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US Air Force Academy on hiring Dr. Rosebush

Statement to TRMS
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Statement to TRMS

The United States Air Force Academy provided the following statement to The Rachel Maddow Show regarding the hiring of Dr. Michael Rosebush:

Dr. Mike Rosebush is an Operations Research Analyst for the Academy’s Center of Character and Leadership Development. He analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of USAFA’s “Character & Leadership 101: Foundations of Honorable Living - Mosaic Personalized Coaching Experience” course.  He began work at the Center in 2011, after working for two years as an  analyst in the Academy’s Plans and Programs office. He was hired for his background in leadership development and analytical skills.

In his current capacity, Dr Rosebush has been involved with the design and execution of MOSAIC Personalized Coaching. The MOSAIC program  develops growth in areas related directly to the Air Force’s Core Values and the Air Force’s Institutional Leadership Competencies, to include Respect for Human Dignity, Humility, Duty, Honesty, Care for Others, Taking Care of People, etc. The Academy’s Mosaic program is based on best practices from executive coaching in industry and academia. The program has been validated by the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values, earning its 2013 Best Practices Award, and has generated requests by outside corporate agencies for application to their organizations.

Attached you will find the MOSAIC Program Manual which explains how character coaching is conducted at USAFA, with an the emphasis on living honorably, lifting others to their best possible selves, and elevating performance toward a common and noble purpose.

—Brus E. Vidal, Maj, USAF
Public Affairs Director, U.S. Air Force Academy