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Bruckheimer puts a spin on King Arthur

Movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer sits with Deborah Norville to talk about the release of his latest movie, "King Arthur" which opens in theatres nationwide July 7.
Jerry Bruckheimer on the set of "King Arthur"
Jerry Bruckheimer on the set of "King Arthur"Touchstone Pictures

Movie theatres throughout the nation are anticipating the release of acclaimed producer,  Jerry Bruckheimer’s new movie, “King Arthur” on July 7. 

Bruckheimer is no stranger to producing crowd-pleasing films. At a very young age, Bruckheimer knew he wanted to become a movie producer, After graduating from the University of Arizona, he got a job making commercials and from their set his career plan in motion.

The producer traveled to Hollywood in the 1970s teamed up with famed producer, Don Simpson in 1983.  The two formed an unstoppable duo that made blockbuster hits such as “Top Gun,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Bad Boys” and “Crimson Tide” and their success continued until Simpson’s death in 1995. 

Bruckheimer proved that he could also be successful on his own.  He produced “Pearl Harbor,” “Black Hawk Down” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” (a movie that has a much-awaited sequel in the works). 

Bruckheimer has also taken time to lend his talents to television, producing hit shows such as “The Amazing Race,” for which he was awarded a 2003 Emmy, and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." 

However, the upcoming release of “King Arthur” is catching people's attention. Breaking away from the usually tales of Camelot, Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table, Bruckheimer chose to focus on the real story of Artorius. In the film, Artorius is a Roman warrior who sees the devastation his city caused on Britain and works to help save the defenseless British from the invading Saxons. Merlin and Artorius, once foes, team up with the warrior princess Guinevere, to save their people.

Will Bruckheimer strike gold again at the box office? He and his wife Linda join "Deborah Norville Tonight" on Friday, 9 p.m. ET on MSNBC.