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The Ed Show for Friday, September 27th, 2013

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September 27, 2013

Guests: John Garamendi, Kelly O`Donnell, John Connelly, Holland Cooke, Jessica Lagreca, Lizz Winstead, Joseph Cirincione


interest in making sure that these vital services continue to help the
American people. So far, the Republicans in the House of Representatives
have refused to move forward.

I will not negotiate over Congress` responsibility to pay the bills
that have already been racked up. Voting for the Treasury to pay America`s
bills is not a concession to me. I don`t know how I can be more clear
about this. Nobody gets to threaten the full faith and credit of the
United States just to extract political concessions. No one gets to hurt
our economy and millions of innocent people just because there are a couple
of laws that you do not like. It has not been done in the past. We`re not
going to start doing it now.

I`m not going to start setting a precedent, not just for me but for
future presidents, where one chamber in congress can basically say each
time there needs to be a vote to make sure treasury pays its bills, we`re
not going to sign it unless our particular hobby horse gets advanced.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Americans, are you fed up with this? Are you
absolutely fed up with the way Washington is doing business? We are
talking about the full faith and credit of the United States of America.
What about your credit at home, does it mean anything to you?

We have a totally disconnected government. What if everybody in this
country decided we`re not going to make our house payment? We`re going to
make Wall Street pay this month. What if we did that? What if every
American said, you know what we`re going to act just like congress? Gosh,
it would be so great to organize people across American and say, you know
what this month Wells Fargo is not going to get paid. I`m going to act
just like the congress.

You know, there`s an old saying in business. The boss might not like
the way things are going, but he can`t fire all of us. You know what, I
think the American people need to stand up and do something about this. I
really believe that a populous statement must be made somewhere. No, we
can`t wait for the next election. It`s too bad that we just don`t have an
advocate out there across America then say this month no one pay their
house bill, nobody pay their rent. See what does to America.

Now of course we`re dreaming. That isn`t going to happen. But you
know what, that`s our real world. We have to pay our bills. Congress
doesn`t have to pay theirs. What is wrong with our government? It`s
almost as if we`re on verge of a total collapse. It`s almost to the point
where the president of the United States is now preparing the people for a
government shutdown and who knows how long. This tea party crowd is
totally different from the crowd back in the 90`s. He called out
Republicans and then reminded them, what is that risk to American people?

OBAMA: So to any republican in congress who`s currently watching, I`d
encourage you to think about who you`re hurting. There are probably young
people in your office right now who came to work for you without much pay
because they believed that public service was noble. You`re preparing to
send them home without a paycheck. You`ve got families with kids back in
your districts who serve their country in the federal government, and now
they might have to plan how they`re going to get by if you shut the
government down.

Past shutdowns have disrupted the economy, and this shutdown would as
well. It would throw a wrench into the gears of our economy at a time when
those gears have gained some traction. And that`s why many Republican
senators and many Republican governors have urged republicans to knock it
off, pass a budget and move on. Let`s get this done.

SCHULTZ: So, let`s put all the BS aside. Make no mistake, this is
not about the deficit, the Republicans never went after the deficit the way
this president has. This is not about the budget. This isn`t -- this is
all about one thing obstructing this president to come to the conclusion
and to have a big summary to the American people that this president is not
legitimate. He is other. We`re not going to let him succeed.

With the backdrop of the record number of filibusters, the backdrop of
hate groups that are growing in this country because there is a black man
in the White House with the backdrop of their (inaudible) that universal
healthcare may take a real group in this county. They are going to do
everything they possibly can to disrupt our government and this is all
about the Republicans and it is our duty as Americans to make sure that
nobody comes along later on and rewrites the history books.

This is hate. And now this hate is coming to your doorstep and this
is going to be a lot of hardship on the American people if the tea partiers
do this. Boehner has no clue, he has no control of caucus. We`ll get you
his statement in just a moment about what he released today did not come
out and talk about it and he put it out in a release statement and it`s all
tea party garbage.

So where are we? We`re just the taxpayers. We`re just the American
people that just have to put up with this obstruction. Liberals, we have
the facts on our side. We have the president who we have elected and
reelected. This is about hate and it`s now at your doorstep. This is
about trying to make this president be viewed in the history of this
country as a man who couldn`t succeed. There is an element of serious

This isn`t about the deficit. This isn`t about the budget. This is
about power and control in the wrong guy at the wrong place, at the wrong
time in their mind. For more, let`s bring in Congressman John Garamendi
here of California. Congressman good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Your thoughts on the president handle this afternoon. We`re
in the 11th hour. We`re going into the final weekend before the
republicans are going to force this shutdown. I want your reaction

GARAMENDI: Well, I think the president`s right on. He couldn`t be
more correct about what is going on here. Look Ed, 11 months ago, there
was an election all across this nation. And the issues are precisely the
ones that the republicans are pushing forward today. They`re pushing
forward the question of repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act. No, the
American people said, clearly no, we`re not going to repeal it. We want
it. We reelected the President of the United States, who ran on that
issue. We turned away. They follow (ph) that ran to repeal it. His name
was Romney.

And, similarly across this nation if it had not been for the
gerrymandering by Republican Governors we would have a democratic house, in
fact more people voted for democrats for congress than they did than (ph)
the republicans. It was the gerrymandering (ph).

Let`s be very, very cleat about this. And, Ed, please next time you
go off on this make sure you talk about the republicans in congress, not
the congress. The democrats in congress stands firmly on funding this

SCHULTZ: Oh, I totally agree Congressman. Look, this is a republican
obstruction, the American people know this, they have gone rogue on the
American people it`s a zip. Elections don`t matter when they get in their
caucus, they`re only there to obstruct and their number reason is that they
want to see this president fail on all levels. And I find it very ironic
that as we have the hourglass turned headed to a government shutdown, low
and behold we have Barack Obama not in invading Iran. He`s actually
talking to among to on the telephone and I`m sure the conservatives hate
that too.

President Obama said today that if the tables were turned. If the
tables were turned, and I want your reaction of this, if the table were
turned, if there was a republican in the White House things would be
different. Here it is.


OBAMA: Imagine if you had a Republican President and a Democratic
Speaker, and the democratic speaker said, "Well, we`re not going to pass
the debt-ceiling unless we raise corporate taxes by 40 percent, or unless
we pass background checks on guns or whatever other list of agenda items
democrats were interested in. Does anybody actually think that we would be
hearing from republicans that that was acceptable behavior? That`s not how
our constitutional system is designed. We are not going to do it.


SCHULTZ: Congressman Garamendi, your reaction to that.

GARAMENDI: Well, the president is right once again. If the tables
returned it would be exactly the opposite (ph). No, this is all about the
tea party agenda and frankly it`s a very small group within the republican
caucus that is driving this particular train off the cliff by maybe 40 to
60 of them and those are the tea party republicans, Boehner cannot gain
control of his caucus and it is running out of control and about to run
America over the cliff.

SCHULTZ: Well, I wonder, does John Boehner have any spine at all?
This is the House Speaker, his office released a statement today. He
hasn`t come in front of the camera. He`s probably having a couple of
(inaudible) right now. He says the house will take action that reflects
the fundamental fact that Americans don`t want a government shutdown and
that they don`t want the train wreck that is ObamaCare, grandstanding from
the president who refuses to even be a part of the process, won`t bring
congress any closer to a resolution". The tea party must have written that
statement form, Congressman.

GARAMENDI: Well, no doubt about it. That`s been the statement of the
tea party this afternoon for a whole hour. Michelle Bachmann and the tea
party crew took the floor of the house and went on and one with the very
same message. And frankly I took the floor they`re up and said, "Wait a
minute. What`s exactly what are you repealing? Are you repealing all of
those drug benefits that the seniors had? Are you repealing the billion
dollars and rebates that people have? Are you repealing the fact that
children are able to get insurance now up to the age of 26 and preexisting
conditions don`t exist anymore? Is that what you are repealing?

Apparently, that`s what they want to do. They just don`t understand
that they lost the election. And we need to move on. We need to build the
jobs. We need to get this economy going, transportation, infrastructure,
but right now all of this .

SCHULTZ: We`re not going to do with this crowd.

GARAMENDI: No, not with this crowd but they`re hurting the economy
right now Ed. You shut the government down. It`s going to hurt the
economy. People are going to lose their jobs.

SCHULTZ: No question. Congressman John Garamendi of California,
great to have with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

GARAMENDI: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Now, let`s bring in Kelly O`Donnell Capitol Hill
Correspondent for NBC News. Kelly thanks for your time tonight. I know
your busy up on Capital Hill what is the mood of republicans in the wake of
what President Obama had to say this afternoon?

a deep amount of stress and uncertainty that`s playing out here, because
those republicans who been in office for a long time have seen how this
played out back in the 90`s and they really argue forcefully that it
doesn`t go well for their party. John McCain being one of those who came
out today and said if this where to go to a shutdown the American people
will blame the Congress.

So, even though among Republicans there is a united voice that they
don`t like the healthcare law. The tactical fight has been particularly
raw. It has been alienating with some of the republicans who are more
aligned with the tea party side. We saw 19 senators from the Republican
Party today. Joining with Cruz that includes him to take those steps to
try to block any action that would allow the government to stay in business
next week but also making certain that healthcare law funding would be out
of there.

Now, you know what has happened, that`s failed, but 19, that`s almost
half of the number of republicans in the senate. In some ways that`s a big
number but it also shows how deeply divided the Republican Party is on the
senate side.

Now, I also watch some of the fallout after that vote today, prior to
the president speaking because house members sort of wrapped up their day
prior to the president`s remarks. There was among some of tea parties most
argument (ph) supporters and advocates, a real sense of they`re not backing

So, the tone here I think is one of worry about the impact on their
party, worry about the impact on the country and also a sense of what do
you do with those who simply will not back down. Principle versus
pragmatism in someway it`s a tense (ph) time and we don`t know how this
will play out. House Republicans expect to meet tomorrow. We think there
are some conversations that are going on behind the scenes, but there`s an
eerie quiet around here Ed, which gives that sense of what`s going to
happen next? There aren`t any good options, shutdown seems like a
possibility. We`ll just have to see how it plays out, Ed.

SCHULTZ: All right. Kelly O`Donnell thank you for joining us from
Capitol Hill tonight, I appreciate it so much.

O`DONNELL: Anytime.

SCHULTZ: Folks -- you bet. Let`s call this what it is. This is a
political revolution. I think that this tea partiers are so determined
they don`t care. They don`t care if the government is shutdown. They
don`t care if they hurt people. They don`t care who they live in their
wake. They are determined to destroy this presidency. They are determined
to get their way. That`s called a revolution.

Up next, Ted Cruz used a New Jersey college student story to lie. To
flood out lie about ObamaCare. You know what, that student joins us next
on the Ed Show, stay with us.


CRUZ: We trap ourselves by telling lies. Expanding Medicaid will
worsen the health care options for the most vulnerable among us. We trap
ourselves by telling lies.

ObamaCare is the biggest job killer in this country. It is hurting
the economy. We trap ourselves by telling lies.

If you`re a young person right now coming out of school with ObamaCare
beginning to be implemented, the odds are higher that you`re going to have
a hard time finding a job. We trap ourselves by telling lies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you see the lies, the deception, the
destruction, that means mischief is going on.


SCHULTZ: What do say we talk about those lies right here on the Ed
Show. This has been one of the craziest and one of the most unusual weeks
Washington has seen in a long time. This week was spilled with lies put
out there by Republican Members of Congress on ObamaCare.

The king of lies, well, he wins it. Canadian Senator Ted Cruz from
Texas, he`s the star. Now keep in mind, are all of this lies propertied
(ph) by this senator? You know, they weren`t said over lunch. They
weren`t - and this wasn`t over a cup of coffee. This wasn`t at some town
hall meeting with some crazies that were rabid fans of the senator. No,
no, no, no. This was on the senate floor. This is now in the senate
record and will be in the history books forever. But this is a very
important moment for us, the tax payers, the American people, the people
that vote, that send this people to Washington, and I don`t care if you`re
a Texan, or from Alabama, or Florida, or Minnesota, whatever, we`re all
Americans, right? We only want the truth.

Not only did Cruz late out typical republican bullet point lies on
ObamaCare. He totally distorted the stories of average Americans. One of
these Americans is my next guest. John Connelly is 22 years old. He`s a
student who was finishing his last semester at Rutgers (ph) University.
Hey, he`s at hardships. Recently, he`s been dealing with student debt.
He`s trying to find a job. Ted Cruz used John Connelly story to lie about
ObamaCare. Now I want to play part of this clip of Senator Cruz distorting
John`s story on the senate floor during his non-filibuster, filibuster


CRUZ: John Connelly thought he was on right track in life. The son
of a New Jersey auto mechanic. He was the first in his family to go to
college. Well, four years later, the 22-year old found himself $21,000 in
debt without a permanent job and sleeping on friend`s couches, but he still
doesn`t know what he`ll do when he graduate at the end of the semester.
The cost of a lost generation.


SCHULTZ: Let`s bring in John Connelly. John, good to have you with
us tonight. I appreciate your time. For time, we didn`t get the whole
statement in there but I want to ask you, what did Ted Cruz lie about on
the Senate floor with -- about your situation?

JOHN CONNELLY: Well, right. So (inaudible), it seems kind of bizarre
that he is believing (ph) a law that was passed in 2010 on trends that go
back, you know, will pass 2007. Only about -- only a little over half of
people my age, people 25 and under are actually employed full time. And of
those people, we have seen our wages decrease, 5 percent since 2007. We`re
not getting the kinds of jobs we were promised when we get out of college.
We`re chasing stalled careers. And at same time, we`re struggling huge
debt loads, mortgage size (ph) payments on houses that we can`t afford.

SCHULTZ: So, how that make you feel when you found out that the
Senator from Texas who I understand you`ve never met and never had a
conversation with, is that correct?

CONNELLY: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: And how does it make you feel that he used your story in an
effort to defund ObamaCare in distorted totally your situation?

CONNELLY: I feel like it was -- it was almost as if he told his
office to go out and find the worst example of the point he was trying to
pull. You know, I first of only found out that I was mentioned in his
speech as I was on my way to an optometrist appointment that I could only
go to because I`m still covered under my father`s union provided insurance,
thanks to ObamaCare.

My little sister has preexisting conditions would be unable to have
health insurance under, you know, the kind of free market dystopia that Ted
Cruz would like to push for. But, she can have insurance under ObamaCare.
I am not only an example of someone who isn`t being hurt by ObamaCare being
passed, I`m someone who`s family is directly benefiting and at the same
time I`m watching all -- a lot of my friends really are facing this kind of
disaster job market that Cruz is describing but he has the reason behind it
entirely wrong.

I mean, if you look at a household where you have two people who
together have $53,000 in debt, that household will lose over $200,000 in
those members (ph) lifetime. It`s clear that what`s holding us back has
nothing to do with whether or not the Affordable Care Act is funded.


CONNELLY: It`s everything to do with student debt that`s increased
over the course of my lifetime between .

SCHULTZ: All right.

CONNELLY: . 1999. And 2011 has increased 511 percent. That`s the
issue here.

SCHULTYZ: John, Senator Cruz is an evangelical Christian. He knows
that lying is wrong. Are you willing to reach out to Ted Cruz`s office and
ask for an apology or at least a clarification as to how on the heck that

CONNELLY: This is -- yes, this is clearly a misrepresentation of the
article he pulled my name from. It`s a misrepresentation of the factors
that my generation is facing. If you go back and you read the Wall Street
Journal article that he`s quoting from, the free student debt is mentioned
13 times. The freeze (ph) healthcare is mentioned once by someone who is
saying that they are happy that they had health insurance `cause most of
their peers do not. I think this is a real (ph) distortion of the factors
that we all people really are facing and it`s kind of shameful that he is
acting as if he is acting in the interest of young folks while pushing
forward his own agenda.

SCHULTZ: OK. Are you going to seek an apology or some reaction from
the senator? I mean, heck, you know, I`ve been in conversation on the
Senate floor before when Tom Harkin and John Warner were going back and
forth about liberal talk radio on our Armed Forces Radio Network and when I
heard my name on the Senate floor, I went, "What the heck is this all
about?" I mean, you had to be -- there had to be a level of you being
stunned when you knew your name was on the Senate floor especially in this
venue of Ted Cruz.

CONNELLY: Yes. I definitely would love to speak to the Senator or to
his people. I would love to understand why I was the best example they
could find of everyone in America, someone who`s hurt by ObamaCare.
Because if I`m the example of someone who is suffering under ObamaCare,
ObamaCare is a pretty sweet deal.

SCHULTZ: Yes. It is. John Connelly, thanks for your time tonight.
I appreciate you coming on. Next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live.
But I do want to say this, Ronald Reagan used to say we must trust but
verify. Do we have to verify now what Ted Cruz says on the Senate floor
because he will distort things, he will distort the facts, he will tell
lies on the Senate floor, he will go out and talk about people as if he
knows someone he`s never met them. This is how they operate. This is who
they are. This is the Republican Party being guided by these nut job tea
partiers. And I think Ted Cruz should go in the senate floor and issue a
correction. This is about character. Does he have the character to do
that? Probably not. Ask Ed Live is just ahead. Stay tune.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Favorite segment here. We
love hearing from all of you. I love the questions tonight in our Ask Ed
Live segment. First question comes from Deborah Marie Jackson. Will
republicans ever divorce the Tea Party? No, but the Tea Party may divorce
the republicans and go of on the room (ph). It could happen someday.

Our next question is from Alexander McKinlay. What the GOP`s plan of
they actually do succeed in bringing the country to its knees? When I just
saw this question about a minute ago, I thought of the movie Crimson Tide.
When Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman were in the midst of mutiny on a
submarine - United States submarine and Denzel Washington said "God, help
us if we`re wrong." He said actually "God, help us all if we`re wrong. I
kind of feel that way right now, that these people where to ever get power.
God, help us all.

Stick Around. Rapid Response Panel is next.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. In an effort to educate the
public about the Affordable Care Act, President Obama has been forced to
expose of blatant lies and misinformation being spread by republicans and
special interest groups. And President Obama wasn`t afraid to call out the
Right Wing Propaganda Machine by name during his speech in Maryland
Thursday morning.


OBAMA: You don`t have to take my word for it. If you talk to
somebody who said, "Well, I don`t know. I was watching Fox News." And
they said it`s horrible."


SCHULTZ: You know, the folks over at Fox News couldn`t let that one


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, we at Fox News are not the problem.
I hate to break it to you, sir. You are, your words are. Your very
promises are. You think where the skunk at your picnic but that does not
mean that we are the ones that stink, because that smell isn`t coming from
the folks reporting on your law, Mr. President. That smell is your law.


SCHULTZ: Really? Are you sure? Really? Because Fox News has never
lied about ObamaCare.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Infamous death panels who are supposed to have
died before the passage of Democrat`s Healthcare Bill, looks like they`re
alive and kicking.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ObamaCare death panels .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t you know? She was right. Sarah Palin`s
death panels are back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just imagine. OK. So you go in and you`re trying
to get into doctor`s appointment, right? And it go, "Well, we see from you
tax records how would that impossibly (ph) be possible. We see from your
tax records that you support the Tea Party or conservative groups, you want
a doctor`s visit? Three weeks. You want a hip replacement? Four years.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The ObamaCare takes a disproportionate hit on
cancer patients. ObamaCare has panels and task forces which have changed
the very recommendations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I got an ObamaCare bombshell for you. Under the
law, doctors will be required to ask their patients very personal questions
about their sex lives or if they don`t ask the questions, they face a fine.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Either you have ObamaCare or you don`t because
ObamaCare literally may kill you.


SHUTLZ: Joining me now is our Rapid Response Panel tonight, Author
Lizz Winstead, radio and talk show consultant Holland Cooke and Occupy Wall
Street protester Jesse Lagreca. Lizz, this just an end-breaking news, Fox
News does not lie.

LIZZ WINSTEAD, AUTHOR: That is breaking news, Ed. That`s also
breaking -- breaking fantasy I think is what you meant to say. You know, I
think that we need a journalist at Death Panels for Fox where anybody who`s
on Fox News has to be judged in the lie. If they keep lying then they are
cutoff from ever being able to be allowed to speak on TV. I think it`s a
great idea. And cover it under ObamaCare for the mental health safety of

SCHULTZ: Holland, the Republican Party clearly fractured over a
number of different issues. How much are they following the lead of these
right wing zealots on the radio across America? How influential have they
become and also played a role in some of the fear of primaries?

thing to a simple mathematical calculation, 80-20, the Pareto Principle.
Anybody in business has heard of this where you get 80 percent of your
business from 20 percent of your best customers so you doth on them, the
frequent flyers get upgraded. You heard Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh
congratulating each other last week. They need each other because no minds
are being changed. Did all heads (ph) believe El Rushbo, everybody else
might think he`s a buffoon. No minds are being changed so he`s not going
to win any new listeners. The game is to get people who are already
listening to listen more consecutive days per week. So it`s codependency.
Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh validate each other.

SCHULTZ: And the lies are out there. Unfortunately the right wing
noise (inaudible) has been pretty successful and confusing the American
public, Jesse -- I mean 62 percent of Americans are still confused about
the healthcare law. As an activist, as a protester, how do you combat this

of it is you have to tell the truth, that`s a necessity but (inaudible)
caught the liars for who they are. Remember the movie Inception, about a
dream inside a dream. Fox News is a lie inside a lie wrapped in a riddle
that only Sarah Palin can understand.

And that`s why the GOP is the cleaning dumpster fire for just that
reason. The non-sense you have to tell these people to keep them at pitch
fever makes it impossible to communicate at a decibel that anybody other
than white people can understand.

SCHULTZ: How comical was Ted Cruz, Lizz?

WINSTEAD: Well, it`s pretty unbelievable to watch somebody who is
grabbing at (inaudible) the way that Ted Cruz was and it`s like -- I kind
of feel at this point that the GOP when they`re writing their law that they
should just cut letters out of magazines like old tiny kidnap passage notes
because that`s what it feels like they`re doing with insane demands they`re
making. I think they`re going to ask democrats to pretty much just
register into neighborhoods when they move in because they think it was
such poison pills. But Ted Cruz is showing what we`ve all said about where
this Republican Party was heading and it is (ph) the people who are not at
all intellectuals. They don`t care about anything other than getting
elected again.

SCHULTZ: Holland Cooke, 62 percent of Americans as I pointed out are
confused about the law. Now, obviously there`s been a lot of fear of
merchants out there. How would you turn that around? I mean there`s been
-- the president is up against millions of dollars progressive groups have
not gone out and been on quote the sale job. I mean, no one has ever
thought that they had to resale it because it`s a law. And so .

COOKE: Yes, it`s complicated.

SCHULTZ: Yes, go ahead.

COOKE: You know, there`s a lot to explain. Maybe they could be
explaining it better. It will obviously get more familiar as we do it.
Clearly the resistance is not because the opposition to the Affordable
Healthcare Act is afraid it will fail. They`re afraid people are going to
love it because once you give the American people something you don`t get
to take it back. You and I were just teenagers when Medicare came about
and that got a lot of flock. Our parents were teenagers back when social
security was born and then thought the sun would stop coming up every
morning then. So there`s a lot to synthesize here. And frankly, maybe
they could do a better job explaining it.

SCHULTZ: Yes, earlier this week at the Clinton Global Initiative, the
former President made the comment about the role young people play in this
Jesse, almost to the point where if young people in this country, the 19 to
the 29 year olds, the 20 somethings, if they don`t engage, it maybe a tough
sale. Your thoughts, will people go along knowing that President Obama has
been terribly vilified? Will this motivate young people to get involved in
this and also by the fact that they need it, then it`s an element of

LAGRECA: I think young people are going to see the benefits of
ObamaCare the moment their parents get their health insurance bill once its
been fully instituted and it goes back to what other people said. Once
people realized that this is going to save them hundreds of dollars, it`s
going to keep them from going at the bankruptcy, it`s going to save lives,
the bill says it self that`s why you have this other panic on the right
before the bill kicks in to muddy the waters, to just street troll it
before people realized, you know, this was a BFT is, was really big.

And it`s going to show on your paycheck. It`s going to show on your
premiums. Would people get checks back for the money that the 85 percent
of insurance premiums? The companies don`t spend that much, can you get
the money back? Yes, let`s just see how the Tea Party reacts to that. I
can`t wait to hear the nonsense lies that are going to come out.

SCHULTZ: Lizz Winstead, Holland Cooke, Jesse Lagreca. Go ahead Lizz,
what do you have?

WINSTEAD: I was just going to say they`ve just become the party who
has proven that they hate joy. They don`t want people to get married who
are happy. They don`t want people to have sex who be happy. They don`t
want people to be healthy. They are just anti-joy.

LAGRECA: Cheer up.

SCHULTZ: Lizz Winstead, Holland Cooke, Jesse Lagreca, thanks for
joining us on a Friday, I appreciate it so much. Coming up, Glenn Beck
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SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, holy smokes, it`s the Bexter.
Glenn Beck in his crack staff (ph) (inaudible) Blaze postage a montage of
our text questions produced by some fish wrap named the Washington Free
Beacon. Now, I bet, sometimes our questions are simple, so Bexter`s flock
won`t be left behind. We cannot take everybody on a consideration.
Conservative French media is obsessed with the questions we ask you every
night. They just did a crappy job of editing. So tonight, we the Ed Show
Team put together some of our favorites. Here you go.


SCHULTZ: Tonight`s question, is Ted Cruz the new poster boy for the
Republican Party? Do you trust Syria to give up their chemical weapons?
Do Republicans have any idea how average American lives? Will Republicans
ever stop trying to repeal ObamaCare? Are you sick of republicans wrapping
themselves up in religion? Does President Obama -- does he get enough
credit for saving the economy? Text A for yes, text B for no.


SCHULTZ: If conservative heads explode because we expose them every
night, I have only one word. Good. If Glenn Beck and his minions think Ed
Show viewer opinions are a joke, they can just keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Breaking news this evening. President Obama revealing he
had a phone conversation with Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani. This is
the first time leaders from the United States and Iran have talked since
the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The possibility of a meeting between the two
leaders caused major speculation during the United Nations General Assembly
earlier this week.


OBAMA: Just now I spoke on the phone with President Rouhani of the
Islamic Republic of Iran. The two of us discussed our ongoing efforts to
reach an agreement over Iran`s nuclear program. I reiterated to President
Rouhani when I said in New York there will surely be important obstacles to
moving forward and successes by no means guaranteed, I believe we can reach
a conference of solution.


SCHULTZ: President Obama and the United States has been on record
saying that it will not allow Iran to develop the means to make nuclear
weapons. Iran said its nuclear program is designed for peaceful energy
programs. Rouhani confirmed the phone conversations in a series of Twitter
messages saying in one that, "In regards to nuclear issue with political
will, there is a way to rapidly solve this matter". Joe Cirincione,
Ploughshares Fund President and author of the forthcoming book, Nuclear
Nightmares, Securing the World Before It Is Too Late, joins me tonight on
the program. Joe, good to have you with us.


SCHULTZ: What is -- how big is this conversation, this move forward
between the two leaders of countries that haven`t spoken in 30 years?

CIRINCIONE: Yes, this is -- they made history today. Most Americans
were not alive. The last time an Iranian leader met with the President of
the United States, that was Jimmy Carter, who met with the Shah of Iran
back in 1977, the median age in the United States is 36 so half of the
population wasn`t even born then so Obama is breaking that ice, breaking
that barrier between the two countries. A small step but a very
significant step and not only establishes a direct connection between the
two presidents, it empowers the national security apparatus of both
countries to go make with both presidents say they want a deal.

SCHULTZ: Yes, Joe, who`s responsible for the connection? Who picked
up the phone? Who arranged it? How did this come about? Do you know

CIRINCIONE: Well I do, you know, the two sides were close to meeting
up in New York and they had agreed to meet and then they realized that they
didn`t have enough time to actually assure a positive outcome of the
meeting, a tangible result of the meeting and decided it was more important
to show results than to have a handshake.

And -- but behind the scenes, the two were conferring and it became
clear that President Rouhani would be receptive to a phone call. President
Obama then who had extended the hand of friendship to Iran back in his
first inauguration then made the phone call caught the President as he was
on the car, in his car driving to the airport to return to Iran. It`s
quite a moment in a quite remarkable week.

SCHULTZ: Well, Joe, correct me if I`m wrong, the United States has
been solid in its position on the nuclear potential of the Iranians. There
really has been no shifted all in our policy when it comes to Iran. So
this is movement on their part or is that an overreach?

CIRINCIONE: Well, the election of President Rouhani. He was elected
in June of this year was a clear mandate from the Iranian people to fix the
economy, to do something about the economy. A clear break with the failed
policies of the previous President Ahmadinejad who had an eight miserable
years drove the economy to a ditch. U.S. sanctions are crippling the
Iranian economy. The only way Rouhani can fix this is to ease the
sanctions. The only way he can do that is to limit the nuclear program.

So that`s the deal. It`s not a matter of trusting each other. It`s a
matter of negotiating a contract. You accept real limits on your nuclear
program, verifiable limits, and we will start relaxing detentions. And
then, that opens the way for what you heard the president talked about, a
comprehensive arrangement. We have overlapping strategic interest in the
region, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the fight against Al-Qaeda, an opponent
of both countries. US-Iranian (ph) in cooperation on a nuclear deal could
pave the way for strategic cooperation that can greatly benefit U.S.
interest in the entire region.

SCHULTZ: Joe, how does this play in to the chemical weapon issue with
the Syrians that the two allies of Assad obviously are that Iranians and
the Russians. This is a rough day at the office for the Syrians, isn`t it?

CIRINCIONE: Syria has been Iran`s only ally in the region but its
crumbling and you can see their interest in Assad making a deal for two
reasons. One, they want Assad to give up the chemical weapons. Iranians,
as the president mentioned in his speech of the UN that were gassed by the
tenths of thousands by Iraqi chemical weapons. And so, they`re against
having those chemical weapons, they`re glad to see them go, and they think
this might give a life line to Assad. We want to get rid of the chemical
weapons and we want to see if can negotiate at least to cease fire in the

So now, you have the U.S. negotiating with Russia, with Iran backing
over Syria. Again, this overlapping strategic interest not identical
neither side is doing the other favors but for their own strategic national
security interest, they`re going to negotiate a deal, you can do it in
Syria, that overlaps gives you confidence that you can do it on the bigger
issue, the Iranian nuclear program. You see the diplomatic we have (ph) in

SCHULTZ: That`s the diplomatic semantics of it all. What`s the
politics of all of this? How is this going to be received on Capitol Hill?

CIRINCIONE: Both presidents are being very careful here. Both have
conservative opponents at home that are waiting to accuse them of
appeasement, of being weak, of being naive. So they`re taking small steps.
So they couldn`t do the handshake, they did the phone call. You can hear -
- you know that in the president`s critics in Capitol Hill are going to use
this to fit into their meme (ph) of the president. He`s weak. He`s
dangerous. He doesn`t know what he`s doing. He doesn`t care about
America`s national security. He might not even be American. You know, so
you know that attack is coming but the American people are very clear, they
don`t want any more wars in the Middle East. They want us to disengage .


CIRINCIONE: . in these wars, not start them. Obama has got American
public opinion, the National Security Leadership, the U.S. Military on his
side here, that`s probably enough.

SCHULTZ: Can we speculate how the Iranian people and the Persian
culture will accept this?

CIRINCIONE: You know, I`ve been to Iran. I actually met Rouhani in
2005 and he was the nuclear negotiator and the American who goes to Iran
will tell you, the Iranian people like us. They like Americans. They wear
blue jeans. They drive motorcycles. They listen to American rock and
roll. We have a higher popularity rating in Iran than we do in Pakistan.

So, the Iranian people want an end to this isolation. They want to an
economy. They got a 50 percent unemployment rate among the youth. They
want out. They want to be friends again with the United States. Rouhani
understands that. As president he understands that and he`s trying to make
that happen. There`s a lot of obstacles. There`s a long way to go but we
saw a strategic turn this week that is setting us on an entirely new course
with Iran.

SCHULTZ: And who makes the next move?

CIRINCIONE: The next move will take place in Geneva. That`s where
Secretary of State, John Kerry will meet October 15th and 16th with Foreign
Minister Javad Zarif that both of them have been empowered by their
respective presidents to make a deal. It turns out it wasn`t the handshake
that was important, it was the handoff. These two guys can make a deal.
We`ll see the first inking (ph) of that in two weeks.

SCHULTZ: All right. Joe Cirincione, great to have you with us
tonight. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

CIRINCIONE: Thank you and my pleasure.

SCHULTZ: And that`s the Ed Show, you bet. That`s the Ed Show. I`m
Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.
Good evening Rev.


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