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The Ed Show for Monday,November 06, Wednesday, 2013

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November 6, 2013
Guest: Tim Ryan, Sheldon Whitehouse, Lizz Winstead, Zerlina Maxwell, Joan


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, really think about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Tea Party now more than ever is doing
everything they can within the electoral system to fight back.

referendum on ObamaCare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And insurances before sucked.

CUCCINELLI: This race came down to the wire because of ObamaCare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t pretend that the old system was cocooned.

We won`t ever get old and we won`t ever die.

CUCCINELLI: That Virginia understands that ObamaCare is a failure and
although I lost .

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We hope to never hear the name Cuccinelli again.

CUCCINELLI: That message will go out across America tonight.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks.
Thanks for watching.

The deceased owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis, used to say,
"Just win, baby, just win. I don`t like your footwork but just win." He
used to walk around practice biting his nails because he was nervous about
everything, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted the victory.

The number one story in America over the past few weeks has been
problems with ObamaCare. You know, it`s interesting. Of all the voters of
Virginia last night, only 24 percent of them said that ObamaCare was their
number one issue.

You know what the number one issue was, putting jobs first. Terry
McAuliffe knows the narrative. He knows what is striking at the heart of
the middle class in this country. He knows what is going to revitalize
this country, economically. It is jobs.

Virginia, I just want you to know, not only is he a nice guy, he`s a
hell of a business band and he`s going to create jobs in Virginia. In
fact, he`ll do a heck of a lot better job in Virginia than Scott Walker has
ever done in Wisconsin, if you want a comparison. Terry McAuliffe will get
it done.

Now, back to ObamaCare for a moment, remember, it was Republican
candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, who said the Virginia governor`s race was a
referendum on ObamaCare.


CUCCINELLI: Tomorrow in Virginia is a referendum on ObamaCare.


SCHULTZ: Oh, yeah and he brought in Marco Rubio and a host of other
Republicans to say that this is the first election post ObamaCare passing
it. This is our chance.

You know what? He could have been any further off the mark. The
House has voted 43 times to get rid of ObamaCare. What does that done?
Well, it`s been a news story.

And so now, you`ve got Cuccinelli out there saying, you know, if we
had just had a little bit more attention on ObamaCare because the stories
on ObamaCare over the last few weeks were really starting to resonate with
voters and they realize how bad ObamaCare is. Really? Three out four of
them didn`t make that as their number one issue.

I would say that Ken Cuccinelli did not have a very good staff, had
some real bad research. Folks, ObamaCare is not the problem. Virginians,
they spoke about healthcare last night in a big, big way.

Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe beat Cuccinelli by a three-point
margin. Now, you might wonder how did he do it. Well, I realize that
Northern Virginia is awfully big for -- of the Democrats. That`s why
President Obama went to Arlington. You know, it`s about turnout, right.

So that`s a given, Northern Virginia has to be there. But the key is
the tug water area. The key has always been the tug water area. That`s
why Virginia has had Democratic governors, three out of the last four races
and they have delivered canned water.

20 percent of the vote last night was from the African-American
community. There`s only 19 percent of the population in Virginia that`s
African-American. So how do you read that? Clearly, minorities came out
and helped Terry McAuliffe get over the top.

No doubt it was a win for ObamaCare and, of course, ObamaCare is going
to help a lot of minorities in this country and at Virginia. But
Cuccinelli, he just won`t let it go. During his concession speech last
night, he can just continue to slam the national narrative on ObamaCare.


CUCCINELLI: We said this race was a referendum on ObamaCare and
although I lost, tonight you sent a message to the President of the United
States that you believe that Virginia understands that ObamaCare is a


SCHULTZ: Although I lost, it doesn`t matter because it`s just win,
baby, just win.

You know, there are more losers in Virginia than Cuccinelli. Let`s,
you know, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, I mean, these guys, they
couldn`t get in front of the cameras fast enough up to support this guy
down at Virginia. Of course, they didn`t get it done, did they?

Case in point, stay away from those guys. Maybe Christie will do
that. However, if you listened to the media, you would think that it was a
bad day for the Democrats.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Governor Christie, wow.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he has a tremendous charismatic.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And he didn`t win the most Democrat votes but
for a Republican, that`s killing it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The pretty much said local were doing in New
Jersey were accomplishing things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What Chris Christie managed to do was to run as
Chris Christie and to say that the pragmatic Republican can make in roads
with Democratic voters.


SCHULTZ: Nobody pointed out that the only win last night for the
Republicans was Chris Christie. Good thing, he was in the game. He was
expecting to win by a large margin and he did. And of course, Christie
came out last night and gave his typical Jersey tough guy speech.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R) NEW JERSEY: I did not seek a second term to
do small things. I sought a second term to finish the job. Now, watch me
do it.


SCHULTZ: OK. I`ll watch you replace those 6,000 teachers in that
billion dollars you cut out in education. Christie, you`ve got to feel
pretty good about this, you know. It`s chances for 2016 because all the
media is talking about what a darling he is. But the real vetting process
starts now.

Meanwhile, can we just say unequivocally, it was a big night for the
Democrats and labor? You know, we`ve talked a lot about on this program
and it`s all over the country, survey show it, income inequality is one of
the biggest issues out there in America. That`s right. The middle class
get to worked over. In fact, we carry the story on this program last
night. The Social Security Administration says, now, the media and income
in America is a whopping $27,000 a year. But the red liners, the vultures,
they`re just rolling, aren`t they?

First we have the New York City mayoral race. Here it is Democratic
candidate Bill de Blasio crashed the Republican candidate by a 49-point
margin. This is a huge win for labor. Labor has been a big issue in this
city. Bill de Blasio said that he would be union-friendly right here on
the Ed Show last summer.


SCHULTZ: But I want to ask to directly Bill, if you`re elected, are
you going to be union-friendly?

BILL DEBLASIO (D) MAYOR-ELECT NYC: Absolutely. I believe the labor
movement in this city is not only working in the interest of the people as
city, doing the work everyday, keeping the city going, and a lot of folks
by the way work for the city of New York don`t get paid so well.


SCHULTZ: Oh, yes. That income inequality thing. Speaking with
clarity is what put him over the top. He was never in a gray area. You
always knew where de Blasio stood.

Next, there is Boston. The race up there a long time labor leader,
labor leader one? Yes, the stunning Marty Walsh. He beat John Connolly by
four points. Walsh has been a union president. Damn him for that, huh.
And he has fought tirelessly for working people with the city of Boston.
It`s another big win for the Democrats. Well, let`s go across the country
to Seattle, Washington where voters will likely approve a $15 an hour
minimum wage increase for the workers at CPAC Airport.

Imagine that, somebody make it 15 bucks an hour because the people
want them to. Election results are unofficial at this hour and if it pulls
through, it`s going to be certainly a big win and of course another issue
about income inequality in this country and actually paying workers.

In New Jersey, what the heck happened here? Voters actually went
against Chris Christie and voted for minimum wage, an increase by 2014?
That`s right. The minimum wage is going to go from $7.25 to $8.25 an hour.
Can we mark that up as another win for the working folk of America?

Well, let`s go to the middle of the country. How about Cincinnati,
Ohio? Remember Cincinnati, measure two, measure five, all that stuff going
after the public workers? Well, last night, voters have rejected a
controversy old ballot initiative on pension reform? Yes. Issue four was
supported by none another than Tea Party extremist and want to put pensions
at risk. It would have put really impossible strain on the pension system
kind of like the postal service resulting in lost benefits for retirees.

With the exemption of Chris Christie, voters did what last night?
They embrace liberal progressive policies and a lot of places across
America. They voted for worker`s rights, they voted to fix income
inequality, they voted for gay rights, they voted for ObamaCare, and don`t
let the Republicans fool you. Last night was a huge win for the
progressive movement in this county. Kind of a pre-game show I guess you
could say for 2014 and it is very clear that we are a center Left country
make no mistake about that.

Bottom line is this, when we show you the vulture chart, it is
resonating with people. People understand the top 2 percent running the
way with all the benefits in this county. People understand the attack on
workers. Folks out there understand what health care reform is going to do
for Americans and they`re not buying all the garbage that`s coming from the
Republicans that people are losing their health insurance. Well, that`s
because we`ve got standards now.

Marsha Blackburn, Congresswoman from Tennessee today was actually on
this network talking about health care savings accounts. Really?

If you got money you can get one. But what about those folks who make
$27,000 a year? Do you think they have a healthcare savings account? This
just goes to show how out of material the Republicans are. It goes to show
how off the mark they are and their attack on workers is only going to walk
to the Democrats right back in the power in the house, one year from now.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Were Tuesday`s election win for progressive movement?" Text A
for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to our blog at we`ll bring the results later on the show.

For more let me bring in Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio, Congressman
great to have with us tonight. Not a lot of conversation about Ohio in the
attack on workers again and pensions lo and behold yet another rejection.
How do you read it?

REP. TIM RYAN, (D) OHIO: Same, I think you laid it out they`re
beautifully not only that we had a independent mayor in Toledo who
supported the abolishing collective bargaining. He lost his race yesterday
up in the northwestern part of the state.

So, I think you`re right. This country is moving, when trained
properly, when we talk directly about economic interest, when we talk to
the heart and soul of the American people, they vote for the Democrats and
we`ve got to continue the momentum. We`ve got to continue with the big
bold agenda that`s going to shift this country.

And I think, you know, the more the health care rolls out, the more of
these investments that we could talk about that we want to make that they
keep fighting, the better of we`re going to be.

SCHULTZ: Congressman, your reaction to Terry McAuliffe`s win in
Virginia when the Republicans have been out there 48 hours before the
election saying that this is going to be a referendum on ObamaCare?

Now, Cuccinelli was outspent in Virginia. No question about that and
money does make a difference but, you know, what everybody is playing by
the same rules.

Bottom line here is, they were depending. They were counting on
ObamaCare to be the linchpin to victory for Cuccinelli and it didn`t work.
Does that say anything?

RYAN: Right. Well, yeah and Terry McAuliffe was not only a Democrat
he was a Democrat`s Democrat. I mean he ran. He was the party chair, did
the Clintons wherein in the last few days. The President was in the last
few days.

And so, I think that was significant but I love how McAuliffe framed
his arguments as well, saying that Democratic policies are the policies
that create jobs, whether it`s a new car plans or new alternative energy or
renewable energy businesses.

You got to have research. You got to have investment. You got to
have public, private partnerships. That`s how economic development happens
on the ground in Youngstown or in Virginia. You got to have business in
public entities and the NGOs all working together.

That`s not what we`re getting from the Tea Party. The Tea Party is
deregulate, defund, let the free market work and as you stated with the
Social Security numbers that came out that increases inequality in the

So, McAuliffe I think has hit the sweet spot with how Democrats need
to talk about the economy. Public, private partnerships and invest in
these new sectors that will put people back to work .

SCHULTZ: I don`t know how the Republican.

RYAN: . in great campaign down there.

SCHULTZ: I don`t know how the Republicans are going to rehabilitate
themselves between now and the midterms, because all of the issues that the
Democrats have been talking about clearly adopted by Terry McAuliffe in
Virginia and he wins.

Now, OK, it`s 55,000 votes, would you take a 55,000 vote win in the
state of Ohio? Absolutely you would. And he just win baby, that`s the
name of the game. And we saw two, you know, we saw two minimum wage
increases take places last night in the backyard of Republican governors.

RYAN: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: I mean, I just think that this was a great night for the
Democrats no matter how you slice it. In fact if Chris Christie hadn`t
been there winning what in the world what the mainstream media have been
talking about today. Holly smokes, there`s no highlights there for the

RYAN: And if you look at Christie too, I mean here`s the guy, you had
a natural disaster which always votes well for incumbents. You had him
walk in arm-in-arm on the beach with President Obama.

And so of course that scenario is going to shift. But I thought the
one item, the one element from the poll that I saw not just the minimum
wage in that stuff, Hillary Clinton still beat him in New Jersey for


RYAN: So, as popular as he maybe even in his own state, Hillary beat

SCHULTZ: Integrity of the vote is going to be very important in your
state. Your secretary of state`s race with Nina Turner is going to be a
huge for the Democrats nationwide.

But I also think the win last night by Terry McAuliffe in Virginia
connecting to the integrity of the vote. I think whoever runs on the
Democratic ticket is going to need Virginia. This was a big, big win for
2016 for the Democrats.

Tim Ryan great to have you with us, congratulations on your buck, guys
are they getting respect in the polls. I mean, well I think number four,

RYAN: Yeah. We`re going to need somebody to make a mistake but we`re
going to do our part.

SCHULTZ: All right. Congressman good to have you with us.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen and share your thoughts with us Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook.
We love it when you do that, and of course we want to know what you think.

Coming up, stop the presses at Tea Party senators column gets cut.
Plus the Toronto mayor cracks under pressure from the media.

Lots more coming up, stay with us.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In turning the page you wash your hands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, turn the page.

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: The footnote police have really been
dogging me for the last week.

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST MSNBC: The speech that Rand Paul gave seems to
have been totally plagiarized from the Wikipedia page on Gattaca.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Political report it, but there are more instances
where used words had first appeared another places.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, Washington Times drops Senator Rand Paul over
his lipid (ph) lines.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have made some mistakes, but never said that
those mistakes have been intentional.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, oh, just because he and Wikipedia used the
same words, Rand Paul is a plagiarist.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I expect it from somebody who`s in high school
and not somebody who`s a sitting attorney (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender. Oh, Canada.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stunned the city, the Mayor
did indeed spunk back OK (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Calls for him to step aside and take a leave of
absence grew louder. Crack is whack.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe that the Mayor should step aside.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Mayor of Toronto won`t crack under pressure to

MAYOR ROB FORD, TORONTO, CANADA: I address everyone in the city that
I will be won`t ever resort.

I know what I did was wrong. For the sake of the taxpayers of this
great city, we must get back to work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today`s Top Trender, over the hill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No more KBS, no more excuses, no more spin just
give us the proof.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The HHS Secretary returns to the Capitol for
another round of hearings.

higher level of accountability for millions of Americans delay is not an

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that statement on the White House website true
or is it false?

SEBELIUS: Sir, I think the statement .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Or is true or is it false? Would you answer my
question and then explain .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She did answer. She said you were inaccurate.


SCHULTZ: Joining us now, Senator Sheldon White House of Rhode Island.
Senator, good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: I was in Kentucky and I heard people talk about Rhode
Island. They say the exchanges aren`t working where they`re properly
implemented. Tell us about the health exchange in your state. Is it

WHITEHOUSE: It sure is. It has had a few minor glitches, largely
that came through the federal problem but it -- let me tell you some of the
stories that I`ve seen. I went in the first time and there was a family
that had been served earlier that day and had gotten health insurance and
they were so thrilled. This was they`re return trip and they were bringing
big boxes of Dunkin` Donuts, coffee and stacks of Dunkin` Donuts to give to
the workers there because they were so pleased.

I walked around and there was a woman who is absolutely beaming when
she sat down the phone and she said she just saved that last caller $300 a
month going from $800 in Cobra (ph) to $500 under one of the buzz. The
buzz in Rhode Island is so good that the latest story is a father who`s
daughter is working there had heard so many good things about what`s going
on with the exchange that he wanted to come in and he said to her, "I just
want to see what the good things whether they are happening. I`m so proud
of you that you`re part of this."


WHITEHOUSE: So there`s a whole other story out there that some people
in Washington just don`t want to hear despite listening to.

SCHULTZ: Well, they`re all Republicans I mean and just so it was
relentless again today on Kathleen Sebelius. What is the Republican
mission at this point? The website is making progress, it`s handling more
people, 17,000 people a minute, it`s going to get better. Obviously it`s
better since the last time there was testimony a week ago. What`s the
Republican mission at this point?

WHITEHOUSE: I think it`s to create as much bad news and bad spin
around the health care plan as they can to discourage people from going to
it and sort of the last dripping (ph), you know, last ditch fight that they
have. What`s frustrating is that when you look at the individual states
that have made this work like Kentucky, like Rhode Island and then you look
at these usually kind of states rights, Senators, and their own states have
the chance to do this.


WHITEHOUSE: They have the chance to make it right. They have the
chance to do what Rhode Island did and they didn`t. They chose not to do
it. They chose not to even try .

SCHULTZ: They would .

WHITEHOUSE: . so now they`re blaming the federal government when they
didn`t even try to do it. I mean, if you`re not going to do your job, you
got to be ought to be careful about blaming the people who came in to do it
for you.

SCHULTZ: That`s all Republicans were talking about. It was local
control and no government takeover and we can do it ourselves in the
backyard which I think walked the Health Committee down the road of framing
it to their liking and then the rejection came and now we`ve got the, for a
lack of a better term, a small mess on our hands that has to be mopped up.


SCHULTZ: But it didn`t .

WHITEHOUSE: But it didn`t have to be that way.


WHITEHOUSE: Their states could have done just the way our states did.
And of course then they wouldn`t have anything to complain about. So if
you think of the purpose of the exercise as to find things to complain
about in health care rather than to find a way to get health care to your
constituents. Well maybe they consider the success from that point of

SCHULTZ: Senator, what`s your response to the potentially low
enrollment numbers early on and maybe not, you know, below the projection
of 7 million by March.

WHITEHOUSE: Well, we heard from Elizabeth Warren in the Health
Committee yesterday about Massachusetts experience. Massachusetts is ahead
of us in all of these. They have done the same thing with what we like to
call RomneyCare. So they said it was the same thing.

People usually tend not to sign up until the last minute and nobody`s
due until nothing`s available even until January 1st. There`s no penalty
until March 1st which is months away. And if you`re a small business
coming in, you don`t have to come in until your existing policy rolls over
which could be a year from now. So I think we got to be a little patient
with the, you know, first two minutes of the game outcomes in predicting
what the final score is going to be.

SCHULTZ: Well, ObamaCare is going to be a big story in 2014. Is
there any parallel by the way it was handled by Terry McAuliffe in Virginia
and the way the Democrats in the midterms should handle it in 2014?

He didn`t run away from it. And his opponent was saying that it was a
referendum. The election was a referendum on ObamaCare. How did you break
that down? And what do you see for 2014?

WHITEHOUSE: I, you know, it`s hard for me to give advice to a whole
bunch of different races and very, very different states of very, very
different constituencies.


WHITEHOUSE: But I think one thing that is very consistent through
this is that when you get through the Republican hyperbole and you cut down
to the experience of real people, they are seeing good results from this
program. We are getting -- our folks in Rhode Island are getting hugs.
They`re getting people bursting into tears. They`re getting people saying,
"My God, this is the first time in years I have health insurance. I can
sleep tonight." That story is what`s real and that`s story is eventually
sooner or later going to get out. They can`t deny it indefinitely.

SCHULTZ: All right. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, good to have you
with us tonight. I appreciate your time on the program. Thank you, sir.

Up next, what women want. After Christie`s win in Jersey is a good
sign for Hillary Clinton plus a conservative think tanker`s claims about
low income voters lands him in tonight`s Pretenders. But next, I`m taking
your questions live. Ask Ed Live is next on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love hearing from our viewers.
Questions tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment. Our first question comes
from Madeline Berlin. And she wants to know why is Christie being painted
as a moderate by the media when his record shows he`s not?

Well, the media just assumes that he`s moderate because everybody in
the Republican Party in my opinion is just a bunch of crazies. He has
filed off a lot of edges because of the storm. You know, when you hug
somebody on camera in an emotional moment, it puts you in a totally
different light of being a hard line politician. Don`t kid yourself.
Christie is just like the rest of them. And I think that there is a
desirous attempt on the part of the mainstream media to find the next
Republican hero so we can have a race on our hands.

Our next question is from Jimmy B. (ph). Should America -- he asks,
"Should America be getting ready for a Christie versus Clinton race in
2016?" Not so fast. Let me point out that this public servant has been
around a lot longer than this public servant, OK. And a lot of different
capacities. So if I were on this guy`s team, I`d probably be worried about
experience, but Christie reminds me of kids at the lake on 4th of July.
They just seem to run out of their fire crackers so fast.

Stick around. Rapid Response Panel is next.

Market Wrap. The Dow jump to 108 points to a new record high. The S and P
at its seven but the NASDAQ finished in seven in today`s session. Autonomy
outlook for the US economy is a healthy one. The conference forward says
it`s leading in economic indicators first for the third month in a row in

And Blockbuster shutting down it`s remaining 300 retail stores and its
mail order service cutting nearly 3,000 jobs. Lastly, critical oil surge
from a four-month low of nearly $2 a barrel on report of strong demand fro
the fuel. That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. There`s no doubt about it.
Women were a big factor in last night`s gubernatorial elections. Case in
point, the race in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe narrowly beat Cuccinelli, 48,
45. It was the sport (ph) among women that really made the difference.
You could easily make the case.

McAuliffe had a 9-point lead over Cuccinelli with female voters. That
margin gets even wider when you take a look at McAuliffe`s support among
unmarried female voters where McAuliffe beat Cuccinelli by a whopping 42
percentage points.

In New Jersey, certainly a different story, Christie won reelection by
a landslide. Christie even beat his female opponent, Barbara Buono, by 17
points among women. So what does this mean? Republicans obviously
desperate to bridge the gender gap so they`re all wondering what Christie`s
numbers could mean for a potential 2016 presidential bid against, you know,

Hold on Fox News, not so fast. The same exit polls found that if a
2016 presidential election was a race between Christie and Hillary Clinton,
Christie would even -- not even carry his own state. Hillary Clinton would
beat Christie in New Jersey, 48 to 44 percent for what its worth.

Joining me now our Rapid Response Panel, author Lizz Winstead, the
GRIO contributor, Zerlina Maxwell, and Joan Walsh of

Well, I think maybe one takeaway that we can have from last night is
probably not really good to go radical on women. Lizz, how do you read the
results from last night based on who and what Cuccinelli was all about?

LIZZ WINSTEAD, SMEAR CAMPAIGN: Well, I think that women like sex.
And I think that when you run a guy who doesn`t seem to enjoy sex, he`s not
going to win with women. Am I wrong?

SCHULTZ: Well I have no arguments with sex, whatsoever. Your twit
earlier this week was very interesting, I thought. For women in Virginia,
if you like your uterus, you can keep it.

I mean, just the radical movement in Virginia was just so over the


SCHULTZ: Joan Walsh, how do you read it? Did the Republicans learn
anything from this?

WALSH: I don`t know if they`ve learned anything. You know, all we
hear all day is how they practically won. They may as well have won
because it wasn`t a blowout for Terry McAuliffe like a couple of that polls
said, you know, which is patently ridiculous. Any time the Democrats take
back a state house in a purple state in off year election, it`s a big deal.
This is a big win for Democrats.

You know, I`m a little bit disappointed in the women`s vote because
it`s got to be said white women voted for Ken Cuccinelli. I don`t know
what is wrong with my white sisters but they did vote for the Cucc.

And really, Terry McAuliffe was elected mainly because black voters
turned out. If the Obama coalition turned out for a ticket that did not
include Barack Obama so that`s another piece of very good news for the

SCHULTZ: Zerlina, how do you see the results? I mean, the pre
polling before the election was that women were going to go with Terry
McAuliffe, certainly they did that especially unmarried women.

ZERLINA MAXWELL, THE GRIO: Right. And I think, you know, the problem
for Cuccinelli has always been that he`s been associated with the word
"Transvaginal." And so when you`re associated with something like a
transvaginal ultrasound or even, you know, his position being in favor of
personhood which really is forcing women to give birth against their will.
That`s what personhood means.

And so for Cuccinelli, his problem has always been he`s an extremist.
And now, he`s different form Christie because he has a legislator -- a
legislature that is controlled by Republicans. And so while he was a
trained general with Bob "Transvaginal" McDonnell, he -- both of them were
pushing an extreme anti-choice agenda. And so Christie does not have that
happening in New Jersey to him so he doesn`t have to answer for his anti-
choice views and he`s also against abortion. That should be made clear.

SCHULTZ: Joan Walsh, how do you see what unfolded for Christie with
women in New Jersey?

WALSH: Well, I find it disappointing and I wish that Barbara Buono
had gotten more help from Democrats in her state and nationwide. You know,
I really think there`s a weird phenomenon among Democrats, though, and I`m
not totally immune to it, myself, where, you know, we`re so frightened, I
think, is the word. By the extremist and of the Republican Party that
people have a tendency to want to reward someone like Chris Christie who,
you know, he is a conservative. He is an extremist on women`s right for
sure. But what he did for the state during Sandy needs to be applauded and
the fact that he has treated the President of United States with respect,
shouldn`t be remarkable but it is remarkable.

And so, I think a lot of Democrats kind of felt a sense -- out of the
sense of decency, you know, OK, we`ll stick with the guy he has been bad
even though, you know, through a teacher if you`re a woman he`s been quite

SCHULTZ: Lizz what do Republicans do at this point? Of course I
really don`t care about the rehabilitation of the Republican Party, but I
find the numbers absolutely paralleling the -- well, very startling
actually, I mean, everything that we have talked about on this network
about the war on women certainly now is a hard number in the state of
Virginia and then you have Chris Christie at least winning and getting some
women numbers in his advantage. How are the Republicans play this moving

WINSTEAD: Well, I don`t know but I think Joan said it best, because I
think you can`t stress enough the fact that the Republican Party extremist
have become so extreme that if you have dignity towards the President and
you do exactly what any person with a soul and a heart would do when your
state is under water, that A, dealing with the President makes you creep,
but B, that makes you a moderate.

I would stop that made you a carbon based life form with maybe a
little bit of compassion.

WALSH: Right.

SCHULTZ: And thank God, for the Tea Party.


SCHULTZ: I mean the Tea Party has done Democrats a lot of favors.

WINSTEAD: Right. Seriously.

SCHULTZ: Zerlina does the Tea Party back off at all? Do they get any
message out of this at all?

MAXWELL: No. They don`t. I mean, they don`t care about Chris
Christie winning a national election. You know, the focus for him and the
problem for him is yesterday doesn`t matter. He needs to win a Republican
primary and he`s going to be asked about his views on abortion and women`s
right. And that`s when he`s going to get into trouble.

Yesterday, you know, that`s great. He`s an incumbent, he, you know,
he was successful. But that doesn`t really mean anything in terms of 2016,
because like Mitt Romney who was also moderate, he needs to get pass the
primary electorate and they actually don`t care about being palpable to the
mainstream electorate.

SCHULTZ: Where does ObamaCare go from here? 24 percent of the voters
that voted in Virginia yesterday said that ObamaCare was their number one
issue. On the other hand you got Cuccinelli saying that this was a
referendum on ObamaCare. Joan Walsh somebody gave Cuccinelli some real bad

WALSH: Yeah, because if it was referendum on ObamaCare then ObamaCare

You know, look I think that ObamaCare rises and falls with how thing
shake out in the next few months. But what we`re seeing is that the poll
is staying pretty much the same. People who had doubts have doubts and
people who were willing to give a chance give it a chance. But I think
it`s crazy for them to continue to run against ObamaCare, but I see no
evidence that they won`t and I also see evidence as Zerlina says, the Tea
Party is not backing off, you know, the head of this isn`t (inaudible) fund
actually said that the reason Cuccinelli was loosing well, that he wasn`t
striving enough on social issues then he kind of played down in favor of
jobs and the economy message.

These people continue to think that the only problem with their
electoral outcomes is that they`re not crazy enough and they are not going
to let up top that message.

SCHULTZ: All right.

MAXWELL: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: Big win in Virginia for Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton,
the integrity of vote will be certainly watched buy the new governor which
I think is going to be very important in 2016.

WALSH: Yeah.


SCHULTZ: Lizz Winstead, Zerlina Maxwell, Joan Walsh, great to have
you with us tonight, thank you so much.

Coming up, President Obama right now is in Texas promoting the
Affordable Care Act to one of the states that really needs it the most.
Stay with us we`ll right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, the fortune teller himself Frank
Gaffney. The Reagan Administration henchman took a break from his anti-
Muslim tirades to pick up his crystal ball. Gaffney says he knows what`s
going to be the end of America as we know it.


registration process is being used effectively to compel Americans to
register to vote. The process lends itself to abuse and fraud. And allies
of the president say the goal is to register 68 million, mostly low income
voters. If successful, expect the permanent majority demanding government
hand-outs, and the end of America as we`ve known it.


SCHULTZ: Is he imitating that guy on the Twilight Zone? I think he
is. Strengthening the Democratic process doesn`t sound like the end of
America to me. It does sound like the death sentence for the GOP.

Gaffney doesn`t need to code the language. Republicans don`t want
poor people to vote. That`s the bottom line. They`re not too hot on women
or minorities either. Voter obstruction is the key to the Republican
Party. But if Frank Gaffney believes the end of the GOP is the end of
America, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work. President Obama just landed down on
the belly of the conservative beast, Texas.

He is in Dallas to thank volunteers for their work on the Affordable
Care Act. Hey, ain`t that the coolest picture right there, Air Force 1
landing in Dallas.

The President is also pushing back against Ted Cruz and Rick Perry`s
anti-ObamaCare, anti-woman, anti-voter, anti low way (ph), all that stuff,
and anti-union territory.


SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: We`ve seen an explosion of federal
government power, none more important or significant or dangerous than

REP. RICK PERRY, (R) TEXAS: Every Texan has health care in the state
from the standpoint of being able to have access to health care. Every
Texan has that, how we pay for it and how we deliver should be our
decision, not some bureaucratic.


SCHULTZ: Yeah, every Texan has it. President Obama is trying to
convince more than 23 percent of Texans who are uninsured to enroll for the
coverage under the Affordable Care Act. He faces conservative obstacles,
Governor Perry and Senator Cruz continue to set in the state, no question
about it.

E.J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist, MSNBC contributor with us
tonight. I tell you, you know the President is not running for reelection
when he goes to Texas and talk about health care.

E.J. DIONNE. MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Unless he`s going to run in 2020 when
Texas will be a purple or blue state.

SCHULTZ: That`s right. You know, I`ve had some conversation with a
number of people in Texas. There are some things happening down there that
are very, very positive and, you know, when you look at this Kaiser Family
Foundation study showing that 17 million people are going to be eligible
for tax credit, Texas, California, and Florida have the highest number of
residence eligible for these credits. Will the President be able to
convince Texans that this is a good thing in the mist of all of this
misinformation and this really this campaign that has been out there to
destroy the law? Your thoughts.

DIONNE: Well, I hope so, because people are better off with health
insurance without it, and you got in Dallas County 28 percent who are
uninsured. One of the points I really hope he makes is that because
Governor Perry and the Republican legislature refused to accept the
Medicaid expansion, there are some 1.8 million tax insure being excluded
from the possibility of getting healthcare and it`s worst noting that the
Medicaid expansion has not had some of the problems that you have on the
private insurance market.

Around the country, there were 5 to 6 million people who could get
health insurance if their states did not refuse to go into the Medicaid
expansion. I`d love to see some of the outrage that`s directed over some
of the problems over the website or some of the problems on the individual
insurance market directed at why -- directed at those folks who are just
flatly denying people health insurance.

SCHULTZ: I`ve never heard a governor rationalize the situation the
way we just heard Rick Perry do it. You know, everybody in Texas got
health care, it doesn`t matter of how we`re going to pay for it, really?

DIONNE: We can all go to the Emergency Room, right?

SCHULTZ: That`s right. You know, more than 23 percent of Texas
residents are uninsured. So, why aren`t the conservatives willing to come
on board in some former fashion to do something about a high number? Are
they just doing the social calculation that they can get elected without
these folks and they don`t have to worry about it.

DIONNE: Well, again, there`s a kind of Obama poisoning that happened
on the Right and you know, there was that -- that`s happened on the Left at
times with the President. And I think it`s much deeper with Obama. He
picked up a basically Republican idea, used the private insurance market,
create these exchanges just like RomneyCare, it was an idea out of the
Heritage Foundation.

Conservatives should want this system to work because if it doesn`t
work, we`re not just going to go and let people get uninsured, we`re
probably going to move to something closer to Medicare for all or single
payer. So he has done the most Republican possible health plan and it`s

There were few conservative commentators who have been honest enough
to say we really don`t want this thing to fail. But Republicans just said,
we`re not going to put up an alternative, we`re just going to root against
this and try to repeal it.

SCHULTZ: You got 36 states not providing their own health insurance
marketplaces which means residents there must sign up through the federal
website. Now, I`ve had a number of people on the Ways And Means Committee
and on the Health Committee over on the Senate side say that they just
didn`t anticipate this kind of pushback in rejection on a state level
because this is what of course as you said the Heritage Foundation and some
other conservative groups had wanted all along. They want states rights.
They want local control.

So the President gives it to them and now it backfires in a sense and
now he is being accused of being a liar and not being able to put together
a website. But, that all aside, they have to get this website right, in
today`s testimony I thought it was very encouraging, but if they don`t,
where does that leave us E.J.?

DIONNE: I think we`re in a heap of trouble. I mean, it`s very
unfortunate they let this happen and I still don`t understand how they
could take this risk with the President`s most important initiative or how
he could. But, you know, I think Jeff Sine (ph) who they put in charge of
this is a tough guy and he -- and you know, if he says he`s going to get it
done by the end of November, I`m inclined to think he will get it done
because without the website and without people being able to sign up, you
can`t really have a great answer to the stories about people who are having
trouble getting health insurance.

If they could get on the website and say, "Wait a minute, I can get a
better policy now, I didn`t realized that," the journalism will start to
turn around. So they got to get this working news, no excuse not to.

SCHULTZ: E.J., that`s a beautiful picture right there, Air force 1,
isn`t it? Landing in Dallas, Texas. You know, I don`t want to be a
President but if somebody wants to make me V.P., I`ll show you how to use
that thing for hunting and fishing. I`ll guarantee you that.

DIONNE: I want to go for a ride with you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: E.J. Dionne, thank you for joining us tonight. I appreciate
it so much.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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