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Limbaugh still confused by contraception

The far-right radio host keeps going after birth control in a way that suggests he has no idea what he's talking about.
/ Source: MSNBC TV

The far-right radio host keeps going after birth control in a way that suggests he has no idea what he's talking about.

Back in August 2012, Rachel explained, “Apparently nobody ever explained to [Rush Limbaugh] how birth control works.” Over a year later, the radio host’s contraception confusion seems to be getting worse.
The most obvious example of this came when Limbaugh went after Sandra Fluke, arguing, “The women in her law school program are having so much sex, they are going broke buying birth control pills.” In the radio host’s mind, women apparently are supposed to take birth control pills with every sexual experience. (Note: that’s not how birth control works.)
More recently, Limbaugh told his audience that contraception access is for those who “like being promiscuous” and “like being a prostitute.”
Yesterday, Limbaugh made matters worse. You may have seen reports that some researchers believe a version of Plan B emergency contraception may be less effective for women over 165 pounds. As Samantha Wyatt noted, this led the radio host to an odd conclusion:

“Now we have learned that American women, 166 pounds and up, the Plan B pill doesn’t work. What will their option be? 166, 170 pound woman, pregnant, she wants to go ahead and get her morning-after pill, and then she’s told, ‘Sorry, you’re too big. You’re too heavy. It won’t work.’ What are her options? Well, she can either go on a diet, or she can get an abortion.”

This just doesn’t make any sense. To hear Limbaugh tell it, pregnant women seek emergency contraception, but that’s plainly wrong – the point of emergency contraception is to prevent pregnancy. It’s why it’s called “emergency contraception.”
The radio host went on to tell his audience, “So what are the possibilities that Planned Parenthood injected some kind of a germ into these pills to make them not work on women over 166 pounds? I like putting my own conspiracy theories out there just to toy with people.”
Contraception really isn’t that complicated, and yet, Limbaugh continues to say things that suggest he doesn’t understand birth control at all. I’m sure if he asked nicely, Planned Parenthood could send him some brochures that would help him with the basics?