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Riding the Cycle: October 18

Happy Friday here is what we are reading today.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Happy Friday here is what we are reading today.

President Obama will nominate attorney Jeh Johnson to lead the Department of Homeland Security. (Washington Post)

Senator Elect Cory Booker (D) says he will start officiating same-sex marriages at 12:01am Monday. (CNN)

“Courage is contagious” Thomas Roberts said in his op-ed on why he is going to anti-gay Russia to co-host the Miss Universe Pageant.  (MSNBC)

Will Washington’s attention turn to Obamacare now that the crisis is over? (Wonkblog)

Senator Ted Cruz said Thursday that he wouldn’t rule out using the threat of another government shutdown as a possible negotiating tactic in the future. (Politico)

During the Al Smith white-tie charity dinner Thursday night Stephen Colbert brought the laughter. (NY Times)