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Burned Out? 4 Destinations to Bring Back Your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Regroup, re-energize and retrieve that go-get-'em spirit in these dynamic cities.
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Congratulations, you did it: You started your own business. As exciting and fulfilling as that is, you’re exhausted. You haven’t slept well in months and those bags under your eyes are becoming scarier by the second. You’re questioning things you were once confident about and are so connected to your phone that it’s now practically a part of you.

Let’s face it, you’re burned out. As hard as it may be to step away from your baby, just do it. If you don’t do so now, you’ll always find some excuse, why it’s a crucial time and spiral further and further down the rabbit hole of exhaustion.

So to regroup, re-energize and retrieve that entrepreneurial go-get-'em spirit, here are four vacation options:  

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1. For a fresh perspective, tour Tokyo. "Tokyo is massive" and has New York City-level energy, says Dario Meli, CEO of Quietly, and co-founder of Hootsuite. "So it’s not a place to go to relax or recharge but it is hugely inspiring. Get a fresh perspective, have your senses overloaded and reinvigorated, and surround yourself with an environment of unique opportunities."

With the busiest commuter rail network and the largest metropolitan economy in the world, according to the Globalist, Tokoyo won't let a visitor escape a crowd. That can be a good thing. There’s high energy coming from everywhere, from the high-power executives hustling to their next meeting or from the inspirational street style of the Harajuku neighborhood along Cat Street. Innovation will be in view everywhere along with an infectious buzz that's hard to miss.

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2.  To be around inspiring entrepreneurs, travel to Berlin. As one of Europe's hottest startup capitals, according to Wired, Berlin offers a diverse mix of culture, a young population and a relative low cost of living that's attracting some tech entrepreneurs. Just spending a day getting coffee and hanging out in the city center will immerse you among entrepreneurs. Seeing these bright, motivated individuals might revive your entrepreneurial itch. Make conversations wherever it's possible and ask questions. See how these entrepreneurs deal with issues that may be similar to yours.

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3. To get your creative juices flowing, visit Tel Aviv. As one of the world’s global tech hubs, according to Mashable, Tel Aviv is attracting a crowd of movers and shakers. With free Wi-Fi throughout most of the city, people are setting up shop anywhere and everywhere. With great museums and galleries, this city can inspire creative energy. Let the vibe, the people, the art and the 24-hour lifestyle take away stress and anxiety. Let go and get into the culture scene. There’s plenty of nightlife for to explore.

4. To think outside the box, take a Hong Kong excursion. As one of the most densely populated areas in the world and the world’s most vertical city, ingenuity is on display here. Relatively easy to get around and with attentive service everywhere, staying in Hong Kong is not difficult for an international traveler.

The hardest part could be getting used to tons of people everywhere, all the time. Don’t let that be an impediment. Let loose, go to the horse track, a wet (or food) market or the streets of Sheung Wan to see why this city is called the place that “East meets West.” Spring for a fortune telling, try an herbal remedy and take in the street performances to get your mind back on track.

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