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It's All About #LameOfficeHolidays

People are taking to Twitter with their own holidays.
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Another day, another made-up holiday.

As we close out a week that saw both Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and Administrative Professionals Day there’s some fun being had on Twitter with the social campaign # LameOfficeHolidays.

The hashtag was concocted on Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central show, @midnight. In a segment called Hashtag Wars, three comedians throw out their best ideas for a hashtag campaign and viewers are then encouraged to play along on Twitter.

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Some of the ideas circulating include “Be Kind to Microsoft Clippy Day,” “Help Yourself to Anyone's Lunch in the Fridge Day” and “National Stapler Safety Awareness Day.”

What holidays would you start? Has your company or office implemented a fun (or lame) holiday? Let us know in the comments.

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