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The Ed Show for Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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September 25, 2013

Guest: Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Joan Walsh, Dr. Corey Hebert, James


SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: Would you eat them with a fox? Green eggs
and ham and applicability as curious as it might sound to the Obamacare

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You over control break (ph) and you overall (ph)
break it.

CRUZ: Is when Americans try that they discovered they did not like
green eggs and ham and they did not like Obamacare either.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re crazy, man. You`re crazy.

CRUZ: And one of the oldest definition of insanity is .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My career isn`t over. I am a making a (inaudible)
of myself here.

CRUZ: They did not like Obamacare in a box with a fox and a house
with a mouse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will the gentleman from Texas yield for a

CRUZ: I`m happy to yield for purpose of the question without yielding
the floor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

CRUZ: The same thing over and over.

Save us from this train wreck.

And over again, it`s the train wreck that is Obamacare. A train, a
train, a train, a train and over again. Could you -- would you want to
train? This law is a train wreck. We trap ourselves by telling lies.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks.
Thanks for watching. Well, they have Ted Cruz and America has healthcare
and they can`t do anything about it. Tonight, I proclaim myself the
liberal enforcer on healthcare. I have to ask -- I feel like a bar bouncer
and I have to throw out all the Republicans and all the lies so we can do
business, you know what I mean? What is this media fascination that`s out
there about Obamacare in what does this mean to the Republican Party?
Folks, let me tell you something, Liberals across America -- I`ll take the
liberty to speak for them. They don`t give a damn about the Republican
Party. All they care about is Obamacare in moving forward to someday
having universal healthcare in this country. That is the mission. We need
to stay focused.

Now, last night on this broadcast, you saw two of the smartest men on
the planet when it comes to healthcare, Former President Bill Clinton and
President Barack Obama. Just spilling all the lies in putting aside all of
the misinformation that has been out there, an unedited, unfiltered version
about what is the truth about what`s going to happen to this country and
how we`re moving forward. It`s kind of a hope and change thing which I`ll
talk about little bit later on. But last night, what we saw was actually
fascinating. When you start thinking about what this really means to our
economy, to saving lives, to the younger generation, to the seniors in this
country and how we are moving forward. And if there is one thing that
liberals and progressives in this country have to understand. We have to
grab this moment.

This is what happens when you have power. When you have power, power
and authority is a hell of a thing. And if you`ve got political power, you
can drive the agenda. The Republicans, I think have kind of done a better
job at this over the years but this is truly a moment where we have to
recognize the cross roads. And we are going through this intersection and
we are going to deliver healthcare to more than 30 million people on this
country who had been denied, who have been cruelly treated in this country,
and we are going to move forward.

Now, are you really concerned about the Republican Party? What it
means to them? None of them have been an honest broker when it comes to
healthcare coverage in this country. None of them have fought for the
little guy. None of them have worked with President Obama. So what do we
have because of this power? We are on the doorstep of change, big change
in this country. If there`s just -- I use to have this football coach who
would say -- who used to say, "We had to recognize the moment." Something
happens in the game, a sudden change, and you got to be able to recognize

As a political movement in this country, progressives, you should be
walking tall with big confidence because we are on the doorstep of doing
something great for this country. Not little, big, great. We`re going to
do something in the era of obstruction and I think as a liberal
broadcaster, it is undoubtedly my job to make sure that the history books
are written correctly. These folks have done nothing but stand in the way.
They -- well, we have healthcare, they have Ted Cruz. Canadian Senator Ted
Cruz of Texas has successfully made a fool of himself. That`s what the
Republicans can be proud of. The Canadian-born senator spoke against
Obamacare for 21 hours and 19 minutes on the senate floor.

Now, if you want to arrogant about it, he couldn`t suck it up and go
the full 24 hours. It`s important to point out, this was not a filibuster,
there was no vote have been called on this. This was nothing more than a
stunt, a big stunt for Ted Cruz advancing his celebrity, his rumblings
included, a distorted reading of green eggs and ham, and absurd statements
like this.


CRUZ: You go the 1940s, Nazi, Germany, but we saw in Britain Neville
Chamberlain, who told the British people accept the Nazis. Yes, they`ll
dominate the continent of Europe but that`s not our problem. Let`s appease
them, why? Because, it can`t be done. We can`t possibly stand against
them. And in America there were voices that listen to that. I suspect
those same pundits who say it can`t be done but it`d been in the 1940s, we
would been -- have been listening to them. And then they would make
television. And what it gotten beyond carrier pigeons and beyond letters
and they would have been on TV and they would have been saying, "You cannot
defeat the Germans."


SCHULTZ: That needs no commentary, whatsoever. Now, it`s interesting
to point out that a number of Republicans like John McCain have distanced
themselves from Ted Cruz. Time out. There is no corner for John McCain on
this kind of crazy talk. It is John McCain who brought us Sarah Palin
which opened the doors for the likes of Ted Cruz. And now, he is trying to
distance himself from Ted Cruz? I don`t think so. And keep in mind that
most Republicans have caved to Ted Cruz. The vast majority of Republicans
in the party is on this very same page with this wacko bird. Everyone
seems to forget that 228 House Republicans voted for Cruz`s plan to fund
the government while defunding Obamacare. How many? 228.

Those 228 Republican congressman and congressional members, they`re no
better than Ted Cruz. It`s just that Ted Cruz is the one standing up doing
the talking. And let`s not let the Republicans fool you. They`re from the
same flock, they`re from the same ideology, they`re just acting it out just
a little bit differently, they`re on the same page. And it`s just not in
the House. Lot of Republicans in the Senate are caving to Cruz. This is
what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had to say, Tuesday, about the
House Bill.


not only invoke closure on a motion to proceed to the House to pass the
bill that defund Obamacare that does not raise taxes and that respects the
top-line from the Budget Control Act. Cloture will be invoked on the bill.
I will be supporting that and I think other members to our conference will.


SCHULTZ: Did he say supporting? I think he did. McConnell and other
members of the Congress on this caucus, they are on the same page. They
are having lunch together saying, "Yeah, go Teddy, go." Republicans are
being pretty cruel on this issue and have been for a long time. They are
willing to shut down the government and hurt people to make an ideological
point. They`re putting everything at risk for their own political gain.
They know once this law kicks in on October 1st, that people starts signing
up, they get six months to do it, the American people are going to love it.
It`s a new opportunity for a lot of people. Ted Cruz has admitted this.
But with kind of a different choice awards.


CRUZ: On January 1, the exchanges kicked in and the subsidies kicked
in. Once those kick in, it`s going to prove almost impossible to undo
Obamacare. The Administration`s plan is very simple, get everyone addicted
to the sugar so that Obamacare remains a permanent feature of our society.


SCHULTZ: Oh, I love that addiction. How about you? President Obama
called out the Senator from Texas on his statement Tuesday at the Clinton
Global Initiative.


major opponents when asked why is that you potentially shut down the
government at this point just aback Obamacare, he`d -- basically, he feast
up, he said, "Well, once, you know, consumers get hooked on having health
insurance and subsidies, then they won`t want to give it up."


SCHULTZ: Oh, it gets better. Data released today about the
Department of Health and Human Services shows that 95 percent of Americans
will live in states where premiums are lower than original estimates. It
also shows that 95 percent, we`ll be able to choose between two or more
healthcare plans. Choice, freedom, ah, Republicans love it.

Meanwhile, President Obama also addressed the issue of the deficit.
It`s a fact, Obamacare is projected to reduce the deficit. It`s already
doing that and the President called out Republicans on this issue.


OBAMA: It is a net reduction of our deficit. The irony of those who
are talking about repealing Obamacare because it`s so wildly expensive is
if they actually repeal the law, it would add to the deficit. It would add
to the deficit.


SCHULTZ: How many times have you heard a certain pundit, "How`s that
hope and change working out for you?" Well, guess what? There`s of
millions of Americans who were going to realize the hope. And this is real
fundamental change in the delivery of healthcare in this country and it
will save lives. And I`m proud to say that there is one movement that is
standing with it and that`s the progressive movement.

And one other point that we must, I think as liberals consume. Don`t
be fooled. Don`t be fooled at all. Don`t let Ted Cruz drift you far away
from the Republican Party, because they`re all in the same corral in Texas
thinking the same way. And then they try to distance themselves from Ted
Cruz. Push comes to shove, they`re standing with Cruz, not President

Get your cellphones out. And we want to know what you think.

Tonight`s question, is Ted Cruz the new poster boy for the Republican
Party? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to my
blog at and leave a comment. We encourage you to that. We
got results to the poll coming up later.

For more, let me turn to our friends, Senator Bernie Sanders,
Independent from Vermont.

Senator, good to have you with us tonight. Thanks for your time. We
have seen the song and dance on the Senate floor. We`ve heard the
President and Former President with the facts. But let`s zero in on Cruz,
getting blame where I think it`s not deserved that really isn`t he the
majority for the Republicans? I mean aren`t the majority of Republicans
right with him on these issues. Your thought, Senator.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I) VERMONT: No, I think you`re right. I think
people do not appreciate how far right the Republican Party has gone.
Their view in terms of what we should do on healthcare is not to address
the reality that 48 million are underinsured. Their reality is to
voucherize Medicare, make massive cuts in Medicaid.

These are the guys who want to abolish the minimum wage. Do away with
the environmental protection agency. Give more tax breaks to billionaires.
This is a very, very, right wing party right now.

I think the -- what everybody should know is that on their 43rd try,
the Republicans will not be successful in defunding Obamacare. And most
importantly we are just beginning, just beginning to catch up to the rest
of the industrialized world that guarantees healthcare to all people as a

And Cruz is quite right, that once people begin to see that healthcare
is a right for human beings, you know what? They like it and they want
more of it. And they do not want to endanger their children and their
families and themselves when an illness comes.

Healthcare is a right. We`re beginning to make some progress.

SCHULTZ: Well, there`s a baseline here. There`s a benchmark here.
Other countries that have gotten the government involved in healthcare and
the delivery service, the people haven`t rejected it. They haven`t
rejected it in Canada. They haven`t rejected it in Europe. Once this gets
going this way, people realize the benefits of it and we have better

SANDERS: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: Now Senator, let`s kick it down the road -- go ahead sir, if
you have a comment on that.

SANDERS: Absolutely, even when you have in this European countries or
Canada, conservative government, it never ever occurs to them to move into
the directions of America and tell people that healthcare is not a right.
You have to have preexisting conditions. People in those countries would
think that that is insane. So they nimble (ph) around the edges what --
where you have established national healthcare systems, people want it,
they do not want to move in the direction of the United States.

SCHULTZ: OK, Harry Reid on record saying that he`s going to take this
defunding clause out, going to pass it, kick it back over to the House.
That takes us to the shut down and the threat of the Republicans. What do
you think is going to happen?

SANDERS: You know, I`m not much into speculation. My guess is that
at the end of .

SCHULTZ: Do you think they`d really do it?

SANDERS: I think that they understand and some of their smart people
understand that would be very, very bad for the Republican Party. They
probably will not shut the government down.

SCHULTZ: All right. Senator great to have you with us tonight, I
appreciate your time. Bernie Sanders, here on the Ed Show. Thank you.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook. We
want to know what you think.

Today Congressman Keith Ellison in Minnesota stood with workers
outside the White House looking for fair pay.

Tonight he is here to react to an unbelievable statement from a Wall
Street CEO. And John Barrasso tells, I`m telling you a Wyoming size lie.

I`m going to correct the senator tonight being the liberal enforcer.
Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: What`s hot? What`s not? Time now for the Trenders. The Ed
Show social media nation has decided and we are reporting. Here are
today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number 3 Trender, Major Malfunction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The vice president has excellent shot. He had a
gun malfunction.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t take it personal and I`m sure there were
some (inaudible) in the manufacture.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shooter misses his target again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But the good news, his gun didn`t work and nobody
got hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Vice President Dick Cheney, accidentally shot a
man during a quail hunt at a political supporters ranch.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My family and I are deeply sorry for all the Vice
President Cheney and his family that had to go through.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t let your kids go hunting with the Vice

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number 2 Trender. Impeach T (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Impeachment, I think they`re getting curve --
parallel closed

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To successfully impeach a president, you need the
votes in the U.S Senate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who is going to stop Obama?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I could write that bill instead, it would be a
dream come true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A right winger saves the day for an impeachment

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This government under Obama is seeking to enslave
us, to make us his prisoners. Our country has been taken from us. We
don`t have it anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today`s top Trender, bonus round.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The government step up and they gave AIG almost a
$182 billion of assistance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The insurance giant, AIG which receives big tax
payer bailouts. It plans to pay about a $165 million in bonuses.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The government was an excellent partner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An AIG executive`s insensitive comments land him
in the hot seat.

REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, (D) MARYLAND: We complained about those
bonuses. He likened that t lynchings in the south.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a two part question A, are you kidding me
and B, seriously, are you fucking kidding me?

CUMMINGS: But I think he is not a person that should be the head of
that organization. So I think he needs to go.


SCHULTZ: Let`s bring in Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.
Congressman, good to have you with us on the program tonight. I want to
read to you what AIG CEO Robert Mimoshi told the Wall Street Journal
regarding bonuses that company paid executives during that bail out in
2009. He says, "The uproar over bonuses was intended to stir public anger,
to get everybody out there with their pitchforks and their hangman nooses,
and all that. Sort of like what we did in the deep south decades ago and I
think it was just as bad and just as wrong."

What is your reaction to that, the uproar against bonuses? He is
defending the bonuses and comparing it to something of a very dark age in
American history.

REP. KEITH ELLISON (D), MINNESOTA: So, you see lynching is when you
get killed by a mob and getting $100 million in bonuses is when you get a
lot of money that you really don`t deserve after running the country into a
ditch. They`re a little different.

And the fact that the CEO doesn`t know that, I think makes him not
qualified to be a CEO. I mean, look it is the government that charters
corporations. The government says that a corporate charter is an
instrument that that corporation relies on to exist. And I`m hoping that
the people who are the shareholders of that company and the top management
are asking themselves a very simple question which is "Is this the right
guy for our company to (inaudible) of our company?" And I think that they
should .

SCHULTZ: But Congressman .

ELLISON: . tell them to go.

SCHULTZ: It is -- OK, you want him out, correct?

ELLISON: Yes, I think it would be a wise move .


ELLISON: . on AIGs part, yes.

SCHULTZ: All right. Now, there`s still some pretty hot filled (ph)
gambling and speculation going on on Wall Street. There`s no guarantee
that we`re not going to be going down on this road again. And I`ve had a
lot of callers to the talkshow and I`ve talked to numerous people that say,
"Never again will we ever go down this road to have somebody too big that
we just -- we absolutely have to bail them out because those are too big to
fail." .

ELLISON: They`re right.

SCHULTZ: . what does this signal to you -- what does this signal?
What should this gentleman`s attitude in the context of what he said signal
to lawmakers in Washington about what needs to be done about Wall Street?

ELLISON: Well, I mean after he and the people like him nearly ruin
the economy cost $17 trillion in the value of homes, unemployment, massive
wreckage in the economy, he`s unrepentant and feels like he was put upon
because somebody ask some questions about the massive bonuses that he got.
Could you possible imagine this gentleman working with us in a constructive
way to make sure that the economy is working and that there are proper
rules and regulations to make sure that there not abuses and that we don`t
take the economy again.

I mean he`s leading the charts to say that, "You know, Wall Street
should be unregulated, it should not have any accountability, and it should
grow as big as they want, and if they screw things up, we all have to go to
come to bail him out." That attitude is exactly the opposite of what you
would expect of somebody who is responsible for a major important American
corporation. And so I think that the shareholders really needs to say, "Is
this guy our guy?" and if they keep him .


ELLISON: . that`s an indication, and if they get rid off him, that`s
also important information too.

SCHULTZ: Switching topics, you were at a rally in Washington there
today, the "Fight for fair pay for workers". Do tell us what went on.

ELLISON: Well, you know, Ed, you say switching topics but it`s kind
of the same topic isn`t it, it`s the other side of the coin. On the one
side of the coin .

SCHULTZ: Yes, it really is.

ELLISON: . you know, you got to a rich CEO who got a bonus and he`s
complaining because people ask him questions. And on the other side, you
got people who`s saying, "Look, you know, we work for federal contractors
and we make less than a livable wage, we`re making $7.25 to 8 bucks to live
on, we have no benefits." And as a matter of fact, you know, the people
who own the contracting company with the federal government are making a
whole lot of money. And it just makes sense that we could get an executive
order from President Obama that would say that, "If you want a federal
contract, you have to pay a responsible wage to the people working for
you." You cannot .

SCHULTZ: You say the President can give an Executive Order that would
affect wages on that level?

ELLISON: Yes, it could. Yes.

SCHULTZ: You can`t submit a bid unless you`re going to pay workers?
That`s what you want them to do?

ELLISON: Right, you can`t submit a bid unless you`re going to pay a
reasonable wage to your workers. You cannot get yourself wealthy by
government dollars of the backs of people who are frying the chicken,
cleaning up the buildings, making sure that they`re safe, and all that
people do in these federal building every single day.


ELLISON: So I was standing with them and we got 49 members of
Congress and 15 members of the Senate to believe -- who believe those
workers are right and deserve that Executive Order from the President.

SCHULTZ: All right, we`ll follow up on that. Thank you Congressman
Keith Ellison, I appreciate .

ELLISON: Thank you sir.

SCHULTZ: . your time tonight.

Still ahead. I will debunk more Republican lies taking a frightening
hole on folks across this country. It`s amazing what folks believe. We`ll
bring you the truth and the real talk panel coming up. But next, I`m
taking your questions, Ask Ed Live just ahead here on MSNBC. You`re
watching the Ed Show, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: All right, favorite segment of the show. We love hearing
from all of you, love the questions tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment.

Our first question comes from James Mills(ph), he wants to know is Ted
Cruz guaranteeing the Republicans will lose in the 2014 elections?

Well, there`s no guarantee in politics, that`s for sure. But I don`t
think that Ted Cruz is going to be getting a lot of invitations from fellow
Republicans to stop on over for the barbecue. In fact, I think it would be
wise for every Democrat to tag their opponent to Ted Cruz and then just
show the vote because they vote alike.

Our next question is from Aaron Martinson. What type of accolades do
you think Obamcare will get 10 years from now?

Well, 10 years from now, my prediction is this country is going to be
really revolutionized when it comes to healthcare and we will have
universal healthcare in America. That should be the progressive goal, I
think we could be there in 10 years. As far as accolades are concerned,
when it comes to Obamacare, you can`t separate President Obama from
Obamacare. It`s very appropriately named. I think there`ll be a heck of a
lot more than airports named after Barack Obama when it`s all said and

Stick around, our Real Talk Panel is next.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to Ed Show. You know, that some of these
Republicans when they get on the talk, their heads are just bullet point
machines. One bullet point after another bullet point with no explanation,
and Republican senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, well he wants an apology.


JOHN BARRASSO, UNITED STATE SENATOR: This after in New York City, the
President is going to be the warm up back for his ambassador, if you will,
or his secretary of explaining things -- Bill Clinton. So the two of them
are going to be in New York trying to explain away all of the problems of
the healthcare law, and I`m calling on President Clinton to actually be
honest and apologize to the people who are being hurt by the healthcare


SCHULTZ: So he wants an apology. Well, let`s breakdown what Senator
Barrasso wants an apology for.


BARRASSO: So many people who had part time jobs, who`ve had their
hours cut.


SCHULTZ: What? ObamaCare hasn`t been fully implemented yet but we`ve
heard this story for months. That`s one of his favorite bullet points. In
order to skirt he mandate requiring businesses with 15 or workers to offer
health insurance, employers have been cutting hours. Let`s be absolutely
clear. This is the employers` decision. This is freedom. This is at the
law`s decision.

There may be a trend but economists have said, "There`s no empirical
evidence hiring practices relate to concerns over benefits." Republicans
have never cared about workers, especially part-time workers. And take
notice that Republicans have never been advocates of increasing the minimum
wage. Here`s more.


BARRASSO: Spouses who have lost, who have received work -- who have
received insurance through work were now going to be cut off of those
insurance policies.


SCHULTZ: Again, another bullet point. Employers like UPS have
decided that they`re no longer going to cover employees` spouses. They
don`t want to pay the fees. This isn`t just a symptom of Obamacare because
in 2012, 20 percent of companies in this country had policies to discourage
spouses from joining their healthcare plan, sometimes by adding surcharges
averaging $100 a month or more. Now, I never heard Republicans complain
then. And here`s another bullet point.


BARRASSO: The young people who are being asked to pay a lot more for
health insurance, in many cases insurance they don`t need, they don`t want,
they can`t afford even with the subsidies, they`re not going to be able to
afford them, but they`re being forced to do that.


SCHULTZ: That`s a great one right there. Did you know that young
people don`t want health insurance? Young adults are going to enroll in
health plans when there are affordable options on the table. Republicans,
like Senator Barrasso, are ignoring the fact that most young people, they
already healthcare coverage from their employees. In fact, 64 percent of
eligible young adults enroll in employee healthcare plans which means they
are already are paying the same higher premiums as coworkers much older
than they are. That`s what`s so beautiful about this. And that`s through
the private sector. Here`s another bullet point.


BARRASSO: Also apologize to the Union members who believe the
President when he said, "If you like what you have, you can keep it. Your
insurance rates will come down."


SCHULTZ: Really? Here`s the bottom line. Unions are not against
Obamacare. They are not. Do they have concerns? Yes, they do. Their
only concern is they want to protect negotiated benefits and they don`t
want to see their members taxed to something they have already negotiated.

Well, that`s the Cadillac plan. The President talked about that
yesterday. That`s something that`s going to have to be worked out but none
of the Unions want a deep-six healthcare because of this. This is a minor
detail that`s going to get dealt with. But Barrasso, not one to let fake
filibuster leader, Ted Cruz, have all the grand standing glory, close with
this bullet point.


BARRASSO: None of these things have come true. So I`m hoping with
both presidents together, they level with the American people and apologize
for the damage they`ve caused.


SCHULTZ: Well, let`s level with the American people. Let`s bring in
our Real Talk Panel tonight. MSNBC contributor, James Peterson, Joan Walsh
of, and Dr. Corey Hebert, CEO of and a
professor at SLU`s Health Sciences Center.

This is absolutely amazing. The White House is truly on the offense
of right now with the facts. In fact, the White House tweeted out earlier
today, "Fact, Thanks to Obamacare, working families making $50,000 can get
health insurance for less than $100 a month." Joan Walsh, what does this
mean? This is cold cash telling the American people yesterday that the
healthcare is going to be a lower cost that their cellphone bill. I
thought the President was brilliant but these kinds of numbers, can they
win over people?

JOAN WALSH, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, SALON.COM: Eventually, they`re going to
win over people. It`s going to be implemented. They`ll win over people,
Ed. And that`s what the Republicans are afraid of. But in the meantime, I
mean we are seeing such an assault. John Barrasso is a doctor. And for a
doctor to come out and basically lie about what this program will do, it`s
just outrageous.

And it shows as, you know, Ted Cruz went to Harvard Law School. You
can have some pretty stupid people coming out of institutions of higher
education who think they`re very smart. And the audacity to speak that way
about these two democratic presidents and ask for an apology, it`s just the
lack of respect that these presidents has gotten from day one.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Hebert, you take issue with Senator Barrasso and what he
said. What jumped out at you?

COREY HEBERT, CEO, BLACKHEALTHTV.COM: Well, I tell you, these guys
are making it very easy for me now. I mean with Barrasso and his lies and
you got Cruz with the green eggs and ham. I mean think about this, any
group that uses this much time, energy, and money to come up with lies and
diversions, they have to understand that this law provides a lot of value
to the American people. Why else would they have to try so hard to
convince Americans otherwise?

It`s a laughable and guess what, it`s going to be shoved down their
throat and they`re going to get on their roles and get their health
insurance from Obamacare too. They just don`t want to tell anybody yet.

SCHULTZ: Now let me tell you what they`re doing today. Anti-
Obamacare ads, obviously they`ve been popping up all over the place. The
plan before, you -- before you can play a video on YouTube -- I mean
clearly they`re going after the kids. They`re up in Times Square all over
TV. It`s all misinformation and scare tactics and the fact that these ads
are coming up from the Heritage Foundation showed that they or I think are
demographically going after who they think is going to be the real key on
all of these.

Dr. Peterson, you`re in a college classroom. What are the kids saying
and what do you make of this direct attack on younger Americans from the
Heritage Foundation? They`re targeting where they want to get their

JAMES PETERSON, LEHIGH UNIVERSITY: Absolutely. Well, so college
students still have a lot of questions about Affordable Healthcare but I
think millennials, in general Ed, are deeply invested in things about
affordable care. They were not really talking about which is equal justice
in this country for people who maybe -- they can`t afford it, will be able
to now come into the system. All the of the preventative measures that are
here and those that are free, particularly things like mammograms,
contraception, those things matter to millennials on both men and women.
And they understand that the shift towards preventative medicine and
preventative healthcare is a very, very important one for them in terms of

What you`re seeing on the right of the critics of the program right
now is a desperate attempt to try to sabotage this one particular face of
it, right? Because they got young people into the system just like any
other insurance system, you have to have balance across the sort of risk
propositions in order for the system to actually work, that`s why you need
younger, healthy folk in order for this system to work and young people
know that, Ed. And as they target them, I think are only going to make
them respond in a more robust manner with it.

SCHULTZ: Joan Walsh, Bill Clinton talked about that yesterday almost
making it sound as if that young people are going to be the key to all of
these. What about what you saw yesterday, what the country saw yesterday?
These two powerful men, influential and well-educated on the issues laying
it out there on the platform, does President Obama need to do more of
these? Joan?

WALSH: He needs to do more of it. He`s been doing a lot of it, Ed,
you know, I give him credit. A lot times, the media isn`t paying attention
but he`s out there doing it. I think that he`s doing a lot of work with
constituency groups and groups like Plan Parenthood are out there telling
young people what this means. I mean young women have always wanted, have
always needed a healthcare, perhaps a little bit more than young men do.
And, you know, as Dr. Peterson said, contraception without a co-pay, the
ability to have screening in preventative care, young men need it too.
They`re working to get young men in but this is such a fallacy that young
people don`t care about this. They care, they worry, they can`t afford it,
and now they can afford it.

SCHULTZ: James Peterson, Joan Walsh, Dr. Corey Hebert, great to have
you on the program tonight. I appreciate it. Thanks for being a great
resource for us.

HEBERT: Thank you.

WALSH: Thanks, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Our myth busting does not end here. Next, an Obama hater
lands in Pretenders with a very familiar of piece of fiction.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, the exploitation artist who is an
absolute expert. That`s right -- Sandy Rios. The American Family
Association radio host saw the massacre in Kenya as an open-door to the
birther hoax.


are pretty frightening and of course, it`s interesting that this is the
country from which our president hails. This is his lineage. We know that
his cousin, Raila Odinga was -- is a Muslim Communist. It`s just amazing.
I think he`s the prime minister right now.


SCHULTZ: They have no boundaries, do they? At least 67 people were
murdered in a deadly attack according to Sandy Rios, this is the perfect
time to dredge out conspiracy and lies. Rios doesn`t skip any opportunity
to pedal garbage. Here`s her assessment of our military.


RIOS: When I think about the folding in of the repeal of don`t ask,
don`t tell, and the homosexual take over, really, of so much of our
military. I`m not sure how effective those naval ships will be.


SCHULTZ: When Rios isn`t gracing the airwaves with fear mongering
claims, she works as the vice-president of Family Pact Federal. The group
proudly supports the political likes of Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Michele
Bachmann. Sandy Rios is just learning from the best, don`t you think? But
if she believes she`s anything but a hoaxer, she can just keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work. We all know that in just a few days,
millions of Americans are going to finally have access to better and more
affordable healthcare in this country but Conservative TV talk show hosts
are urging tactics and using tactics to scare people away from Obamacare.

Here`s our new friend at Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck`s most
recent scare tactic.


the latest on the devastating effects of Obamacare. And today we have a
special guest with us here. She is actually -- her breast cancer is in
remission. Fantastic news but you say this -- if you were diagnosed a year
from now, your story might be different based on the care that is going to
be provided by Obamacare, correct?

DR. KRIS HELD, BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR: Well, they really will. The
Obamacare takes a disproportionate hit on cancer patients. And if you look
at breast cancer, 1 out of 8 women diagnosed with it in a lifetime but we
have the longest survival rates and the earliest diagnosis rights because
of mammogram. Well, Obamacare has panels and task force which have changed
the very recommendations.


SCHULTZ: Absolute pabulum, garbage and lies. Next week on this
program when I get back to New York and I get to the big screen, I will
show you the different plans and options of coverage that you can get into
that will offer the procedure for every disease that you might have or come
across. Look, I am really, really happy that that woman has overcome
cancer. Our family has been there and we have done that. This is serious
stuff but here`s the misinformation in all of these. Here is the truth in
all of these.

If you`re against the Obamacare, you`re against 30 million Americans
from getting life-saving healthcare because the pre-existing condition
would have excluded people with cancer. You`re against the pre-existing
conditions if you`re with the Republicans, against young adults under 26
stay on their parents` healthcare plan, against pre-preventive care that
can catch cancer like including annual mammograms.

If Fox`s will go -- they have no boundaries when it comes to lying and
propping people up there that say what they want to hear. It`s the stories
of survivors but it is not Obamacare getting in the way of a successful
story. Congressman Elijah Cummings joins me tonight along with Aqualyn
Laury and she has a first hand account of why the Affordable Healthcare Act
is absolutely a good thing.

Congressman thank you for opening this out with this. Aqualyn I want
to ask you, tell your story tonight. Tell your story how does Obamacare
help you.

AQUALYN LAURY: Absolutely. I am so thankful. When I was a freshman
in college, I fell ill, (inaudible) ill. I had a stroke. I lost my
speech, lost feeling in half of my body. By the time they figured out what
it happened, I had to have open heart surgery and valve replacement.

I went on through life. I did everything I was supposed to do. I
graduated. I went to work for a company that had a great health insurance.

I then decided, you know, it`s time to go back business school. I
want to start my own business. I want to achieve the American dream. I
did all that. I started my business. I got sick and I was not on a
corporate plan anymore and my insurance company dropped me after I`ve been

$50,000 of bills later within my source year (ph) in business, I was
speechless. I didn`t know what else to do. It was extremely difficult for
me. I wish Obamacare and -- or the Affordable Care Act actually have been
there for me, because the insurance wouldn`t have the opportunities to do
that kind of thing to me or anyone who ever wanted to pursue their dream.


LAURY: And try, you know, to create their own business.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, what`s your reaction to lies you`re hearing in
this story.

CUMMINGS: I got to tell you Ed it`s really kind of -- it`s very
upsetting. And when I hear people like Aqualyn, and I`m so glad she`s kind
of come forward, because Ed, the thing that she just talks about, those are
preexisting conditions. And those are the things that would cause folks
not to be able to get insurance.

But the rest of the story is that she was able to take advantage of
the piece of program that, you know, when you have a preexisting condition
during this period before open enrollment, she is now -- she has insurance
now. Unfortunately, a few months ago she suffered a heart attack. So she
has that insurance, but that`s only because of the Affordable Care Act.

So when I hear people like Senator Cruz over here in the Senate --
during his post (ph) filibuster, what he`s doing is really playing with
people lives unfortunately. And I wish he would go down to Texas where you
got one out of four persons with no insurance and tell them that. Because
see, this is a real life story of somebody whose life is saved because of

SCHULTZ: And Congressman, let me ask you this directly from the story
that FOX had on. Does Obamacare discriminate against people with cancer
and make it harder for recovery?

CUMMINGS: Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, they talk about how
the Obamacare was some kind of death panel, that`s an old stuff.

So what we`ve done in the Affordable Care Act is taken the folks who -
- we deal with the death panel`s with insurance companies and put more
control into the hands of the patient and that`s so important, Ed. And
they have to at least be honest what the American public.

You know, I`m not arguing but you want honestly and integrity.

SCHULTZ: Aqualyn Laury, let me ask you. What your response to how
this is being reported, the misinformation when you know the truth.

LAURY: It burns me up. I am honestly -- I`m appalled at what I hear
and even more upset that there aren`t more voice like mine. There are
millions of people who`ve gone through things like this. I call it like
violent screams out there, where no one is been able to -- they haven`t
been heard before. And sometimes they can`t, they`re too thick. They`re
unable to actually fight back. I actually have the tenacity and I`m pretty
fiery person, I will fight back. And I`m going to keep fighting until I
can`t fight anymore. But I hope that others like will step up and join the
conversation and make your voice heard.

SCHULTZ: It`s almost like a PR fight at this point. But October 1st
is coming, and the next six months I think we`re going to see some
revolutionary change and opportunity in this country.

Congressman Elijah Cummings and also Aqualyn Laury, thank you for
being on the program tonight. Congratulations on getting healthy.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics nations with Reverend
Al Sharpton starts right now. From the enforcer to the preacher. Rev. how
are you tonight?


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