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The Ed Show for Wednesday, May 7, 201

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May 7, 2014

Guests: Larry Cohen, Sherrod Brown, Jane Kleeb, EJ Dionne, William Barber,
Brian Parker


UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: Well, he really wants to get that transfer specific
partnership, that trade deal going.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Obama and Abbey (ph) failed to find common grounds.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Mr. Obama is left with a little bit of egg on his face.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: The resolution of that agree will mean real job growth.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: They told us NAFTA was going to be a huge job deal for
us. Real economic prosperity have been work out.

agreement after agreement, we`re pitying United States workers against
lower paid and lower paid workers abroad.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: He threatens to be NASA on stairwell.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: We`re at an important crossroads in the TPP negotiation.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: He failed to make the case today that a TransPacific
Partnership will create American jobs.

UNIDENITIFED MALE: If you can`t get support among your own party.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: They will be able to undercut us here in America.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: We expect the President not to go forward.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

When President Obama put his right hand up to field of office back in
January of 2009, this country was peeling off 750,000 jobs a month. It
wasn`t good. Remember those days that the country wanted a job, that the
country wanted the congress to focus on jobs in the economic, so we did
this stimulus package. It certainly helped an off a lot. We added nine
million jobs since then but the country is still no on jobs.

But right now, you see America is being defocused because of this thing
called Benghazi. Hello, let`s not forget we got to throw him this 20 year
old sex scandal which of course the Clinton`s are eligibly behind. Give me
a break, more on that later in the show. But you know what Americans want?
Six years after the fact, they wanted jobs.

In the Republicans, well they just don`t want to -- they don`t want to help
out. They want to sit over there and just be hecklers from the stance. In
fact, here in the middle of the country I run into a lot of people who
think congress shouldn`t even be on the payroll because they are not doing
anything when it comes to jobs. Now we can blame it all on the Republicans
or we can blame it on the Democrats for even thinking about a trade
agreement that would got more American jobs.

How many troops to the heartland do I have to make to make the case to the
American people? And I feel like I`m on an island talking about this
story. Now, President Obama is not all perfect on his either, we got to be
fair about this. Because the president just finished an eight day trip to

Now part of this visit was focused on trying to secure another trade
agreement, the Transfer Specific Partnership. And it`s pretty clear that
the president failed to seal the deal on this free trade agreement or of
course we we`re going to hear a lot about it and we haven`t.

Meanwhile, the fight against the TPP is heating up and the momentum is
starting to shift. Earlier today, here`s what Democracy looks like now
when the government is not bought, activist staged a protest against the
TPP and fast track outside the capitol. The labor leaders which is a dirty
word now, labor leaders and law makers, you know what they did? They spoke
out, calling for fair trade. Nobody is against trade. They want fair
trade, not free trade the way it`s been and it was a driving windstorm and
rain but it didn`t stop these protesters from speaking their mind.


REP. MARK POCAN [C] WISCONSIN: Here`s what`s going to happen if we past
the TPP, we could lose an estimated 130,000 jobs solely based on the
inclusion of Japan and Vietnam.


SCHULTZ: That`s just one country. And keep in mind, they are 12 countries
that are going to be involved to this and it`s 40 percent of our economy.
Others speakers included congresswomen Rosa DeLauro whose been a champion
on this. Congressman Jan Schakowsky shouldered to shoulder with her. And
also the communication workers, president of America that is Larry Cohen.

These people, it`s their priority. They`re talking about it. Americans at
today`s event, they have every right to be outrage that this country is
even thinking about this. This is a corporate deal that`s driven by Wall
Street. It`s been done in secrecy. Does that bother you at all? It`s
felt like your part of it yet?

Every time America enters into a trade deal or trade -- our trade deficit
as a country, it grows and that relates directly to jobs with the country
is clamoring about. They are outsourced. I got some charts for you folks,
they don`t lie.

You see, you got to have numbers if you`re going to be four or against
something. This chart shows that our trade deficit with China. It`s very
clear. 2001, China was given this preferred nation trading status. They
were going to be honest brokers when it comes to currency manipulation.

Well since then, our trade deficit with China, it is skyrocketed. In 2012,
our trade deficit with China stood at roughly $540 billion. It`s
estimated, the United States has lost over 2.7 jobs as result of the trade
deficits with China. Now that`s just one country.

This is going to be involved a whapping 12 nations. I got another chart
for you. This one shows our trade deficit with Mexico. Since NAFTA was
passed in 1994, the trade deficit with Mexico has gone really through the
roof. In 2012, it was roughly a $60 billion deficit.

Now, let`s just make this point very clear right here. When the NAFTA was
signed into law back in the Clinton years, a lot of things were happened in
Mexico that weren`t good. They`re illegal immigration was a really bad
situation for this country. We really didn`t know how to deal with it. We
weren`t enforcing the laws anywhere near what we`re doing right now.

So we thought if we do this job`s deal, it will helped keep a lot of
citizens in Mexico because it will create jobs over there. You know what?
It did? It shift our jobs there. It`s estimated, the United States has
lost over 680,000 jobs because of our trade deficit with Mexico. What do
you say we do another one?

In 2011, South Korea free trade agreement, oh it was ratified. This was
supposed to be the dandy. The following year the trade deficit with South
Korea increase by $5.8 billion. The deal cost America more than 40,000 U.S
jobs and most of them were in the manufacturing sector.

Now, these are three clear examples. The numbers are very clear and the
numbers don`t lie. No free trade agree of contemporary time has ever
create a jobs in the United States. What did the American people want the
congress to focus on? Jobs.

The free trade agreements hurt American workers. That`s not hard to
consume and who does it helped? Well it helps big corporations.
Apparently, they are not making enough money. Now, you know that`s true
because this guy is pushing for it.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER [R-OH] HOUSE SPEAKER: Expanded trade means more
opportunities for Americans, a more exports. So the question is the
President going to stand up and lead on this issue? We can not pass this
bill without his help. You know, this is one of his own priorities, you
would think that he would have the senate majority leader working with him
to pass Trade Promotion Authority in order to expand opportunities for our
fellow citizens.


SCHULTZ: Hold on a second here folks. I got to clean up my ear here. I
don`t know if I heard that right that Boehner said that it would create
more opportunities for American workers. He`s lying again. For someone
who`s always out there asking, where are the jobs? Boehner sure knows how
to kill jobs.

If John Boehner wants something, it`s safe to assume, it`s bad for working
Americans. When you hear politician say that the TPP will create jobs,
they are lying. It will not create jobs in America. Will it increase some
exports? Yeah, but comparatively it`s going to hurt American jobs. And
they have no numbers to backup their case.

Boehner has not one chart that will be able to refer to any previous trade
agreement that shows that we have create a jobs in America, not one chart.
I gave you three tonight in just a few minutes. Hey Boehner, why won`t you
come on with big Eddy and we`ll talk about trade. You can`t because you
don`t have the numbers. Show me the numbers. You don`t have them.

Free trade agreements are a job killer for this country. It does not
involved job creation and it does not help our economy. But most
importantly they hurt the American middleclass and that`s what at stake in
all of this. You know the president of the United States who I have great
respect for, runs around the country, campaigning, talking, save the
middleclass, emboldened the middleclass. You know who this trade deal is
going to embolden? You know where the opportunity lies with this trade

In the financial sector, the banking industry. Bankers are just clamoring.
They are chopping at the bit. They can`t get enough of being able to get
in to this other countries and do some foreign business. That`s what this
is about. It`s also about the pharmaceutical industry and how they are
going to be able to rip the profits. None of that is going to do anything
for American jobs.

None of it`s going to do anything for the American middleclass. Back to
banking for a moment. If we allow them access through this TPP to this
"emerging markets", is the lending situation in America going to change a
little bit for those entrepreneurs out there that want to part taken the
American dream? I doubt it.

You mean to tell me that we can`t get a guarantee from the banking industry
that if they make even more money off to TPP that they might loosen up the
reigns a little bit, to small businesses around America, maybe to
minorities to get access to capitol? Oh come on, they can do that, can`t
they? They won`t and they can`t be trusted.

What about this sovereignty thing, is it really true that there`s going to
be this commission that is going to be able to be put together with the
TPP? And if they don`t make enough money in America on this deal that they
are going to be able to circumvent American law and also file law suits
against companies who are doing business, is that true? Funny, I were that
and I didn`t hear any of the senators asked about that when this trade guy
went up to the hill the other day and started talking about how great it

Mr. President, I know you want to help the American middleclass and I know
that you probably got Wall Street pressure but this is not what Democrats
had voted for, another bad trade deal. And I really do believe that there
are enough Democrats and maybe even enough Republicans who have step up on
this TPP and talked about fast track that we may have really slowed this
down to the point where we might be saving jobs by not doing this. Pay no
attention to Boehner.

Boehner has no credibility on jobs whatsoever. The Republican Party has
not credibility on jobs whatsoever. They never have. They`ve lied to the
American people all along. They have been hecklers from the stance from
day one. They`ve ever been honest brokers in dealing with jobs. All they
care about is the top two percent and the corporations who are going to
benefit greatly by the TPP if it goes through.

Stand strong Mr. President. Say no to the pipeline and say no to the TPP,
that`s why you were elected. Gets your cell phones out, I want to know
what you think at tonight`s question. Will Washington ever quit pushing
bad trade deals and start protecting American jobs? Text A for yes, text B
for no to 67622, you can always go to our blog

If you remember, a little over -- a couple months ago I was in Lorain, Ohio
talking to those deal workers. We`re going to bring some of them back and
asked him, how is it going since the interview we did in Lorain? What`s it
really like? Are you still a taker according to Paul Ryan, the chairman of
the house budget committee? He thinks you are a taker. I want to hear
what they have to say now. We`ll get to that story.

Let me bring in Larry Cohen who is the president at Communication Workers
of America, who is front and center today at that protest. Larry, great to
have you with us tonight. The fact that the president was not able to
close the deal on this most recent trip to Asia, how big is that?

LARRY COHEN, CWA PRESIDENT: I think that`s important. I think what was
important today was, you know, a thousand people from every aspect to the
Democratic base, not just labor but the environmentalist and the students,
Democracy groups, consumer groups with key members from the Democratic
caucus saying, "Mr. President commit that if a majority of this caucus in
the house doesn`t support TPP, you will walk away from it and we`re not
doing fast track unless we support a TPP. That`s the frame we`re in and
the White House is going to be under pressure.

Are you going to make a deal with Boehner? Are you`re going to stick by
the caucus in the base of this party? And he didn`t get a deal in Japan..

SCHULTZ: You know.

COPHEN: .and he doesn`t have a deal with the base of this party either.

SCHULTZ: Last week I thought that Frostman (ph), the chief negotiator in
all of this failed to make the case on jobs in front of the law makers in
Washington. How energize is this movement on this issue? It seems the
more information that gets out about the TPP, the more momentum the
American workers get on this.

COHEN: Well, very energized. A thousand people are in the rain for an
hour and then they went to every congressional office. As you said, every
Republican and every Democrats Senate and House and this group represents
millions and millions of Americans that were here today. But more
importantly, they`re going to be in every district, not just through the
election but through 2015. We`ve got enough with 20th century trade deals
with 19th century economics.

We want 21st century globalization. We`re working people,
environmentalist, young people come first not where the multinational is
trump national law with this investors state, disputes element processes
that you began to describe.

SCHULTZ: You know Mr. Cohen it really is at that point where we have to
call it like it is. Those law makers up there who are saying that this is
going to create jobs, they are lying. I say they are lying. They have no
factual evidence whatsoever to bring in front of the American people and
say look at this number, they don`t have it. Are they lying?

COHEN: They are because the key is net jobs. So they can always point to
export jobs that may increase but the question is net jobs. Just like the
question is trade deficits, there were $8 trillion in 20 years when no
other nation had any size of that deficit whatsoever, net jobs.

And what is it do to our pay? We had a call center worker today describe,
what it`s like in her call center in Texas when management tells her we
can`t raise the pay. The jobs will be moved back to the Philippines that`s
the reality of this. The jobs go, the pay goes down and the deficits go
up. The cities of America, whether it`s Lorain or Cleveland get destroyed.

SCHULTZ: Larry Cohen President of Communication Workers of America good to
have you with us tonight keep.

COHEN: Thanks.

SCHULTZ: .up the fight sir. Let me bring in Senator Sherrod Brown from
Ohio. Senator good to have with us tonight. This is been front and center
your issue. American jobs, the focus on all of these. How can anyone make
the case Senator that the TPP is good for American jobs?

SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D) OHIO: I particular amaze for what I hear, somebody
like speaker Boehner in my state, from my state talk about job growth when
he connects it to a trade agreements. So he`s been in the Congress a long
time. He remembers NAFTA, he voted for NAFTA, he remembers what happen
with lost jobs from NAFTA and undermining environmental and worker safety
standards and consumer protections and food safety.

He should travel in the other end of the state where you were Ed in Lorain,
Ohio and look at what job -- we`re looking to job loss because of NAFTA,
MTR with China, CAFTA. And you look at his own back yard, because you seen
what`s happened in the middle town in Hamilton and Cincinnati and Dayton
because of these trade agreements. And, you know, these country -- most
countries practice trade according to the national interest.

Our country practices trade because the elite in Washington make it that
way according to some 20 year out of date textbook. And that`s got to
change, that`s why when Larry Cohen right side is right, we need a real
21st century kind of globalization, not the kind we seen in the last 20

SCHULTZ: Senator, do you think that the White House is in rough shape on
this issue at this hour?

BROWN: I think the White House is mixed minds on this. I know that every
President has to thinks they have to fight for free trade agreements. I
was hopeful that President Obama had learned from his predecessors that it
doesn`t work out well for the country. I give him credit for being more
aggressive on trade enforcement in some of his predecessors. But he is
wrong on this one and I`m still hopeful that we get a different kind of
trade agreement, a different kind of fast track and a different kind of
trade for him and different kind of Trans Pacific Partnership out of the
committee, the finance committee.

I`ve worked with Chairman Wyden. He`s more open to this than his
predecessors in doing a different kind of trade. We know what we need to
do in this trade agreement and these trade agreements plural, to bring up
better kind of globalization for workers, for food safety, for public
health and for wages as Larry Cohen said.

So we know how to do it, it`s a question of Congress coming together and do
it and standing up to the interest groups that you mention earlier Ed.

SCHULTZ: And the level of protectionism has to be in equality. I mean if
someone wants a good that`s produced somewhere else nobody is against them
having access to it. Its how it`s put together and who`s doing the work
that has to be equal. And it just seems to me that Wall Street doesn`t
even let that enter into the equation, your thoughts on that.

BROWN: And we`re going to see us -- we`re going to see our country losses
it`s innovation Ed, you know. We`re the most innovative country in the
world, the best universities, the best Government funded and privately
funded research but when we innovate and come up with a new product then we
follow this business plan it`s become too common. You shut down a plant in
Steubenville or Toledo or Jacks in Ohio and you move it to.


BROWN: .move on China. Then the innovation has.

SCHULTZ: It will stop.

BROWN: .then we lose the innovative action, innovation action. That`s
what we`re doing in far too many cases. In this whole idea, you shutdown
production here, you move it 5,000 or 8,000 miles away and then you sell
back in to this country as a bankrupt policy, it hurts the workers, it
helps the small -- hurts the small businesses in the community, it hurts
the community overall and it`s bad for our country, it`s bad economics.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Senator, good to have with us tonight, you`re one of the
great ones, you get it. There`s no question about it. There`s a handful
in the Congress that do get it when it comes to jobs. Thank you so much
for joining us tonight. And this really is what it`s all about for America
right now. If we don`t believe in American workers, if we are willing to
allow our politicians or elected officials to go out and let deals like
this go through that comeback and hurt you in your backyard, what are they
worth? What are they worth?

This is been the conversation since 2009. Can`t let them go down this road
of this trade agreement, just can`t do it.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share you thoughts with us on Twitter at EdShow and on Facebook, we want to
know what you think and I appreciate your interaction in the show so much.

Coming up the Tea party`s grip on the conservative voters. Well question
is, because it`s the thing, why the new mainstream, the mainstream GOP, I
think it`s just as dangerous. But first the senate`s tag of war of the
Keystone XL pipeline, it needs black labs to that fight, that`s for sure.
I got it. We`ll be right back for Trenders.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Think before you speak.

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, talking cover.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you made quite a splash defending a teacher who
is accused of giving a 15 year old boy a full contact lap dance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Crime suggest the victim and no one here is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you mean by don`t -- listen no.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Does it -- yes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They maybe laughing but I...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you psycho? Do you have a soul?

SCHULTZ: Talkers hot for teacher act, it`s a cold reception.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why did you obey her?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I said it because it`s true.

ADAM SANDLER: I am the smartest man alive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every man understands it. A 15 year old boy looks at
this as it`s the greatest thing that ever happened.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic
things I`ve ever heard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m not saying that all teacher should do lap dances at

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well that`s a relief.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m really saying when one -- a teacher get so
enthusiastic that she breaks out into a lap dance, don`t send her to the

SANDLER: I`m never coming back to school, never.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, making a splash.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The adorable Lion cab that pass a crucial first test at
the National Zoo in Washington.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They called swimmer liability test.

SCHULTZ: Lion cubs make their day view at the national zoo.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: That`s used to determine whether the cubs are ready to
go on new for crowds.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: All that from water.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: The first boy wanted out pretty quickly.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: OK, I`m clean. Can we go now?

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Even some neighbors came out to see with all the
commotion was about.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: What`s going on here?

UNIDENTFIED MALE: They`re coming out into the open environment for the
very first time ever.


SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, block A.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: Bipartisan and legislation, all 45 Republican senators
plus 11 Democrat signed on.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: If it internals the bill, they`re still not going to
built this pipeline.

SCHULTZ: The final decision still rest with President Obama.

The Keystone`s vote isn`t a lot for senate supporters.

UNIDENTFIED MALE: The challenge is how to get the 60.

MARSHA BLACKBURN: He has got -- they get a chance. Landrieu, these are
issues as if they have -- that they`re going to have to deal with.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: The oil industry has stepped up pressure on vulnerable

UNIDENTFIED MALE: Can we find four, five, six or more Democrats? I would
hope so.


SCHULTZ: This vote means absolutely nothing. Joining me now on the phone
is Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska. Her organization, no
question about it, has been at the heart of the opposition when it comes to
the keystone XL pipeline. 60 votes for a bill in the senate that would
give it a stamp of approval.

Jane we just have the national climate change report come out. I think
it`s the most incredible thing out there. We had over 300 scientists,
America`s best working on this over three years. Should this in your
opinion affect the vote? And should this make -- tell Democrats to hold
the line?

JANE KLEEB, BOLD NEBRASKA: Absolutely and look, you know, the Republicans
couldn`t get the 60 votes that they needed and so now, I`m sure from the
next couple of days Ed we`ll be hearing them complain on how Harry Reid
wouldn`t give them a vote on X, Y or Z and that`s why they kind of had to
pull up. But the reality is, you know, big oil had spent over $21 million,
five times the amounts in -- on other folks who did not sign onto this

The $21 million did not buy them the vote. And this is the good news,
intensity is on our side. You know, yesterday in Denver you had lots of
folks against the pipeline in the street pushing those senators to vote no
on this bill. You also had on Monday, the folks in Delaware bringing at
200 foot pipeline to the senator`s offices. And so intensity is on our
side and I think the president, as well as Democrats are hearing their
message loud and clear.

SCHULTZ: And the fact that the oil industry, the petroleum industry is
spending so much money all of the sudden on ads. It`s (inaudible) of a
compliment to those who oppose this pipeline that they are having an
impact, your thoughts.

KLEEB: Yeah. I mean, you know what they say they saved their ridiculing
you or, you know, definitely taking out ads in politics that you`re
winning, they have to buy their message. We will never have the amount of
money they have. We just never will but they will never have the kind of
heart and soul that we have fighting this pipeline.

And to be honest, you know, they.


KLEEB: .continued to give us the -- I mean, we have the wood and, you
know, wood and hammer to kill this pipeline, to build the coffin for this
pipeline. But to be honest Ed, big oil and Republicans, they are the ones
who keep on handing us the nails, whether it`s these bills to try to force
approval or whether it was shady way that they tried to get the Nebraska
route which we invalided here in our state or now they are going to lose
the permit in South Dakota. They literally keep on handing us the nails
and we are going to build this coffin for them to bury this pipeline once
and for all.

SCHULTZ: The bottom-line here is if this vote does take place and it
passes, it doesn`t matter. All it is for the Senator Landrieu and maybe
some others out there to emphatically put themselves in a position with
their voters where the pipeline is popular in certain portions of the
country. It gives them political cover. Isn`t this vote about political
cover at this point?

KLEEB: That`s right. All of this vote would have done if for Senator
Landrieu to be able to say in a campaign ad, I voted to approve keystone
XL. And so voters who.


KLEEB: . support the pipeline, who don`t know that that was just a
ceremonial vote, just a political cover vote wouldn`t know any difference
and that`s misleading. It`s not only bad because of the climate (ph)
report that just came out which that tells us to that we`ve got to keep a
certain amount of carbon in the ground.

So therefore, why would we essentially allow that pipeline which will bring
almost a million barrels of tar sands per day to the export market? That
is crazy. It absolutely goes against what the president`s report said and
that`s why we know the president is going to do the right thing. Let`s
forget political cover and let`s for once think about the risk to our water
in the future that weren`t going to live our kids.

SCHULTZ: Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska, good to have you with us tonight.
Thanks so much. Still ahead, why the new Mainstream GOP is just as bad for
America as the Tea Party? Oh yes, they are.

Rapid response panel weighs in on that. And later, how about this fast
food workers go global with their fight for a living wage. I love it. But
next time I`m taking your questions. Ask Ed Live here on the Ed Show
coming up next on MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, love the questions, love hearing
from our viewers tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment.

Our first question comes from Holly. She wants to know, "Why haven`t any
of the armed separatists been arrested for harassment or stalking as they
would be in any other place?"

You know, that`s a heck of a question and we were thinking about just that
last night because what these separatists are doing are really more than
border line, it`s wrong. And I think the reason why that they haven`t been
arrested is because it`s a very tense and dangerous situation and if
something goes wrong, people could really get hurt.

So, I`m speculating that the government -- the people in-charge, the
authorities know that they have to deal with this but it`s a very delicate
situation. So, they`re going to get away with a number of things probably
before it all comes to an end.

Our next question is from Shari. She wants to know, "What`s a typical day
like for you specifically when you do your show in New York one day and
Detroit Lakes that next?"

Well, actually there`s really no difference. It`s just a different
location. It`s the same preparation, it`s the same meetings, it`s the same
deadlines, same old preps, same old meetings, same old Ed with a different
background, better location, did I say that? Did I say better location?
Just kidding.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next. We`ll be right back.

SUE HERERA: I`m Sue Herera with your CNBC Market Wrap.

Comments from Fed Chair Janet Yellen helped lift stocks today. The Dow
jumped 117 points, the S&P rose 10, the Nasdaq fell 13.

Janet Yellen testified before lawmakers today and she said that job market
was "far from satisfactory" and the economy would need all for low interest
rates for "considerable time".

This shows that Tesla is sliding in after hours trading, the electric car
maker`s earnings and revenue beat estimates but valuation concerns hit the

And that`s it from CNBC, first in business world wide. We`re back after a
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SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

In the Republican Party what is old becomes new again. See, Conservatives
in the Tar Heel state of North Carolina are celebrating a victory for the
so-called Mainstream Republican candidate, really? North Carolina State
House Speaker Thom Tillis won the GOP Senate nomination with nearly 46
percent of the vote last night. He beat Greg Brannon, a Libertarian Tea
Party Activist backed by Sen. Rand Paul.

Well, the win prevents a July run off which of course would have drawn out
the Republican race for another couple of months. Tillis will run against
Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November.


the end of a primary, it`s really the beginning of our primary mission,
which has been the mission all along and that is to beat big Kay Hagan and
to make Harry Reid irrelevant in America.


SCHULTZ: Sen. Kay Hagan called the election a choice between two different
records. She said, "Thom Tillis has spent his time in Raleigh pushing a
special interest agenda that has rigged the system against middle-class

North Carolina, just for the record, has been one of the most radically
divided states in this country and really Progressives have been attacked
legislatively. Progressives organized which known as a Moral Monday
Movement to protest issues ranging from a refusal of the Medicaid
expansion, to education cuts, to limits on unemployment benefits, to new
voting rules. I mean they have had it all in North Carolina.

Joining me tonight with our Rapid Response Panel Team E.J. Dionne,
Washington Post Columnist and MSNBC Contributor, also with us tonight Rev.
Dr. William Barber, North Carolina NAACP President and Architect of the
Moral Monday Demonstrations great to have both of you with us tonight.

First of al, E.J. we`ll start with you, why is the term "Mainstream
Republican Candidates" being throne around right now and if you check this
guy`s record he is as radical as anything they`ve got in the Senate right
now on the right?

E.J. DIONNE, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: No, that`s absolutely true and the issue
is compared to what? The Charlotte Observer had a great editorial on this
yesterday where they said Tillis is seen as the establishment candidate in
this primary but his record in his rhetoric are clear, he is no moderate
and good come across that way only when sitting next to Greg Brannon and
Heather Grant to the -- out there candidates. But he`s reuse (ph) are
pretty out there, I think the other lesson here is that the Tea Party is
going to lose some of these primaries as they did yesterday. But my
colleague John Bolton at Washington Post, he`s made the point that they`ve
already moved the Republican Party to the right of where it used to be.


DIONNE: And when you look at Mr. Tillis, his record whether it`s on the
Medicaid expansion or the voter suppression law his opposition to a federal
minimum wage, he is a very, very, very conservative candidate.

SCHULTZ: No doubt. Rev. Dr. Barber, what`s your reaction that Thom Tillis
winning last night? What does this mean for North Carolina? How tough a
race is this going to be?

don`t endorse part candidates NAACP but let me say the speaker Thom Tillis
being called the mainstream where there`s a lot of green tea in that
mainstream that`s been spiked. The reality is he oversaw a legislature
that cut 500,000 people from Medicaid expansion. Nine Republican governors
accepted Medicaid expansion. He took 900,000 people`s earned income tax
credit to give 23 families of tax credit break.

Ronald Reagan supported earn income tax credit. When you look to the right
of Ronald -- when you make Ronald Reagan look like a liberal then that`s
surely an extremism. He passed the worst voters suppression law we`ve seen
since Jim Crow, he took 170,000 people`s unemployment, cut public
educations to where we`re now last -- almost last in the nation, fired
thousands of teachers.

This is not some kind of mainstream or establishment kind of -- and
speaker. He`s been right there with the Tea Party extremists. I think he
got one of the top awards from ALEC as a legislator and so we cannot .


BARBER: . engage in this rhetoric that we have to look at the record. The
record is what proves who you are.

SCHULTZ: Well, Reverend, wouldn`t that record motivate Progressives and
Democrats to get out and do what they have to do on November? I mean is
this going to be in some way a motivating moment and a number of
opportunities for the left?

BARBER: Well, you know, sometimes I think people are missing what`s really
happening here in North Carolina. We have 13 (inaudible) by the end of
that nine to 45 people arrested but thousands of people turned out. In
February, (inaudible) of 80,000 people of all different colors, races,
(inaudible) and parties, Republicans, Independents, Democrats are gathered
and they`re going back to the legislator on May the 19th of this month.

There`s going to -- there is an upswing. There`s a tie. There`s a
pushing. We`ve even seen Republicans in certain counties who have said,
"Listen, I`m not with this Tea Party Extremist. I have stood with
Republicans in the state that have been against these Medicaid cuts and
against the cuts of education.


BARBER: So it`s going to be a different day. You know, we`re going to see
a major turn out in a major way come this fall.

SCHULTZ: Major turn out. I hope so.

E.J., in a recent poll, 45 percent of North Carolina voters said that that
the minimum wage should be raised to $10 an hour or higher. Thom Tillis
had this to say about that. He said, "I think for the most part, the
market needs to define that. When we create artificial thresholds then you
run into a big problem." What`s your reaction to that?

DIONNE: Well, I think that minimum wage is a winning issue pretty much all
over the country. There are plenty of people who made me Conservative on
this or that issue but if you ask a basic question, should people who work
everyday get paid something much closer to a living wage? The answer is
yes, it`s Conservative value that you want to be paid for if you work. But
also on your point about mobilization and the Rev. Barber has led an
extraordinary immobilization down there.

I think this is going to be the first electoral opportunity to cast the
ballot on what`s been happening in North Carolina over the last couple of
years and so I think.

SCHULTZ: What about that, Reverend?

BARBER: Well, I think you`re exactly right. When we were mobilizing, the
people who were fighting for unemployment, fighting for Medicaid, Thom
Tillis called us whiners and losers. Literally, he`d referred to people
who lost their jobs is for all these whiners and losers. Well, I think the
people he defined as whiners and losers are going to wind up at the polls
in a mighty way and they`re going to vote like they`ve never voted before.
He has 63 percent name recognition, but in one poll he has only 21 percent

We don`t endorse, we don`t tell him who to vote for. But we certain a tip
people how they can at least have voted, so that they can make it in terms
of decision.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, E.J. Dionne history is not on their side for turn
out. Do you sense it might be different?

DIONNE: Well, that`s what I was saying is precisely because there`s been
so much mobilization in North Carolina and precisely because there is such
a strong reaction not only from Progressive voters but from a lot of middle
of the world people in North Carolina who really think this government of
theirs has gone way at the right if that state`s recent traditions.
They`re going to be looking for an opportunity to express themselves, so
yeah Democrats .

SCHULTZ: No doubt.

DIONNE: . in general may have a turn out problem but I think it`s going to
be last in North Carolina because of the nature this government and the
fact that Mr. Tillis fight a central role in it.

SCHULTZ: All right. North Carolina just as hot as Florida vice versa,
great to have both of you with us tonight E.J. Dionne and Reverend Dr.
William Barber, certainly we`ll have you all back. Thank you so much.

Coming up, Lynne Cheney has got a new conspiracy theory or maybe just bad

Pretenders is next.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, old news, Lynne Cheney.

Dick Cheney`s wife cast out a net of conspiracy last night on Fox News,
where else?

Lynne Cheney says that Clintons are behind Monica Lewisky`s Vanity Fair


this isn`t an effort on the Clinton`s part to get that story out of the
way. Would Vanity Fair publish anything about Monica Lewinsky that Hillary
Clinton didn`t want in Vanity Fair? Getting it out of the way so we can
say one more time its old news seems to me like a strategy or a tactic


SCHULTZ: Interesting, there`s that word wonder again. Everybody on the
right is wondering. The Cheneys are known for saying whatever they have
too to fit the moment. They really have not been known for accuracy with
their intel.


terrorists acquire weapons of mass destruction? Saddam Hussein becomes a
crime suspect, we know he`s out trying once again to produce nuclear
weapons and we know that he has a long standing relationship with various
terrorist groups including the Al-Qaeda organization.


SCHULTZ: Just a little reminder there. Lynne Cheney`s theory is bogus.
We don`t have to wait for 2016, the Monica Lewinsky story is old news.

Right now, Hilary Clinton`s resume and reputation speaks for itself. She
does not need to waste time with political games.

Lynne Cheney has acting like she`s blown the lid off of plot but if she
thinks she`s doing anything but blowing smoke, she can keep on pretending.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Americans United will never be defeated. Americans
United will be defeated.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story about the books
you take a shower after work, because they`ve earned it all day.

Fast-food workers refused to give up the fight for fair wages just across
America. Demonstrators gathered in New York City earlier today to announce
an upcoming strike of 150 cities. The strike on May 15th will call for a
pay increase to $15 an hour. Here. Here. One Michigan fast-food based
company has already proven that paying employees` fair wages, hey it works.

Last year, we introduced you to Moo Cluck Moo. Now, over the last year,
they have paid their employees $15 an hour and they are still selling
hamburgers and it`s been good economic development. You see, it works

Joining me tonight is Brian Parker who`s the co-founder of Moo Cluck Moo.
Bryan, good to have you with us tonight, a big congratulations, this is a
big conversation in America where there are guys like you who own, who are
in charge can actually pay employees what they deserve. I want to ask you.
Has this been a job killer because that`s what everybody against success?

BRIAN PARKER., CO-FOUNDER, MOO CLUCK MOO: I`m not sure of the job killer
in what way. It`s been great for us.

SCHULTZ: That`s the bottom-line, because a lot of people who are against
the minimum wage or paying workers say well this is going to force owners
to get rid of people on the payroll. What has happened with your company
with this scenario?

PARKER: Well, what`s happened with our company is we`ve got employees here
that really care about what we do and who we do it with and who we do it
for. And it`s been great because we have very low turn over and we have
people that really care about the food. They care about the sourcing and
they really care about our customers who are the fuel for our rockets.

SCHULTZ: Brian, if you had to raise your prices because of what you pay
your employees?

PARKER: No, we really have maintained our prices. The only issue that we
would raise our prices is the cost of food. We have our labor in check,
our workers work really hard, they wear many hats here and they`re very,
very well trained. So they`re very well worth it and that really helps the
bottom line for us. And we`ve had very, very low turn over and that saves
across the board in terms of training and, you know, trying to get other
people up and running, so it`s .

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

PARKER: . we`ve had some economies there.

SCHULTZ: You know, what about product loyalty in the community? I mean
obviously people in the community know what you`re doing. There`s this big
discussion in America about fairness. How is the community responded to
the way you treat your workers because that word is out there?

PARKER: The word is out there and they responded very, very well. I wish
I could show you the line we have here right now. Every time I come in
here I see the same smiling faces and they`ve really rallied behind us in
support of us because they know that we pay our workers, our team a little
better than most.

SCULTZ: Now, we talked to your partner Harry last call and he told us your
company`s goal was that you wanted to expand. How was that expansion

PARKER: Well, we`ve -- since you`ve talked with Harry, we`ve expanded to a
location in Hampton, Michigan which is about 20 miles west of here. We
have another location in our crosshairs in Troy, Michigan which is another
20 miles North of here and we`re looking at New York and California and
Chicago as other location and we don`t want to stop there, we`d love to be
in every corner of the country.

SCHULTZ: Well, Brian if you come to New York or Minnesota you got to have
the big Eddie burger. I mean that is just -- we could really get her (ph)
done on that one, you know, hey great job. You are a great American for
what you`re doing for workers. Brian Parker thank you so much, all the
best at Moo Cluck Moo, we`ll follow the story.

And that is the ED Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening, Rev.


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