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The Ed Show for Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

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November 19, 2013
Guest: Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Bob Shrum, Eugene Robinson, Robert


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Purged from the rolls. We haven`t seen that
a long time, right.

GOV.RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: Americans have a sacred right to vote.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And never let the truth getting away over

SCHULTZ: OK. It`s no secret, Ohio Republicans have been at the
forefront of voters suppression efforts for years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Reduce fraud in elections.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And never let the truth getting away over



SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for

What the heck are we doing talking about elections right now? We`re
year away.

Well, let`s have a refresher course on how do Republicans operate
because they, like a pit bull, when they grab on, they just never seem to
let go. Dog gone and give them credit for that.

See these long lines, these long lines in Florida, these long lines
that took place in the state of Ohio. Lefties, we got to talk about
Florida as we did last night. We`re going to talk about Ohio as we`re
going to do tonight because this is the bread basket for victory for the
Democrats if you want the White House in 2016.

All of these long lines were manufactured by Republicans. And they
circumvent it every efforts they possibly could to keep the Democrats from
alleviating this problem. And there was an acknowledgment by the President
of the United States that voting lines were a problem.

On election night 2012 what a refresher course here? President Obama
said he wanted it addressed.


American who participated in this election, whether you voted for the very
first time or waited in line for a very long time. By the way, we have to
fix that.


SCHULTZ: Well, I`ll tell you one thing. The Republicans heard what
President Obama said because they`re not going to let anybody fix it. They
want it just like that.

And here`s the guy in the center of it all in the sate of Ohio.
Here`s your moderate. We`ll find out. You know, we are in the middle of
this health care fight in America right now. And there`re maybe some
liberals out there who are getting a little week need in the middle of all
of this.

Let me tell you something. This is a classic example of how the
Republicans never give up. They don`t care what time of year it is. They
don`t care what the climate is. They are going to do what they have to do.
It`s like they have this attitude.

We have as much time as their opponent to get ready for the next
election. That`s basically the way they operate. And that`s what they`re
thinking in Ohio right now. After the Supreme Court struck down key
provisions of the Voting Rights Act, Republican governors around the
country are working hard to chip away at voting rights especially in key
states as we mentioned like Ohio.

Ohio went for President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown in the last
two presidential elections. Well, Republicans are now doing everything in
their power to turn the state absolutely scarlet, not red, scarlet, case in

This guy right here. Now, I have no bone to pick with John Kasich.
He`s probably a nice guy. We`ve asked to do a sit down interview with him
but, of course, he`s too busy.

If you`ll notice last night, I did a sit down interview with Charlie
Crist and -- who`s really no violence, no yelling at each other, any of
that kind of stuff. It would be a very professional enough with being
interviewed. But this is your moderate Republican governor of Ohio, John
Kasich. Really?

We`re going to find out just how moderate he is. He`s gotten praise
in the media and from the President for expanding Medicaid. But wait a
minute. Hold the phone. Don`t buy it. He should`ve done that anyway
because it`s going to help a lot of Ohioans.

His Republican state legislatures what we really need to pay attention
to because let me tell you some folks, this Governor`s going to have to
make a decision. They are working on no less than four bills that would
roll back voting rights in Ohio. That`s the most radical stuff we have
ever seen and he roll it, roll it, roll it back to the last century.

Well, let`s go with Senate Bill 238 first. This bill eliminates the
so-called Golden Week in Ohio. It would make the so called voters -- they
could not register and vote between the 35th and the 30th day before each
election. So what that is? They`re cutting days.

Now, how could five days make a big difference? Well, chip away, chip
away, chip away, as what the philosophy is.

Next, there is Senate Bill 205. This bill would stop local
governments from mailing absentee ballot applications during primary and
special elections. It will also limit the Ohio Secretary of State from
mailing out applications during general elections. So in other words, it`s
going to reduce the powers of the Secretary of State. How interesting.

The bill directly affects people with disabilities, who vote by mail,
of course, they`re always against the post office. And if this bill
passes, fewer people will vote and there will be longer lines at the polls
and that is exactly what they want on Election Day. You know, we`re living
in that Twitter world, man, give it to me fast and make it easy for me to
understand, don`t bore me with the details, let`s get to the next subject.
Man, I hate standing and lined up long to vote. That`s what they want.
They want long lines.

Now, we`ve got Senate Bill 200 out of Ohio. This backwards bill would
actually reduce the number of voting machines. Think about that. Reduce
the number of voting machines, hold it right there. Remember those long
lines we were just showing you? The Republicans say "Let`s make them
longer." What do you think, we reduce the number of voting machines?
That`s what this bill does.

You know, it is amazing. If a county must, you know, they`re going to
have fewer voting machines in counties where there`s long lines. Tell me
how that make sense. And if mail ballots are reduced and if this bill
passes, it could be a recipe for dangerously long lines on Election Day.
This is what they want.

Finally, we have Senate Bill 216. The fourth one`s a dandy. This
bill makes changes to provisional ballot standards. That`s right. It
would increase technical hurdles voters don`t have to jump through for
their ballot to be even counted. If this bill passes, it would only
increase the number of ballots that can be thrown out. Make no mistake.
This is Republican politics at its best. This is a direct attempt by
Republicans to suppress the vote in Ohio and it`s wide out in the open.
They`re not even hiding it. They are worried about our next guest. Ohio
State Senator Nina Turner who we will get to in just a moment.

But I want to focus if I can on John Kasich. Because John Kasich is
trying to present to the American people that you know he would be a good
presidential nominee. I mean, he is a guy that is willing to work across
the aisle. He`s a guy who is a moderate compared to all these other
radicals like the guy in Florida we were talking about yesterday. I mean,
this guy was in the Congress, he`s run state budget, he has worked with
Democrats, and everything else. John Kasich, this is your chance to prove
that you care about people voting. This is your chance to prove that you
truly are a moderate and you can separate yourself away from these radicals
in the State of Ohio who are trying to suppress the votes.

State Senator Nina Turner is running for Secretary of State and if she
wins, there is no doubt that she`s going to make it a hell of a lot easier
for the folks of Ohio to vote. This is an attempt by Republicans to limit
her power if she wins, before she even gets in the office. And I will tell
you right now, get all your political experts out there to tell you how
important Ohio is in the presidential election. Whoever wins Ohio wins the
White House.

So, this is why all of these radical bills are being introduced right
now and this is a challenge for John Kasich to say, "No, we`re going to put
more voting machines across the state and we`re not going to limit the
powers of the Secretary of the State." This is his opportunity to prove
that he cares.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. Can John Kasich call himself a moderate if he restricts voting
rights? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can always go to our
blog at We`ll bring you the results later on this show.

Now, yesterday, we talked about Florida. Today, we`re talking about
Ohio. Don`t anybody say a year away from election that the Ed Show didn`t
pay any attention to this. I`m giving you a year`s warning. This is how
these people play the game. For more, let`s bring in Ohio State Senator
Nina Turner who is running for Secretary of State in Ohio which I think is
one of the most important races in the country. Senator, good to have you
with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Are these bills a response to you running because you have
been on this program numerous times, you`ve been on other shows, you have
not been afraid to speak out about voter suppression. In fact, you have
been the leader when it comes to folks out of Ohio talking about
suppressing the vote and what has to be done. Is this is a direct reaction
to you running? What do you think?

TURNER: Well, Ed I think this is more reaction of reaction to the
demographic shift that we have going on in our country including the State
of Ohio that again if Republicans don`t have better candidates with better
ideas. They try to rig the election. The first rigging was to
redistricting as you know, Ed and you have been a great champion and I`m so
glad that you are sounding the alarm bill because we need to do that. In
states like North Carolina and Texas, they made -- the Republicans are
wholesale stripping away the right to vote or creating barriers to the
right to vote by having one huge bill. But in states like Ohio, they are
chipping away brick by brick by brick .


TURNER: . and they are building a wall, a barrier between voters and
the opportunity to be equals at the ballot box, Ed. This is exactly what
is going on in the State of Ohio and across this country.

SCHULTZ: Senator, how can we interpret it any other way that it`s an
attack on Democratic voters, it`s an attack on the elderly, it`s an attack,
I mean, on low-income neighborhoods. I mean, they want to reduce the
number of voting machines. I mean, I just find that amazing. How else can
we read it other than an attack on Democratic voters?

TURNER: Well, it is and not only Democrats. There are say (ph), all
voters because as you just identified, elderly voters of all political
spectrums will be impacted by this. Policy Matters did a study last year,
Ed in which strict voter I.D. which is pending again in the Ohio House.
You stated correctly that we have about five bills in the Senate. There
are about half a dozen of bills in the Ohio House with strict
identification bills will have an impact on elderly folks in the State of

SCHULTZ: So what`s the motivation here? What`s the -- they got bills
in the House bills in the Senate, we only focus on the Senate bills tonight


SCHULTZ: . but, you know, six I.D. voter laws now coming up in the
house in Ohio. What`s the motivation?

TURNER: They want to restrict people`s opportunities to vote because
they know when more people vote, Democrats win. The bottom line here is
that we should be encouraging and protecting the right to vote. But
Republicans are doing exactly the opposite here in the legislature. And if
this happens in Ohio as you stated, this will happen -- will continue to
happen all over the country and it`s not just the Southern States. As we
see what`s happening in Ohio, this is a mo-top (ph) cocktail of deception
and what they`re trying to do is restrict access to the ballot box brick by
brick and we can`t stand for it. We cannot wait. We cannot wait. We have
to be engaged right now.

SCHULTZ: Well, let`s talk about that. Where is John Kasich on this?
Where is the executive branch? Would he sign these bills if they got
through House and Senate?

TURNER: The Governor, I wish he would come on your show, Ed and you
can ask him that question directly.

SCHULTZ: I mean, this is a fundamental. I mean, you`re either for .


SCHULTZ: . expanding the vote or you`re not.

TURNER: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: How can you .

TURNER: Well he had .

SCHULTZ: How can you call yourself a moderate if you`re going to
support radical bills like this?

TURNER: He hasn`t spoken against these bills thus far and which is
unacceptable. The current Secretary of State has not said a mumbling word
about these bills thus far either, Ed. They`re all in this together in
terms of trying to suppress the vote of certain people, young people,
elderly people, people of color. I mean, if a strict voter I.D. bill
passes in Ohio over 900,000 people do not have those types of I.D.s.
Elderly people in particular, African-American, and people who are socially
and economically challenged. All of the groups that they are trying to
stop from voting, they are taking us back.

SCHULTZ: 900,000? 900,000 people?

TURNER: 900,000, Ed. 900,000 people in Ohio. Voting is a
fundamental right and nobody should trample on that right. It is the one
place where one woman, one man, one vote where we all can be equal. This
is serious what is going on in the State of Ohio.

SCHULTZ: Nina Turner, do you think this will backfire on the
Republicans. I mean, is there enough conversation in the Buckeye State, in
the bread basket of winning elections about this?

TURNER: Well, you`re getting us started Ed and to the extent that you
continue to sound the alarm and others on the ground. We do have good
government groups going all over the state. I think it will backfire the
same way it backfired on them last year when they tried to tort access to
the ballot box. It will backfire again but we don`t have the glitz and the
glamour of a presidential election and that is why what you are doing is so

SCHULTZ: It`s the worst you`ve ever seen, right?

TURNER: Every election matters.

SCHULTZ: It`s the worst you`ve ever seen.

TURNER: Oh absolutely. It goes back. Remember the long lines in
Ohio in 2004 and juxtaposed those long lines to what happened in Florida in
2012. That is exactly what they`re doing trying to discourage people from
exercising their fundamental right to vote.

SCHULTZ: And I want to make sure I got this right. This would
diminish the powers of the Secretary of State. Correct?

TURNER: Yeah. The one bill that you named absolutely in terms of
absentee ballot applications being mailed out, that particular bill states
that only if the general assembly authorizes it through in appropriations.


TURNER: So, if the general assembly does not give money to the
Secretary of State to mail out those absentee ballot application, then the
Secretary of State cannot do that. Why would you do that? Why would you
do that?

SCHULTZ: Control (ph).

TURNER: You`re going to confuse and stop voters from exercising their

SCHULTZ: Yeah. They just want the legislature to control the state
office so it don`t get out of hand and so they can control the vote. I
mean, it is amazing what`s happening. Well, this is an opportunity. This
is a real national opportunity for John Kasich .

TURNER: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: . to step out against from radical thinking when it comes to
people going to the polls and vote. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner,
running for Secretary State in Ohio. Thanks for joining us tonight. I
appreciate your time.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen and share your thoughts on Twitter @EdShow and on Facebook. We
always want to know what you think.

Coming up, Fox business host is a strong believer that size does
matter. Plus, the Right Wing talkers are targeting democrats who voted for
the GOP junk insurance bill. Lots more coming up. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders. Social media nation getting
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Ed Show social media nation has decided that we are reporting. Here
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is your brain.

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, head case.

STUART BURNEY, ACTOR: Should tech companies feel obligated to put
women on the board just to be politically correct.

SCHULTZ: Stuart Burney thinks tech jobs are gray a matter.

BURNEY: Is it very difficult question to ask actually?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stop it. It starts to hurt.

BURNEY: Is there something about the female brain that is a deterrent
for getting on board with tech?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re just a woman with a small brain, but a
brain a third the size of us.

BURNEY: Is that?


SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, burning question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With rumoring when you might be running for

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, that question is kind of bad for me .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: About once a week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, more than that I would say.

SCHULTZ: The independent from Vermont will rule out a run in 2016.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think you have a nation now in the midst of a
real crises on a normal time it`s fine you have a modern Democrat from the
(inaudible) Republican that these are not wrong time (ph).

I want to rally the American people to stand up and fight for their


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Many of the issues that I am talking about will
appeal to people who do not consider themselves progressives.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, letting the eyes have it. We got
39 Democrats who have decided to sign with John Boehner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`ve been sold to the dark side.

SCHULTZ: I think it`s a deal with the devil when it comes to

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: House stems are taking heat for voting on the
GOP`s junk insurance bill.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wish that our colleague could see the evidence
and that the decisions would be evidenced-based rather than politically

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of our big problems in Washington is that we
attempt to react the sound bite about 30 of them where they`re insulating
themselves against sound bite.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 46 times I stood up. This is the 47th I would
state that can`t sign anyone up. People are getting their insurance
canceled and they can`t get replacement insurance through the exchange.
What shall I say to them?

SCHULTZ: Sure, they care.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sorry about that.

SCHULTZ: Of course, they can.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, they can`t.

SCHULTZ: They can get a replacement insurance. That`s what this is
all about.


SCHULTZ: And we should point out that the insurance exchange website
in the state of Oregon has not gone live yet. It`s not operational. So
Congressman Peter DeFazio is correct. No one in his state has signed up
but 18,000 people in Oregon have send in paper applications for ObamaCare.

You think there`s a need for it? You think there`s a demand? You
think there`s a desire for it? Absolutely.

How about Minnesota? How`s it working there? Joining me now is
Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Congressman, good to have you with
us tonight.


SCHULTZ: On the Upton Bill, you, of course voted no. You did not
vote .

ELLISON: Strong no.

SCHULTZ: .with the Republicans. There were 39 of your colleagues who
decided to do it for various reasons.

Does this weaken the position of the Democrats because it strengthens
the talking points for the Republicans? John Boehner`s going to be able to
run around for a year now saying the Democrats don`t even believe in their
own bill and what they`re doing. We now have a bipartisan bill that passed
and Harry Reid won`t touch it.

What does this do to the Democrats?

ELLISON: Nothing. We need to stand up and we should. What we should
do is talk about the importance of going from a situation where we had 50
million people without any health care. We had people with lifetime
limits, people being thrown up after they got sick, and we`ve changed and
we`ve moved on from that. That`s what we need to do.

We need to talk about the bad old days and the fact that the
Affordable Care Act brings us into a better reality. And that`s where we
need to stick regardless of .

SCHULTZ: Congressman, does .

ELLISON: . the website didn`t we fix yet, of course.

SCHULTZ: Does it need a legislative fix?

ELLISON: No, it does not.

SCHULTZ: I mean, right now. Does it really need a legislative fix?

ELLISON: No. Absolutely not. What we need to do is get that website
cranking the way it should be. They`re working on it everyday. It is
getting better everyday. And it will get fixed. Its technology, they`re
fixing it. And we need to just keep signing people up and in the reality
is this cancellations that we`ve seen, many of these were high deductible
plans with a lot of exclusions.


ELLISON: And, you know, a lot of these things led people to financial
ruin. And we`re -- we`ll rid of many of them.

SCHULTZ: Why is it working so well in states like California and
Minnesota and Kentucky and Rhode Island and Washington?

ELLISON: Because .

SCHULTZ: I mean, it`s interesting where it`s been accepted .


SCHULTZ: . on the state level. It`s working. How`s that in your

ELLISON: It`s working great in Minnesota and as a matter of fact,
we`re quite proud of MNsure as we call it. People are signing up. People
are getting in. You know, we had a low number of people who are uninsured
but we had too many because no one should be.

But, you know, because our state and our legislature and the people of
our state insisted that they get an alternative to the bad old days. It`s
working in states where Texas like where the governor wanted to sabotage it
and they have the sort of the highest uninsured in the country, you know,
it`s not working as well, but the people of Texas need health care.

SCHULTZ: Yeah, and big time.

ELLISON: They need it. They deserve it.

SCHULTZ: It`s one of the worst days.

ELLISON: And they deserve better than -- well, they deserve better
than the governor`s giving them right now which is, you know, they`re
rejecting Medicare expansion which is, you know, just basically not helping

And those folks, I hope they remember who help them and who didn`t.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s going to be interesting to see if they do in
the midterms. I was told yesterday by Charlie Crist .


SCHULTZ: .I n Florida, he sure isn`t going to run away from it.


SCHULTZ: And I think that Democrats will be making a huge mistake
from running away from ObamaCare. And then the White House is saying that
almost 5.5 million Americans will be uninsured because of Republican
governors` failure to expand .


SCHULTZ: . Medicaid in their states. Ore Republican governors more
interested in politics or helping their own people.

ELLISON: Well, I think that they are interested in keeping people
desperate for and that allows them to be able to demagogue and that allows
them to try to do something, make a political way out of it.

But here`s what it doesn`t do. It doesn`t help people get health
care. It doesn`t get a family the health care that they need when they get
sick or injured. And in my opinion, now, that`s unfortunate. And so, you
know, for those people who live up on to those governors who won`t help
them, you know, I think that those folks really need to figure out if they
can do better because they are not being well served.

SCHULTZ: Should the Democrats -- I given you an example. I got a
phone call today from a lady down in Florida. She said she finally got
into the exchange. She`s tried everyday to get on the phone, she finally
got in, got the deal done. It`s a platinum plan that she`s going to take
and she`s going to save her -- she and her husband had to get a $2800
reduction in rates for the year.

ELLISON: Wow. Awesome.

SCHULTZ: What -- Should the Democrats, you know, circle the wagons,
mount the charge, go over the Hill with these stories. I mean, this is
where - this is what`s happening out there and all we`re hearing is
comparisons to Iraq and comparisons to Katrina, instead of, you know, $2800
to a middle class families are hell a lot of money.

ELLISON: It`s a lot of money. Let me tell you this. I mean, the
Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act 45, 47 times. They
tried to kill it in a Supreme Court and they failed. They lost at the
election at the voting booth and now they`re trying to kill again. I don`t
know why anybody is surprised that they`re doing these things.


ELLISON: Of course they are. I mean, because look if the Affordable
Care Act works and it will that`s something that is dangerous to them
politically so they`re trying to stop that from happening. And we have to
have the same level of fortitude to make sure it does work. So think about

SCHULTZ: And expanding Medicaid in state and creates jobs.

ELLISON: Yes it does.

SCHULTZ: That is another thing Republican governors just don`t want
to see happen under the Obama Administration.

ELLISON: Well, how many good jobs bills have you seen from this
Republican .

SCHULTZ: None of them.

ELLISON: . House? No, they`ve been not into that.

SCHULTZ: None of them. Congressman you can interview me anytime. I
love it. Good to have you with us. Congressman Keith Ellison with us here
on the Ed Show tonight.

Coming up Right Wing media keeps the ObamaCare roll out negativity
just rolling on. Plus The Five`s former bench-warming baseball player
makes an off-base remark about ObamaCare and lands in tonight`s pretenders.

But next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live. Stay here right here


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our
viewers. Now, I mean that. I`m going to give an example. We pay
attention to Twitter, the Ed Show team pays attention on what you`re doing
out there. We love the tweets. But we started tonight`s program with this
radical bills that are in Ohio.

I was tipped on that, somebody tweeted me directly say, "Ed you got to
pay attention what`s going on here in Ohio." So, lots of stories floating
there but we pay attention to what you`re paying attention to and we
appreciate you`re supporting the program.

In our Ask Ed Live segment tonight our first question comes from
Catherine Kuehl, she wants to "Should Scott Walker`s book be in the fiction

I think Scott Walker`s book should be in every pet store in America
because it`s great to line the bird cage with it.

Our next question is from Chris Morelle, she wants to know, "Why don`t
legitimate news outlets call out the blatant lies spewing from Fox News in
the sewer pipe?"

You know, I was just down to Florida the last couple of days. There
was story on Charlie Crist and the Governor`s battle down there. I had
more people come up to me and say, "Ed thanks for doing the stories on all
the lies"

And so, you know, I don`t know why -- well, I don`t know why I can`t
speak for anybody else`s show, but I know where the people are. I feel
very confident that people know there`s a bunch of lying going on out
there. I mean when the President of United States says there`s a lot of
misinformation out there is kind of a story to follow up on, I think.

Stick around Rapid Response Panel is next.

your CNBC Market Wrap. Today the DOW lost 8 points, the S and P slipped by
3, the NASDAQ was down by 17.

JP Morgan Chase confirmed it will pay a landmark $13 billion for
federal claims over its sale of mortgage pack security that contributed to
the financial crisis.

Best Buy shares plunged despite a return to profit in the third
quarter and expect tough competition this holiday season.

And Home Depot shares they`re up by at the top of expectations that
could be dump 43 percent from a year ago.

That`s it from CNBC. First in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Well, not good numbers for the Obama Administration.
Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

ObamaCare`s problematic rollout has given critics no shortage of
ammunition and their fight to repeal the laws, that`s what they want to do.
Those critiques have turned those issues in the wall to wall coverage and
all you have to do is watch this a little bit of Fox News.


HOWARD KURTZ, MEDIA BUZZ HOST: Well, President is getting cobbled.
It seems to me by the mainstream media and they are comparisons for example
to George W. Bush`s handling of Katrina.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This has been fraudulent from the beginning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, this whole thing is just a mess and its
get worst everyday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And new suggestions tonight that ObamaCare could
in fact now be repealed.

debacle, a rolling disaster. This is a massive deception, I think that its
worst in ways than this bay of (ph) pigs, his been presiding over.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, I don`t think it`s fixing the law. Many
of us have been looking at this law and saying, this thing is headed of a
cliff. No matter how well the train is running as it heads toward the
cliff. If, you know, that it`s going to go off the cliff at some point.


SCHULTZ: And none of those people have a fix or plan nor that they
ever. The folks across the street might want to take look at the latest
polls because even though their devoted the majority of their airtime
trying to turn the public against ObamaCare. It hasn`t had much of an
effect according to a new national journal poll only 38 percent of
Americans support repealing the law, and numbers are all over the place.
That`s just 2 percent higher than it was in a poll conducted back in July.

After months of relentless fear mongering, support for repeal has
experienced a relatively small change. Less than the polls margin of
error. In fact, support for repeal has not increased significantly among
any major group expect Republicans and non-college whites.

So who are they polling? Core Democratic groups like minorities,
young voters, and college-educated whites still support the law and these
Americans are overwhelmingly against repeal.

Joining me now our Rapid Response Panel, Bob Shrum, Democratic
Strategist and Professor in NYU, and Eugene Robinson of the Washington
Post, Pulitzer Price-winning journalist.

All right gentlemen, I got another poll number for you. According to
ABC News, Wall Street or ABC News -- Washington Post poll -- excuse me, 57
percent of Americans opposed the Affordable Care Act.

The National Journal poll show that 52 percent with a negative
assessment of the law. Gentlemen, let`s start with you Mr. Shrum. Do you
think that the media coverage has had an affect on this and on these

BOB SHRUM, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Oh sure I do in this segment who
showed at the beginning of this were ridiculous for the most part, people
were just asserting things. They weren`t explaining anything and for
Howard Kurtz to compare this to Katrina where so many people lost their
lives, where the City of New Orleans was devastated. It just obscene,
maybe borrow the line from somebody else.

Look, what`s happening here is that the press curve is behind what I
think the reality curve is. In states that have exchanges, you`re seeing
enrollment surging far faster than they surge for example in Massachusetts
when RomneyCare was established which is after all very much to model for

Secondly, and it`s a little noted statistic today, 90 percent of the
people who first went to and where couldn`t get through and
who received notices from the government and went back are now getting
through, getting to sign up, getting the kind of coverage they need and
getting coverage at pretty good prices.

What happens today in the polls isn`t what matters. What matters is
what happened six months and a year from now when this system in is in
effect and people are getting coverage.

SCHULTZ: Eugene Robinson, what`s the remedy here Bob Shrum, two
points did some very significant things that are happening the polling
numbers are what they are, but do the Democrats in your opinion, Eugene
Robinson. Do they have to get out and tell more positive stories of things
that are happening? What do you think?

is keep calm, carry on, and fix the website. That has to be done. Now,
yes, Democrats should come -- should be out there with the positive stories
about what`s happening in the states that have their own exchanges. What`s
happening with the even the problematic website which is getting better and

But the most important thing as Bob said is the poll that`s going to
be taken months from now and the election was going to happen next year.
If President Obama by the way doesn`t have to face the voters again, but
Democrats do and I think that they`re going to have a lot to write on
because in fact, you ask people do you like ObamaCare? "No." Do you like
keeping your kids on your insurance policy till they`re 26? "Well, yeah, I
like that." Do you like the fact that the medication that you were paying
for you now get free? "Yes, I like that." Do you like that, you know, and
so the specifics of it. People actually like a lot.

SCHULTZ: Now, that sound clip that we played, a montage just moment
ago, the word fraudulent was in there. May we point out and maybe you
gentleman disagree with me that it is fraudulent to tell the American
people that this law is going to be repealed. The President is never going
to sign anything that`s going to repeal ObamaCare or any part of it at all.

The executive risk, the House can vote all the want. Harry Reid is
not going to take it up in the Senate. So, I mean, this is reporting that
is being done on Fox to even lead the American people down the road taking
that this law is going to be repealed is fraudulent. Bob?

SHRUM: Well, listen, Ed, they`d even tried out Pat Buchanan to make a
comparison to the "bay of pigs". I think Pat knows his off-base but this
isn`t fraudulent in the sense that it`s got its problems, just as the Bush
Medicare prescription drug benefit, Ed.

The papers were writing that what a messed up rollout was. I think
inevitably, when you do something this big, you`re going to have a lot of
problems. That said, I wish they have done a much better job of preparing
for this, I wish they had run many more test, they didn`t. That isn`t the
bottom line.

And you know those poll numbers you were siting, a lot depends on
whether you ask people and Gene is right about this whether you approve or
disapprove of the law, whether you approve or disapprove of the features of
the law and most critically, the one you have at the beginning, do you want
to repeal the law. Only 38 percent of the people in that National Journal
poll want to repeal the law.

I guess, Fox has more limited influence than they think they do.

SCHULTZ: Gene Robinson, I referenced this earlier in this broadcast.
I spoke to a lady on my radio show. Today, she called in and said that she
went through the exchange, finally go through and is going to have a $2800
savings on her -- or health insurance premiums for the next year.

Now, if we were to poll and then you gentlemen going to be around for
a long time in polling. If we were to poll the American people, do you
think it`s good to kill a $2800-deal on your insurance. What do you think
the answer would be?

ROBINSON: Well, it kind of obvious what the answer with these are,
maybe, you know -- look the challenge for the Democrats and for the
President is that this is a big new law, right? And it`s about health
insurance, which is a system that was all screwed up to begin with.


ROBINSON: So, every year, before the Affordable Care Act, millions of
people have their policies canceled by the insurance company. So -- But
when that happens now, they start blaming on the Affordable Care Act.

You know, before ObamaCare millions of people had their premiums go up
every year and their benefits go down. And so, if anybody -- if some
subset of people find that happening this year, again, it`s all boiling on
to ObamaCare.


ROBINSON: It does has to settle a bit, I think more people are
balanced are going to find this a really good deal than they`re going to
find in bad deal when in fact they get better insurance.

SCHULTZ: I want to talk about the President for just moment because
what -- at the end of last week, when he came out and met immediate in the
press room there, the briefing room in the White House, he seemed like down
at the mouth. I mean, he seemed -- he didn`t have a good step about him.

I mean, he said we fumbled it. He took full responsibility then he
gets on Air Force One and goes to Ohio and stands in front of steel workers
and says, "I`m going to see these thing through. We`re going to make this
happening." And he says, it`s like a totally different President.

Gene, your thoughts on how it`s being reported and how it`s being
portrayed or is the mainstream media looking for negative angles on

ROBINSON: You think? I think they kind of .

SCHULTS: And is it a bit like in the protest.

ROBINSON: I think it`s kind of kind of grotesque (ph).

Look, you know, all about that whether what I would call the highest
(ph) narrative, right? Where you -- you kind of buzzing around and then
settle on a narrative and go in that direction for awhile. And so, this is
the direction that seems to be self-reinforcing meme in the Washington
media right now. And it will change.

You know why? Because it always changes. So -- And so, any but
people seeing -- that all the reporting simply be focused on that
direction. And so, if you go out everyday and you look for screw-ups,
guess what you`re going to find, you got screw-ups.

SCHULTZ: Bob Shrum, Eugene Robinson, great to have you on this show.

SHRUM: Thanks guys.

SCHULTZ: Thank you so much.

ROBINSON: Great to be here.

SCHULTZ: Coming up, Walmart broke labor laws and retaliated against
workers. Now, it`s got to face the music and the consequences. Stay with


SCHULTZ: Pretenders tonight, health (ph) nut my good old buddy Eric
Bolling. Charles Krauthammer slammed Obama`s Administration over the
health care rollout, Bolling tried to cash in on attacking the comparison
of liberalism to disease?


unraveling, not just the Obama Administration unraveling, not just the
Democratic majority in the Senate, but we could be looking at the collapse
of American liberalism.

ERIC BOLLING: Liberalism, kind of like the cancer doesn`t necessary go
away, maybe goes in remission.


SCHULTZ: What happened to Virginia a couple of weeks ago? What
happened to all those conservatives? Conservatives have a knack for
tasteless comparison lately not only are they inappropriate, they are dead
wrong, liberals fight for health care, income equality and voting rights,
that was our top story tonight.

Conservatives fight for the wealthy. Eric Bolling can keep playing
doctor when he thinks liberals are sick. He can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who take a shower after work, the workers of America.

Walmart workers win one round in their fight for fair working
conditions and a livable wage. The National Labor Relations Board is
pursuing charges against the nation`s largest employer for threatening and
punishing workers who plan to go on strike last year. The NLRB says,
"Walmart stores in more than a dozen states unlawfully threatened,
disciplined, and terminated employees who participated in legal strikes on
Black Friday last year."

These charges come as Walmart announced plans to be open and fully
staffed on Thanksgiving night. Meanwhile, a food drive happening at one
Walmart location in Ohio is raising awareness of the number of workers who
can`t afford Thanksgiving. A former Walmart employee who says, "She was
fired for organizing for better wages" reacted on the food drive on Rachel
Show last night.


they`re asking people -- associates to donate to their own associates, I
mean, this is a multimillion dollar company. What do they want these
associates to donate with, their food stamps?


SCHULTZ: Low paid Walmart workers have had enough, one thing they can
be thankful for is the NLRB is on their side.

Let`s bring in Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films who directed the
2005 documentary, "Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price." Now, we reached
out to Walmart for a statement and here`s what they said to us today, "We
look forward to continuing to with the NLRB in using this opportunity to
shed light on the facts. Our focus is on serving our customers and
continuing to provide opportunity for our associates. We`re ready to have
our best Black Friday ever and are on track to promote 160,000 associates."

Robert, what`s your reaction to what Walmart is reacting to by the
decision of the NLRB?

they`re trying obviously, Ed they`re trying to spin as best they can. But,
you know, this is really a historic decision. It`s a very important moment
where the NLRB is standing up for these very brave workers. I mean, can
you imagine having a Walmart job scraping by and yet willing to go out and
strike and risk what you have in order to take on, the largest company in
the United States in terms of employees.

So it`s a turning point and I think it`s the beginning of something
very important and hopefully, this Friday all of the listeners, all of the
viewers will get out there and join these workers.

SCHULTZ: Is this going to motivate Walmart workers to do more
strikes. I mean, do they or I mean, do you think that the movement within
the employment force nationwide is going to respond to this.

GREENWALD: Well, I think it will certainly encourage them, Ed, I mean
when I interviewed many of these workers back when I did the film years
ago, you know, they were isolated. They were alone and what the folks
said, "Our Walmart have done so wonderfully bring them together, provide
unity, provide support and help these strikes, help these actions, and on
black Friday say, no more, we`re going to get out there and we`re going to
support these people who are putting everything on the line.

SCHULTZ: Your documentary holds very true to this day. The High Cost
of Low Price, capsulate it for us.

GREENWALD: Well, we`re all paying for the low prices, Ed we`re paying
for it in social dollars and we`re paying for it in actual dollars. The
number of Walmart employees who had to get government assistance because
they`re paid so little. The number of tax breaks that Walmart gets, the
number of tax breaks that the Walton family gets. Many have called them
the greediest family in the world.

SCHULTZ: Are they?

GREENWALD: In the world. Well, I defy anyone to come up with an
alternative and if they do, I suggest we have a contest, Ed. They tweet
you, they said it to your Twitter and mine and tell us who is greedier than
the Walton family.

SCHULTZ: Couldn`t they afford -- I mean, to do more for the workers
to be the gold standard in every community that everybody wants to works
there because it`s so good. And they just continue to get away. I mean,
they have a historic decision by the NLRB saying that they intimidated
workers or is that going to hurt them in the sales arena?

GREENWALD: Well, I don`t know if they will hurt them in the sales
arena, but I think you`re making an important point. Look, this is a
company that made $15 billion in profit, $15 billion that`s an enormous
amount of money. Again, think of what could be done with that. Think of
the rate wages, think of the raises they could provide to people and still
be profitable.

But unfortunately built in to the DNA of this company and the Walton
family .


GREENWALD: . is greed, greed, and more greed.

SCHULTZ: Pretty much speaks volumes that they are having the Walmart
in Ohio holding a food drive for its own employees. What`s your reaction
of that?

GREENWALD: Well, it`s tragic and yet it`s almost unbelievable and yet
it`s not. Again, people are working, remember these are people who are
working and they don`t pay them enough to get buy on.


GREENWALD: That is disgusting and that`s what Black Friday will be
about calling this out.

SCHULTZ: Does it open the door for another documentary from Brave New
Films with this decision. I mean, seriously, this is another big chapter
moving forward with workers in this country.

GREENWALD: Well, I think the NLRB is a big chopper, and again, Ed
it`s very important to call attention to what our Walmart is doing because
they`re bringing workers together and that`s really new, and workers are
saying, "You know, what? This is the only job I have but I`m still going
to strike .


GREENWALD: . because it`s not fair and I need a fair wage from my

SCHULTZ: Robert Greenwald great to have you with us tonight. Brave
new films, I appreciate your time. That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.
Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening


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