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All In Agenda: Chris Christie's real record

All In agenda items for Wednesday, November 6.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

All In agenda items for Wednesday, November 6.

The Agenda:

1. In his Tuesday night victory speech, Gov. Chris Christie told his state he will "govern with the spirit of Sandy." Chris Hayes thinks Christie's Sandy recovery record says otherwise. At the table to discuss Christie's ascension to the national stage are Joy Reid and co-host of the "Ring of Fire" podcast, Sam Seder.

2. Republicans are trying to spin Cuccinelli's narrow loss in Virginia as a small victory for the anti-Obamacare campaign. Their rationale? Cuccinelli would have lost by a much larger margin if it weren't for all those people angry with Obamacare. What? Yeah, exactly. Chris Hayes explains.

3. The Tea Party lost big last night. Boo hoo. 

4. Best way to explain who wins an election and why? Read our lips: Demographics, demographics, demographics. Joining Chris Hayes to discuss are Vice President of Demos, Heather Mcghee, Progressive Activist, Sally Kohn and Professor of Psychology at NYU, Eric Klinenberg.