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The Ed Show for Friday, January 24th, 2014

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January 24, 2014

Guests: Bernard Sanders, Lizz Winstead, Mike Papantonio, Holland Cooke,
Sand Rios, Larry Cohen



enough to be the party that shows up once every four years and five months
before an election. The truth is this work is never done. This issue of
income inequality .

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Income inequality. For many years, a central
theme on this Ed Show .

PRIEBUS: When the federal government tries to equalize outcomes we`re all
going to end up equally worse off.
SCHULTZ: The red liners, the vultures they`re just rolling.

PRIEBUS: When the federal government tries to equalize outcomes .

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 1797, have built to provide for the extension of
certain unemployment benefits.

PRIEBUS: We`re all going to end up equally worse off.

SCHULTZ: The clock is ticking. People got bills to pay.

PRIEBUS: As a party, we believe it`s wrong for anyone to be overlooked or
taken for granted in our political process.

SCHULTZ: A lot of House Republicans are opposed to the unemployment

PRIEBUS: Overlooked or taken for granted.

not the expert.

PRIEBUS: Even a simple act can send an important message.

SCHULTZ: The Republicans have thrown unemployed Americans under the bus.

PRIEBUS: We must all be very conscious of tone.

REP. PAUL RYAN, (R) WISCONSIN: The net majority of Americans are takers
not makers.

PRIEBUS: Tone. Tone and choice of word .

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: It does provide some disincentive to work.

PRIEBUS: We`re all going to end up equally worse off.

BOEHNER: No. No. No. No hold on.

PRIEBUS: That`s the new norm at the Republican National Committee.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for listening.

Interesting that the Republicans all of a sudden are talking about tone.

Tell me what kind of tone do you want an unemployed American to have when
their job has been shipped overseas? Tell us Reince, what kind of tone do
you want people to have when the bills come in and they have no resources
to pay them?

We start this show tonight with a brand new number. A number that every
American should be paying attention to because the numbers are mounting,
1.6 million. As of today, the number of Americans who have lost their
unemployment insurance has now risen to that number, 1.6 million. And of
course the number is growing day by day. And by the end of this year 2014,
it`s estimated that this number could be 4.9 million people.

What kind of tone do you want them to have Republicans? And of course,
make no mistake extending unemployment insurance is the first step, the
first step to fix income inequality in this country because it will affect
the economy right away.

This is why President Obama will stress the importance of the unemployment
extension in the State of the Union Address coming up on Tuesday which is
why I will attend.

Now, on the flipside, Republicans really have done absolutely nothing to
help the unemployed other than to coach them on what their tone should be.
They had been very clear on this position time and time again. Many
Republicans like Rand Paul think that unemployment makes people lazy to the
point where they don`t even look for work anymore, they`re done with it.
They`re dead wrong and they don`t have the facts.

Earlier today, RNC Chair Reince Priebus spoke about income inequality, it
just -- it was hard for him to spit it out but it`s there. He thinks
government assistance like unemployment insurance hurts people.


PRIEBUS: The president is now preparing speeches on income inequality. I
believe he should give those speeches while standing in front of the mirror
because under his watch, everything has gotten worse. He should talk to
himself because poverty is worse. Food stamp dependency is worse and more
people had given up looking for work under Barack Obama`s watch than
anytime that I can remember. When the federal government tries equalize
outcomes we`re all going to end up equally worse off.


SCHULTZ: Over six million jobs created under the administration of Barack
Obama in 47 months of private sector job growth. I just thought I`d throw
those in there with no Republican help.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are on the complete opposite page from where
you`re going to find the Republicans and they`re doing everything they
possibly can in their power to get an extension. But the mistake they made
as I mentioned the other day is they were trusting Republicans.

Today, Democrats made the move to make an impact. They held a national
conference call to highlight the growing number of unemployed Americans.
They also launched a tweet storm on Twitter shortly after 1 o`clock this
afternoon to raise awareness about the unemployment extension. They want
to pressure Republicans into working with them on an unemployment

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement today saying,
"While House Republicans have ignored their plight by recessing without
addressing this emergency, we think it`s important that the House Democrats
take action to amplify this critical issue."

Who could ever disagree with that? I couldn`t agree more. And these new
numbers, these new numbers that are out reveal that the American people are
siding with the Democrats on this issue. Even the new Fox News Poll shows
68 percent of Americans think unemployment insurance should last at least a
year or longer.

Now, the American people what it boils down to is that they want an
extension for unemployed Americans, the president wants an extension for
unemployed Americans, the Democrats want an extension for unemployed
Americans. Republicans are the only ones that are stopping an extension
from happening in the halls of Congress.

No one`s lifestyle in the top two percent will change whatsoever, nobody`s
going to get taxed anymore, no one`s going to have money taken away from
them. The wealthiest Americans are going to live just the same tomorrow as
they did today or yesterday if we do this for the American people. These
are special circumstances. We are still in the recovery mode.

Recovery. Do you think that Republicans really want a recovery before the
midterms? Do you really think they want this economy rolling? Do you
really think they want another nine months of private sector job growth
headed on to the 47 months going into the midterm?

They don`t want any of that. They`re trying to butcher this economy.
That`s what they`re trying to do. They`re trying to torpedo in anyway they
possibly can. They`re trying to bring as much anguish as they can on
Americans so they can blame the Democrats and blame President Obama. He`s
the failure, right?

In the meantime, I find it hilarious that the Republicans are now coaching
the unemployed in this country on what their tone should be.

Their tone should be one of tremendous anger I think because there have
been nothing but concrete walls put in front of the Democrats and this
president trying to move this economy forward. The Republicans have been a
no show. The Republicans are even scheduling more vacations for 2014. It
is terribly unfortunate.

So now, coming up on Tuesday night, the president of the United States will
have arguably his biggest platform of the year in the State of the Union
Address. He says it`s income inequality. This is fantastic.

This will help focus the country on something we`ve talked about on this
program for years. It is a growing income gap in America that must be
addressed and it all starts with trade agreements, and then it goes to
collective bargaining, and then it goes to taxation where money is sitting
offshore, and corporations aren`t paying their fair share, and corporations
I must add will be no less profitable. No less profitable. The three-
quarters are the ones that are paying their taxes if the rest of them do
their fair share.

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think tonight`s question.
"Do Republicans have anything but spin on income and inequality?" Text A
for Yes, text B for No to 67622, you can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

For more, let`s bring in Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Independent.
Senator, good to have you with us tonight.

You have .

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: . we`ve been on this topic on this program numerous times and now
finally the president of the United States is going to make this a central
theme in the State of the Union. Senator, what kind of an impact can this

SANDERS: I think it`s going to be huge. Ed, let me bore the listeners and
the viewers with some facts.

Today, the top one percent owns 38 percent of the financial wealth of
America. The bottom 60 percent own all of 2.3 percent of the wealth. One
family, the Walton family owns more wealth than the bottom 40 percent. In
recent years, 95 percent of all new income has gone to the top one percent.

Clearly, the president has got to layout a series of proposals which says,
"You know what? We got to pay attention to the working families of this
country. We`ve got to address the crisis of unemployment which means
extending unemployment benefits, which means raising the minimum wage,
which means creating a jobs program which deals with the fact that 20
percent of our young people are unemployed and it means paying attention so
the government represents all of us and not just the Koch brothers and big
campaign contributors."

SCHULTZ: What is the mission of the Republicans, Senator, at this point?
They won`t do anything on jobs, they won`t do anything on unemployment
extension. What are they for? I mean they always talk about what they`re
against but they never say what they`re for .

SANDERS: This is what they`re for. Well they do, Ed. I mean if you look
at what the Koch brothers and the other extreme Right Wingers are about,
this is what they`re about. They`re about a society in which programs like
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, federal aid to education, a minimum
wage the concept of the minimum wage disappears. And if you can hire
somebody for three bucks an hour from the Koch brother`s perspective and
for the perspective of most Republicans, that`s just fine.

They want to move us, Ed, and we should be very clear about this. Into an
oligarchic form of society where all of the rights that we have fought for,
for the last 80 years, to protect the sick, the working families, the
elderly, the children, the poor, all of those are pushed aside, and you are
out there on your own. So if you are unemployed right now for seven
months, and you have nothing at all, they`re not going to extend your
unemployment benefits.

If you are tying to feed your family on food stamps they`re going to cut
your food stamps. If most of your income comes in by Social Security, they
want to cut Social Security eventually privatize it. They want to
transform Medicare into a voucher program. So these are very .


SANDERS: . very radical people who want to undo what people have fought
for over 80 years in this country.

SCHULTZ: Well I think the President is going to have to lay it out about
what he`s up against. What the American people are up against, this
ideology that you`re talking about. This obstruction and what they are for
and what they are against based on their record.

But moving it forward, I think the President is going to have to get
extremely detailed on some of the numbers that you have put out there to
make the case because this maybe a year where there`s absolutely nothing
gained legislatively.

So the only thing the president can do as I see it, Senator, is to go out
and win the crowd. Go out and win the people to the point where more
Americans will side with him that maybe it will shake the Republicans into
doing something before the midterm and of course we got a long way to go
before that. But what can be accomplished in the State of the Union
Address in your opinion?

SANDERS: I think what the President has got to do is make the people
understand what this Right Wing extremist ideology is about. And if he is
successful and we are all successful in doing that, the end result is
you`re going to have maybe 10, 15, 20 percent of the people who believe we
should get tax breaks to billionaires and cut Social Security or not raise
the minimum wage. That`s where we got a handful of people, our job is to
make it clear what the Republicans stand for, the obstruction is the role
that they are playing and to rally the American people around an agenda
which speaks to the crisis facing working families in our country.

And you know what the issues are? We`ve got to raise the minimum wage, we
got to extend long-term unemployment, we need a jobs program, we protect
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, we think long and hard about
extending this TPP trade agreement which is not going to be good for
working families. We have an agenda, let`s get it out there.

SCHULTZ: Senator, when is it time to tell these unemployed Americans, the
1.6 million people who have lost their unemployment benefits. There`s a
real possibility there`s not going to be any extension and it`s now etched
in stone this is how many weeks you`re going to get and it`s not going to
go any - are we close to that point when even though you got 69 percent of
the American people think that the unemployment insurance should last at
least a year or longer. When do you tell those folks this probably isn`t
going to happen?

SANDERS: Well I think, Ed, what our job is now is to rally the American
people to give the Republicans an offer that they can`t refuse. And that
is if they continue to stand with the wealthy and the big money interest
against working families in terms of extending unemployment benefits, in
terms of raising the minimum wage, in terms of a jobs program, if we are
strong in organizing and educating, the Republicans have a choice either
they`re going to start doing the right thing or they`re going to lose
control over the House.

SCHULTZ: We can only hope. Senator Bernie Sanders, great to have you with
us tonight. I appreciate your time. Thanks for joining us on the program,
thank you sir.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share you thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook. We want
to know what you think.

Coming up, John Boehner admits that he won`t give up lying for the White
House, not that anybody wants him to.

Plus, Mike Huckabee exposes his distorted views on women and healthcare.
An outrage. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders. Ed Show social media nation has
decided and we are reporting.

Here are today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


BOEHNER: It`s hard running for office when people can`t say your name.
But thank God, my name wasn`t Weiner.

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, Johnny on the spot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you ever think of running for president?



SCHULTZ: John Boehner says vices will keep him from a presidential run.

BOEHNER: I like to play golf.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, watch this drive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do drink red wine.


BOEHNER: And I was smoking a cigarette.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A love smoking. It`s my hobby.

BOEHNER: And I`m not giving that up to be the president of United States.


SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, classy act.

REP. MARTIN O`MALLEY, (D). OF MARYLAND: This is the future that remains to
be one and it will be one conclusion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what does that mean? To end the show?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anything you put on this prompter Burgundy will read.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And when I say anything I mean anything.

SCHULTZ: Maryland Governor Martin O`Malley channels Ron Burgundy.


O`MALLEY: We are standing on the threshold of a new era on American

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, hoxter.

insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless
without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each
month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their
reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.

SCHULTZ: Mike Huckabee`s libido comment is a major turn-off.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sounds offensive to me and to women.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The way he describes Democrat`s action is not the way
that we would have probably describe him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s not just that the word choice was wrong. It`s
that his whole belief and his premise about women`s health and women`s
reproductive rights is wrong.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would not have talk about that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To suggest that women are lewd and lascivious and
can`t control their libidos is extremely threatening.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Author and Comedian Lizz Winstead who has
been a very string activist coast to coast on women`s issues. Lizz, good
to have you with us to night.


SCHULTZ: About the time you think the Republicans have said everything
they come out with something that is just totally outrageous, from uncle
Sugar to the Democrats insulting new and other women across the country.
What is Huckabee`s comments say about the party`s view of women?

WINSTEAD: Well it said so much because just a little recap of the week,
you know, Dick Black who is running for the Virginia Congress, who is the
guy who said that he thought it should be legal to rape your wife because
she was laying next to you wearing a nightie had to dropout of the Virginia

And then we find out that, you know, Steve Pearce, a Congressman whose book
just came out, who talks about the fact that, you know, women should
succumb to their husbands. Literally yesterday that story broke about an
hour before Huckabee comes out and says, "It felt like this very rehearsed

And the unmitigated goal to not extend unemployment to when there is a job
that pays a wages to a woman. It`s less than a man gets paid to then force
women to have children when they can`t afford it because apparently they
don`t know how to make their own decisions. And then to blame that on
their libidos?. I mean it`s really unbelievable, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Yes it is. All the way to the point that RNC Chair Reince
Priebus and even some other Republicans have distancing themselves from
Huckabee`s comment. But do they disagree with the message that he was
trying to send and I think after all of the things that have happened I
guess we`re out of point. Now, we really don`t know .

WINSTEAD: Well when .

SCHULTZ: . just because their distancing themselves doesn`t mean that they
don`t think it, what do you think?

WINSTEAD: Well, I think that`s right and when you heard the way that they
distance themselves it wasn`t like I wholly disregard that. I may disagree
with the Democratic platform but that`s an absurd thing to say. The things
I kept hearing was, well I wouldn`t have said it that way or, you know, I
understand his point. What was his point? I don`t understand his point.
I don`t understand, you know, the Republican Party comes from sort of a
different philosophical point.

I mean lets remember that when Mike Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas, a
piece of legislation that he passed was covenant marriage which means that
you actually allow the government. You enter into a marriage and then the
government makes it really, really hard for you to get divorced and so for
the party of .


WINSTEAD: . big government to say, "We want to actually add this extra
step into marriage and put government into marriage." I mean it`s so
interesting to me how they don`t want government into helping people get a
leg up and achieve the American dream. But when it comes to anything that
has to do with our privacy, our health they are just inserting themselves
and upon intended all the time.

SCHULTZ: All the time. This comment "Uncle Sugar". I got a few phone
calls on the radio show today. People talk that was very racist but that
too is another angle we`ll leave alone tonight, but .

WINSTEAD: Uncle Sugar, I mean .

SCHULTZ: I don`t if it`s (inaudible) learn anything.


SCHULTZ: Go ahead.

WINSTEAD: The Uncle Sugar thing to me -- I mean the most laughable thing
of all is that the very first piece of legislation that our Democratic
president passed was the .


LIZZ WINSTEAD: . Lily Ledbetter our Uncle Sugar asked (ph)?

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

WINSTEAD: No, I don`t think so.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Yeah. Mike Huckabee isn`t backing down from his comments
either. In fact, he`s trying to fund race of off them saying in e-mail to
supporters, "Guess what liberals? If you can`t stand to look at yourself
in the mirror then get ready for more of this talk, because Conservatives
are going to continue to fight back against your destructive policies
towards women and families."

What is -- what`s he talking about? What destructive policy where they
want to insert themselves in your private life?

WINSTEAD: Well that`s the part that crazy, Ed is that we hear again and
again and again about women and our libidos. And you want to know what
women who need birth control? Are not having sex by themselves. It`s .


WINSTEAD: . you have sex with someone else and then one of those people is
the person that gets pregnant. It`s called science.

And so if the entire population of heterosexual people and people who have
sex with people who can get pregnant are getting pregnant. If you make
sure that if they don`t want to have kids that you can make that happen.
It`s an economic issue. Its part of society, you know. We would have so
many more children on this planet if couples did not use birth control.
Its part of our .


WINSTEAD: . sexual heath. And you want to know what Ed? We live in a
country where sex is OK. And people like it.


WINSTEAD: And they try to shame us into feeling like if you enjoy your sex
life, you want to have a healthy sex life, you want to make some decisions
about your sex life where you say, "I think I know when it`s right for me.
If it`s right for me to have kids." And that you`re demonized? Every time
a woman turns around, there is somebody making her feel like garbage for
embracing her sexual self. And I got .


WINSTEAD: . and I got to tell you what, we`re tired of it.

SCHULTZ: Lizz Winstead, always great to have you on the Ed Show.

WINSTEAD: Thanks, Ed.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time tonight. And thanks for all your activist
work that you`re doing around the country.


SCHULTZ: Thanks so much.

Coming up, two Republican golden voice are casting some new dark shadows.
The Rapid Response Panel weighs in on that.

Plus, the state of workers in the State of the Union. We`re talking trade
and American jobs in the Punch Out.

But next, I`m taking your questions. Ask Ed Live coming up right here on
the Ed Show on MSNBC. We`ll right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our viewers.
Couple of interesting questions tonight in our Ask Ed segment.

Our first question comes from a Twitter user who goes by the handle, I`m a
reader. If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Interesting question.

Well, I`d like to meet my maker. I like to meet Jesus because then I could
tell the Republican if he was dark-skinned or not.

But I want to answer that question again. My dad died in 1992and my mom
died in 2002. And sometimes I think I just give anything top go out to
dinner with them just one more time.

Our next question is from Jenny. What did you witness in your life to make
you so fired up?

I don`t really know. I guess I`ve always been somebody that has been
opinionated, someone who was always wanted to, you know, I`ve always wanted
to speak my peace, always wanted to be heard even when I was a little curly
haired, red headed kid. I was always the loudest one in the bunch.

But I believe I`m about justice and justice in my job, in radio and
television. And I think our show was about the injustices that that are
played out in society and what is justice and somewhere in there we have to
define it.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel coming up next here on the Ed Show.

MANDY DRURY, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Mandy Drury with your CNBC Market

Global growth stories (ph) slamming stocks today. The Dow plummeting by
318 points, the S and P moving 38, and the NASDAQ dropping by 90.

Well today, still off helping lead the Dow to its worst week since November
of 2011 and back below the 16,000 mark.

However, Procter and Gamble was a bright spot in an otherwise negative
market. The household products make a posted profit that beat it (ph).
And the most of all, sales came in in line with expectations. Shares grows
more than one percent.

And that`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide. Have a great weekend


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. You know, things just keep getting
worst to this wonderful class of Republicans that joined the country in

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Former Virginia Governor, Bob
McDonnell were once considered the GOP`s most likely to succeed.

Well now, they`re dealing with their own federal investigations.

Earlier today, Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, appeared in a court and
pleaded not guilty to federal charges. They traded political influence for
at least $165,000 and gifts and loans. McDonnell and his wife were both
released on their own recognizance and ordered to stay in the country until
their trial is set for July 28th.

Governor Christie has his own set of problems. There are currently two
investigations looking into Bridgegate with an option for a third.

US attorney`s office in New Jersey has also launched an investigation
looking into accusations. The Christie administration withheld Hurricane
Sandy relief money in Hoboken, New Jersey.

There is another mayor now who is speaking out. Mayor Chris Bollwage of
Elizabeth, New Jersey is accusing Christie`s administration of closing the
city`s DMV office in 2010 because he and local Democrats opposed Christie`s
legislative efforts.

I tell you what. When the locust come, they eat everything, don`t they?

The media once held these men up as just real evidence of Republican
momentum. Whatever the outcome of this investigations, it`s going to be
hard to regain the publics trust for either one of these guys.

Joining me now, our Rapid Response Panel, Ring of Fire Radio Host and
Attorney Mike Papantonio with us tonight, and also Talk Radio and Media
Consultant Holland Cooke. Gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight on
this Friday. There`s a lot to unpack here legally all of a sudden.

Doggone at those Republicans are keeping it interesting, aren`t they?

Mike, you first. From a serious legal perspective, how much trouble could
Christie actually be in?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST"RING OF FIRE RADIO": I think it continues to grow
day by day. People are empowered right now. They feel like they`re not
afraid to talk and when people aren`t afraid to talk people come forward
and new stories develop almost daily as we see happening right now.

I already think probably there`s been some people that have engaged in
things like obstruction of justice interfering with the police

Those people are already -- you`re already hearing that they may come
forward, they may talk. When they start talking I think it`s over for this
political mobster Chris Christie. You can`t keep these people silent. I
think they`re already afraid. They`ve already lawyered up. If they
haven`t, they need to.

SCHULTZ: From a media perspective, Holland, how has Christie handled this?
Of course he had the big press conference for a couple of hours. But ever
since and the of course and he had the inaugural speech, but there were a
lot of comments about it. He just didn`t seem like himself. How is he
playing this? What`s his next best move?

HOLLAND COOKE, TALK RADIO CONSULTANT: From a media relation standpoint,
the big long news conference was good. Let them ask questions until they
ran out of gas. And then lie-low seem responsive. He went and visited the
mayor, although the mayor tried to wave him off. This Hoboken thing is
much nearer the beginning than the end of the story.

But this is a problem for the GOP and this is a problem for America.

I looked up that growth and opportunity project. You remember that big
research that Republicans did after 2012? Even they called that the
autopsy report, the first sentenced in the introduction, the GOP today is a
tail of two parties. The gubernatorial wing is growing and successful, the
federal wing is increasingly marginalizing itself, the governors with their

Innocent until proven guilty, but what you said at the beginning these were
two shining stars who are now tainted. You know, perhaps the lawyer I`m
into the message. People believe what they want to believe and there`s
going to be depositions, there`s a big document dump, people will be
immunized, they`ll be testifying under oath let the chips fall as they may.

But we`ve already reinforced an unfortunate stereotype. It`s like American
Hustle. There`s inscribed Rolex watches. There are loans from companies
trying to do business in the state. The governor lieutenants are mucking
up traffic near a billion dollar development. It just doesn`t pass the
smell test.

SCHULTZ: Yeah, no question about it. Mike Papantonio, Mike, Christie`s
aide Brigitte Kelly, who`s at the center of this fire storm hired a new
high powered attorney. What do you make of that? What did the first guy
do wrong? What can we speculate?

I mean she claims she`s telling the truth and that all of this is going to
get cleared up, but yet all of a sudden she is changing teams.

PAPANTONIO: Well, you`re going to see a lot of that, because you`re going
to see attorneys coming and take a look at this, some of them are going to
say -- they`re going to say they have conflicts with other people. They`re
going to get political pressure to step aside.

Look, the most telling thing about this whole Christie story is you have a
mayor saying, "You know what? I`m willing to take a lie detector test if
you don`t believe what this governor did to our city. I`m willing to take
a lie detector test." Secondly, "I`m willing to plead under oath that
everything I`m saying is true." And then she said the most important
words, Ed, you know, what they were? "How about you Mr. Governor? Will
you agree to a lie detector test? Will you agree to doing this under

But lawyers right now are trying to figure out, you know, when somebody
comes to them, do they have a conflict down the road, do they have
potential conflict to where they may want to be representing some of the
bigger fish?

You`re going to see this scramble taking place right up until the day that
court proceedings start taking place. But I got to assure you, these
people who think they`re safe if I`m advising them, "If you think you are
part of the low hanging fruit, and you think you`re safe because you think
you can stand behind the power of this governor? Understand this
governor`s power may disappear tomorrow. And you maybe stuck holding the
bag thinking that you`re protecting something that`s not worth protecting."
If I`m sitting in office with -- that`s what I`d be saying to him.

SCHULTZ: Holland Cooke, who are the allies for these guys? How is this
playing out on Right Wing radio across America?

COOKE: Well, before they even get to the general public you got the
governor`s wife saying, "I didn`t know what he was doing". You got the
governor saying, "I didn`t what she was doing". So even in the inner
circle there`s a little he said she said going on.

The interest in this story seems to be geographical. The further you get
from the epicenter in either case the more .


COOKE: . it seems like somewhere else. This week`s radio travels took me
to Texas where it was a traffic problem in New Jersey to them. There`s not
much buzz yet about the Virginia situation. Frankly, all I`m hearing is
Justin Bieber. So the story is going to unfold a bit more.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, Christie is the head of Republican Governors
Association. Papi, it was recently down in Florida. I wouldn`t have his
picture taken or it was never arranged for him to be with Rick Scott. Of
course, I don`t think either one of them could use each other right now.

But the point being here is that the head of the Republican Governors
Association is tasked with going around raising money. I mean when does it
get to the point where he`s beyond the point of diminishing returns?

I mean it might be time for a change. It might be a time for Republicans
to step up and say, "You know, Christie you probably shouldn`t have this
position, we can get somebody else to get the job done". When does it
reach that?

PAPANTONIO: Ed, it`s already happening. The party is in a place where
they have to decide between the lunatics or the grifters for party
leadership. On the grifter side you`ve got the Darrell Issa type, you`ve
got best known for stealing cars and possibly burning down buildings for
money. You have Rick Scott you had to plead the Fifth Amendment 78 times
on stealing $1.4 billion. You got David Vitter, the party`s best known
prostitution, John. Now you have Bob McDonnell, their latest presidential
hopeful and a possibly a fraud felon. And then add to that Chris Christie

On the other side between the grifters and the lunatics you`ve got Huckabee
on the lunatic side with Palin, and Cruz, and Jindal, and Rubio that have
to be worried about far more than women`s libidos right now. You have a
part in which .


PAPANTONIO: . is such bad shape right now that they don`t have a
definition, they don`t have a brand.

SCHULTZ: Holland, let`s talk about Mr. Huckabee for just a moment, how
damaging is that to him with women listening to talk radio on America?
How`s that going to be defended?

COOKE: Well, there was the killer sound bite right there. I`m having
flashbacks to these rape comments that we heard a couple a years ago.

What we`re not hearing is also conspicuous is the tremendous double
standard. Right Wing talk radio pounced on the president because he
personally was unaware what an employee in the Cincinnati IRS office was up
to. And now we`re asked to believe that these governor`s didn`t realize
what their spouses or lieutenants were doing that this is the blind spot
that I am not hearing on talk radio.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Mike Papantonio, Holland Cooke great to have you with us
on this Friday evening. Thank you so much for joining us.

Coming up, an outrageous claim about who`s to blame for racism in America.
Pretenders is next. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, race card, Sandy Rios. Conservatives
are finally admitting racism isn`t dead.

Radio talk show host Sandy Rios says bigotry is alive and well, but
African-Americans have only themselves to blame.

SANDY RIOS, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I think the racist garbage coming from
the -- a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and
rage is just amazing to me. It is racism. I am seeing it constantly here
in D.C.

You know, I think -- and it`s causing white citizens to become more racist
than they ever were. But I think for the most part, the American Anglo-
Saxon crew really has moved past racism. They did it quit a long time ago.
I mean they did elect Barack Obama twice.

SCHULTZ: There is entertaining rating for radio for you, don`t you think?

Nothing strengthens an argument like mentioning President Obama`s election.
Rios is just leaving out the marathon lines that people of color
disproportionately faced when casting a ballot in President Obama`s

She also forgot to mention the absurd obstruction the president`s had from
Congress after the last election.

Sandy Rios can say she`s blind to color, but if she thinks we`ll be blind
to the facts, she can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work.

President Obama is preparing for Tuesday night when he`ll deliver his State
of the Union Address to the nation. He`s expected to talk about issues
that we have brought up on this show time and time again and highlighted
for a years.


JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: And he does focus on the essential need
to expand economic opportunity throughout our country, to reward hard work
and responsibility, to move forward with our economic recovery so that our
economy grows faster. It creates more and better jobs. And that we
continue to invest in a way that solidifies an economic foundation for
future economic growth.


SCHULTZ: It may feel like dejavu since President Obama has already used
previous State of the Union speeches to discuss his plans for creating more
jobs in America.

The president wants to raise the minimum wage. Good thing. To help
reverse this growing income gap between the richest and the poorest in our
country. He is right to keep pushing this unfinished business. The
problem is President Obama is on the wrong side of a trade deal which would
prevent all of these things from happening.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will ship jobs overseas. You can count on
it. And we`ll have a major negative impact on the middle class in this
country. But that`s not all.


REP. ROSA DELAURO, (D) CONNECTICUT: We`re looking at the weakening of
financial regulations. We are looking at the weakening of our food safety
supply. A critical issue and it has to do Vietnam and Malaysia.

We`re looking at weakening of environmental loss, and we are going to
potentially cut off access to people in other countries to affordable
drugs. This has a far reaching effect.


SCHULTZ: In the State of the Union Address, the president absolutely needs
to address income inequality, raising the minimum wage, extending
unemployment benefits, no doubt, all good things to bring up when talking
about good paying jobs here in this country.

But he needs to realize none of these things are going to be possible if
the Trans-Pacific Partnership is passed. And it all starts with a stamp of
approval of fast track legislation, Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority.

Not good. We`ve talked about it a lot. But we`re at the 11th hour right
now. And this is a real chance for the president to explain to the country
the upside of all of these. I don`t think he can because there are no
ledgers of positive activity for America when it comes to international
trade deals. There`s no history to back him up.

Larry Cohen is the Communications Director of Workers President of this
country and it`s great to be with us again tonight, the CWA president.

Larry, you testified last Thursday, a week ago yesterday in front of the
Senate Finance Committee. Does that committee from your take watching all
of these unfold? Do they know what their doing? Do they understand the
issue? Do they understand the severity of where we are right now?

of the committee does not in my opinion. I think there are at least six or
seven Democrats who actually do realize that in a nation like ours with the
highest trade deficits of any nation in history, with the kind of job
exporting of the last 20 years since NAFTA which is we just heard a new
frame work that puts investor disputes above the state but it`s our nation
where a state government or a local government that`s trying to regulate
safety, the multinational company, the foreign corporation can trump our
ability to regulate.

Unfortunately, I don`t believe the chairman and the ranking Republican and
any of the Republicans unfortunately do. And the irony, Ed, is that most
Republicans, their own base believe there shouldn`t be fast track and it`d
be steel stick. And if they`re not good for small business, it`s not just
workers and greens .


COHEN: . and consumers, small business gets ruined in these deals as well.

SCHULTZ: Well, that is really something we haven`t touched on. Small
business from a legal standpoint, you`re looking at an average of 500 cases
a year being brought in grievances on international trade policies. How on
the heck are small businesses in this country that work on tight and small
margins going to have the legal prowess to be able to fight on that level
if it`s such a great deal? What about that?

COHEN: Yes. They can. And the lawyers that got hired -- I mean that`s
the part of our economy that expands. $1,000 an hour a lawyers while -- as
you said it`s great that the president talks about maybe a $10 minimum wage
but the workers in this country that make $20 haven`t had a raise in 20
years in real dollar terms largely because of these trade deals.

So whether it`s small business or middle income working people, they need a
raise too. America needs a raise. And the minimum wage we applaud, but we
need to think about how our version of globalization is actually holding us
all back.

SCHULTZ: You think the president is going to talk about the TPP? I mean
if this is such a big deal and he`s so adamantly in favor of it, this would
be the perfect time for the president to in detail spell out to the
American people what`s the upside. What do you think?

COHEN: I think he`ll talk about it. Unfortunately, this is the part of
his administration that deals with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, our own
commerce department. And they will fixate on exports and they will ignore
the fact that the multinational corporations including Honeywell who
testified with me on Thursday, they don`t care where they produce. It`s
about how they maximize profits and that`s OK. That`s what they`re there

But we have to stay focused on the imports and on where our own
multinationals are going to produce and what it means for an American
worker to compete with a Vietnamese worker in manufacturing who if they`re
lucky make 75 cents an hour and has no rights. That`s what this Trans .


COHEN: . Pacific Partnership and fast track are all about.

SCHULTZ: And the other thing is when you hear environmental standards,
we`re talking the oil companies lobbying and engaging. They of course want
to be able to do whatever they want to do to pull that oil out of the
ground. There`s no question about it.

Larry Cohen, thanks to your time tonight. Big speech coming up on Thursday
night. Looking forward to it.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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