In Boston, Giuliani rips Kerry record

/ Source: The Associated Press

Rudolph Giuliani, bringing his star power to Republican efforts to rain on the Democratic National Convention, on Thursday accused Democrats of spending four days in Boston running away from Sen. John Kerry’s record.

By contrast, the former New York mayor said, the GOP convention in that city next month will showcase President Bush’s accomplishments.

“We’re going to run on President Bush’s record, we’re not going to run away from it, which is what they’ve been doing for the last four nights,” said Giuliani, as a crowd of several hundred Republicans at a Boston hotel cheered. “Everything and anything has been discussed but their record.”

Giuliani said Democrats Kerry and running mate Sen. John Edwards are liberals, a description he said is backed up by their congressional voting records.

“That’s fine, if that’s what you believe, but then stand up for it,” he said.

Giuliani said the president’s record has been an example of the resolve needed to fight terrorism.

“We have a president who changed the policy of our government ... who decided after we were barbarically attacked that we would have to go on offense against terrorism, and not play defense,” Giuliani said. “President Bush has done it when it was popular, and done it when it was unpopular.”

'Strength of purpose'
Giuliani said “that’s the kind of strength of purpose it takes if we’re going to face up to terrorism.”

The Republicans’ message this week is a one-note chorus — Kerry and the Democrats aren’t up to the job of protecting the country from terrorists.

Polls suggest President Bush is vulnerable in many areas but is more trusted on national security. Democrats are replying with images of Vietnam War hero Kerry surrounded by fellow veterans and a convention theme of America stronger under Kerry.

Republicans released an 11-minute video Wednesday that focused on Kerry’s evolving positions on Iraq over the last two years in the face of an intense struggle for the nomination and postwar problems in Iraq.

After showing the video to the news media, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie said Wednesday: “His own words completely refute the notion that he is a strong leader. We may end up updating this Thursday night after the senator tries to explain his position on Iraq again.”

The Kerry campaign repeatedly has highlighted the senator’s service in Vietnam and the medals he won for valiant service as a sign of his strength in times of war.

“We have always honored John Kerry’s service in Vietnam,” said Republican national Chairman Ed Gillespie. “But you don’t hear much about the intervening 35 years.”