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Hunting online for a husband

Like many of 20-somethings in the dating world, Blaire Allison is suffering from frustration. "I'm just not meeting him, you know?" she says.

So, at 26, the self-proclaimed “love guru” is taking her love life into her own hands.  Determined to be engaged by December 2004, Blaire launched a website “Do you know my husband?” to open her search for “the one” to the mass market and maybe speed it up a bit.

"It's tough," says Allison in an interview with MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. "There are more singles than ever and no one is meeting anyone.  I think a lot of people out there are just kind of fed up.  They don‘t know what to do."

So her webpage leaves no stone unturned.  It includes a description of her “future husband” (must be between the ages of 25-32 tall, Jewish, and athletic).  She gives a complete statistical description of herself and a Internet diary describing her search as well as a “Countdown to Engagement” clock. 

There are also pictures and commentaries about the men she's met since the site was conceived, comically entitled, “Not My Husband.” There's even a poll to see if the readers agree with her choices.

In the two weeks since her site's been up, she's been only been on one date. Web visitors are currently voting on the new "man of the week." "He seems to be doing pretty well in the polls," she says. 

Allison shouldn't have any problem dating: Aside from being attractive, she was also once employed as a matchmaker for a show on Warner Brothers TV. She also works as a dating coach. On her other website, she offers to "teach, encourage, and support... in the game of love."

A native of Bergen County, NJ and a graduate of the University of Miami, Allison's site has gained some press attention.  Her story was featured recently in "The New York Times" and she's overrun with messages from potential husbands and daily well-wishes. 

With all this publicity, will Allison be able to find “the one” by December? 

This was the No. 2 story on Wednesday's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." The show