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Morning Headlines: Thursday, October 10

The Morning Headlines for Thursday, October 10
/ Source: MSNBC TV

The Morning Headlines for Thursday, October 10

Here are the headlines we’re reading this morning. Which headlines are getting your attention?

Republican Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low

Gunmen free Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan after seizing him from hotel

In fiscal fight, do Republicans know what they really want?

Shutdown terror: Thousands of wounded vets may lose benefits, official warns

‘Uncomfortable’ climates to devastate cities: study

E.J. Dionne: Obama can’t cave, even a little, in the face of GOP extremism

Ignatius: The GOP is taking us toward doomsday

EU Awards Top Human Rights Award to Malala

Will: JFK death was dawn of punitive liberalism

Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel make nice after ‘rap feud’

NYT Editorial: Chairwoman Janet Yellen

Snowden’s Father Is in Moscow

Redskins’ Name Change Remains Activist’s Unfinished Business

Former Cop Killed After Shooting at West Virginia Courthouse

Weiner Says Congress Is Making ‘A Mistake’

McConnell, Senate GOP search for way out

T-Mobile to eliminate international data fees

Obama’s Chicken Little challenge

AP retracts story on McAuliffe lie claim