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3 Fun Apps That Will Make You Feel Epic

Get a coach, a task master and a personal library on your mobile device.
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Looking around the app stores for your iPhone or Android can feel a little like taking a drink out of a firehose. With so much variety, it can be overwhelming to decide which apps are really worth your time and money.

Sure, there are reviews, but will that app work for your life? Some apps feel like one more thing to keep track of in your already over-tapped schedule. However, the right app in the right hands can streamline your day and make you uber effective. So to help, here are three fun apps that will actually help you be epic in the year ahead:

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: This self-proclaimed life-coach app really is all that. Lift helps you set any kind of goal, track and monitor it and even inspires you along the way. Its tagline is “succeed at everything,” and it certainly feels like that’s possible. The other cool thing about Lift is that it acts like its own mini social media platform, allowing you to get community support from other Lift users as you go for your goals.

When you meet your own pre-set goals, the folks at Lift send out encouraging emails to keep you motivated and going. It’s a cool concept for staying on track with your New Year resolutions (remember those?) in 2014. And while you can’t necessarily put a price on success, this free app to get you there is one to try.

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Need a way to organize that’s easy and convenient? WorkFlowy is a lifesaver. The setup is straightforward and helps you track your overflowing to-do list in a simple, all-in-one spot on your phone. No more post-it notes lying around the office. The app design is clean and simple, organized the same way your brain thinks with lots of lists and sub-bullets that feed into bigger overall tasks or jobs.

There’s no learning curve. If you can read and write, the app is already fully functional for you. With some big name fans already using this “stress less, do more” app such as Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger and Twitter, there are plenty of reasons to download it now. It’s free! Save time and be epic with WorkFlowy.  

: It was only a matter of time before someone thought of an app such as Oyster. This epic app allows you unlimited access to more than 100,000 books from your mobile device for less than $10 a month.

Reading is a huge part of success. It trains your brain to focus, inspires you with ideas, jumpstarts creativity and allows you to learn from others' mistakes. For the same cost as a Netflix membership or a Spotify premium account, you could be cramming some great information into your brain. The selection is vast and representative of all kinds of titles and genres and there’s no limit to the amount of books you can read a month with your app membership. So download Oyster and get reading!

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