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Tip of the day: How to create a group

Tips to make you a whiz on the new how to create a group?
/ Source: MSNBC TV

Tips to make you a whiz on the new how to create a group?

The new feature we’re most excited about are the Groups, show or issue-related spaces where you can discuss stories with other people who share your interests. Not only can you join a group but you can also create a group. As long as the name and intent of the Group doesn’t violate the Community Rules, we welcome you to create any Group that revolves around a particular interest or issue. Once you’re a part of a Group, you can share stories and videos to kick off debates—it’s like your own homepage with your fellow msnbc friends. So let’s get started.

  • Fill out the Group’s profile information. The only fields that are required are Display name and Domain name. Here’s how it breaks down:

Display name: This will appear at the top of your profile and
anywhere the goup appears on the site. 

Domain name: The group URL that will be created
and can be shared externally

One line description: This should be the most succinct and
active description to capture people’s attention. 35 characters
or less is suggested.

Group description: A few more sentences that provide
background about the group’s purpose. 140 characters or less is suggested.

Add an email: This is the email address you can include if you want people to reach out to you. 

Issues/Sub-issues: These are the issues that will be associated
with the group. This comes into play when a
user goes to the JOIN IN section and asks to be connected
to member groups and can select the specific issues/
sub-issues. You’re not locked into these three issues/subissues
and can change them as often as you’d like.

Shows/Show: An optional field that displays the group’s
msnbc interests but has no additional impact on your
site experience.

People: An optional field that displays the group’s
msnbc host and contributor interests.

Open/Gated: We recommend you keep your group open,
but it’s your choice if you want to approve each member who
asks to be a follower. The site will be heavily monitored for
trolls and violations of the code of conduct.
As an admin of your group, you can make updates to the
activist group page at any time.

Once you’ve filled in the information, hit create group and get started!