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Huh? Burger King Teases That It's Changed Its Name to 'Fries King'

The iconic hamburger chain has rebranded itself 'Fries King.' Or so it appears.
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Burger King's name has always made its No. 1 product clear: its burgers. However, having recently introduced new fries, the burger chain has rebranded itself "Fries King." Or so it appears.

In what is assumed to be a marketing ploy, Burger King uploaded an album to its Facebook page on Wednesday titled " Fries King: The Recrowning," that shows photos of a store sign, cups and shirts all branded with a new "Fries King" logo instead of the familiar Burger King logo.

"And you thought we were bluffing," the company wrote on the album. "From now on, it's all about the fries!" The restaurant chain's logo on its website and Twitter page also now says Fries King, with the small print explaining, "Formerly Burger King."

Burger King did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last week, Burger King unveiled "Satisfries," a lower calorie, crinkle-cut fry. The chain also recently debuted the French Fry burger, with fries placed within two buns along with the beef patty.

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Burger King has aggressively promoted the new fry offerings, especially Satisfries. Both #Satisfries and #WTFF ("What the French Fry") were trending on Twitter when the new fries were rolled out on September 24. Burger King managed to snag airtime on NBC's Today Show, as young men walked through the background with "#WTFF" inscribed on a three-foot fry. Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr have become social media venues for marketing the fries, as all Burger King and WTFF2013 accounts post countless artsy photos of the fries and their 3-foot long counterparts.

While Satisfries have received a lot of press, Burger King customers are less excited about the chain's apparent name change to Fries King. Twitter and Facebook users have responded with confusion and skepticism. "'Burger King' is a well known family name," says one Facebook user. "That is what most people loved and remember about this franchise. Please keep it original!"

To the relief of Burger King traditionalists, it seems unlikely that the name change is permanent. Further, despite the hype over Satisfries, Burger King will also continue to sell its original fries.

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