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Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert: Taryn Langer.

For our Ask the Expert series, public-relations expert Taryn Langer is looking to answer your questions about PR, storytelling, branding and social media.
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The public's opinion can play a huge role in if a startup makes it or not: One wrong step can lead to disaster. If the messaging is confusing, consumers may not bite. If the communication strategy isn't targeted towards the right demographic, the company is wasting time (and money). And if the company's story gets a negative spin, people can retaliate through social media or discontinue any affiliation with the company. So to say having a positive public persona is imperative is an understatement: It is needed for survival.

Fortunately for those needing a little help in the world of PR, there is Taryn Langer, the co-founder of communications agency Moxie.  As a media-relations professional with more than 15 years' experience, Langer's clients have covered the gamut. Everyone from mega-conference company TED to hot startup Dollar Shave Club and Twitter acquired MoPub have heeded her advice when implementing various communication strategies. And she is looking to help other new ventures, along with more established businesses put their best foot forward.

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Taryn Langer is the co-founder of communications agency Moxie.

"I have seen a lot of companies come and go, any bit of advice I can offer entrepreneurs to help better guide their business development gives me great satisfaction, even if it’s simply what not to do," says Langer.

Before being an entrepreneur herself, Langer started her career at talent agency William Morris Endeavor. She later worked at internet company IAC, helping technology company operators before she jumped over to communication agencies and starting Moxie. At her company, Langer takes pride in assisting founders with their agenda and formulating the correct communication strategy for their company. 

"The goals of PR are varied," she says. Whether it’s joining in a newsworthy and public conversation, honing an entrepreneur’s expert point of view, getting niche and trade blogs to write about your business to get the attention of partners or investors or going after national consumer press in the hopes that it drives customers, PR can do many things for many types of brands."

For the month of May, we are thrilled to have Langer as our expert. She is eager to tackle your burning questions each week. Feel free to ask questions relating to PR, social media, marketing and starting up. (She is an entrepreneur after all.)

Submit your questions in the comments section below or tweet us, using the hashtag  #ENTexpert.  One topic will be selected by the editors of Entrepreneur and addressed by Langer in a weekly write up here. 

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