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Stay Healthy With These 3 Free iPhone and iPad Apps

These tools can help you stay healthy and on track to grow your business right.
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As an entrepreneur, you're probably so busy taking care of your business that you skip taking care of yourself. Not such a good idea, especially if you're being treated for a medical condition.

Your business can't afford to lose you, so here are three free apps from Apple that can help you take control of your healthcare so it doesn't take control of you.

1. Mango Health
If you're on medication, Mango Health for the iPhone or iPad can not only help you remember to take your daily dose, but it can even reward you for taking it safely and on time. Simply list all of your medications and when you need to take them. When it's time, the app will send a push notification and an alert tone to your phone. If you're busy, there's a snooze button that will continue to remind you at 10-minute intervals. Every time you take your medicine, the app rewards you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards and charity donations.

When you enter a new medication, the app also checks for potential interactions with your other meds or certain foods or drinks. Can't remember if you took your last pill? A quick look at the large dashboard will let you know if you're on schedule.

Mango Health recently updated the app to include a "how are you feeling" button on the medication reminder. Pick from a set of emoticons that range from awesome to sick and the app saves your choice in the history. You can also jot down notes about symptoms or side-effects so you'll have a clear record of your response to a given medication.

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2. Symple - Symptom Tracker & Health Diary
If you're dealing with an ongoing medical condition, tracking your symptoms is vitally important and Symple can help you do that. Symple for the iPhone or iPad is made up of two components: symptoms and factors.

Every day you rate up to 20 potential symptoms on a five-point scale that ranges from none to severe. Then you check off any outside factors that may have influenced your symptoms, such as a 30-minute walk, alcohol consumption, travel or a stressful day at work.

The app produces a set of graphs so you can compare the effect a factor had on your symptoms over time or compare the severity of two symptoms. You can also download the data to a spreadsheet to share with your doctor.

To complete the picture, there's a journaling section where you can write notes for your doctor or store photos related to your condition.

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3. Hello Doctor
If you're seeing multiple doctors, Hello Doctor for the iPad can help you manage all of your medical records. The app uses Smartlists to categorize your reports into areas such as blood tests, prescriptions, and specialists. You can write notes on any part of any document so you won't forget what you wanted to ask when you have your next doctor visit.

Add new records by photographing them with your iPad or pull in scans from Dropbox. Or, you can email your records to the Hello Doctor team and they'll tag and load them for you.

Need to share records from one doctor with another? There's an email or fax option if your doctor is old school and can't handle an iPad.

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