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The Ed Show for Thursday, November 7th, 2013

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November 7, 2013
Guest: John Yarmuth, Gerry Connolly, Mike Papantonio, Brad Woodhouse,
Rachel Parent, Ruth Conniff


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And she refused to answer.

know, maybe sometimes. We are going to get this run.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he make the call yesterday or did Joe Biden
called the wrong party?

GOV.STEVE BESHEAR, (D) KENTUCKY: Over the course of the next year or
two, you`re going to have a very big success for affordable health coverage
in this old country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our President and his allies are whistling pass
the political graveyard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t you wish we have like little ruby slippers.
We can like, "I simply think (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you bring a white board?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I did. That`s policies. That`s not people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The bottom of this barrel seems to be endless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s almost like we`re in a movie.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m melting, melting.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks.
Thanks for watching.

Well, there it is the Right Wing`s smear machine is out in full force
again attacking ObamaCare. Republicans know momentum is shifting in favor
of the Affordable Care Act and they`re not holding back.

Terry McAuliffe`s win in Virginia over Ken Cuccinelli is a clear sign.
Voters want this deal. Republicans are already coming up with excuses for
the Democratic victory of Virginia.

Now, jumping into the act, Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch, paid a visit to
Fox News friends this morning. He said of Cuccinelli, just has had a few
more weeks to hammer away at ObamaCare, he would`ve won.


SEN.ORRIN HATCH, (R) UTAH: Ken Cuccinelli would`ve won if we have at
this a couple of senators who haven`t shutdown the government. Frankly, he
would`ve won if he been able to further explore for another two weeks how
really bad ObamaCare is.


SCHULTZ: Yeah, just another two weeks. Maybe if they had voted
another 43 times in the House, Virginians might have paid attention to the
news and gotten the message. Give me a break. Nice try, Senator.

We should point out clearly. Only 24 percent of Virginia voters said
that ObamaCare was their number one concern. On top of this, the tide
clearly is shifting in favor of ObamaCare. It`s fun to watch.

The latest poll from Reuters shows favorability up three points from
September. Website problems, you know what`s happening. They`re getting
fixed day by day although Karl Rove is out hammering away at ObamaCare. He
wasted no time this morning lying about people losing their insurance.


KARL ROVE, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: If you have 15 million people
losing their coverage, the individual market be at basically wiped out,
that is 20 percent of the people with private insurance that are governed
by ObamaCare are going to lose it. Other estimates are 35 million --
you`ve heard estimates and worked (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s the effect of that? Put that in English.
What`s the effect of that all?

ROVE: Well, the effect is, is that large numbers of Americans, who
today have private insurance coverage that are governed by ObamaCare, are
going to lose their coverage. It have to go elsewhere .


SCHULTZ: You`ll be totally destitute. You`ll still going to get to
live in America but you`re going to be totally destitute. Come on Karl.
What`s your source? Where are you getting these fraudulent numbers?

Just because Karl Rove writes numbers on a white board doesn`t mean
his math works out. I think we`ve had his math in the past.

ObamaCare is designed to replace junk policies with good, affordable
health care which is good for the consumers in the long run. Consumers are
going to win.

Here`s a number. Here is a number that you will not find on Karl
Rove`s white board. 17 million Americans qualify for subsidies under
ObamaCare because they are low income Americans. This is what it`s all
about. There is absolutely no point in Republicans continuing to go out
and continue to slam ObamaCare. They`re committing political suicide. You
know, it is the law. It`s not going anywhere. All Republicans are doing
as digging themselves deeper into the hole that they`re already in.

So you can sit out there and listen to this garbage. The only thing
they have left is Republican lies in this information. I`m having fun
doing the show more now than ever. It`s fun to come on the air and debunk
all these lies.

In states that have set up exchanges, ObamaCare is working like a
charm. In Kentucky, now, we did the story earlier this week on Kentucky.
The number was 33,000. Well, it`s jumped up to 39,000 people have signed
up in the exchange.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, told me, it all it takes up planning
and a little bit of hard work.


BESHEAR: Our folks got in early and work with the vendors on the
website and as you know we had very few problems with it and it`s cranking
out people that are joining up everyday at the rate of about a thousand a


SCHULTZ: Joining up everyday at a rate of a thousand a day. The
governor also told me expanding Medicaid was the key to Kentucky`s success.


BESHEAR: Particularly on expanding Medicaid, I also had to be
fiscally responsible and I had to find out if we could afford to do this.
And so I asked outside experts. I brought in some actuarial folks and they
took a good hard look at this and they came back and sat down and said,
"Governor, you can afford not to do this."


SCHULTZ: I think Governor-elect McAuliffe in Virginia should take a
page out of Kentucky`s playbook. There are over a million uninsured people
in the State of Virginia. It`s about 14 percent of the population. Now,
unfortunately, it`s too late for Virginia to set up a state exchange, but
there is no deadline for expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare which Virginia
should do. Governor McAuliffe needs to get to work right away on this.
I`m sure he will start the process of expanding Medicaid.

Now, have you noticed in the conservative narrative across the media
and from the conservative senators and House members that Medicaid is now a
huge problem. In fact, Mitch McConnell said earlier this week that, you
know, they`re just painting a pretty picture in Kentucky. No, it`s helping
Americans. That is an absolute. It is the truth. Why is Medicaid so
important? Why is this expansion so important?

Folks, this is going to lower the deficit of the next 10 years numbers
by the CBO, Congressional Budget Office $109 billion. How can Republicans
be against that? What happens is low income people, poor people end up
going to emergency rooms. They have no coverage. They have no safety net.
Well, hospital cost go up, you the consumer, you end up paying for it.

This time around, you`re going to have better care. You`re going to
have preventive care. You`re going to have low income people in this
country with health insurance and over time, over 10 years, we`re talking
about $109 billion of lowering the deficit, but all of a sudden Medicaid
and once again, poor people are the problem for the Republicans.

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. Do you believe ObamaCare will lower the deficit? Text A for
Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

For more, let`s bring in Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky. He`s
with us tonight and also Congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia.
Gentlemen, great to have you with us.

I want to talk about this Medicaid expansion because this seems to be
the new boogie man for the conservatives that, you know, ObamaCare is not
worth a damn because all it`s doing is expanding Medicaid. This is the
core of the problem. People who don`t have insurance are low-income
Americans. This goes right to the heart of what this law can do.

John Yarmuth, I want you to respond to what Mitch McConnell said
earlier this week that Governor Beshear is just painting a pretty picture.

REP. JOHN YARMUTH, (D) KENTUCKY: Well, he`s painting reality and
that`s a pretty picture, so be it. But, things are actually looking very
good here. You know, the issue with Medicaid is that we had, I think was
estimated, we had something like $600 million a year in uncompensated care
that`s provided by hospitals and other providers in the state. We all pay
for that one way or another. And generally, that`s because people wait to
go to the doctor, the emergency room, or whatever it is until they`re very,
very sick.

Expanding Medicaid gives coverage to those people for the first time,
it means providers will be compensated, that puts people to work, and it
also provides preventive care for those people. So they stay out of
hospitals because they get treatment when it`s most efficient and most cost
effective. So, Medicaid is an extremely important part of the program.

SCHULTZ: It just amazes me how the media just let`s out that one just
slip right away. That really isn`t all that important. Congressman
Connolly, will Virginia expand Medicaid?

REP. GERRY CONNOLLY, (D) VIRGINIA: I certainly hope so. You know Ed,
I wish I have my white board to counter Mr. Rove. Let me give you a few
figures that would be in my white board, uncompensated care of Virginia,
$1.8 billion a year. If we expand Medicaid, we cut that in half. The
value of the expansion covering 400,000 Virginians now covered adding $9.6
billion of federal dollars to the Virginia budget and creating 30,000 jobs.
It is an economic benefit to the common wealth of Virginia.

SCHULTZ: This is really, I think a part of the story that has not
been talked a lot about, what is Medicaid actually doing to states in
bringing down the cost because this is really the heart of what ObamaCare
can do when you start talking about lowering the deficit over the next 10
years, who knows what it can do over the next 20 years.

Congressman Connolly again, what have you been hearing from Virginians
about ObamaCare? I mean, they`re out there, you heard Orrin Hatch saying
that if Cuccinelli had had just a little bit more time to ram around
ObamaCare that, you know, he would have been able to win the governor
share. What are you hearing from Virginians?

CONNOLLY: Well, you know, there`s no question that this frustration
with the website, but I think a lot of Virginians are waiting to see
whether the promise of ObamaCare will be realized and they`re willing to
give a time to do so. Many other Virginians actively support it.

The Republicans seem to forget while oppositional ObamaCare can
energize their base, that same opposition energizes ours. And so, Mr.
Hatch -- Senator Hatch believing that just a few more weeks would have
worked for Cuccinelli, I beg to differ. I think it would have backfired.
And you saw that actually in the returns Tuesday night in Virginia.

SCHULTZ: Well, 24 percent of the people in Virginia had ObamaCare as
their number one issue. Seems to me like Mr. Cuccinelli got some bad
advices to where the people were. It`s all about jobs. It`s about jobs
all over this country. Jobs are the most important thing that in
infrastructure, there`s no question about it.

In fact, I think that if it had not been for the negative selling of
ObamaCare, we`d have probably more states involved than exchanges and have
better numbers that we have right now. And I don`t mean to sugarcoat this.
This website has to work.

Congressman Yarmuth, there has been new testimony on the Hill this
week, it`s much more positive that it was a week ago. Are you confident
that the federal website is going to be functional to the point where it
has to and be able to meet the demand?

YARMUTH: Well, I`m confident it will be eventually. I think it`s
really important that the website is up and running almost flawlessly by
November 30th. That`s kind of the deadline that the Administration has set
for itself. I know things are dramatically improved as Secretary Sebelius
said. They are now processing 17,000 applications a day, one every five
second with very little error. So, things have gotten a lot better. But
they need to be virtually perfect by November 30th.

But I`m, you know, we`re making huge progress, you know, I would just
say, if more states had done what we had done and set up our own exchanges,
we wouldn`t have the same level of problems because the federal exchanges
is now trying to coordinate 36 different Medicaid departments, 36 different
insurance rules, 36 different sets of providers .


YARMUTH: . and insurance companies. Yeah, it`s very, very difficult.

SCHULTZ: You know, this is, you know, politics is hardball, there`s
no question about it. One of the biggest critics of ObamaCare has been
Senator Rand Paul from the State of Kentucky. This is a guy who runs
around using other people`s material. He`s a plagiarist is what he is.
And this is a guy who constantly goes out and rips apart ObamaCare, just
grabs bullet points without any facts.

Congressman, I`m curious, how do you think Rand Paul, you know your
State of Kentucky, you know how Kentuckians are, they`re honest folks. How
is Rand Paul with any credibility at all going to be able to go out and
talk about ObamaCare when he`s been lifted everybody else`s material?

YARMUTH: Well, he`s actually spending more time outside of Kentucky.
Now, he is in Kentucky but, you know, he`s a doctor. He`s an obstetrician
and -- I`m sorry, an optometrist, and he`s been -- he`s living out from a
lot of government financed health care, a lot of Medicaid, and a lot of
Medicare that`s paid for a lot of his patient`s care. So, he really should
know better.

I think Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell are going to be -- had got a
root (ph) of waking over the next few months. As a matter of fact, Mitch
has done nothing but pound on ObamaCare now for four years and his numbers
continue to decline. He`s now at a disapproval rating state wide at almost
60 percent. And so, I think he`s -- he understands that he`s -- has a
very, very serious disconnect with most Kentucky voters now.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Connolly, finally, I want to talk about the map
of Virginia. If you look at the map, there was a lot of red in rural
portions of the state. The areas in which Terry McAuliffe won, the
Tidewater area then there was the Southeast turn portion of Virginia and
then of course, up near Arlington in Northern Virginia. Why does the vote
come down like that in Virginia? It`s actually a lot like the national
map. There`s a lot of red in rural America.


SCHULTZ: What is it in the State of Virginia that it breaks down like
that? Where is the disconnect in the message about some of the policies
that the Democrats are pushing forward for workers in this country?

CONNOLLY: Well, if you change the map of Virginia to where the
population census are, the map would look quite different. You know, the
population centers in Richmond, the Tidewater area, and of course northern
Virginia, voted heavily for Terry McAuliffe the other night and that`s
enough to win the state. And there were other pockets of support as well.

But, I think that democrats have a cultural connection problem with a
large swap of rural America including in Virginia. And that`s something
we`ve got to address. If we`re going to grow our party and make it more
inclusive, we`re going to have to try to address the concerns of the rural
areas with an economic message.

Right now, we`ve allowed the Republicans to sell them a bill of goods
on the social issues ignoring their own economic disadvantages and we have
to come in and give them I think an economic message and hope and in my
state of Virginia, in Northern Virginia we`re proved to have to do that and
I think that`s a message that we can carry to rural areas.

SCHULTZ: Well, I think it`s pretty clear that Terry McAuliffe run a
campaign that mirrored what the Democrats on the platform have been talking
about consistently for a number of years, we`re talking jobs, we`re talking
education, we`re talking health care, we`re talking protecting the big
three, all of the things that Terry McAuliffe supported were the exact same
things where the Democrats have been, the conversation of income inequality
and fairness, I mean it just seems to me that the consistency is coming
from the Democrats right now and if you`re consistent you`re going to win
and it was a big night for progressives across the country the other night.

Congressman John Yarmuth, Gerry Connolly, great to have you with us
tonight fellows. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook
we love that. Thank you. And we always want to know what you think, we
love your comments.

Coming up, a team activist fights for your right to know what the hell
you`re eating, kind of important. We`re talking about GMOs and food
labeling with remarkable young woman taking on the corporate food giants.

Plus Joe Biden`s prank call the VIP phones in some comment relief on
Throwback Thursday. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders. The Ed Show social media nation
has decided and we are reporting. Here are today`s top Trenders voted on
by you.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you talking to me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. My son is also named Bart.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, mayoral mix up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Martin Walsh was elected the next mayor of
Boston. Vice President Joe Biden called to congratulate him. The problem
is, he called the wrong Martin Walsh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just when you thought the NSA tracks every phone
call Joe Biden congratulates the wrong Martin Walsh for the Boston mayoral

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Martin Walsh Biden called was a former aide
to Senator Ted Kennedy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, did you just win election? Did you won

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, I thought you`re (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m sorry it`s the wrong number.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, private parts.

JOHN STOSSEL, CONSUMER REPORTER: I advertise everything. So, this is
the answer to making federal government cheaper and the services more

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: John Stossel counts one country`s private


STOSSEL: This upsets people but I`m upset it`s not legal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to buy organ? Fresh and cheap. Ready
for transplant.

STOSSEL: In the one country where it`s legal nobody waits for kidney.
Thousands of people I`m afraid to say it`s Iran, but still it`s your body.
It should be your choice. When does the government limit what you can do
with your body?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the hell did you just say?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How much your kidney is going for in Iran, do you

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today`s top Trender, mud squad.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A lot of the food we eat, mainly fruits and
vegetables of course are already modified.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just had (inaudible) tomatoes grow to monstrous

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We don`t even know about it, because they`re not

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And issued a 522 that will require label on
genetically modified food. Loosing by 10 percent on (inaudible) and Bayer,
and Dow, agro scientists and DuPont and Coke and Pepsi and Nestle and
General Mills.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In the face of the largest influx of out of
state for special interest cash.

BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: In America corporations run the show.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They totally swamped the other side.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A Toronto teen is leading the fight against GMOs.

RACHEL PARENT, GMO ACTIVIST: Should we trust the company like


PARENT: We need as many people to stand up to these bio-tech (ph) and
corporation as possible.


SCHULTZ: And we welcome tonight to the Ed Show Rachel Parent a GMO
activist and founder of Kid`s Right to Know. Rachel is 14 years old.
She`s been working on this for the last several years. It`s become her
passion and she certainly has caught the attention of a lot of people
especially big corporations, who threw a ton of money at this initiative in
the state of Washington to defeat it.

Rachel welcome to the Ed Show. I`d like to know did you think that
this food labeling fight was going to be so intense?

PARENT: Well, thank you for having me first of all. And second of
all, I had a feeling that it might be quite intense because we have
experienced proposition 37 already which was a proposition in California to
label GMOs.

And actually these corporations spend $47 million avoiding GMO
labeling there. So, I knew in Washington that it would be quite intense as

SCHULTZ: Rachel what struck your passion to get involve in this?
From your research also I`d like to know what`s the risk of GMOs if you
could tell our audience from what you know of it. Why is this bad for

PARENT: Well, first of all there are many health risks, including
allergens and even organ damage.

So, there are huge issues associated with GMOs. And what really
sparked me to get interested in this was originally I had to do a speech
for my school and I didn`t know what to do it on. My topics were
originally deforestation, poverty, animal cruelty and of course GMOs. But
I didn`t know a bit about GMOs and I knew how they impacted absolutely
everything from our health to our environment.

So, I decided more people need to know about this and I did more and
more research, got more and more interested, and saw some of the studies
that happen to threat us (ph) and realized this is such a huge issue.

Someone needs to stand up to this. Why not me? I can make a
difference. And so, can everyone else.

SCHULTZ: What kind of pushbacks are you getting for speaking out
about this?

PARENT: Really, I haven`t gotten any (ph) pushbacks at all. In fact
I`ve got a lot of support and I`m so thankful for that support. That`s
what really keeps me going.

And, you know, it`s funny that the corporation spend so much money on
trying to avoid GMO labeling and the movement is getting bigger and bigger.
So, if those corporations think that we`re just going to give up because
we`ve lost two labeling initiatives, they`re wrong. We are getting
stronger. And we will continue to push.

SCHULTZ: Well, you have started an organization Kid`s Right to Know,
tell us about that.

PARENT: Well, I`ve started an organization it`s called Kid`s Right to
Know. I originally initiated it when I was 12 years old and because I`m
just so passionate about this subject, you know, it affects everything from
our bees, our butterflies. In fact, going to the bees, 52 percent of the
bees in the US have already died off due to pesticide use. And that`s just
such a huge amount. They pollinate everything. In fact, two out of every
three bites of food that you eat everyday are pollinated by bees. So if we
didn`t have the bees we wouldn`t really have too much food.

SCHULTZ: What`s in your future, Rachel? What do you want to do? I
mean and what is the next big project? IF-22 was defeated in the state of
Washington, what`s next on the horizon for you?

PARENT: Well, what`s next is I have many speaking engagements and I`m
just really trying to create awareness because that`s what it`s all about.
Many Americans and Canadians are left in the dark about this huge issue. I
mean it`s time we all start waking up and coming to the truth and do
something about it. I mean that`s the big thing. We all have to take
action. So I`ll be continuing to spread awareness and hopefully they`re be
some more initiatives within the US.

Actually, 26 states right now are looking at labeling laws. So that
would be an amazing first step. And although Washington did not win this
one, it -- we will get labeling. I know we will and we will .

SCHULTZ: All right.

PARENT: . All just have to come together, so.

SCHULTZ: All right. GMO activist and founder of Kids Right To Know,
Rachel Parent, good to have you with us on the Ed Show. Keep up the fight.
Keep up the good work. I admire what you`re doing.

Coming up, Chris Christie is already working on his campaign slogan,
reasonable guy 2016. Plus Glenn Beck is the mayor of sour grape city. His
comments about New York`s newly elected mayor land him in tonight`s
Pretenders. But next, I`m taking your questions. Ask Ed Live is just
ahead on MSNBC. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our
viewers. Tonight in Ask Ed Live. Our first question comes from someone
who goes by Snarky progressive. Question is "Why is the main stream media
not covering the TPP?"

TPP is the Trans-Pacific Partnership. There`s a lot of inaptitude to
go around on this. The multinationals have got a great deal of influence
on the corporate media in this country. I can`t speak for anybody else,
but I do believe that this is a major story that affects the middle class,
that effects workers. It`s certainly needs to be under the microscope.

The problem is the negotiations for the TPP have been behind close
doors, done by corporate consultants and there are members of Congress who
don`t know anything about it. It`s a sad state of affairs, I`m really
surprise that President Obama is backing it the way he is was such little
detail given to the American people.

I could talk on this issue for hours. It cuts right to the chase of
the strength of our economy in this country. But, you know, what? The
another inaptitude is the Tea Party. Where is Glenn Beck? Where are all
the Tea Partiers out there? Aren`t you concern about sovereignty issues
when it comes to trade? Aren`t you concerned about American wages and
outsourcing? I guess not.

Our next question is from Sherry Chapman, "Are unions making true
gains with this week`s election?"

I do believe so. I`ll take New York City for an example. There`s a
lot of worker`s issues. There`s a lot of union contract negotiations that
are left wide open because of course Mayor Bloomberg didn`t want to deal
with it. Mr. De Blasio we`ll deal with it and it will give security and
also a better product to the residents of New York City. A rising tide
lifts all boats.

I think the same thing will happen in Boston. And I think Democrats
have finally learned their lesson, you stick with workers and you will not

Stick around Rapid Response panel coming up next.

SEEMA MODY, ANCHOR: I`m Seema Mody with your CNBC market wrap.

The Dow plunging 152 points. The S and P 500 dropped 23 and the
NASDAQ lost 74.

The US economy grew in the third quarter despite slow consumer and
business spending. GDP rose 2.8 percent. A sign that labor market is
improving, fewer Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits down
by 9,000 last week.

And Twitter surging 73 percent on its Wall Street debut, shares open
just above $45 share up from it`s IPO price of $26. That`s it from CNBC,
first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. New Jersey Governor Chris
Christie, barely had any time to enjoy winning a landslide reelection
before the backlash started. Here they come.

Even though he would admit it, Christie has been positioning himself
for presidential bid for quite sometime now. Christie`s strategy in a
field of Tea Party extremist, he`s trying to paint himself as a reasonable

Well if you watch the Ed Show, you know just how reasonable Chris
Christie really is. But up until now, folks in both the conservative and
liberal media have blindly bought into Christie`s narrative.

Well, with the spotlight comes the heat. And the other high profile
Republican hopeful lining the bench are none too pleased with Christie
touting them -- taunting them from the center.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: It`s important to remember, every race
is particular to the state that its running so there are factors in New
Jersey that I think are individual to that race and clearly, he was able to
speak to that and to the hopes and aspirations of people within New Jersey.

Governor Christie has certainly shown a way of winning in New Jersey,
in state like New Jersey.

SEN.RAND PAUL (R) KENTUCKY: People running for office put their mug
all of these ads while they`re in the middle of a political campaign. In
New Jersey, 25 million was spent on ads it included somebody running for
political office.

Yeah, I think, there might be a conflict of interest there.

SEN.TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: I like and respect Chris Christie. I
congratulate him on his big win last night. I think it is terrific that he
is brash, that he`s outspoken, and that he won his rights.

I think we need more leaders in Washington with the courage to stand
for principle. And in particular, ObamaCare is not working.


SCHULTZ: Now, it`s not just Republicans trying to get their foot in
the White House door who are turning on Christie. The Right Wing noise
machine also win on full blast trying to drowned out any Christie 2016


SEAN HANNITY: I don`t know what the big appeal of Christie just based
on the record is. It is hardly an economic boom or turnaround in the state
of New Jersey. I can tell you that. Is New Jersey, the great big
turnaround state? What`s the unemployment rate in New Jersey right now,
Governor? Tell me how great the economy in New Jersey because it`s not for
the people that I know. Name for me the states in primaries that Christ
Christie is going to win.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`ve got so many people in the media celebrating
the Christie win as the road to the future for the Republican Party. What
does that tell you? You know what? For one, I`m tired of the media
picking our candidate for us. And they`re trying to do it here.


SCHULTZ: Rapid Response Panel with us tonight, Brad Woodhouse,
President of Americans United for Change, Ruth Conniff of the Progressive
magazine with us tonight, and also Mike Papantonio, Host of the Ring of
Fire radio show.

Mike, you first, I mean, are these just going to be post election
comments or is there going to be a Jihad on Chris Christie politically? Is
this going to get nasty as it goes on?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST, RING OF FIRE: Well, I think, moderate
Republicans who write, who might won a chance in a meaningful election are
going to have to get behind Christie. It`s amazing to me, EdI listened to
two hours of radio listeners telling me today what is their opinion of
Chris Christie.

When you clear away all the pundit talk, what is the average person
see in Chris Christie? And they see this of oafish bully, who`s a union
buster, anti-education, anti-women`s equality, anti-public workers rights,
in favor of corporate welfare, and willing to take money away from people
who need the money to give it to corporations.

So on that side, he`s not going to get a lot of support from
progressives who really understand who he is. And on the other side, of
course, the real wing that`s on his own party are going to be in a big
roadblock as he tries to move forward. He`s got some problems. I wouldn`t
read too much into this election.

SCHULTZ: Brad, how do you read it? How intense is this push back
from the Rightist going to be on Christie?

not surprised Ed at all. I mean, look the stakes are really high and the
folks on the Right, the Tea Party, the Ted Cruz`s world, the Rand Pauls,
they believe in a Republicanism and the conservatism that stands on
absolute what they call principle that`s on yielding and comprising.

But look I don`t think anyone out there in TV land should confuse
Chris Christie with anything, but a Right Wing Republican maybe he`s trying
to position himself differently but he`s anti-gay, he`s anti-increasing the
minimum wage. He`s a union buster. He`s a bully.

And Ed let me just add for some reason there seems to be every few
years this fascination, you know, with people who are bullies. They`re
chief executives in the New York area. They`re going to run for president.

Jonathan Capehart has a great post just now on the Washington Post.
It says, "President Christie meet President Giuliani".

SCHULTZ: Ruth Coniff, how would Chris Christie play in the middle of
the country? I mean, just some of the things that we know about him, some
of the positions he`s taken. How is it going to go to Iowa and be true to
the conservatives that they really are now? There are the Bob Dole

They`re not around anymore. This is a new brand. How would Christie
play in the middle of the country?

RUTH CONNIFF, THE PROGRESSIVE MAGAZINE: Well, it shows you how far to
the Right the Republican Party has moved that Chris Christie is called the
moderate. And here in the Midwest we recognize that crack down on union
and the particularly nasty attacks on teachers that Christie is famous for
as a very familiar set piece from Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

It`s a message to the middle class that doesn`t say I`m going to help
you do better. It says, there are few people who still have pensions and
they still have health care benefits and we ought to attack them and bring
them down. And so, it`s a loosing message if you want to live in a better

But Chris Christie hasn`t been so crazy that he turned away the
Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, like many Republican
governors including our governor here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

So, he has been, you know, compared to the true wing not in the Tea
Party a relative moderate. You know, he wanted the federal government to
come in and help people after hurricane Sandy. He argued that the shutdown
was a disaster and not for most Americans are.

So, I mean I think in that sense he looks moderate by comparison to
the real ideologues -- the Right Wing ideologues who`ve taken over to the
party. And in fact Tea Party are going to try to do something about that
Tea Party influence, because they can see that that`s not where the
majority of the country is, and so, they`re trying to .

SCHULTZ: Perhaps.

CONNIFF: .you know, move those people out.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Mike Papantonio, Chris Christie is going to be the
head of the Republican Governor`s Association very soon. He`s going to be
able to travel all over the country on somebody else`s dime. What is this

PAPANTONIO: Well, it`s -- obviously positioning for that president to
run and what it means is it`s not just the Republican Party doing that.

Look the media loves a horse race and that`s go to the heart of media
loves a horse race. And the standard the bar has been set so low in what
to expect from the Republican Party that if you just remember a few months
ago the media was trying to reinvent Ted Cruz. They`re trying to say is
this the guy who`s going to save the Republicans?

Back we remember John Boehner was going to save the Republicans, it`s
because the media loves a horse race they`re willing to invent this
mythical characters because the standard for Republicans is dismally low.

So, as he moves around the country, the media is going to follow like
he is some real challenge there. I think that`s what we`re going to see
and we will see him popping up making statements all over this country to
governors, to try to gel .


PAPANTONIO: . some new image of being a moderate well he`s far from

SCHULTZ: Brad this is going to be a platform. Nobody else is going
to have.

WOODHOUSE: Well, it`s going to be a platform. It`s important. It`s
not for him. It`s no coincidence that he sold it and that he`s going to be
leading the Republican Governor Association.

Here`s the thing, Ed. I really do believe that his stick is going to
wear thin on the American people. I just don`t know that whether he`s
traveling in that capacity or he`s campaigning in Iowa that yelling at
people in your Town Hall, getting the face of teachers, snapping at people
being thin skin is what voters are going to look for even in the Republican

SCHULTZ: Yeah. You know, Ruth it`s interesting not a whole lot of
talk right now about what Chris Christie did in New Jersey about Cory
Booker`s race for the Unites State Senate. He split those up.

Who knows what the outcome would have been. He might not have won by
the margin he did as governor, but also the fact no one is really touching
on what you just talked about. He is not totally rejected ObamaCare.

I mean, the Medicaid expansion in New Jersey. I don`t see any of the
experts out there saying that, you know, this didn`t hurt Chris Christie.
Your thoughts?

CONNIFF: Yeah, I think that that is why the Right Wing pundits (ph)
are so angry because what Chris Christie is saying is about all that
baloney, about socialism, and ObamaCare, that`s dead. It`s not where
people are. It`s not where the country is going and it`s not going to be a
winning message in the presidential election and you know, come on, people
want health care and you guys are not.

So, that`s a really hard pill for people to swallow who have put all
of their apples in that cart. And I think that Christie is right about
that and poll show it.

SCHULTZ: Well, they certainly didn`t hold it against him for that
move on ObamaCare in New Jersey. Brad Woodhouse, Ruth Conniff, Mike
Papantonio, great to have you with us tonight. Thank you.

Coming up, an alert for US labor tell Vice President Joe Biden to stop
a trade pack designed to increase the wealth of big corporations. Joe, say
it ain`t so.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, short on Fox Glenn Beck again.
Progressive ideals rock the polls on Tuesday which of course back hates
(ph) as New York elected Bill de Blasio as mayor. Naturally, the Beckster
flew off the handle once again the Beckster was all mouth and no facts.


GLENN BECK: When it comes to de Blasio the guy`s a communist. Hey,
that was out, everybody knew, you have to in New York, you have no excuse,
this guy is going to make your life a living hell, you wait. That city you
won`t be able to travel to that city soon, he`ll destroy it. New York will
become the next Detroit.


SCHULTZ: Oh, don`t tease us Beckster come on, if we knew Hendry
you`re traveled to New York City was going to be so easy we would have
elected a progressive 20 years ago. Unlike Republican-run Michigan the
state of New York will not shortchange their cities for state funds.
Governor Cuomo has no plans to appoint an emergency manager to undercut
local elections and voter`s wishes. And there is no plan to sell off
Staten Island

You know, I didn`t expect Glenn Beck to be anything but a sour loser,
but if he thinks he`s whining could be confused with wisdom he can keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work. The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP
is aimed at establishing a free trade block stretching from Vietnam to
South Korea, it would cover about one third of the world trade and nearly
40 percent of the global economy.

The trouble is, the TPP is about making rules to favor big business at
the expense of the rest of the population in the United States and other
countries. The pact has been deliberately negotiated behind close doors.

Vice President Joe Biden is said to visit Japan, China, and South
Korea next month and he will push the agenda of the TPP. There are few
politicians in America`s history who have been better to labor than the
vice president of the United States, Joe Biden. Perhaps, labor groups
should give him some counseling before he goes off the rails.

Leo Gerard, President of United Steelworkers International joins us
tonight on the program. Mr. Gerard, this is a very important trip but to
me it`s rather puzzling. Is Joe Biden going to believe what he`s telling
these people? Is this a good deal for American workers?

matter what Joe says, this is not a good deal for American workers. And in
fact, they can say, Ed there has not been a good trade deal for American
workers. Every trade deal that`s been passed has led to deficits, it`s led
to loss of manufacturing, it`s led to trade deficits, left a lower standard
of living, it`s left lower wages behind. And I think what they`re doing
with the TPP is another deal that`s being negotiated too much in secret.
If it follows the standard deal of all the previous deals they`ve done.

Let`s look at NAFTA. Who said what and what was the truth? Let`s
look at the trade deal with China. Who said what and what`s the truth?
We`re having $300 billion and $400 billion trade deficit with China. So
now we`re going to go to Vietnam? You really think that we could compete
with the Vietnamese worker? Let`s look at what happened in South Korea.
How much is the trade deficit blowing up since we did the deal .


GERARD: . with South Korea?

SCHULTZ: Why is the Obama Administration is doing this? Is labor
getting thrown under the bus on this?

GERARD: Look now, Ed, I think that there`s been a -- for a long time,
there`s been this fallacy in Washington that these trade deals creating
exports. Well, let me tell you, they do create exports but if you look at
net export versus imports, we`re continuing to have a deficit. This is
driven by the same Wall Street gang that drove us over the cliff that
driven by the same multi national who want to be able to operate in any
country they want in the world with the lowest environmental standards, the
lowest wages, the lowest labor standards, and they play labor arbitrage.

Look at -- we`re predicting that Mexico our other NAFTA partner is
going to produce 50 percent of the car sold in North America in a few more
years. The Chinese have said that they want to do $100 billion worth of
auto part trade with America. If they will not succeed in doing $100
billion of unfairly traded auto parts into America, it would kill the auto
parts industry. So these things are about the .

SCHULTZ: If you were.

GERARD: . future of America.

SCHULTZ: There`s no doubt. If you had a moment with Joe Biden, what
would you tell him before this trip?

GERARD: Joe, don`t do this. This is not going to be good for
America. It`s not going to be good for American workers. I love you. I
respect you. We work for you by pretty much our unions work for a normal
style (ph) our Rhode Island life. And show me a trade deal that has
resulted in net job increase.

We`re not against trade -- let me say that. We`re not against trade.
We`re just against trade that keeps costing us our jobs. And I hope that
talks with the administration. I hope they`d be able to convince them that
we need a different model and we can do trade with the model that creates
net job increases.

SCHULTZ: And finally Mr. Gerard, what`s the plan to turn the thinking

GERARD: Well, I think we`ve got to -- you show us like yours to
educate. We`ve got to talk to our members, go talk to our communities.
Ed, I`m not dreaming about this. The American public .


GERARD: . is way ahead of the politician. You can go to any
industrial communities for these trade deals. The American public is again
way ahead of the political class. This is driven by the Wall Street. You
put them the vultures on your show regularly.

SCHULTZ: That`s exactly what they are. Leo Gerard, President of
Steelworkers International, great to have you with us tonight, telling it
like it is again, we`ll have more on the TPP. It is dangerous for the
American economy. That`s just the facts.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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