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The Ed Show for Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

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September 24, 2013

Guest: Corey Hebert, Rani Whitfield

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: You have been watching a very remarkable
moment in the fight for health care in the United States of America. The
current President of the United States and former president Bill Clinton
along with Barack Obama in an unvarnished, unedited, not filtered platform
of the global or the Clinton Global Initiative.

It was just a fabulous -- almost one hour. The President of United
States having time to explain the benefits and the reasoning behind the
Affordable Care Act. I`m joined tonight by Dr. Corey Hebert, CEO of and professor at LSU Health Science Center. And also
with us tonight, Dr. Rani Whitfield, who`s the Medical Director of the
National Association of Free Clinics.

Gentlemen, I can`t get the smile off my face. I mean, I just think
that this was just a fabulous moment for America because this has been so
needed that the platform from President Clinton given to President Obama to
explain exactly what is going to be happening in this country. Dr. Hebert,
what was your analysis of this that most important points made in all of
this discussion tonight?

COREY HEBERT, CEO BLACKHEALTHTV.COM: Well, I wrote down a few words
because the words like moral imperative, fair, patient bill of rights, high
quality, affordable health care. All these things did make so much sense
and the way that it was broken down by both presidents. It was just made
so clear. It`s crystal clear that we are a country that must take care of
our sick people and we must do it in a way that people can afford and that
the country will not be bankrupt because insurance companies want to make
too much money. Bottom line, I want the invincibles, the young people to
go out there, and they need to sign up October 1st because they definitely
do have a lot of pre-existing illness that they don`t know because if you
have ADHD .


HEBERT: . that`s a preexisting illness as well.

SCULTZ: Dr. Whitfield, what`s strike you on this.

CLINICS: I agree, Ed.

SCHULTZ: . previous presentation?

WHITFIELD: Well, these two great men took the time to not condemn and
confuse American people but to explain and educate what this bill -- what
this law -- excuse me -- we got to get that right -- what this law is
about. And I just really am impressed with -- I was overtaken as well, Ed.
I felt they did a wonderful job. Good health in my opinion is good
business. They`ve mentioned about the businesses, they talked about the
things that have already been put in place, having 26-year -olds, or those
up to the age of 26-year-old who can still keep insurance. I`ve seen it in
my own private practice where young students are able to come and get
health care.

So this bill is being implemented -- this law is being implemented and
the enrollment is so important and it`s just a great concept again that we
can get these two guys to come together now explaining, educating,
enlightening not just condemn and confuse the American people. $40 million
has been spent to put up bad advertisement and campaigns about what`s not
true about the Affordable Care Law. But now, we`ve got the two probably
most powerful men in the country explaining to us what this really means
and how it can help the American people live longer and healthier lives.

SCHULTZ: I thought the President and former President Clinton did a
masterful job of breaking down all of the negative myths that are out there
about this law and connecting it to the economy. I thought it so terribly
important because that is something that every American can understand.
That you know, if we were to repeal this bill, if the conservatives were to
be successful that the deficit would go up and that it would add to the
deficit and also I think the President said, what had to be said, nothing
is free but the benefits certainly outweigh the cost and what we`re doing
as a country.

Dr. Hebert, 30 million Americans are going to benefit from this. I
think that`s a low number. The way it was presented tonight, I think the
President pick the curiosity of a lot of Americans and broke down the
barriers because really the Right Wing has been trying to confuse the
American people with all the negatives and they can think, "Well you`re
never going to be able to understand this, you`re not going to be able to
go to a website and really get a good deal." I mean the President made the
case that this is a good deal, Dr. Hebert.

HEBERT: Yes he did and I will tell you, you know, we talked about the
young people that need to hit those roles because it is of great deal but
what I want also people to understand is that women must go out and support
this. You know, women never get equal pay for their equal work and now
with the ObamaCare, we know that women for the first time will actually pay
the same price on their premiums as men. Most of them don`t even know that
they pay 40 percent more for their premium than men across the country. So
women now will be able to do that.

SCHULTZ: Here is what -- I think if you break it down rates are going
to down, people are going to be denied. This is about access is what this
is all about and Dr. Whitfield you see that so much, access is the lynchpin
to all of these, is it not?

WHITFIELD: It is true. The key statement he said high affordable
health care at the cost of a cellphone, that is so amazing and Dr. Hebert
and I, we are two of those young people. I have insurance currently now
but I promise you when open enrollment goes, I will be on the exchanges
even though my grade stays after that out of Medicaid expansion as well as
out of the (ph) exchanges. I`ll be on the website accessing the
governmental -- national website to find out what health care benefits I
can get and if I can get a cheaper premium as well.

This is phenomenal. I know a lot of people don`t understand now and I
think -- my only problem with this is that we didn`t do this education
enlightenment session sooner. We should have the President come out maybe
six months ago and do the same thing. So other than that it`s time for us
to get active. It`s time to get put boots on the ground and people get
active and start enrolling. We need our young people to come out. If
you`re following the Hip Hop Doc on Twitter, you`re following Dr. Hebert,
you need to go to and enroll in these exchanges and get

HERBERT: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: I`m glad that both presidents talked about how they`re
trying to scare and discourage the American people away from this. That is
what has been happening but we`re talking about high quality delivery
system. We`re talking about rates coming down. We`re talking about
competition in the market and every state is going to have an exchange
setup whether it`s done by the states or if it`s implemented by the federal
government for the state.

So this is a win-win across the board. Dr. Hebert, if you can for
just a moment, I think the President did the right thing by using the word
cruelty. We see a lot of cruelty in America. We see Americans who are
denied and you have seen that first hand. This is a moral move for
America, quickly.

HEBERT: It is a total moral move because right now if you get sick
and you don`t have insurance, then you will be bankrupt and that is not
fair. That`s not America is about. We are an altruistic nation and that
is the bottom line. We must take care of our own and we can not be cruel.
We must go and follow what the President said today because that`s what
it`s all about.

SCHULTZ: I think this law brings us back to where we need to be with
a moral compass in this country that we are our brother`s keeper and the
President masterfully talked about responsibility in our society. We`ll
have a lot more on this tomorrow on the Ed Show right here on MSNBC. Dr.
Corey Hebert and Dr. Rani Whitfield, thanks for your time tonight.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Rev?


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