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The Ed Show for Friday, April 11th, 2014

April 11, 2014

Guests: John Fugelsang, Lizz Winstead, Mark Pocan, Leo Gerard

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the ED Show
live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, I`m ready to go. Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know longer need a cable subscription for the
privilege of watching Stephen Colbert.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Letterman is out and Colbert is now in.

COLBERT: I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CBS has just declared war on the heartland --

COLBERT: Those are some huge shoes to Phil and some really big pants.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Colbert is a deceiver.

COLBERT: I give people the truth unfiltered by rational argument.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They took a hand and decorated it to look like me and
then took out a knife and stabbed it continually.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m caught up in the fact to lose weight (inaudible)
while stabbing that ham.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe CBS ought to look into some anger management
courses because it`s a declaration. This one imperially knows how to wheel
the knot.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.
Whatever happened to the time in America when something good happens to
somebody and you say, "Hey, great shot for you. Congratulations. Way to
go. This is a step up. What an opportunity." Whatever happens to those

On a national level, you can`t find it this week, Republicans are freaking
out. Over the package, Stephen Colbert is changing jobs. He`s being named
as the next toast of the late show. You ever heard of that story about
don`t you have anything better to do with your time? Right, he just don`t
know how to have a good laugh anymore. I mean, these guys clearly about
waging which time one their hands. I`m amused by it.

Republicans don`t have anything better to do but to complain about Stephen
Colbert. They`re out of material. Right Wing blogger Ben Shapiro, here he
see starts it out, compared Colbert`s political commentary to Blackface.
The New York post attack CBS for the move. The post said no conservatives
find Colbert funny so he`s show will fail. Everybody in this business is a
failure. You notice that lately? Everybody, nobody can do anything.

Now, of course Fox News is also attacking CBS for their decision.
Republican Dark Money King, Karl Rove, he`s not pleased at all. He`s still
winding about a gag that Colbert did on him just over a year ago.


ROVE: I`ve got a little bit of concern about Colbert. He took a ham and
decorated it to look like me and then took out a knife and stabbed it
continually. So I`m not sure that`s exactly the best model for a national
figure to have on television that that -- but in minimum maybe CBS had to
look in this some anger management courses before he replaces Letterman but
it`s one level replace in another one, only this one is imperially knows
how to wheel the knot.


SCHULTZ: Absolutely, Karl. No question about it. When I saw that, I
thought immediately that Stephen Colbert was just terribly angry and had a
lot of issues. Lighten up, dude. It was a joke but they can`t take a
joke. Few days after the ham-Rove segment, Colbert made clear, "Karl Rove
had nothing to worry about.


ROVE: There is a little bit of, you know, anxiety and he is -- in his
stabs there.

COLBERT: Karl, there is no need for anxiety. I am in no way encouraging
anybody to stab Karl Rove. There was a big difference between Karl Rove
and ham Rove. Jimmy, put up the pictures. Now, Jimmy -- there`s an easy
task, OK? Before you slice into your ham ask it, if it ever port anti gay
marriage legislation in swing states to tap the scales in the 2004
presidential election. If an answer is yes, that could be Karl Rove.


SCHULTZ: Well, it`s not only Rove. The curvy couch was also not very
impressed. (inaudible) and Elizabeth Hasselbeck gave this -- their expert
analysis on this grave situation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it`s kind of a big jump for CBS.

HASSELBECK: And it`s in it`s a way --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- clearly is a lefty replacement a guy who`s a
lefty, they want it right.

HASSELBECK: To be expected there -- I`m not sure that it surprised many
but I`m caught in a fact he loose weight in food, well in stabbing that

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, yes, yes, it`s true.


SCHULTZ: A lefty replacing a lefty, it just doesn`t get any deeper than
that on Fox. Then we have her Rush Limbaugh. Rush way said no time saying
that liberals have declared war on the heartland.


LIMBAUGH: The CBS has declared war on the heartland of America. There is
a -- here`s that, no longer is common ego onto be a Colbert assault on
traditional American values, conservatives, not at least as wide out in the
open. Isn`t -- what this higher means is a redefinition of what is funny
and a redefinition of what is comedy.


SCHULTZ: Come on Rush maybe you should try some of these material. No one
is redefining comedy. Colbert`s funny no question about it. People watch
his show they like him, and that`s why he`s moving to the Late Show. Get
over it, finally we have Bill O`Reilly the (inaudible) cable. Last week
Colbert rightfully called Bill O`Reilly for saying "Equality in America was
in opium lays dream." Well a few days later O`Reilly attack Colbert as a


BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST: One of the biggest mouthpieces for the
progressive movement is Stephen Colbert. Only about a million people
watches late night program at 11:30 but he is the darling of the far left
Internet which rhapsodizes over him. Mr. Colbert is a deceiver. I
strongly believe in fighting for equality and also believe institutional
bias should be against the law. What I oppose is government trying to
impose equality because every human being is different. Colbert and I both
do a national television program I`m paid about eight times more than he


SCHULTZ: Did the government tell CBS to make this hire on Thursday night
Colbert put O`Reilly in his place.


COLBERT: If I thought for even one second that something I said hurt Papa
Bear`s feelings, then I too am hurt. And to be honest, a little turned on.
Bill, you`ve got me all wrong. I agree with every single word you`re
saying, even if those words don`t agree with each other. You see, I also
believe institutional bias should be against the law, and at the same time,
believe that government shouldn`t do anything about it. That leaves, maybe
a voluntary Make a Law, Take a Law tray? Oh I know, we could give Bill
O`Reilly a hat and a badge, and let him wander the land, telling pinheads
to "Knock it off, Bing bing bing."


SCHULTZ: Sop on the serious note here can we just come to the conclusion
that Republicans in this country have basically turned their backs on
everything. They can`t find a smile anywhere, they don`t want healthcare,
they don`t want minimum wage, they don`t -- want equal pay for women, they
don`t want to help anybody who`s falling on hard times in this economy and
help anybody out with unemployment insurance.

They don`t even want to work on a jobs though (ph). They even hate late
night -- T.V. You name it, Republicans are against it. Now these guys are
trying to and if they could obstruct their comment from getting a late
night gig on network television. Isn`t rather odd unbelievable and beyond,
it is.

It just goes to show that this probably is the perfect hire for CBS. And
to think that Stephen Colbert has to get back out of character to do
something is hug wash. You know what`s it called? Talent, he`s a talented
guy and that`s why they hired him it will be a smashing success just like
everybody else that`s on T.V. right.

Get your cell phones out I want to know what you think. Tonight question
is Stephen Colbert a good pick for the late show. Can`t you feel the earth
shaking right now? Text A for yes, Text B for no to 67622, you can always
go to our blog at we`ll bring the results later on the show.

Now I`ve got a couple experts on this with me tonight. I want to bring in
Liberal commentator John Fugelsang, and Daily Co-creator Lizz Winstead. No
fighter, no fighter authority is on comedy when it comes to stand up and
beat in front of the crowds. Creating shows and doing all the right stuff
that is these two guests here tonight.


SCHULTZ: Great to have both of you with us. Lizz what is how -- earth
shattering is it going to be for America when Stephen Colbert goes on the
late night show for the first time. What`s it going to be like?

LIZZ WINSTEAD, DAILY SHOW CO-CREATOR: Well clearly it`s going to worst
than franking the entire heartland Ed obviously. I mean these crazy
hyperbole statements aren`t they, what it`s going to be I mean I have mix
feeling about because on the one hand I`m really going to missed the
Stephen Colbert character because I love the Stephen Colbert character.

But what I am really excited about is seeing the Stephen Colbert that I
know who`s a song and dance man, who`s an incredible comedian, who`s an
incredible interviewer and who has so many talent. That people don`t know
about it all and haven`t really seeing unless they were big strangers like
Candies (ph) fan. Or they watch him on GMA but like Stephen is a guy who
is probably saying I am so excited to retire this really piece of
brilliance so that people can like see the (inaudible) everything I can do.

SCHULTZ: John there are unusual and unique talents in this business. I
mean is it Colbert one of those, I mean does -- it mater what kind of show
he does, he`s a multi, you know, fascinate kind of guy you think?

FUGELSANG: Well, yes, and obviously on networking he`s not going to do an
extremely political program, you know, Karl Rove say that they went from a
lefty to a lefty. Well, to today`s tea party, going from Eisenhower to
Nixon was going from a lefty to a lefty, Ed. What we`re seeing with
Limbaugh and Karl Rove is that these man are becoming the thing in life
they most fear, a minority.

And they`re terrified about and they say this prove some kind of media
bias, the media`s bias towards ratings. That`s why we`ve been seeing so
much coverage of an airplane over the past month and not so much over
fracking. People care about the plane, so the media covers the plane.
That`s the only bias we have in the -- in, in the media but I know of and
Stephen Colbert is a terrific performer, he`s a really funny guy, and I`m
sure that he`s going to be able to reach on very wide audience with a very
mainstream act.

SCHULTZ: I totally agree. Now, on Thursday, Eric Boehlert from Media
Matters has twitted out Colbert has taped shows from Iraq to entertain US
troops. How many times has Rush Limbaugh traveled to Iraq for the troops?
The answer is zero. You know, all those criticism, the guys has created a
brand. He has created a market for himself and there`s no question has
been very patriotic about it but also very directed as commentary that
reaches the sensibilities of Americans where we get the point but we do
with a smile of our face.

Lizz, how unique is that? Can that be brought to the -- to elite night
television on network?

WINSTEAD: You know, he`s going to bring all the stuff that America loves
which is music and comedy and interviews. I think he`s -- I mean, I would
venture a guess that it`s going to reinvent a variety show and do some
version of that to bring it to late night. I think that he is probably
feels like Stephen Colbert as opposed to Stephen Colbert. It`s kind of
done and he wants to move.

And, you know, if the Republicans and pundits want to be the enemies of
joy, they`re this way about comedy, there`re this way about people having
like really nice healthy sexual relationships, everything they`ve report
makes it sound like they are laterally living hell on earth and that is
what they`re trying to sell the American people. And how`s that autopsy
going for you? Like now you got to like poke around at your humor organs
too because they seem to be failing.


SCHULTZ: Yes. I mean, or do you think -- you think Republicans and the
conservative movement are afraid of Colbert in some way? It`s a talent
they just don`t have.

WINSTEAD: Well, here`s the bottom line. Rush Limbaugh has more money than
God, so does Glenn Beck, so do all these people, they can easily invest in
their comedy show, put it on Netflix and show everybody what they think
amazing great comedy is. I challenged them, Rush, what do you make a year,
you can put together a good comedy show for, you know, $500,000, a million
bucks --

SCHULTZ: But that he`ll never have.

WINSTEAD: -- get the greatest writers, but you`ll never do it because
that would have to prove that you actually don`t have the chops to carry
something on night after night after night. Let`s not forget, Stephen
Colbert has been on television every single night since 1997 when he
started on a daily show.



SCHULTZ: Well, we should point out that Limbaugh tried his stick on late
night television back in the early `90s and it didn`t go very weary (ph) --
go very well. He couldn`t get any clearances, he could knock out any of
these guys and he ended up saying, the heck what it is. It`s just too
heavy of a lift.

John, what about the fact that he said that CBS has declared war on the
Heartland --


FUGELSANG: I`m glad you asked, Ed, because let me tell you, Rush Limbaugh
talking about traditional American values is sort of like Norman Rockwell
talking about being a woman hating (inaudible) drug addicts. This is
hilarious. They`ve really mad at David Letterman because he did in one
announcement what the GOP hasn`t done in 10 years. He created one new job.

And I haven`t seen them this angry since the American people -- I haven`t
seen this angry about someone getting a job since the American people
elected Gore to be president. They`re going to keep on feeling about this.
It`s red meat for the base, it`s so much red meat, Mike Collin (ph) is
blocked at this point. But the fact is no one is going to hear it, it`s
not going to last, and it is amusing watching, you know, Karl Rove be this
outrage and to see Hasselbeck outrage about wasting food. I`ve been in
their green room, they do find on their own.

WINSTEAD: And you know what they do in the Heartland all lot of times,
waste food. I`ve been to the Minnesota State Fair, we carved princesses
out of butter. I`ve been there, I`ve seen it, so let`s be real.

SCHULTZ: Well, I got to say, I`m in Minnesota and I don`t see too much
waste on the food where I -- that they were on that, whatever.


FUGELSANG: It`s one of the reasons why it`s so hard to a conservative
comedy show, and what passes for comedy -- conservative comedy now is
Dennis Miller doing cerebral references for really educated Bush fans and
having O`Reilly step on his punch lines.
SCHULTZ: Well, you know, you bring up a very profound point. They`ve lost
their sense of humor and you guys, both of you worked in front of crowds
consistently around the country. Is it easier for a liberal to be a comic
than it is for a conservative? I want both of you to take on that because
it seems like the conservatives just can`t come up with a Colbert like of
a, you know, Jon Stewart like or anything like or Letterman or what, I mean
why are they all lefties? What about that?

WINSTEAD: What, I mean for me is I take on hypocrisy, I mean, I`ve called
out Obama every time I`ve seen anybody in the administration, you know,
screw up. And I think part of why the conservatives don`t work is that
they never make fun of their own. I mean if you really had a really good
conservative comedian who came from, you know, Goldwater conservatism
making fun of what has happened to their party, that person will probably
be super successful, but they don`t. And so I look at hypocrisy and I say
in -- whenever I a write a joke, if you`ve been given the gift of power --

SCHULTZ: Yeah but --

WINSTEAD: -- and you use it for ill or you use to screw up you`re my

FUGELSANG: Comedy is about attacking --

SCHULTZ: But they don`t have anybody like you, Lizz. How come the
conservatives don`t have anybody like you folks, what about that?

FUGELSANG: They have Glenn Beck, I mean, there`s funny conservatives
comics too. And I think --

SCHULTZ: Well he`s nuts --

FUGELSANG: -- so mean well --

SCHULTZ: You could believe about 10 percent of what they guy says, surely

FUGELSANG: -- well then you don`t other, he sells himself as an
entertainer and he tours. And Dennis Miller is still a great comic. It
will be a lot harder if took on the two party system instead of just
defending Bush`s whole career. But the main thing is --

SCHULTZ: All right.

FUGELSANG: -- entirety, it`s about attacking up not attacking down. So
when you`re defending the --


FUGELSANG: -- Cope brothers but attacking the guy trying to get
healthcare to struggling neighbors next door it might be funny for a minute
or two the way homeless jokes are funny in a city club but you`ll feel
dirty after five minutes. That`s why they can`t shot these --


FUGELSANG: -- on comedy show.

SCHULTZ: Well put. John Fugelsang, are you getting the gig that Colbert
is leaving, and Lizz, should he get the gig?

FUGELSANG: Well, according to Twitter, I am, but I don`t think that`s
going to happen I`m a little outside of Comedy Central`s age range. But
hey I wouldn`t mind it, it`d be nice to be back out at show five nights a
week but then I couldn`t come on show all the time Ed. So, what would I be


WINSTEAD: Why didn`t say, Lizz, you`re getting the show and John should
she get it.

SCHULTZ: Well do you want it Lizz?


SCHULTZ: I mean you.

WINSTEAD: No I don`t but I would love --

SCHULTZ: You don`t, all right.

FUGELSANG: And love to see Lizz I`ll be staking her from the window.

SCHULTZ: All right John FUGELSANG, Lizz Winstead great to have you with us
tonight thanks so much. Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the
bottom of the screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@Edshow and of
Facebook. We want to know what you think. Coming up the latest in the
fight for unemployment insurance but first with 7.5 million American signed
up for Obamacare Kathleen Sebelius steps down. It -- was it a successful
run? Congressman Mark Pocan joins me next. Stay with us, we`ll be right


SCHULTZ: All right, what`s hot what`s not? Time now for the Trenders.
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Now the Ed Show Social media nation has decided. We`re reporting.

Here are today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll be a -- a monkey`s uncle.

SCHULTZ: The number three trender, monkey business.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Chimpanzees are on the lose at the Kansas City Zoo.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well sure it`s a monkey.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Seven chimpanzees scaled their enclosure wall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have one ring leader. I`m not sure who that was.
But credit really should go to George (ph), he got that log put it on the
wall, got up on top.

SCHULTZ: Clever chimps make a break for it at the Kansas City Zoo.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We say about three chimps on the 20 foot wall then
they hoped over.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We got all of our visitor to safe places.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We may have had to use some malt and milk bars at the
end, the final enticement.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now I know where Bonds (ph) gets his bad habit.

SCHULTZ: The number two trender, sole survivor.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A dramatic moment for Hillary Clinton during a speech
in Las Vegas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When a woman in cocktail dress charged towards the
stage and hurled something at the former first lady.

CLINTON: It`s already recycling in about two --

Is that somebody throwing something at me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who threw this shoe? Honestly.

SCHULTZ: Clinton stays on her toes.

CLINTON: My goodness, I didn`t know solid waste management was so

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m in a waste management business. Everybody
immediately assumes you`re mopped up.

CLINTON: Thank goodness, you didn`t play softball like I did.

SCHULTZ: And pundits turn heel.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The scene reminding us of a 2008 incident when an Iraqi
journalist threw two shoes at President Bush. President Bush had much
better reactions in my humble opinion.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, rolling out.

OBAMA: Kathleen Sebelius told me she`d be moving on ones the first open
enrollment period came to an end. After five years of extraordinary
service, 7.5 million Americans who signed up for a health coverage. She`s
earned that right.

SEBELIUS: This is the most meaningful work I`ve ever been a part of. We
are making progress, tremendous progress.

SCHULTZ: Conservatives take a victory laughs after Kathleen Sebelius steps

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She has personified the catastrophic disaster that
Obamacare has been.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not accountably. This is her taking the easy
road out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it`s too strong to call Kathleen Sebelius a
victim of Obamacare but she`s certainly a casualty, they needed


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin,
Congressman good to have you with us tonight. All right what`s behind this
resignation, what`s the scuttlebutt on capital hill? I mean cabinet member
come and go all the time don`t they? I mean if she had left back in
November they would have called her a failure, now that there`s 7.5 million
people who signed up for Obamacare she`s still failure and that she can`t
win what do you make all of this?

REP. MARK POCAN (D), WISCONSIN: Well you spend five years in a position
like that and roll out the largest expansion of healthcare in most people`s
adult lifetimes, I would be exhausted. I think anyone would be exhausted.
And I think that she`s stayed through he end delivered exactly what we said
the law would afford. 7.5 million people access to the federal exchange.
3 million people getting expanded healthcare through keeping your children
on policies. Millions getting access through expanded Medicaid. She did a
tremendous job in making sure that the goals were met. And all but for a
little blip on the website I think she has done a tremendous job.

SCHULTZ: Was this -- what`s the rumor mill on the hill. I mean did
everybody know this was going to happen. I think a lot of us were
surprised by it, there wasn`t any real rumor about it was there?

POCAN: No, I just think that she had made a commitment to stay through
this process. But, you know, I`ve known other people who`d been in
cabinets and it`s an exhausting process. And people who spent half as much
time as she had needed a break after working 14-16 hour daily. So, I think
the fact that she shepherd this program through -- got it to the exact
results what we had hope for. I just think it says a tremendous amount
about what she`s able to do and I hope she gets a good rest now because he
deserves it.

SCHULTZ: Your reaction to the right wing, talk about this, she`s a
failure, this was in the works all along. All because of the rocky roll
out. What about all that?

POCAN: You know, I think there`s a role if you`re Republican you have to
trash the ACA or something related to the ACA everyday or else they`ll take
away your pin. So, you know, I think is just more and more of what, you
know, they do all the time, we voted 50 3 times I think to repeal the
affordable care act, now they`re trashing the person who successfully
brought it to us. They want to rewrite history, they don`t want you to
know that when they passed the law this is what we said would happen and
now it happened and million of people have access to affordable healthcare
and they want to rewrite the story.

So now it means trashing the person who brought to us. I think its sad
state of affairs but it`s kind of what we got or used to out here.

SCHULTZ: All right the Ryan Budget passed the house yesterday which of
course includes a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. How much longer
can these jokers deny that the law is helping people, millions of people,
how is this -- is this just what they`re going to do all the way through
the midterms and beyond?

POCAN: Yeah I think they had one of their main polsters said you just keep
talking about it. This is before they knew the successes were there and
they just can`t stop. So, you know, the Paul Ryan budget repeals the
benefits of the Affordable Care Act but it keeps the revenue and savings
from it. So it`s an intellectually dishonest document. That`s $2 trillion
Ed. That whole balancing the budget in 10 years stuff if completely broken
down, it`s like a piece of fiction. And the fact they`re repealing the law
but keeping the benefits and the savings, that`s a $2 trillion mistake just
on top of all the other things in that fantasy.

SCHULTZ: Well it is going to be interesting. Great to have you with us
Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin here on the Ed Show tonight, thanks a
lot. Still ahead, the Sioux Native Americans get ready to set up camp in
Washington DC. What`s at stake on the front lines of the fight against the
Keystone XL Pipeline. And later John Boehner passes the buck on extending
unemployment benefits. Leo Gerard of the Steelworkers, coming up on that.
But next I`m taking your questions. Ask Ed Live next here on the Ed Show
on MSNBC we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love your questions, love hearing
form you viewers out there and thanks so much. Our Ask Ed Live segment,
first question coming up tonight is from Debbie, she wants to know, "Why do
you think Republicans dislike the poor so much?" Well basically the
Republicans are all about power, money is power. Poor folks in this
country are useless to the conservatives. The conservatives have to use
for them, so why should they be concern about them? And they make the
calculations that it`s just a heck a lot easier to gerrymander and to shift
districts around and make it harder for them to be part of the process that
it to vote resources to them or vote opportunity to them.

So poor people in this country clearly are useless to the conservative
movement, that`s how conservative view the poor as I see it. Yes I`m
opinion I gave it to you. Our next question if from Clarence (ph), "What
is needed to motivate Democrats to vote in November?" I don`t know what
else do you need to be motivated about, I`ve had more people talk on the
radio about the midterm election and this is April. We`re not even at
Easter yet which I think is encouraging. If the Democrats can get anywhere
near close to the same amount of turnout as they had during the
Presidential we`ve got nothing to worry about.

We`ll probably will win the house, turn out is going to be the key.
Motivating people? How much worse do the country have to get when it comes
to obstruction before it would motivate progressives to do the ground work,
liberals to do what has to be done, to get your neighbor to move forward
and get after it. And I think that their has to be a real exhaustion of
the issues, that`s why we`re here. It could be a historic turn out, don`t
throw in the towel, we`re months away. Lots to talk about, a lot more
coming up on the Ed Show stay with us, we`ll be right back.

BERTHA COOMBS, CNBC MARKET WRAP: I`m Bertha Coombs with your CNBC Market

Another day of selling on Wall Street. The Dow again falling triple digits
sinking 143 points, the S and P 500 off 17, and the Nasdaq sliding 54 more
than one percent. For the week all three major averages in red more than
two percent. In the meantime J.P. Morgan drag down financials, shares
falling more than three percent after a posted weaker than expected first
quarter earnings. And the report on improving consumer confidence failed
to comfort investors. A preliminary read showed sentiment rising this
month to nine month high.

That`s it from CNBC first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show this is the story that`s we juts will
not let go. Now listen to this alliance. This month they are calling it
the cowboy in Indian alliance and they are setting camp in the nations
capital Washington DC. The group obviously is protesting the Keystone XL
pipeline land owner, native Americans and environmentalist will construct
Tipi`s at National Mall and then march to the White House sending a message
to the president their message is simple protect our land, our water and
our way of life. I took a trip to the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota
not long ago the front line of where this issue is very emotional.

SCHULTZ: Native Americans in South Dakota are forming a united front in
the battle against the proposed Keystone XL. A group sanctioned by the
Rosebud Sioux tribe setup a prayer camp near the town of Mission South
Dakota to keep up the pressure against the pipeline. They`re planning to
take their peaceful statement to Washington.


DORR: We`re going to have 30 of these tipis being camp on the national
mall (ph), to bring that prayer to Washington D.C., to bring our voice to
Washington D.C. and to bring our leaders to Washington D.C.

SEOANE: This encampment, it means that we`re here. It means a lot to the
people are here. And it means that no matter what anyone thinks or
perceives about, you know, what we`re doing here or the love of the people,
but we`ve never left. I think that`s the biggest thing this what this
means, this encampments means that we`ve never left.

SCHULTZ: You met with Attorney General Eric Holder. Tell us about that

BREWER: I met with Eric Holder two weeks ago, there were six different
tribes. We had consultation with him. And we talked about the pipeline,
we asked him what -- who is going to protect the Lakota nations when it
comes to stopping this pipeline. And Eric Holder said that he has to do
what the United State, what his boss, President Obama tells him to do. And
that basically we`re going to be on our own. He said he`ll get back to me,
but we know that it will never happen.

SCHULTZ: Eric Holder said your own your own.

BREWER: He didn`t say, I brought it up, that`s what I took it to be when
he said I`ll get back to you.



SCHULTZ: So he referred to the President.


SCHULTZ: And gave you no concrete answer about the pipeline.

BREWER: No, no ones going to protect the Lakota people.

SCHULTZ: TransCanada says the Keystone XL Pipeline doesn`t cross any
reservation or travel trust lands. But the pipeline would cross through
the original reservation territory granted in the 1868 Treaty of Fort
Laramie, which included all of South Dakota, West of the Missouri River.

EAGLE BEAR: The 1851 Treaty, the 1868 Treaty, and those treaties, you
know, we still honor and live by them. And yet, you know, even United
States government is at fault too. Even consulting our tribe our Rosebud
Sioux tribe, they didn`t even do that.

SEOANE: When you sign a treaty between two nations, that`s the law. And
the Constitution supports that. And when those things are violated, you
know, how can`t you feel like you`re not being violated? Your treaties at
the laws that you signed and those trials say -- those treaty say that it`s
based on integrity. It`s based on our commitment as a country and it`s
based on our bill of rights and then you come in and you sign it with other
country and you engage with those understandings and then you violate
those, what`s the word? What is your word there? You know, so yeah,
definitely the people feel violated.

LITTLE ELK: We`ve never been consulted by KXL pipeline, by TransCanada.
So there`s a violation right there. Secretary Clinton, when she was the --
the Secretary didn`t come out. Secretary Kerry hasn`t come out. President
of the United States hasn`t come out. Rosebud Sioux Tribe is the tribe of
nation, the sovereignty of tribes, predates the U.S. Constitution, predates
the arrival of Europeans on our shores. We are a nation. And we have not
been treated as such.

SCHULTZ: The environment is a major motivator for the Sioux. A state
department report released in January said oil derived from the tar sands
in Alberta generates about 17 percent more green house gas emissions than
traditional crude. However, the report also said, other methods of
transporting the oil including rail, trucks and barges would release more
Green House gases than the pipeline.

BEAR: We`re actually asking our leadership, our Congress, our Senators to
take a real good look at the environmental impact statement that was
submitted to department and to the state. There`s lot of flaws in that.
And we can show him. As a matter of fact, we took some documents to the
Department of Interior and hoping that we -- since we as native people fall
under the Department of Interior that they would actually do something.

SCHULTZ: The Lakota have a very specific concern about possible
contamination of the water.

FREDERICK: It`s a business. We have Lakota water and it`s pretty
lucrative and it keeps people employed. You know, when you start putting
that at risk and then on top of it the water in those areas specifically
not feed members and non members. You know, and like we said on our
campaign deal against this thing, it`s not an Indian thing, it`s not a
white thing, its everybody`s issue.


FREDERICK: So I like to help out in any way I can.

BEAR: For one thing, they`re going to ruin earth. Second, water. This
pipeline has come on Oakland, on northern tip of our Oglala aquifer. We`re
drinking that water right now, it`s coming along some river tributaries
that go in to the Missouri River, and our people are drinking that Missouri
River water right now. I mean the Oglalas, they`ve fought for years to get
water up to their reservation and they`re finally getting it. And now
they`re trying to build a pipeline through these rivers.

SCHULTZ: What has not been addressed in any study or report are the
concerns of safety and security in the area if the pipeline is approved.

DORR: We`ve been to a couple of city council and county commissioner
meetings. And it`s a, you know, we raise issue at the man camp and the one
of, you know, we don`t have jurisdiction over the non-tribal people. And
they can`t come around to our allotment lands. And so one of the town`s
people said, "Well if there`s a danger there, don`t you think you should a
have a police officer there?"

For a threat that doesn`t even come from within our community. And that`s
a threat if that, you know, the man camps that we`ve seen, the statistics
in North Dakota would increase domestic violence and sexual assaults.

SCHULTZ: What it would it mean if the President said no to this?

LITTLE ELK: When the President Obama was campaigning in 2008, he came to
Sioux Falls, South Dakota and he met with a number of tribal leaders. And
at that meeting he was given a name, "Wicasa Oyate Owicakiye". And that
name means the man who helps the people. And so he would be living to his
name and to the destiny that we hope people fulfill as one who helps the
people, not just Sioux people but everyone in the United States and
throughout the world.

SCHULTZ: That`s pretty amazing. You think he remembers that?

LITTLE ELK: I do. And we hope that he remembers the commitment that he
made, the support that American Indians throughout the country showed him
and that he does the right not only for us but for all Americans.


SCHULTZ: The Cowboy in Indian Alliance will march on Washington DC on
April 26 they`re going to setting up a camp all week long they will march
on the White House on April 26. And there`s another interesting date in
all of these. This pipeline has been permitted all the way through the
country except for 75 miles in the State of Nebraska. But there`s a date
in the State of South Dakota that`s coming up on June 20th.

Where the permit runs out and it`s going to have to be repermitted. Well,
this time around it`s going to be a little tougher in the State of South
Dakota to get that pipeline repermitted because there are more land owners
and there are Native Americans who are much more organized the long with that are saying no to this pipeline. It`s a story to
follow and we will. Tune in for more next week on our series Divided
Heartland The American Debate.

Coming up Southern Comfort Jim Demint attempts to rewrite civil war
history. Pretender is next stick around.


SCHULTZ: And in pretenders tonight the deminter, Jim Demint, the new face
of the Heritage Foundation is trying to put a holy unreal spin on history.
On the Christian radio show this week Demint said the federal government
had nothing to do with feeing the slaves.


DEMINT: Well the reason that the slaves were eventually freed was the
constitution, I mean, it was like the conscience of the American people.
No liberal is going to be able to win a debate that big government freed
the slaves. In fact, it was Abraham Lincoln, the very first republican,
who took this on as a cause and a lot of it was base d on a love in his
heart that comes from God.


SCHULTZ: Abraham Lincoln was known as the great uniter he would have no
love for the abstractionist that have taken over his old party. Rapid
conservative like Demint want to break down the government. In 1862 in the
middle of civil war President Lincoln wrote "My paramount object in this
struggle is to save the union". Well Lincoln not only expanded the role of
federal government he also signed in law the first progressive income tax.
If Jim Dement thinks a man a patience proclamation and the 13th amendment
were just love notes for God, he keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to Ed show this is the story for the folks who takes
a shower after work. Some republicans have come to their senses and their
finally pushing for movement on unemployment insurance. They help the long
term unemployed in this country but of course Mr. Boehner figure the house
his not one of them. Seven house members, house republicans wrote a letter
to Boehner last week asking him to consider the senate legislation,
reauthorizing long term unemployment benefits along Thursday when ask
directly about the issue he pointed.


BOEHNER: Listen, I made clear to the president to last December that, you
know, if they wanted us to consider an extension of emergency on employment
benefits would have to be paid for and would have to include things without
getting our economy going. They`ve not put forward anything with regard to
how we would create more jobs. And so, the ball is still on their court.


SCHULTZ: A reported priests more about what specific job provisions the
speaker would like to see again Boehner deflected.

BOEHNER: You`ll have to ask the administration. I made clear, what would
it take for me to consider it, they don`t have any suggestions.

SCHULTZ: Leo Gerard, President of United State Workers International has
joined us tonight is Mr. Gerard good to have you with us.

GERARD: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Capsulize this for us -- capsulize this for us, Leo. They`re
just not going to do anything for long term unemployment no matter whom or
how many it affects. What you think on this?

GERARD: Let me say that that was one of most disingenuous. I`ve been told
about my mom not to call people liars, so I`ll just say that was very
disingenuous when he talks about they`ve never proposed to any. Let me
remind everybody that the president will propose their jobs. Billy
proposed an infrastructure bill and he proposed to extending long term
unemployment insurance and if you want to pay for it, let Boehner say he`s
going to cut the tax break for the ultra reach in remote companies.

The president has already submitted many, many times good jobs bills
infrastructure is what put people backdoor. So I am not completely
disingenuous and then the fact to the matter is they extended unemployment
insurance. I don`t know how many time that during the Bush regime. They
just don`t want this president to have a success and the reality is that
even his own memories are starting to turn on them. I know that the public
by that almost 70 percent did maybe a higher percent as this week want
extended unemployment insurance.

SCHULTZ: Is this political suicide Mr. Gerard I mean if the democrats are
successful in getting a low wage workers out to utilize in the midterm,
this is going to be over no matter what kind of gerrymandering is taking
place, your thoughts.

GERARD: There`s close to 200 thousand people that made extended
unemployment insurance in Ohio. The president said he`s fighting for an
increase in the minimum wage that even if we get to over $10 an hour, no
one is going to reach on that but hat economy will get a recycling of that
money, he will be able to buy things. I was with the CEO and not long ago
and is said to him, what do you think about extending unemployment
insurance, what do you think of the minimum wage. He said Leo we`ve got to
do both, we`ve got to get the minimum wage about above 10 bucks because
America is lacking demands.

There`s too much money going to too few people and not enough money going
to abroad based of people, we need to have more demand. So even CEOs
enlarge corporations are getting it.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Gerard, a few weeks ago we`re in Lorain Ohio, just a story on
the dumping of steel with the South Korean trade agreement. What`s the
latest on that and what is the commerce department going to do about this
if anything?

GERARD: Well, we think that they`ve got to do the right thing and that is
going to the right form of calculation. They used the wrong -- we believe
the wrong form of calculating. We know that Korea is cheating. They build
us a steel metal for all country but are goods that doesn`t use one pound
of steel in their own country. We`ve got senators like Senator Sherrod
Brown who are leading the chart and bringing more centers on side
explaining to them and we`re going to put a number of our members or going
to go up on the hill so they`re going to look at members of congress,
members of the senate and people from the commerce department and say it`s
my livelihood you`re messing with.

You`re choosing between South Korea and America so choose America and we
have our people on the hills doing that.

SCHULTZ: Well, since that -- yes. So since that story, they`re hasn`t
been really any change --


SCHULTZ: -- that this dumping continues and we allow this to happen, is
that right?

GERARD: The dumping continues and the South Koreans understand that we may
get a decision that`s not in their favor, so while they`re anticipating
that decision, they`re putting as much and they`re junking to America as
possible and the last time we look at 30 percent of the market their
depressing price and their costing of jobs. And, Ed, the tragedy of this -
- one of the many tragedies of this is they didn`t make this industry a
South Korea for themselves. They structured it so that they can wipe out
our industry and our trade laws are so rotten that we first have to loss
job before we can win the case.

SCHULTZ: It`s another reason why we should say no to the TPP because this
would be another bad trade agreement. Leo Gerard --


SCHULTZ: Thank you Mr. Gerard. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend.
State Workers International, President Leo Gerard with us here on the ED
Show. That`s the ED Show. I`m Ed Schultz, politic session with
(inaudible). Good evening, Ralph (ph)


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