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A. J.'s summer school: Barometer

WSAZ Meteorologist Adam Joseph begins a weekly summer series show your families how to build simple weather tools that really work!
/ Source: WSAZ-TV

Welcome to A.J.'s Summer School. Each week I'll show you easy weather projects you and your family can put together at home.

This week we will build a Barometer.

A Barometer measures air pressure.Have you ever heard your grandmother or grandfather complain their joints hurt? If the weather is about to change they may be right. Air pressure increases, decreases, or stays the same from day-to-day.

If a cold front is about to move through the pressure or barometer will fall or decrease. After the front moves through and the rain or snow stops, the pressure, measured on the barometer will increase and sunny weather will return. Click on this link for simple directions on how to build your own barometer.

Try it and then send me an e-mail and tell me how it came out.Take some pictures of you and your barometer and send those as well!

Be sure to check back next week when we will build an Anemometer.Also known as a wind gauge.

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Join me next Tuesday for A.J.'s Summer School