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Meditation Isn't Just For Hippies: Here is How it Can Help Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs that are constantly on the go, meditation can help alleviate the pressure and stress of launching and running a company.
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As many successful entrepreneurs know, personal development is the basis to creating the business and lifestyle you want. If you are not removing your limiting beliefs and developing yourself, you are limiting your own growth. What is the best way to improve personal development? Meditation.

For me, meditation changed my direction as an entrepreneur. When I first attempted to become an entrepreneur, I failed to get multiple companies off the ground. Each try I made to “start up,” I would get closer and closer but eventually reach a certain point and fail. At the time, I was lost and confused. I allowed the opinions of others to affect me and, although I was not aware of it, fear had crippled my ability to take action and create the successful venture that, in my mind, I knew I could do.

It wasn't until a trip to India did I learn about how meditation could transform my life. As I began to practice, I became aware of all the things that were holding me back. Upon making these realizations, I began removing and eliminating these limits. Ever since, I have launched multiple businesses and found more success than I previously envisioned. But most of all, I am doing what I love and living the way I choose.

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You might be thinking, “Isn’t meditation just for hippies and monks?” Well, actually, more people meditate than you might think. Many famous individuals are known to regularly practice meditation, including Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, Clint Eastwood and Hugh Jackman, to name just a few.

The reason meditation is so popular amongst successful individuals is it helps release stress, let go of excess thoughts and expand awareness. As you dive deeper into your meditation, you see people, events and circumstances as they really are, not as they are perceived to be. As an entrepreneur, you learn how to turn your failures into successes and how to eliminate the excess baggage in your life.

While every individual experiences meditation in his or her own way, I have a few pieces of advice on how to being meditating. Keep in mind, this practice begins with calming the body, following the breath and centering the mind, allowing for awareness of thoughts to become transparent.

Find a comfortable position. To start off your meditation process, find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lie down. Although the tradition meditation poses, such as legs crossed, are powerful when applied, they are not necessary to begin with.

Follow your breath and observe your thoughts. When you are sitting in a secluded spot, close your eyes. Begin to take slow, deep breaths. As you continue, simply follow your breath -- allow your mind, your thoughts and your feelings to lead you. Do not try to force your thoughts, but rather observe them.

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Be patient. One thing that I constantly hear is that people have a hard time staying patient when they begin meditating. I recommend that the first few times you try meditating, follow along with a guided meditation on Youtube. This will help you get used to the length of each meditation.

Utilize resources. Also, there are several other resources that can help you get started with meditation, including online courses and mobile applications. These will help you begin to feel comfortable in the practice of meditation.

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