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New website, new system, new community

Get UP on Politics. Join the new conversation.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Get UP on Politics. Join the new conversation.

The MSNBC team has good news for fans of UP! With the new site, we have a new commenting system that will make it easier to talk about the show and about political stories you find interesting. Up with Steve Kornacki is a show about political current events and how looking at histroy can put today into perspective - so we want ot know what you think! 

The UP on Politics group will be the official group for Up with Steve Kornacki. If you haven't ever commented on a story before, you can sign up for a Newsvine account to join in the conversation. From there you can join and create other groups based on specific issues or other shows you want to stay connected to.

The more people that join the group, the better the discussions will be. If you're not a part of any group, comments will show up in the "General Discussion" group that appears at the bottom of the page. Comments made in groups show up higher on the page and get more attention, so the more groups you're a part of, the more conversations you can start and shape.

Is there something you want to see more of on the show? Maybe start an "UP for more New Jersey politics" group or one for history buffs.

We'll still keep things happening on Twitter and Facebook, but the new site isn't just a website, it's a social network, so spend some time with it. Tell us what you like.

This is meant to be a community, so there are some rules designed to keep things respectful. You can find them here. Take a look, sign up, and start speaking out.