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The Ed Show for Monday, November 18th, 2013

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November 18, 2013
Guest: Charlie Crist, Mike Papantonio, Annette Taddeo, Peter DeFazio


GOV.RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: ... plus people have to deal with every
single day.

(inaudible) this fraud and help families. We`re also canceling the
station reporting protest (inaudible)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rick Scott knows something about fraud because he
was involved in the biggest Medicare fraud in history.

FMR GOV.CHARLIE CRIST, (D) FLORIDA: You need to have somebody in the
governor`s mansion who will again be a people`s governor, instead of a
corporate governor.

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Clearly, you`re doing very well in the polls
right now, double digits ahead of Rick Scott. What would you do
differently here in Florida?

CRIST: It`s about everything.


SCHULTZ: Good to have with you us tonight folks. Thanks for watching
the Ed Show coming to you live from Miami, Florida tonight.

We maybe a year ahead of the story but let me tell you something. It
is getting ugly early on. There is going to be millions of dollars thrown
into this race. This governor will do anything he can to keep and see, but
if the Democrats want to take Florida in 2016, it is very much a now story.

The state of Florida is no doubt a hot bed of important issues that
have national implications. It`s just like ObamaCare, Medicaid expansion.
Immigration doesn`t happen in America unless it happens here in Florida
and, of course, voting rights is on the tip of the tongue of every

The 2014 gubernatorial election is here. It is hugely important.
Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist right now is the front runner for the
Democratic nomination. If he gets to go ahead, he will be taking on
Republican Governor Rick Scott.

Scott`s a self-made guy. He loves to tell people that worth millions
could be the most radical of all Republican governors in a bunch and he`s
willing to spend up to $100 million to keep his job.

Scott kicked and screamed every step of the way on ObamaCare. He
refused to set up a state exchange. And so far, he has not expanded
Medicaid which is hurting a lot of folks. If Scott expanded Medicaid, it
would provide an estimated 1.2 million low income Floridians with-life
saving health care. He`s as ruthless as they come, folks.

On Sunday evening, I had an opportunity to sit down with Charlie Crist
about this and many other issues directly affecting the people of Florida.
Here`s that interview.


SCHULTZ: Governor Crist, good to have you with us on the Ed Show.

CRIST: That is a pleasure.

SCHULTZ: You bet.

CRIST: Thank you for having me.

SCHULTZ: The world is giving Barack Obama, the President of the
United States, all kinds of advice on ObamaCare. What`s yours? Where are

CRIST: I don`t know if I have advice on it except to, you know,
hopefully, more people will try to help cooperate and get this done. I
believe that the plan is a good plan. We need health care. It`s too
expensive and what the President was able to get through the Congress, I
think is exactly what the American people want and deserve.

They want to be able to get health care whether or not they have a
preexisting condition. They want for their children if they`re 26 years of
age to be able to stay on their plan. It`s out of control health care in
America. It`s too expensive. The roll out, obviously, could be better but
I think it`s -- we`ll settle this. Roll out, not so much. The plan is

We need to stay to course and be a little patient.

SCHULTZ: Do Floridians have that patience, you think? Would you run
with ObamaCare or shy away from that in your upcoming election?

CRIST: I won`t shy away from it. I think it`s the right thing to do
and I feel that in my heart because I know that there`s an extension to it,
Medicaid expansion, for example, where Governor Rick Scott, our current
governor, came out and said he was for it for about 30 seconds and didn`t
lift a finger to get it done.

And as a result, Ed, in my Florida, about a million of my fellow
Floridians are not getting health care as a result to that lack of effort
by the governor in the legislature. And what that does mean? That means
people who are sick aren`t getting health care until they get sicker or
they die.

It`s absolutely unconscionable to me that somebody who supposed to be
a public servant and try to help people didn`t do more to get it done.

SCHULTZ: Are you confident if your governor if you were to set up a
state exchange, that it would be as successful as Kentucky, Rhode Island,
California, New York? Would Florida and would you resource it properly to
make sure that it would be beneficial to all of these people?

CRIST: Absolutely. And, you know, mentioned Kentucky, specifically,
and, you know, Governor Beshear there has done, I think, a great job and I
talked to him recently about what`s happening in Kentucky and they`re
rolling it out. People are able to sign up and it`s doing pretty well.

And again, here in Florida, they`re blocking the navigators, the
councilors from explaining it to people. That`s just not right.

SCHULTZ: Well, how is that being received by the folks across the
state that you come in contact with? Or do you feel that the Affordable
Care Act and at not being implemented and accepted in Florida will be a
real hot button at the polls?

CRIST: I think it`ll be a hot button. I do, but I think six months
from now, I think things are going to start to have been worked out. I
hope and I pray for that. And I hope most people actually do.

Now, there are some, obviously, in the political scene that are
delighted, that it`s gummed up a bit right now. That`s unfortunate and
some are members of my former party but I think, you know, if all of us
want to really do what`s right for the people, we want this thing to work
and want it to work well.

SCHULTZ: How damaging has this most recent narrative about, if you
like your insurance, you can keep it, what`s your sense? Has that -- Has
this been a big set back?

CRIST: It`s been a set back. I don`t know exactly how to measure or
gauge it.

SCHULTZ: Cannot be overcome?

CRIST: I think it can be overcome. I think everything can be
overcome. I`m an optimist and I`m a happy warrior and I believe that with
the right amount of time, with the right amount of patience, with people
willing to listen with an open mind, you can overcome just about anything.

SCHULTZ: What is your philosophy of taxation? What would you do
different. We have income inequality as a huge issue in this country. The
wealthy seem to get the breaks. They have under the conservative rule.
What would you do differently? What would you do with Florida`s finances
and what would you expect? Would you expect more out of the wealthiest

CRIST: Well, I think we all have to expect more out of each other. I
don`t like to raise taxes. I don`t know that anybody really enjoys the
idea of doing that. I did that as a governor though.

SCHULTZ: Would you do it again?

CRIST: If necessary, I would. I mean, you know.

SCHULTZ: Is it necessary now?

CRIST: We have the highest budget we`ve had in the history of Florida
right now at $74 billion. So, I don`t know if it`s necessary right now. I
like to live within our means if we possibly can do so, but we have to
properly fund public education. We have to properly fund the needs of the
most vulnerable in our society. And when Governor Scott got elected, the
very first session, he whacked public education funding by $1.3 billion.

SCHULTZ: Would you restore that?

CRIST: Absolutely, we`d restore that.

SCHULTZ: So that money would come back in under Charlie Crist?

CRIST: Yes sir. It would. And the 300 million, he took out a
higher, Ed the second.

SCHULTZ: And how would you pay for it?

CRIST: Pay for it by the existing revenues that we have. And if
necessary, if we have to raise taxes, I would do it but I`d rather not if
we don`t have to. Like I said, I like to live within our means.

SCHULTZ: Immigration can`t be talked about on a national level
without Florida being a big player in all of those. Capsulize where you
stand, what should be done immigration wise in this country that would
directly affect residents in this state who are undocumented workers.

CRIST: I think we have to have comprehensive immigration reform. I
think the Congress needs to act. I know the President wants to do it.
When Rick Scott ran for governor the last time he said he wanted an Arizona
style of law in Florida. Unfortunately, that has not happened. But we
need to move forward and Congress has to act and I would support that.

SCHULTZ: And what would you suggest?

CRIST: I would suggest that we have immigration policy that allows
people to come to America. I`m the grandson of a Greek immigrant. We are
the melting pot of the world, America. And Florida is really the melting
pot of this country and Latin America.

SCHULTZ: And what would you do with undocumented workers right now
that is -- would you bring them out of the shadows?

CRIST: Yes. I think we have to bring them out of the shadows.

SCHULTZ: So there would be -- the conservatives would say that`s
amnesty, you would call it?

CRIST: I would call it freedom and I recall a good policy in doing
what`s right for people who want to have an opportunity, to live in a
wonderful country and work and then get a fair wage and have a chance to do
it. My grandfather and a lot of people`s grandparents had the chance to do
especially in Florida.

SCHULTZ: So, it sounds like you would have a very progressive
approach to bringing undocumented workers into citizenship, a time table
for that?

CRIST: I don`t know about the time table, and then again, you know,
there`s a federal component here obviously what we`re talking about. But
as governor of Florida, you can really push that and use a bully pulpit to
get it done, I will absolutely do so.

SCHULTZ: OK. Let`s talk finances. If you get the nomination of the
Democratic Party, you`re going to be facing someone who is wealthy could
underwrite his own campaign.

CRIST: Fabulously wealthy.

SCHULTZ: The deck has stopped against you fair enough?

CRIST: Financially, there`s no question about it. He`s talking about
spending a $100 million in his governorship.

SCHULTZ: And in your career, you`ve never been outspent, have you?

CRIST: I don`t think so.

SCHULTZ: So this will be a first for you. A different challenge?


SCHULTZ: What does that mean?

CRIST: Well, it means that I have to communicate effectively. It
means that I have to rely on people not dollars in order to win this
campaign. And it`s important that people talk to their friends about this
race and their family members and who they go to synagogue or church with
and work with. It`s going to have to be a door to door campaign where we
work hard to get everybody out to vote and tell them you need to have
somebody in the governor`s mansion who will again be a people`s governor
instead of a corporate governor.

SCHULTZ: Well, money talks. I mean, he can buy up and they`re going
to be framing you very soon in the near future. Does that concern you?


SCHULTZ: I mean, how are you going to fight back early on along way,
way from the election?

CRIST: Well, I`m going to do this. I`m going to have the opportunity
fortunately and you`re great to let me talk to people. But doing it with
local stations that are up at the State of Florida as well. I mean, you`re
right. I mean, the resource challenge is daunting. I mean, that`s why
there aren`t many people challenging this guy in my humble opinion. When
he says he`s going to do a $100 million, but at the beginning spent $25
million to fine his opponent. It doesn`t mean he`s going to he`s going to
throw roses my way, and he has it. He`s already started with a half a
million dollar buy that just run the last two weeks ...

SCHULTZ: And does it intimidate you?

CRIST: It doesn`t. Somebody`s got to do it.

SCHULTZ: You can overcome that?

CRIST: I believe we can.

SCHULTZ: Is that all on the issues in your opinion?

CRIST: I think he is, Ed. I really do.

SCHULTZ: Florida is so important in 2016.

CRIST: Right.

SCHULTZ: Do you hope the country focuses on the governor share in
Florida. I mean, you can look at Ohio ...

CRIST: Right.

SCHULTZ: ... you look at Florida...

CRIST: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Virginia, North Carolina, but Florida really in many
respects is the key path for the Democrats, to the White House again. The
integrity of their vote obviously is so terribly important. Will that draw
more outside money on your behalf?

CRIST: It might. And ...

SCHULTZ: Are you counting on that?

CRIST: Well, I hope for it. You know, I`m an American. I hope all
American cares about Florida. A lot of people do which is great. But if
you look at the mega states on our country, New York is pretty much in the
bank for Democrats, California, pretty much in the bank for Democrats,
Texas, at least for now, pretty much in the bank for Republicans. And then
there`s Florida. I mean, we`re the fourth largest state in the country
soon to be the third. And so, if you`re looking at electoral votes and how
`16 is going to play out, if you can have a Democrat back in the governor`s
mansion in Florida, it certainly helps the Democratic party going forward.

SCHULTZ: Where are Florida residents right now? Give me the top two
issues. What`s on their mind?

CRIST: I think education and the economy. And I think they go hand
in hand. And as I talked about earlier, Governor Scott, when he got in
really decimated the funding for education in our state. How can you talk
about giving good high-paying jobs for people if you don`t have a solid
education system that you support properly and that you back up and you
don`t demoralize public school teachers. And he`s really done that and
it`s sad.

I mean, I have three sisters, Ed. Two of them have been public school
teachers here in Florida. I`m a public school kid. I believe in it and I
think it`s important and I would support it so that we would end up having
a better economy. But it also ties into the environment. Florida is a
beautiful place to visit. A lot of people want to come here and thank God
they are. But the only way they`ll keep coming is that we keep her
beautiful and take care of her.

SCHULTZ: Jobs, job creation.

CRIST: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: What about it? What would you do for Florida?

CRIST: I would get more innovative. You know, we can talk about new
industries in Florida and I think do a better job of attracting more jobs
to Florida like (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: What sector of the economy?

CRIST: Alternative energy. I mean, I would start there. We`re the
sunshine state and we`re hardly doing any solar energy production and we
should be the global leader in solar energy, also in wind. Anytime you`re
on the East Coast ...

SCHULTZ: Oh, he hasn`t done enough for that here in Florida?

CRIST: I haven`t seen any of it. Not any, you know, and you got to
address climate change too. You know, in the state like Florida, I mean,
we`re almost an island. We`re a peninsula that sticks out there between
the Atlantic and the Gulf and we got to address it.

SCHULTZ: How aggressive will you be in defining and reminding voters
of Florida about the past of Rick Scott which is very -- which is in the
eyes of some as a checkered past?

CRIST: It is more than checkered. When you look at what he did at
HCA, the health care company that he ran, I mean, that company had to pay
the largest fine for fraud in the history of America at the time, $1.7
billion. And then from that, you know, you leave the company, you get
hundreds of millions of dollars in a golden pair of shoe and then you use
that money that you stole from people. Let`s be honest, you know, up
coding those kinds of things they do with health care companies. That`s
what it is. And you use that money to buy the governor`s mansion. It is
unconscionable and I`ll talk about it everyday because it`s his record.

SCHULTZ: One final question about tourism. Do you think that
overweight, red-headed broadcasters who love to fish could get a free
fishing license for maybe a weekend.

CRIST: Yeah, absolutely. I think he qualify for that.


SCHULTZ: I`m all in. I`m there. I`m there. Charlie Crist,
essentially guys, the first time we would have an opportunity to sit down
and visit with him, he comes across as a guy who doesn`t really have
anything up his sleeve. It`s going to be interesting to see how this all
folds out because there are some Floridians here that know that this is
going to be expensive summer saying, it`s going to be the most expensive
governor`s race in history of the country. That`s how bad Scott wants to
stay on as governor. The challenge for the Democrats, well, there`s a lot
of back channel conversation about it.

If Charlie Crist doesn`t do well in the polls and continue to do well
in the polls, that may be Senator Bill Nelson will jump in. He has denied
it but then there are some operatives out there who keeps saying that it`s
a real possibility that Bill Nelson could be the next governor of Florida.
A lot Democrats are concerned that that`s kind of gumming things up, they
don`t need a big primary fight. We`ll talk about that later on in this

Also, how they`re going to try to mobilize the underdeveloped Latino
vote that is in Florida. They say, they have the numbers to put a Democrat
in the governor`s chair in the state.

Get your cellphones. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, will Rick Scott`s refusal to implement ObamaCare cost him his
job? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. Get all this, just go to our
blog at We`ll bring the results later on the show.

Coming up, the rough life of a North Dakota, white supremacist. Plus
Fox News continues to compare the ObamaCare roll out to a natural disaster.
Stay with us. We`ll be right back at the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders, the Ed Show social media nation
has decided and we are reporting. Here are today`s top Trenders voted on
by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Take him away boys.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, lethal weapon.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s been making headlines in their tiny town of
Leith since moving there in August.

SCHULTZ: Craig Paul Cobb wants to set up a racist utopia.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After last weeks big discovery.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 86 percent European, 14 percent Sub-Saharan
African. You have a little black in you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s even more bad news for the North Dakota
white supremacist.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The infamous white supremacist, Craig Cobb and
Kynan Dutton have been arrested.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Craig Cobb and Kynan Dutton began harassing people
of Leith Cobb called it their daily patrol.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, Family Feud.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s start the Family Feud.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They were sisters from one of the country`s most
notable political families add ons. The Cheney daughters fight over gay

traditional definition of marriage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your sister Mary who is married to a woman put out
this post "She is dead wrong on the issue of marriage."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wrong. It`s still wrong.

CHENEY: I love Mary very much this is just an issue in which we

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Liz, this isn`t just an issue on how much we
disagree, you`re just wrong and on the wrong side of history.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today`s top Trender, blown out of proportion.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is really being Obama`s -- Hurricane
Katrina has happened.

SCHULTZ: President Obama`s health care law will provide 30 million
Americans with health care. George W. Bush`s negligence in the handling of
Katrina cost American lives

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The media compares the ObamaCare rollout to Bush`s
Katrina response?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George Bush didn`t invent a Hurricane. Katrina
was a real disaster. I think that the botched response to the ObamaCare
rollout has been a disaster that is really held within one administration.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a difference here. President Bush did
not create Katrina.


ERIC BOLLING: The right one about Obama ...


BOLLING: There was no (inaudible) Katrina warning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But over 1800 people died at Katrina, that was at
the Bush Administration`s fault.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It could be much worse than Katrina.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire radio host.
You know, it`s interesting, if those folks have lived through Katrina, they
might have a little bit different opinion of the whole thing.

Mike good to have you with us tonight. What`s your take on this
comparison coming from actually both sides of the aisle that Katrina and
ObamaCare have some kind of parallel to be made to the American people?

care disaster and he run in to fix it. The Republicans saw Katrina
disaster and they ran away from it. I don`t know why the media can`t quite
get that. You can only conclude a couple of possibilities, Ed and that is
that the media`s handling of everything is either a sense that they`re
willfully ignorant and uninformed, or that they have a design to sell more
commercials based on poorly analyzed attacks on this White House.

This Fox News methodology of attacking Mr. White House is not just Fox
News. You know, if you take a look at the comparisons, you`ve got
comparisons that the Katrina comparison`s a great one, but what about the
handling of Iraq? Where you had -- There were no lives lost because of a
computer glitch. The computer can be fixed. There were 5,000 lives lost,
American soldiers in Iraq not because of anything but lies and
misinformation. So one can be fixed and the other one can`t.

What about the idea of 9/11 where 3,000 Americans were murdered
because the Republican Administration didn`t have the discipline or the
good sense to read a Presidential briefing. That can`t be fixed, but this
computer glitch can be fixed.

So these comparisons are really a little bit obscene and you wonder,
Ed what makes me really wonder about this is whether it`s just hasn`t --
just sloppy work on part of the media or whether is design. You look at
the CBS report in Benghazi where there was this fraud, clownish attack on
Obama. And CBS can apologize all they want, but it`s very clear that it
was all about an Obama hit job and we`re seeing more and more of that from
the media. And this glitch with the computer system is just a perfect
example of it.

SCHULTZ: Well last night I was at an event here in Miami and
Congressman -- a new Congressman Joe Kennedy got up and talked about how
the Democrats are not going to let 50 years of revolutionary change on
social change, on health care in America be stopped by a computer problem.
But if you visualize what ObamaCare and what the Affordable Care Act is
going to do for America, if you want to take Ann Arbor Stadium -- Ann Ar --
Michigan, the University of Michigan, and holds over 100,000 people, fill
that stadium up 30 times. That`s how many people are affected positively
by ObamaCare in this country.

It is such a positive move or socially for the American people. Think
about 30 million people now are going to be able to get insurance. There`s
really nothing out there that compares to it. And it`s almost as if media
people are afraid to make the comparison here that they`ve got to find any
morsel of negative information they possibly can.

There`s a lot of commentators are using the comparison to talk about
credibility. All of a sudden President Obama`s credibility is in question.
OK, let`s accept that. Do you think his credibility has been hurt with the
American people to the point where it would be equal to George Bush`s? And
is botching of Katrina and Iraq?

PAPANTONIO: Not at all. There`s no way that you can lie to the
American public about a war that you know is completely phonied up, it`s
war based on lies and recover from that. Bush will never recover from that
when the history books tell the story about George Bush.

Certainly, a computer glitch will be a very minute (ph) part of the
story once people understand what this can do for their lives. The problem
with Democrats is they need to support this President and resident talking
out of both sides of their mouth as whether or not they`re for it or
against it. They need to understand this is a critical, pivotal point in
American history and they don`t need to be equivocal about whether this is
good or bad, whether the ...


PAPANTONIO: ... computer system go up like it should? No. Will it
mean great things for the American public? Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: I think the media is lazy. I do. I think that they have
locked on to an issue with the computer system to the point where they are
blinded by just how many people are going to be affected positively. Have
they gotten lazy? Your thoughts, Mike.

PAPANTONIO: Ed, I`m certain they`ve gotten lazy. I know this sounds
remarkable but if you were to line up 20 reporters who do this everyday and
say, how about telling me about the details, give me the details about what
AC does...

SCHULTZ: Exactly.

PAPANTONIO: ... let me know what you know, it is astounding how
little information they have but they can grab that ...


PAPANTONIO: ... low-hanging fruit on issues like a computer glitch.
That`s the thing they can understand so that`s what they go with.

SCHULTZ: I think it`d be interesting if you had network reporters
interview network reporters to ask them exactly what they know about it
other than what they`re being told about it. I mean, the devil is in the
detail but the bottom line here is that Americans need to understand it.
This is moving forward whether the Republicans like it or not.

Despite the vote last week, it doesn`t matter. They`re not going to
undo this. There`s a lot of determination in the progressive community to
see it through. The President`s going to have to lead the way.

Mike Papantonio, great to have you with us tonight. Thanks so much.

Coming up, Paul Ryan is back in Iowa. And this time, the cheese
stands alone. Still ahead, my exclusive sit down with Republican Governor
turned Democratic candidate, Charlie Crist. More to come on that but next,
I`m taking your question, Ask Ed Live, just ahead. Stay with us. You`re
watching the Ed Show on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our
viewers. Love the questions at our Ask Ed segment live tonight. We are
talking with Keith Helms. He wants to know, do you believe the Democrats
are being bought by the corporations?

Well, there are quite a few of them who are certainly intimidated by
the corporations and you can tell by the way they vote. This is the
challenge in the progressive community, to vet candidates, to make sure
they will be true blue when they go to Washington and stand up to the
lobbyists and not be intimidated and do the work of the people and not of
the corporations. You could always count on the Republicans to do the work
of the corporations.

Our next question is from Allen Vollbrecht. How many Republicans do
you think will say no to aid for this weekend`s tornado victims? I have
seen and covered floods numerous times in my career and I can tell you,
destruction is destruction is destruction. There were a lot of Republicans
who said no to help for the victims on the Northeast coast of this country
to Storm Sandy. They of course said that we had to have off sets that we
couldn`t help out our fellow Americans. Maybe there was something against
that part of the country because they might have been too many Democrats

I don`t care where the disaster is in this country. Florida has
hurricanes. The Midwest has tornadoes. Landslides take place and fires
out on the West. Americans are Americans. Federal help is federal help.
There should be no debate on exactly how we`re going to help those tornado
victims or hurricane victims or any other person who is victimized by a
natural disaster on our soil.

It`s the American thing to do, but I do believe that you`re going to
have a conversation amongst some Republicans this week. Well, how are we
going to offset this disaster relief? They`re all about the money, the new
age Republicans. Stick around the Rapid response panel is next. Stay with

your CNBC Market Wrap with the mark that finished off their highest today
but the Dow nonetheless fell out in 14 points, the S and P lost six, and
the NASDAQ down by 36.

Well, volunteers are flying high after booking $100 billion on orders
for redesign 777 jet as an air show in Dubai. Bitcoin meantime surging 107
percent supplies in the week at today`s Senate panel`s hearing gets on the
way for learn more about the pros and cons of virtual currencies. And Sony
shares up 1 percent on sales of playstation four which sold more than a
million units in its first 24hours.

And that`s it from CNBC first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

Florida`s gubernatorial race kicked into high gear earlier this month
when former Republican Governor Charlie Crist announces campaign to
challenge incumbent Rick Scott as a Democrat.

This will be the race to watch across this country. Florida`s going
to be so pivotal. Scott plans to spend $100 million on his re election
campaign. He`s ready to do whatever it takes. Charlie Crist is making the
turn from predecessor to rival. It`s bound to get ugly. It already has.
Now, keep in mind. This is all unfolding in Florida, a state at the
forefront of the voting right`s battle.

The fate of this race will be determined by the amount of access
citizens have to the polls and the integrity of the vote. It`s something I
discussed with Charlie Crist this weekend. Take a listen.


CRIST: Voters are not getting the kind of compassion that a good
governor would do under Governor Scott. For example, when I was governor
before, we have long lines in early voting. People are focused on Florida
as we always know and I signed an executive order then as a Republican to
expand the hours of early voting. People are able to vote. President
Obama ended up winning.

We have the same situation come up four years later in 2012 with these
long lines. Governor Scott would not sign an executive order expanding the
hours and made it more difficult to people.

SCHULTZ: So is it safe to say that Florida would be run 180 degrees
differently when it comes to the integrity of the vote and voting rights?
I mean, this is one of the focal points of attack that the conservatives
all across the country, have gone after voting rights on the hills of the
Supreme Court ruling.

What would you do differently here in Florida?

CRIST: It`s about everything. I would push to expand early voting
hours again. Make sure that we have more locations for people to be able
to vote early that what they don`t have now.

Anything humanly possible, mailing ballots, not be so difficult for
people to do. I give an example. They changed the law in 2011 and so that
the only way you could verify a mailed in ballot is by the signature that
somebody puts on that ballot making it match with the one that`s at the
supervisor of elections` office.

Well, my mother, unfortunately, a couple years ago, had a mild stroke.
And as a result, she was impaired in her right hand. She signs her
signature with her right hand. I mean, you know, to put those kind of
roadblocks in the way is just not a compassionate view in my mind.


SCHULTZ: So the question is, "How are the Democrats going to beat a
$100 million campaign here in Florida to get the governor`s chair, to make
sure that there are no shenanigans for 2016 in the presidential?

Joining me now on our Rapid Response Panel, Annette Taddeo, Chair of
the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and Mitch Ceasar with us tonight, Chairman
of the Broward County Democratic Party.

And let me tell you folks. South Florida is going to be the key for
the Democrats because demographically, obviously, the Democrats have got to
go to hold down here but there`s a great feeling that the Latino vote is
underdeveloped. I heard a lot of that over the last 24 hours.

Annette Taddeo, let me ask you. The Latino community, will it be the
deciding factor in the selection? Give us the numbers. What is out there?
What can be done? What can be cultivated? Where is it going?

population. We now are 25 percent of Florida so this is a voter, it`s not
just that live here, Hispanic, so it`s a lot of people and a lot of votes
that can turn an election.

Remember, President Obama won Florida by 70,000 votes. Our last
gubernatorial race, we lost by 70,000 votes. So it is just amazing how
that small amount of vote in a huge state like Florida can make such a
different and in South Florida specifically where we have a lot of
Hispanics and a lot of African-Americans we cannot ignore the minority
votes. This is our base.

SCHULTZ: Is there more to be done when it comes to registration? I
mean, percentage wise as it just really scratching the surface about what
could be done in South Florida?

TADDEO: Well, a lot of people do not realize that South Florida is
actually very Democratic. We are a very Democratic area. South Florida
were matches (ph) very Democratic has always been.

But Miami-Dade where everybody assumes all these Latinos are
Republicans, they are wrong. The majority of the Democratic Party in
Miami-Dade County registered Democrat is Hispanic. And the next number is
African-American. So, that`s our base. That`s our based of voters that we
ignored in 2010 and we cannot do it this election in 2014.

SCHULTZ: Mitch Ceasar a recent poll finds that Charlie Crist with a
10 point lead over Rick Scott if the race were held today. What does Crist
need to do to protect that lead?

I mean, we`re hearing that, you know, Governor Scott is going to be
throwing millions of dollars at this early on. In fact it is already
started. How do you think this is going to unfold? And I know that
there`s going to be some other competition for Charlie Crist.
That`s not given as of yet and the back channel talk is that there`s a
possibility that Senator Bill Nelson may jump into this, break this down
for us.

CEASAR: Well, as you know, Ed there is also another primary challenge
right now Senator Nathan Ritch (ph) but in direct response to your question
they`re going to raise an obscene amount of money as you pointed out it is
the national premier race for both parties.

I think the Democrats calibration is that we don`t need to raise the
money that Governor Scott does because frankly he doesn`t have a record to
run for maybe one from. But we think if we raise a substantial amount of
money and he outraise us by a multiple we`ll still be competitive.

I think we`re very clear that we`re talking about a government who is
frankly reviled in all the polls as probably the lowest rated governor in
the United States. What we are finding registration from your other
question is and we`re being very aggressive about that in Broward County
here, is that we`re registering Democrats which seem to be the overwhelming
folks who are voluntarily registering and choosing us as a party.

Independents are coming second and Republicans are frankly coming
remote third. I think this goes well for the young people, for the
demographic of Hispanic we just talked about. I think the people of
Florida are very tired of this governor and when his done negatively and
what he`s not done.

So, I think that we are calibrating for a clearer close tough race
that Democrats will win.

SCHULTZ: Mitch are there concerns that a Democratic primary fight
could delete resources? Do you see this being a divider in the Democratic
front? I mean you`ve got so much money. You`ve only got so many
resources. Can the party survive a challenge in a big way say if Bill
Nelson were to jump in?

CEASAR: I think there`s no question we could survive, no, unlike
Republicans who make a decision of that room with two or three rich guys.
We kind of put it all out there.

I think the hunger for victory and beating Rick Scott and making our
scene affects Scott free is so high that regardless of who the primary
nominee is in this particular question. I think we succeed. I know don`t
know Bill Nelson gets in or not. I know the speculation. But I think the
people of Florida, the Democrats especially are very hungry to win and Rick
Scott has proven literally the great unifier of the Democratic Party.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Annette this really sets the stage for 2016. Florida
is going to play an important role. Do you expect to see a Democratic
national candidates down here playing hard in this race before too long?

TADDEO: I do expect it. I mean Florida is very important and Hilary
Clinton has already been here obviously not campaigning, but definitely
they`re all coming, they`re always coming and they should keep coming
because we are that state that is going to make all difference in the

And I think that actually they should help out because we`re going to
need it but we`re going to I think Mitch is completely right. We are so
hungry to get rid of this governor, has been so bad for our state that
nationally everybody is going to pay attention but we`ll -- who live here
see who leave here are (inaudible) and be Scott-free.

SCHULTZ: All right. Annette Taddeo, Mitch Ceasar great to have you
with us on the Ed Show, great work down here. Thank you so much.

Still ahead, we warned you this Right Wing talking point would become
-- be coming. We told you that on Friday. Coming up we`ll break down why
39 Democrats in the House sided with the Upton Bill. That`s coming up for
next. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, the cheese head from Wisconsin
Paul Ryan, the failed vice presidential nominee and Jim Rath (ph) came out
of the woodwork as an Iowa fan boy. Well, Ryan presented Iowa Governor,
Terry Branstad with a modified cheese head for his birthday. Next the
Congressman dug deep to take an old cheese shot at President Obama.


CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT: I think they`re learning a pretty valuable lesson
here. The next time you have a famous politician coming through Iowa,
breezing through the towns, talking about big government. Let`s be a
little more skeptical.


SCHULTZ: Get some new material dude. McCain and Palin tried to use
the same, same line of garbage over five years ago and it failed miserably.
If Paul Ryan thinks he can build this 2016 campaign by cranking out failed
2008 talking points he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work. 39 House Democrats sided with
Republicans to pass Fred Upton`s Keep Your Own Health Plan Acts last week.
As predicted on the show on Friday night Right Wing talking has wasted no
time jumping on this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A different Democratic leaders saying that that
was just responding to constituents, but clearly there`s a split in the
Democratic part.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This health care law is terribly flawed, it is
broken, it has failed the American people because they`re losing their
insurance, they`re losing their doctor, their premiums are going up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We can go back to the drawing board and really
talk about bipartisan solutions for health reform in the country.


SCHULTZ: President Obama says, "He will veto the bill and it`s headed
nowhere on the Senate." That`s assured. Many of my friends in the House
voted the wrong way. I believe that. Most of the 39 House Democrats who
voted for this bill face tough crisis in 2014 and for a number of reasons
they voted along with the Republicans. But it does one thing, all this
does is keep junk insurance alive. House Republicans voted nearly 50 times
to try to get rid of ObamaCare all across the board. This is not about
fair policy, it`s about politics.

Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon voted to pass the Upton Bill. He
joins us tonight. Congressman, great to have you with us. Congressman,
I`ve always respected you. I still do. I think we have a disagreement
here, but I`d like you to explain to vote with the Republicans on this bill
last week, your thoughts.

REP. PETER DEFAZIO, (D) OREGON: Well, absolutely, Ed. I voted 46
times against their plans to repeal or undermine. This was the 47th vote.
This is essentially mirroring what the President said he was going to do
which is allow people to keep their plans. And, you know, if we had a
public plan option like I voted for if we had the House Bill that was
simpler and took away the anti-trust immunity of the insurance industry, we
might not be in this mess.

We`re in a mess. My state has not gotten one person -- not one
through the exchange. Say, it will take you three weeks after you file
your paper application because they don`t expect the exchange to work.
They`re running up against the deadline. They`re getting cancellation
notices and they got a deadline to get a new plan. This is a fix for one

I`ve said since day one, the Senate Bill is pretty crummy. It does
get to the objective of health care for all Americans. It`s going to need
a lot of repair. This is not an elegant repair. In fact, I don`t even,
you know, think this will go anywhere but we need something like the
Landrieu legislation from the Senate. This keeps legislation live. I
think we`re going to have to extend the deadline because you can`t say to
people, "Oh well, you can`t apply, you can`t get accepted but you got a
deadline and we`d cancel your insurance."

And secondly, you know, we`re are really going to look at other parts
of this law that needs fixing. So this wasn`t, you know, 46 times I stood
up. This is the 47th. I have a state...


DEFAZIO: ... they can`t sign anyone up. And, you know, we need to do
something about that.

SCHULTZ: So Congressman, how badly if at all does this damage
ObamaCare`s chances of succeeding, I mean, this is ...

DEFAZIO: Oh, Ed, come on. Come on.

SCHULTZ: ... the President has accepted...

DEFAZIO: Come on. You...

SCHULTZ: No. I`m serious.

DEFAZIO: You listen to the talking heads. I didn`t listen to
anyone`s talking ...


DEFAZIO: ... Ed. They can spin it anyway they want. This is
essentially -- this does what the President did by executive order. You
know, it`s a little bit extended from that but it`s pretty much the same

SCHULTZ: Congressman, you know, as well as I know that President
Obama did not say what they are accusing him of saying cart blank across
the board. He was talking about junk insurance. You know that. I know

DEFAZIO: Well ...

SCHULTZ: They have taken a bullet point and I think that they have
coerced a lot of Democrats to vote with the guy John Boehner who has done
nothing for health care but get in the way.

DEFAZIO: Ed, 46 times I voted that way. I`ve got a particular
problem on my state. People are getting their insurance canceled and they
can`t get replacement insurance from the exchange. What should I say to

SCHULTZ: Sure they can.

DEFAZIO: Sorry about that.

SCHULTZ: Of course they can. They can get a ...

DEFAZIO: No we can`t.

SCHULTZ: ... a replacement insurance. That what this is all about.

DEFAZIO: No, Ed. In Oregon ...

SCHULTZ: You`re saying...

DEFAZIO: ... not one person...

SCHULTZ: You`re saying that -- OK, go ahead. Go ahead.

DEFAZIO: Not one person in Oregon, we`ve got all the Medicaid people
categorically qualified. That`s taken care of. None of them went through
an individual process.


DEFAZIO: Not one person with an individual application in my state
has gotten health insurance since October 1st through an exchange and
they`re saying now, "Go online. Download it. Do it quick. File a paper
application." Now, come on. You know ...


DEFAZIO: ... you extend for one year...

SCHULTZ: So -- But that`s not the law. Congressman, that`s not the
law. It`s not because the law is keeping them. It`s a technical issue
that`s keeping them from doing that, correct?

DEFAZIO: Well, it`s a pretty big technical issue when you`re about to
run for ...

SCHULTZ: Well, I mean, you`re making it sound...

DEFAZIO: ... (inaudible) cancel ...

SCHULTZ: Congressman. Congressman, respectfully...

DEFAZIO: Yes, Ed. Ed. Yes. Calm down, yes.

SCHULTZ: ... you`re making it sound like these people that are
getting cancellation notices are not allowed to get insurance and that`s
simply is not the case, sir.

DEFAZIO: Well, well maybe pretty ...

SCHULTZ: There maybe a technical issue right now but there`s not a
law that says they can`t do it.

DEFAZIO: Well, Ed, the President actually allowed them to be extended
and my state insurance commissioner is allowing to be extended which is
what this law did or this bill did which is going nowhere. We need to keep
the legislative process alive. I predict we are going to have to extend
the deadline or people are going to go bare on January 1st.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman Peter DeFazio, I appreciate the
conversation. Thanks for coming on tonight talking about this. Thanks so
much. That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend
Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening, Rev.


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