can to stop
ObamaCare because this is a huge ideological shift in favor of the
progressive movement in this country. Think about that. We are going to
make sure that millions of Americans get healthcare and this crowd wants to
stop it because their heartless and they`re all about power. So, they`re
desperate. They don`t know what to do or how to do it at this point. So
all they want to do now is well, we`re going to take this bill and we`re
going to de-fund ObamaCare and we`re going to attach it to shutting down
the government. They are going to do something very radical as a policy

That is absolutely amazing and it`s all because they are void of a
plan, void of ideas, void of fresh ideas, and they claim that they are the
party and they are the ideological fit for small businesses in America,
give me a break. They`ve done nothing for small business ever since Barack
Obama has been in the Oval Office. They`ve tried to obstruct absolutely
everything. And now that the hour glass has turned on ObamaCare, they are

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Now, tonight, what I want to do is bring in Stacie Ritter. She was
not allowed to testify in Washington today. She was blocked by Republicans
from testifying but she certainly isn`t blocked on the Ed Show. And
Stacie, I appreciate you coming on the program tonight. You play a vital
role at this point in the midst of blockage by the Republicans. Your story
needs to be heard by millions of Americans because it is a war in the arena
of public opinion. You were blocked from testifying, how do you feel about

STACIE RITTER: Angry, annoyed, I feel like, you know, there was no
one there who was the consumer actually talking about consumer protection.
So, it was a little bit aggravating to sit back and listen to all the lies
in the rhetoric and not be able to do anything about it.

SCHULTZ: Stacie, what would you have said if you had been given the
opportunity to testify today?

RITTER: Well, I would have let them know how ObamaCare has helped my
family so far. My identical twin girls are cancer survivors. They had
bone marrow transplants when they were four years olds. And it required a
lot of expensive medical treatment. It`s very expensive. We capped out
our coverage. We filed bankruptcy. Had these provision has been in placed
that wouldn`t have had to happen. Now that we`re protected from that, my
girls can no longer be discriminated against for having a preexisting
condition. Thanks to ObamaCare, my daughters have access to preventative
care that they need as cancer survivors now for the rest of their lives
without worry of outreaches co-pay. There are so many things. And now
that they`re adults, because of the damage caused to them by the radiation
and chemotherapy treatments that they had at such a young age.


RITTER: . they need hormone replacement. They needed hormone
replacement therapy for the past five years to grow growth hormone which my
insurance company repeatedly denied even though my doctors insisted it was
medically necessary. So, that was a huge fight. And now that there`s
Obamacare, had patient protections in place for that. Now that they`re 15,
they need the different kind of hormone replacement. Unfortunately, a lot
of childhood cancer survivors, female childhood cancer survivors suffered
from ovarian failure and the inability to produce their own estrogen and
progesterone which is provided by the pill which is now covered under
Obamacare. So I know that`s a little contentious issue, also considering
its contraception but it`s not always used for contraception. In this
case, it is a medical necessity to replace hormone that they can`t produce

SCHULTZ: It absolutely is. And your story is so critical and it`s so
important to the dialog for this country to understand exactly what you as
a mother and your family are going through. And now, what is your
reaction, and I don`t know how political you are, you know, you`re a mom
that cares about your kids and the future of your family. I mean, what
else has to be said. But I do want to ask you about your reaction to
Boehner trying to defund the Obamacare vote and connected to a spending
bill that would shut down the government. I mean, what`s -- do you know --
do you follow that stuff and what a big battle this is?

RITTER: I do and I don`t think he understands the people who are
affected by it. This isn`t a game. It`s not a game of chess play. These
are real human beings. These are real lives that are affected every day by
their decisions that make here. So, you know, we don`t go back to our
comfortable office and hang out and enjoy our fantastic tax care provided
healthcare. These people can`t afford for anymore of these games to
continue. So, you know, I believe that healthcare is a human right. It`s
not a privilege. It is a human right. And there are other countries such
as Rwanda, they provide universal healthcare for their people. If Rwanda
can do it, certainly, the United States of America can do it.

SCHULTZ: Amen to that. Stacie Ritter, thank you for joining us
tonight on The Ed Show. Thanks for telling the story. And I just want to
point out to our audience, and not in a grandiose way in any manner, but
these are the real stories that just don`t come out about Obamacare. You
know, we`re hung up in the minutia of "OK, what are they going to pay, are
you going to be able to see your doctor, is there going to be a death
panel," all this kind of stuff. But when you listen to mom`s talk about
how their family is affected, how can it not move you as a consumer, as a
human being, as an American? This is a chance for this country to move
forward. And there is a full-throated effort by one political party to
stop the whole thing. No wonder Darrel Issa didn`t want Stacie Ritter to
testify. He might have to look her in the eye.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
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Glenn Beck, well, he`s had enough. He`s joining the radical
Republicans in Washington who want to impeach president Obama.

And later, I`ll tell you why Ed Show favorite Nina Turner is up for
one of the most important jobs in this country. Stick around. Stay with


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your support.

Ed Show, social media nation has decided and we are reporting and this
is how you get it done right here. Thanks for doing that. And here are
today`s top trenders voted on by you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There were 51 billionaires that weren`t even
rich enough to make big Forbes 450 here.

worst for, those 4 billionaires or Forbes magazine which just lost 61 of
his 461 subscribers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three trender, money ball.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 32 professional sports team are own by some of
the richest people in America, 14 NFL owners.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Billionaires, they don`t want to lose much and in
the NFL it`s probably the greatest guarantee that you won`t lose money.

SCHULTZ: And the billionaire owners, want to sack tax payers with the
bill for new stadiums.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Arbitrators have rolled tax payers and to cough
up over $2 million from legal fees for the ramp.

UNDIDENTIFIED MALE: The Dolphins we`re hoping to get.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And tax payers on the hook for as much as 300
million or more.

COLBERT: I don`t know what to say.

SCHULTZ: Our number two trender, coming out.

CARLOS SOLORTINO, JR: I`m Carlos Solortino, and I never forget that
conversation with my dad, where I had to come and tell him.


SCHULTZ: A Massachusetts congressional candidate breaks the big news
to his dad.

SOLORTINO, JR: I was a Massachusetts liberal.

SOLORTINO, SR: And he`s proud of it.

SOLORTINO, JR: But here`s the one that drives him crazy.

SOLORTINO, SR: He wants to go to Congress, they got in the NRA in a
Tea Party.

SOLORTINO JR: Also the write to choose, equal pay for women and equal
rights for -- well everybody.

SOLORTINO, SR: He`s been like this for 35 years.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, fear and loathing.

government under Obama is seeking to slave us, to make us his prisoners.
Our country has been taken from us. We don`t have it anymore.

SCHULTZ: Conservative Larry Klayman wants a rally in Washington. We
know someone who can headline it.

think has exposed himself as a guy over and over again. Who has a deep
seated hatred for white people or the white culture?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know if the President, he wasn`t born in
Iran, I don`t know if they believe in the 12 Imam where he was born.
Hawaii, I personally I`m calling to impeach the President of United States.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is MSNBC political Analyst Michael Eric
Dyson. Dr. Dyson, the hate merchants, now they want to do a march. Your
thoughts on the things that have been written by Larry Klayman, well, I`ll
say that he wants the true patriots to occupy Washington in order to
cleanse the nation of half Muslim anti-white socialist fraud in the White

He continues on in writing, put the Koran down, get up of your knees
and come out with your hands up. This is at a level I didn`t expect.

disturbing the racism is explicit, the anti-American sentiment is atrocious
and I say, anti-American because anybody who denies the legitimacy and the
right of a variety of Americans from whatever path or walk they choose to
come to be part of this great nation to deny them that opportunity is to
essentially undermine the integrity of the nation and what it means, "E
Pluribus Unum" out of many one.

So this is the true man who is -- this is the man who was truly not a
patriot, a patriot is somebody who understands the collection of various
nationalities, ethnicities, races, religions, and regions to make this
great nation of ours stronger and powerful, and this person wants to
undermine that capacity and to use Barrack Obama, President Obama as the
lightning rod for the xenophobia and to suggest that he is indeed under
mining it is a sign of the lunatic fringe that has now inched closer and
closer to the middle of America and it`s pretty frightening.

SCHULTZ: Well, I don`t hear any Republicans out there saying that,
"No that march isn`t a good idea. It`s hate talk, it`s hateful speech."

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: I mean this guy sounds crazy, but he isn`t much different
from some of the voices that we`re hearing on the far right.

DYSON: Well, you`re absolutely right. And hence the inability of the
Republicans to master up, the same republican party that is now
contemplating holding yet again, the government hostage to their narrow
and, you know, parochial beliefs is the same kind of outfit that is
incapable of calling what it is. And what it is of active extraordinary
racism and xenophobia but also anti-Americanism, let`s call it from what it
is. This is does not do the nation well, this is not something that
facilitates the grand vision of American Democracy, this phobates (ph)
forments (ph) hate and it forments (ph) the kind of resentment and
antipathy toward the other person .


DYSON: . who is your brother or sister that is the very basis of our

SCHULTZ: Is this thing fueled by the Glenn Beck`s of the world. Beck
calls for Obama`s impeachment for this reason for arming known terrorists
in Syria, but this summer, we`ve see the far right beat the drum on
impeachment. Do they have a case for impeachment? Let me just be middle
of the road on that and ask the question? Is this a valid point that
should be brought up by the American people? I`ll give him the benefit of
a doubt even in the conversation.

DYSON: Let`s give him the benefit of the lout. That`s what they are.
This is not a legitimate argument, this is something again, grasping after
a straw, anything that is extremely on the edge in the margin seems to be
appealing to this folk, and the tragedy is that enough of the people on the
right who have enough reason and sense to know better won`t say so. But
the masses of American people understand this for what it is.

This is rhetorical manipulation in chicanery. This is the worst order
of ideological manipulation of the people in the Hinterland who
unfortunately Ed, don`t know better and take their tools from people like
this. They all to know better .


DYSON: And as the result of that, they all to do better but those of
us who do have to stick out against this.

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, great to have you with us tonight.

DYSON: Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much.

DYSON: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Ohio`s current Secretary of State takes a turn on the curby
couch to scare Ohioans about voter fraud. Nina Turner and our response
panel, Rapid Response Panel is going to weight in.

And the newest Fox and Friends has a terrifying experience in
pretenders. But next, I`m taking your questions on Ask Ed Live. Stay
here. You`re watching the Ed Show on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: All right, favorite segment here on the Ed Show. We`d love
hearing from our viewers in our Ask Ed Live segment.

Our first question comes tonight from Cordell Garrett. He wants to
know, if you could challenge any right winger to a debate, who would it be?

Hannity, in fact in 2006, there was a radio station in Cincinnati that
had a debate setup with yours truly, big Eddy and Hannity, and he didn`t
want to do it. Maybe we can redo that.

Our next question comes from Rigoberto (ph) who has this to ask, what
is your answer to a new book about your rants to the President of the
United States?

I know this is out on Tweeter and I don`t understand it. I`ve had
several meetings with the President of the United States, but they have
always been of a very professional demeanor. As far as street talk is
concerned, I`ve never gone off on the President, never ranted at him. We
have a very good cordial relationship, and it`s always been very low key in
the conversation.

Now what they might referring to is that there was a time when we have
a lunch with the President at the White House, and it went around the table
and when it to came to me I said, "Mr. President, you know, I think you
need to get out the cell a little harder and talk about the middle class."
This was on the hills of the summer of 2011 when the debt ceiling didn`t
work out and liberals were kind of down at the mouth at the time, and I
told the President in a very professional manner, "I think you need to get
out there and get on the campaign trail and tell people just how good
things are going to turn out and the ways it`s going to be and talk to the
middle class."

That`s certainly wasn`t a tirade, I take issue with New York Times and
the way they have depicted that encounter, I`ve always had a professional
demeanor with the President, I respect immensely and those of you who
listen to me on radio know that is the absolute truth.

Stick around, the Rapid Response Panel is next. By the way lunch was
pretty good with the President.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, it`s no secret Ohio Republicans
have been at the forefront of voter suppression efforts for years.

In 2004, we saw unprecedented long lines in urban democratic leading
districts. Since then, Republicans have tried to cut early voting. They
pass laws to disenfranchise voters if poll workers made a mistake, the
voter would pay for it. They slashed hours to cut weekend voting. They
tried to disenfranchise out of state college students, intimidating
billboards even went up in primarily African-American neighborhoods before
the 2012 election which we talked about.

Now that`s just half of it, but according to Republican, Secretary of
State, Jon Husted, Ohio is a shining example of Democracy at work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would you consider one of your major
accomplishments as secretary state?

JON HUSTED, SECRETARY OF STATE, OHIO: Well, you know, we did a lot of
things. We have a simple philosophy, "Make it easy to vote and hard to
cheat." We always get accused of voter fraud, voter suppression but, you
know, instead of it ending on election day, I actually ask all 88 county
boards selection in the state to do a review, top to bottom of all
substantiating claims of fraud and suppression, and what we came up with
were around 270 cases of alleged fraud or irregularity.


HUSTED: And zero cases of suppression. These are not my numbers .


HUSTED: . these are, the bipartisan boards of election.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, Ohio`s democratic candidate for
Secretary of State, State Senator Nina Turner. Senator good to have you
with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: "Easy to vote, hard to cheat." That was the comment. You
agree with that?

TURNER: Not at all Ed, you know, I wish that his deeds mirrored his
words. In 2012, he created such an environment of confusion, you know, if
he wanted to make easy to vote, then why did he file law suit after law
suit or appeal after appeal all away to United States Supreme Court to take
away the last three days of early voting.

If you want to make it easier to vote, why did he fire two Board of
Elections officials in Hamilton County for the crime of trying to expand
early voting? If he wanted to make it early to vote, why did he send three
dozen voters to the prosecutors to be prosecuted for allegedly voter fraud,
when in fact, they followed the instructions from officials that they were
given and 12 of those three dozen Ed, are senior citizens, they`re outwards
over 70 years old. So no -- his words certainly do not mirror his deeds.

SCHULTZ: So there was nothing in that sound bite that you thought was
the truth?

TURNER: Not at all. I mean, and then for him to try to blame the 88
county Board of Elections. The leaderships starts at the top. He is the
Secretary of State, and so it is his job to make sure that elections area
fair. He did not -- in fact, he did not do that at all. He created an
environment of suppression time and time again.

And so now he`s trying to be a moderate because he knows that 2014, is
coming, and I am running for Secretary of State to assure the voters of
Ohio that elections will be fair. To assure that the greatest pillar of
our democracy, the greatest equalizer that we have will be open to men and
women in the great state of Ohio, nobody should put a roadblocks or
barriers, and that is exactly what he did. His .

SCHULTZ: So the presentation that he gave to that person that was
asking the questions, was totally fraudulent that .

TURNER: Oh, very much so, I mean, you know, never let the truth get
in the way of a good story .


TURNER: He had a good story going on right now.

SCHULTZ: All right, back in June, both you and representative
Kathleen Clyde released a report detailing voter suppression efforts in
Ohio during the 2012 election.

Now Husted says, there was no voter suppression, what did your report

TURNER: Ed, that there were instances of voter suppression. So he
didn`t find it because he wasn`t looking for it. And there is a form used
the call center given out by the Secretary of State and if you look on that
form, you don`t see a box for voter suppression. You see one for voter
fraud, but you don`t see one for voter suppression.

He didn`t -- he was not looking for voter suppression. And so, Ed, if
any woman or man in the State of Ohio has difficulty in voting, if
anybody`s rights are suppressed. All of our rights are in peril. And so
for that reason, I am running for Secretary of State to secure elections
unfettered access to the ballot box for all Ohioans.

SCHULTZ: And would you extend the hours?

TURNER: Oh absolutely.

SCHULTZ: And would you put it on the weekends because I know that
this is was a big issue in Ohio for the working folks.

TURNER: Yes, they`re doing it to get me to general assembly. He
hadn`t said a mumbling word. Right now, there are two bills, pending in
the Ohio house, once it cut the early voting days in half, and then on the
17 days that they want to give us, only have them during working hours Ed.


TURNER: And that`s bad for the working class men and women in the
State of Ohio. It is unfair, it`s is injustice, and immoral.

SCHULTZ: All right. State Senator Nina Turner. I think that this is
the most important race in the country in the 2014, to make sure that there
are fair accurate election processes taking place in the State of Ohio and
if the Democrats want to win the Presidency at 2016, they better pay
attention to this race in Ohio in 2014.

State Senator Nina Turner, great to have you with us on the program
tonight. Thanks so much.

TURNER: Thank you. Thank you.

SCHULTZ: It`s important I think for folks to understand that this is
not only happening to voters in Ohio. A GOP Governor`s of state
legislatures across the country have been passing measures aimed at keeping
Democratic voters away from the polls. And really, it`s only getting

Joining me now to discuss this bigger picture in our panel tonight is
MSNBC Contributor Michael Eric Dyson back with and also Goldie Taylor,
Managing Editor of the Goldie Taylor project in MSNBC contributor.

Goldie you first tonight, you heard the comment from Husted. And I
could tell you that Husted`s over on FOX news doing this interviews because
they know - the righties know how important Ohio is and how important the
Secretary of States position is in Ohio. The Democrats want to win. In 16
they`re going to need Ohio as they`ve needed in past election. But he
said, "Easy to vote and hard to cheat, " do you believe that?

not. You know these Republican Secretaries of State and a lot of these
states are nothing more that deputies of the national GOP. If you look at
the states where we are closest in terms of flipping a state either blue or
red, that`s where the pressure is on. So it`s Ohio is North Carolina, it`s
Florida where they are trying to stop the pre enrollment of children 17 and
18 to vote, you know, it`s places like North Carolina where they are ending
voting on Sundays, in places like Ohio where they are closing down the
extended voting hours so that people who now work extended hours can`t make
it to the polls.

You know it is unfortunate that Husted and some of the other folks out
there have sought to contain the vote rather than to reach out to people
who are, you know, not living the same kind of life maybe they are. Maybe
they are non white, maybe they are non male, maybe they are (LGDP).


TAYLOR: .maybe they are women, maybe they are African-American. But
maybe they ought to reach out to this people rather than trying to block
them out of the poll box.

SCHULTZ: And there is a huge discrepancy there between Husted`s
finding on voter suppression and also State Senator Nina Turner. What do
you make of that Michael Eric Dyson, you need to tell me that every people
are manufacturing their own results on studies?

DYSON: Well, clearly people are appealing as the State Senator said,
"Never let the fact get in the way of telling a good story." The narrative
to this being put out there is that who`s being put upon is the state in
this case of Ohio, that what they`re trying to do is to police their
boundaries to make sure fraud doesn`t exist.

Well let`s be honest here, the proof of the existence of fraud is so
miniscule that it far out weighs in doing negative than the positive it
might bring by pointing out the fraud, there ain`t no fraud. And as a
result of their witch hunt for those who are fraudulent, what ends up
happening is the discouragement of voters form coming to the pole and
Goldie has laid it out brilliantly about the various strategies that have
been deployed in this states to make certain that there is a blockage in
the artery of Democracy so that the free flow of blood will be prevented
from going to the very heart of this country and that`s the voter.

SCHULTZ: Well, the voters have seen a lot since the beginning of this
year 2013. More than 30 states have introduced restrictive voting bills.
So how do you combat this Goldie? I mean I know we`re a year away from a
very crucial midterm. You got Republicans out there lying about surveys.
You well document exactly the laws that are being passed on a state level
to make it harder for minorities, for the elderly and for young people to
vote. This is going to take an insurmountable effort in an off year
election for the Democrats to make any headway and gain the Congress back,
your thoughts.

TAYLOR: Well I do think it will take a Herculean effort and part of
the reason why, you know, Democrats are having a very difficult time in the
house has become a front of both (Jerry) maundering and this goes right
back to the Republican State Houses and right back to those Republican
Secretaries of State. But if you look at this, you`ve got two answers here
and it is not an either or it`s a both and. You have to fight this in the
court. You need to fight this in the street. And so you have to make sure
that people are vote ready and you get them the kind of access to the kind
of identification that`s required under some of these new laws. And that
means sometimes, some financial help that made me to write down to the
vital records office.

And so you give the help that they need to get as vote ready as
possible and then you fight this in the court. And you make sure that each
and everyone of these new laws, new coats and I call them (collie) coats.
You make sure that these coats match up to the constitution in this United
States that you don`t deny people who are born and free citizens.


TAYLOR: .of this United States the right to vote.

SCHULTZ: Well, the numbers are 17, that`s what the Democrats have got
to pick up, 52 according to Steve Israel. He`s telling me today that 52
seats are in play for the Democrats. They believe confidently that they
can get that done. 26 seats they need to vigorously defend. I want to get
your quick take Michael Eric Dyson on the latest move by the Republicans
who want to de-fund ObamaCare via shutting down the government.

DYSON: It`s ridiculous. This is again the repudiation of the very
will of the people. They are sent there to represent the interest of the
broader nation, the common will. What about Benjamin Franklin and Thomas
Jefferson? What about Representative Democracy? So ultimately here, this
is a subversion of Democracy not it`s extension.

SCHULTZ: It is Detroit in the big picture, no doubt.

DYSON: No doubt.

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, Goldie Taylor, great to have you with us
tonight. Thank you.

DYSON: Thank you.

TAYLOR: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Bill De Blasio might have the answer for millions of New
Yorkers who struggle to put food on the table. I`ll show you what
Republicans are doing to make the problem worst.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, the Obama scarecrow Elisabeth
Hasselbeck. In her debut week at Fox and Friends, Hasselbeck is trying her
best to turn the curvy couch into the creepy couch. She jumps the gun on
Halloween with this fear-based presentation of the Affordable Care Act.


released just moment ago showed 43% of voters are increasingly concerned
with their healthcare under President Obama`s troubled reformat. And that
number only expected to get worst as doctors continue to drop out of the
healthcare industry overrun.

Here to explain James Freeman from the Wall Street Journal Editorial
Board. James, welcome, thanks for being here today. Certainly something
that is kind of scary. Sounds more like ObamaScare to me than ObamaCare.


SCHULTZ: Required coverage for people with pre-existing conditions,
preventive care, young adult coverage. This is spine-chilling stuff ladies
and gentlemen. Just like the scarecrow in the Oz, the Obama Scarecrow is
in desperate need of a brain as well, don`t you think? If Elisabeth
Hasselbeck thinks that she can spoof policy away, she could keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work, the workers of America. Well, the House GOP
tried to hack $20 billion. Grab that number $20 billion away from the
supplemental nutrition assistance program earlier this year in the Farm

Well the measure failed but Eric Cantor has drawn up a whole new plan.
Now the Republicans are redoubling their efforts to undercut the poor with
a bill that would slash the nutrition programs by double at $40 billion.

When it comes to providing for their families low and moderate income,
households don`t need another kick in the teeth from Republicans. The
median household income for families in America has flat lined since the
1980s even worst than that, it has decreased.

When adjusted for inflation, median American household income has made
more in 1989 than it did in 2012. Incomes are dropping and Eric Cantor
wants to cut even more? Yes, he does. The Republican measure would rip
away benefits from an estimated 6 million people across the country and
eliminate 76 million meals each year in New York City alone. Now a family
of four in this city receives a maximum of $167 a week for meals per
person. That means poor New Yorkers would rely on less than $6 a day.

The New York City residents are feeling the brutal inequality at the
dining table and they`re also showing it at the polls. In the latest
numbers, the mayoral candidate who is making a hunger a priority leads in
the polls by 65% to 22% among likely voters. Joining me now is the
Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Joel
Berg. Joel, good to have you with us tonight.

Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: The Farm Bill is crucial stuff to this and what is going to
happen if it doesn`t pass -- I mean this is a real number they`re pushing
out, $40 billion. You`re going to need some help from the President.

BERG: It`s pretty incredible the House Republicans actually double
down on taking food away from working families, children, senior citizens,
people with disabilities and veterans. Thank goodness we just learned that
the White House issued a statement that they would advise that the
President veto the Republican House Farm Bill. So that really is a very
positive sign, house up. Senate Democratic leadership has come out against
this bill so it`s an exercise in nothingness just like the stake repeals of
ObamaCare. It`s not going to pass. They should get serious about helping
small farmers and helping end hunger.

SCHULTZ: Think about that, we can`t get a Farm Bill pass in America?
A Farm Bill because the poor getting too much - I mean that`s where the
Republicans are right now.

BERG: They claimed it was about deficit reduction but they stripped
out the nutrition title and then they passed a stand alone Farm Bill that
was an orgy of corporate welfare. This isn`t about deficit reduction, this
is about rewarding their campaign contributors and punishing poor people.
Even Bob Dole just published up, Ed with Tom Daschle saying the Republican
Party has to get back to its moderate roots of supporting anti-hunger

SCHULTZ: I was amazed that the number of people living in the poverty
level in the city, of course, this has gotten a lot of attention in the
mayoral race. Can Bill de Blasio, if he is elected, make a difference?

BERG: The mayor of New York City can make an enormous difference.
We`re a non-partisan organization and don`t take a standing campaigns, that
being said, it`s pretty amazing to see certain elites falling all over
themselves with disgust that a candidate for mayor would - God forbid
mention the realities talking about class divisions as, you know, Ed isn`t
somehow class warfare, it`s reality.

SCHULTZ: Let me ask you this question. Is there a fat in the Farm
Bill when it comes to Americans who are economically challenged?

BERG: Not an ounce of it. There`s 1.3% fraud in the Snap Food Stamps
Program, 2% of the Members of the House of Representatives have pled guilty
to crimes over the last decade so there`s almost twice as much fraud in the
House of Representatives as in the Snap Program. There 47 million
Americans again working people dependent on this program. They should
worry a little more about defense contractors, a little more about Wall
Street and a little less about struggling families needing the little
temporary help to feed themselves.

SCHULTZ: Joel Berg, thank you for joining us tonight.

BERG: Thank you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much. I appreciate it. That`s the Ed Show, I`m
Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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