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New MSNBC Series- Slave Hunter

MSNBC’s Long Form unit and NBC News’ Peacock Productions bring viewers inside the underworld of human trafficking
/ Source: MSNBC TV

MSNBC’s Long Form unit and NBC News’ Peacock Productions bring viewers inside the underworld of human trafficking

Beginning on Sunday, December 1st at 10 pm ET, MSNBC launches a new series, “Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims of Human Trafficking,” which reveals, in captivating detail, what happens behind closed doors in the sex trafficking underworld.   The series highlights the ground breaking work of human rights advocate, Aaron Cohen and his partner, former Las Vegas vice detective, Chris Baughman.   Together, they seek out and try to help trafficked women in New York City get out of “the life.”  Cohen and Baughman gave MSNBC and Peacock Productions unique access to document their efforts which were conducted in conjunction with Abolish Slavery, a California-based anti-trafficking organization.  Slave Hunter will air new hours on consecutive Sunday nights in December at 10 pm ET.   

MSNBC’s cameras follow Cohen and Baughman as they first identify trafficked women via on-line ads and then arrange to meet them in New York City hotel rooms with Cohen posing as a potential john.  When the women are open to help, Cohen and Baughman put in motion a plan to allow them to escape their bonds and build a new life outside of sex trafficking. In some cases, their efforts are successful; other times, the trafficked women sadly succumb to the powers of their “pimp.”

Aaron Cohen has traveled the world, often working undercover, in his ongoing crusade to stop human trafficking.  For his efforts, he has received numerous awards from government and human rights organizations.  Cohen is the author of “Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims of Human Trafficking” which was just issued in paperback (Simon & Schuster). 

Chris Baughman, as a vice detective for the Las Vegas PD, pioneered innovative techniques to combat human trafficking.  He has taught these tactics to law enforcement officials from around the world. Baughman hopes this series “will educate hundreds of thousands of viewers about human trafficking – and help make women more aware of the methods pimps use to lure women into their web.”  Baughman is the author of the Off The Street series; his most recent book is Off the Street: Redemption (Behler Publications).