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‘ED Show’ guest list - 10/28/13 (5pET)

‘ED Show’ guest list: Mon., Oct. 28, 2013 (5p ET)
/ Source: MSNBC TV

‘ED Show’ guest list: Mon., Oct. 28, 2013 (5p ET)

Republicans love Sen. Ted Cruz so much, he was actually compared to Jesus during a prayer in Iowa on Friday night as he laid the foundation for a presidential run in 2016. But all Cruz really cares about is protecting the big money corporate interests (also known as plutocrats) who put him in office.  

Tonight on The Ed Show at 5pET (4pCT/3pMT/2pPT), live from New York on MSNBC, Ed Schultz takes Cruz down for going all out to protect the Koch Brothers and their use of dark money for deceptive political ads.

And of course, Ed will answer your questions.

Here's tonight's guest list:

Sen. (I-VT)Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), syndicated columnist and contributor,  magazine,  Columnist and MSNBC Contributor, Columnist,Lee Gaddies, Detroit homeowner

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