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Links for the 10/24

Citations for Thursday's show
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Citations for Thursday's show

Samantha Bee shines a light on Christian Americans suffering from the sting of bigotry and bullying by gay agendists.

The GOP holds the government hostage over Obamacare, so Jason Jones employs a former F.B.I. hostage negotiator to resolve the situation.

Aasif Mandvi investigates non-racist fallout from the Supreme Court's destruction of the Voting Rights Act.

Daily Show will put local political scene in national comedic spotlight

'Daily Show' comments cost GOP precinct chair his post

GOP opens African-American engagement office in Charlotte

Larry Sabato shifts U.S. Senate race in North Carolina to ‘leans Democratic’

Republican National Committee's Growth and Opportunity Project report

Senate immigration roll call vote: Republicans who voted for the bill

‘The right thing to do’

ODD PROOFS OF AGE USED IN MEDICARE; One Applicant Showed Date Tattooed on His Chest to Prove He Is Over 65

Medicare Had Messy Rollout, Too

Ken Cuccinelli letter to John Edwards (pdf)

Va. Democrats say thousands purged from voter rolls

Nguyen: Virginia’s voter purge must stop

Va. Democrats sue to stop use of voter ‘purge list’

Virginia election officials purging almost 40,000 voters

Va. Democrats sue to stop use of voter ‘purge list’

Haake Notice October 19, 2013

Tom Matzzie - ‏@tommatzzie - Former NSA spy boss Michael Hayden on Acela behind me blabbing "on background as a former senior admin official" Sounds defensive.