Dems announce themes for 2004 convention

The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) unveiled the thematic framework for the 2004 Democratic National Convention, whichwill take place July 26-29 in Boston, MA.

"The 2004 Democratic Convention will tell the life stories of John Kerry and John Edwards to the nation - the story of their lifetime of service to the nation and fight for average Americans, and their vision for a stronger and more secure America," said Governor Bill Richardson, Permanent Chair of the 2004 Convention. "We believe in a nation that is 'Stronger at Home, Respected in the World,' and this Convention will showcase the team that Americans can trust to always be on their side to achieve that goal."

"Throughout his life, John Kerry has answered the call to duty with patriotism and resolve," said Governor Jeanne Shaheen, Chair of Kerry-Edwards for President and a Convention Vice-Chair. "During this Convention, we will tell the story of his lifetime of strength and service and how, with John Edwards, he will put those values to work for all Americans."

Using speakers, videos, and other programmatic elements, organizers will amplify several themes over the course of the four-day Convention.  The following is a partial speakers list:

Monday, July 26: The Kerry-Edwards Plan for America's Future
The opening night of the Convention will highlight the Kerry-Edwards plan to make America strong at home and respected in the world. John Kerry and John Edwards believe that a stronger America begins with a strong economy and a growing middle class, health care that's affordable and available for all, and a  nation that is free and independent of Mideast oil.  John Kerry and John Edwards also know that to be strong at home, America must be respected in the world.  As President and Vice President, John Kerry and John Edwards will strengthen our military and lead strong alliances. 

On Monday, featured speakers will highlight key elements of the Kerry-Edwards optimistic plan for America's future, including:  Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio who will talk about the plan to create new and better jobs at home and a stronger economy for the middle class, Representative Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin who will discuss the plan to create affordable and available health care for all Americans, and Representative Bob Menendez of New Jersey who will discuss the Kerry-Edwards' plans to strengthen America's position in the world.

Former Vice President Gore and Former President Carter will speak Monday as well as Former President Clinton who will outline John Kerry's proven leadership, real experience and optimistic vision to strengthen America.

Tuesday, July 27: A Lifetime of Strength & Service
John Kerry's life reflects strength, character, and sense of duty and honor.  These values reflect the type of leader he has been throughout his life, and will be as President of the United States.

On Tuesday, speakers will talk about John Kerry's lifetime of strength and service.  Speakers including Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, Christie Vilsack of Iowa and Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona will talk about John Kerry and John Edwards service to the nation and fight for average Americans.

Teresa Heinz Kerry will speak Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, July 28: A Stronger More Secure America
John Kerry and John Edwards have the strength of character and toughness to lead America during difficult times and a plan to keep us safe.  They will protect America by building a strong military and strengthening international alliances, and they will protect us at home by improving homeland security and by supporting our police, firefighters and other first responders.  John Kerry and John Edwards know that an America respected in the world is an America safer at home. 

Featured speakers who will highlight the Kerry-Edwards path to a strong and more secure America include: Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico; Mayor Martin O'Malley of Baltimore, Maryland; and Retired Marine Lt. Col. Steve Brozak of New Jersey.

Vice Presidential nominee Senator John Edwards will address the Convention on Wednesday evening.  Elizabeth Edwards will introduce her husband.

Thursday, July 29: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World
On Thursday evening, John Kerry will address the nation.  He will tell the American people that, as president, he will face the nation's  challenges head on and work on behalf of all Americans to build an America that is stronger at home, and respected in the world.  He will also talk about his optimistic vision to build a stronger America, and his commitment to the values that make America great, including working hard and playing by the rules, and strengthening faith, family and freedom throughout our nation. 

Preceding John Kerry and playing an important role will be his Swift Boat Crewmates, who have stood by Kerry for more than 30 years since Kerry lead them through the dangerous waters of Vietnam's Mekong Delta.  Jim Rassman, the Green Beret that John Kerry rescued by pulling him out of a river in Vietnam under enemy fire, will also speak about John Kerry's tested leadership, strength of character and lifetime of service to the nation.  These men will speak to Kerry's ability to lead America during difficult times and to make America stronger at home and respected in the world.

John Kerry's daughters, Alex and Vanessa Kerry and two step sons, Chris and Andre Heinz, will also play a role in Thursday night's program.  They will speak about John Kerry as a father and role model that taught them the importance of serving your country and fighting for the ideals that make this nation great.

The Honorable Max Cleland, one of the men that know John Kerry best,will introduce him on Thursday night.  Senator Cleland will talk about his friend as a commander in chief that has been tested on the battlefield and that can be trusted to lead America to safer and stronger times.

The 2004 Democratic Convention will take place at the FleetCenter in Boston. For regularly updated Convention information visit