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Domino's Introduces 'Dom,' a Siri-Like Voice Assistant to Process Pizza Orders

A computer-generated voice tool named Dom will enable users to customize their pies and also browse local menus and coupon offers.
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As if ordering pizza for dinner wasn’t already convenient enough.

With a new Siri-like feature available today on its mobile app, Domino’s customers will now be able to bypass human interaction completely to place their orders through a computer-generated voice tool.

Aptly named Dom, users can tell the voice assistant, for instance, “I’d like a large pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni and onions,” or “I’ll take a 14-piece order of hot wings,” Domino’s said. “You can also use your voice to browse your local store’s menu or coupons.”

However, the process is not entirely automated; consumers must still type in their payment information by hand.

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Available on both Apple and Android devices, technical kinks are still being worked out, said the company’s CEO, Patrick Doyle. “ It is not perfect,” he told the AP.

While mobile and online ordering already account for an astounding 40 percent of the company’s U.S. sales, Domino’s will continue to invest in digital innovations -- being an arena in which its smaller competitors don’t have the resources to compete.

What’s next, one might ask -- pizza delivery via drone? Too late. The company already unveiled The DomiCopter in the UK last year, which it said takes “deliveries to new heights.” While the copter may have appeared like a publicity stunt at first glance, an accompanying press release insisted that " Domino's Flight Academy is also rumored to be in the pipeline should the DomiCopter delivery service take off."

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