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Undercover officer witnessed motorcycle melee

At least one undercover officer witnessed last weeks motorcycle rally turned violent.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

At least one undercover officer witnessed last weeks motorcycle rally turned violent.

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At least one undercover officer witnessed last weeks motorcycle rally turned violent. Officials say there is no evidence that the officer took part in the alleged assault of driver, Alexian Lien, but he was present. The officer is not believed to have interfered in the brawl or called 9-1-1. Internal affair has taken over this part of the ongoing investigation.

Lien told police the incident began when he accidentally collided with one of the bikers. He said he came to a stop and became surrounded by the group.  A that point Lien says he feared for his family’s safety and sped away, admittedly hitting several bikers as he fled the scene.

A video of the event, shot by one of the cyclists and posted on-line anonymously, shows most of the incident including the bikers chasing the SUV down the highway after it runs over fellow bikers and flees. When it takes an exit and comes to a stop, two men come off of their bikes and begin shattering the SUV’s windows. That’s where the video ends.

Lien was dragged out of the car and beaten while his wife and 1 year-old child watched.

The NYPD says, Edwin Mieses, one of the men Lien ran over, could be paralyzed.

So far, police have charged 28 year-old Christopher Cruz, with unlawful imprisonment and reckless driving and are looking for more of the cyclists for questioning. One of the other bikers involved turned himself in for questioning Saturday morning.