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UP: Saturday October 26

What's happening on Saturday's show?
/ Source: MSNBC TV

What's happening on Saturday's show?

This Saturday on Up with Steve Kornacki, Steve and the panel will look at the Obamacare rollout and fallout. The government website wasn’t the first program to rollout with some glitches… we’ll take a look back. And we’ll talk with a Congressman on the committee looking into Obamacare’s problems... and who called the hearings a "monkey court."

The division within the Republican Party is not yet splitting the GOP in two, but could it? We’ll examine some past third party moments in politics and how they compare to today.

Plus, the saga of Senator John McCain. As he enters the Legacy Protection Program, we’ll look at a his series of self-reinventions and where he’ll end up this time.

And you know it… you love it… America’s hit abbreviated game show, “UP Against the Clock” returns! Think you know what happened this week in politics?? Maybe not…

Our Saturday panel includes:  Rebecca Sinderbrand of POLITICO (@sinderbrand),’s Suzy Khimm (@suzykhimm), former White House aide to President George H.W. Bush, Joe Watkins (@revjoewatkins), msnbc’s Krystal Ball (@krystalball) and Larry Sabato, the director of University of Virginia's Center for Politics (@LarrySabato).