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10 Stories From the Web to Know About This Week

In the category of epic role reversals, the New York Daily News makes big companies pitch to startups and other need-to-know stories from this week.
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Here is Entrepreneur's roundup of this week's top 10 entrepreneurship-focused news stories from around the web:

1. Big companies pitching startups? In a rare change in roles, big media companies gathered to pitch startups at an event called SwitchPitch. Corporations hoped to find unique solutions to specific strategic needs through partnerships with entrepreneurs. Applications are still being taken, but close on Oct. 31. (Daily News)

2. Open-source goes galactic: 13-year-old self-proclaimed "maker" uses open-source technology to create science experiments for the International Space Station, subsequently one upping his 17-year-old brother. (Wired)

3. The Shark Tank hall of fame: Check out the ten best Shark Tank pitches, and -- thanks to a little capital and professional guidance -- get the follow up story of the resulting success. (Business Insider)

4. Health-care reform lifts startups: Just like the HITECH Act of 2009, the Affordable Care Act is creating new business opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs who have been following the bills maturation. Here are just a few of the burgeoning industries growing in the wake of Obamacare. (VentureBeat)

5. The "stealth" trends that rule the world: Stay a step ahead of the competition by taking a look at these ten under-the-radar economic trends that aren't making headlines yet. They're still quietly reshaping the global financial order. (The Atlantic)

6. Small businesses shoot down the shutdown: Small business owners who rely on tourist traffic are being hit hard by end-of-season lulls caused by the National Parks closures during the government shutdown. Putting a face to the crisis is Jeff Smith, owner of an inn just outside the Great Smokey Mountains. (CNNmoney)

7. Loans flow, despite shutdown: When the government shuttered its doors on Monday small-business financing took a hit, but there’s still money to be had. Here is a breakdown of the SBA loans you can and can’t get while the government is shutdown. (Businessweek)

8. 500 Startups closes its second fund: Since 2010, 500 Startups has invested in close to 600 startups, and says there’s no plan to slow down. The accelerator closed on its second fund in July, and is on track to invest in 200 startups in 2013. (TechCrunch)

9. Maker revolutionizes longboarding: Two young inventors turned entrepreneurs, tell the startup story of their product called Kickr, a compact, detachable electric motor for longboard skateboards. In an impressive entry to the market, the two met their first month sales goal in one week. (

10. Sizing up the competition: Take a look at these three steps to assessing the market opportunity of your startup. Also, learn to identify your consumer base and size up the competition. (Forbes)