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PoliticsNation, Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

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July 3, 2014

Guest: Lisa Bloom, Wendy Murphy, Karen Finney

Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Rev., I`m not taking a shower after work. I`m going to jump in the lake.
It`s 4th of July. You have a great one.

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: You have a great one, too. I`m here
at the Essence festival. It`s going to be a great weekend. You have a
great fourth, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: Thanks to you for tuning in. I`m live tonight in New Orleans.

But tonight`s lead, the GOP tanked the economy. But they failed to stop
the recovery. New numbers today show President Obama is pulling the
country out of the cradle left by the Bush recession. The economy added
288,000 jobs last month. And the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent.


2008, we have made enormous strides thanks to the hard work of the American
people, American businesses out there competing, getting smarter, getting
more effective. And it`s making a difference all across the country.


SHARPTON: President Obama putting today`s number in context. In 2008,
this economy was tethering on the edge of collapse with a disaster on Wall
Street spreading to main street.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The clash of the titans, Wall street in panic mode
this morning. A sign of the extraordinary times on Wall Street as
thousands of Lehman Brothers bankers pack their boxes.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS ANCHOR: What`s been called the worst
financial crisis in modern times, certainly the largest financial disaster
in decades in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is one of the ugliest days I have seen in my

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It wiped out $700 billion from retirement plans,
government pension funds and other investment portfolios.


SHARPTON: That was the mood in September, 2008. But we have made up the
lost ground. The jobless rate is now exactly where it was at the start of
the Bush recession and heading in the right correction. The private sector
under this President is growing. It`s now added jobs for 52 straight
months, a remarkable streak. The longest in American history. And it`s
happened despite the Republicans. They have been blocking, attacking, and
pushing against this President and his policies year after year after year.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Repeal the health care law
that frankly gets in the way of job creation.

Giving the federal government more money is like giving a cocaine addict
more cocaine.

He wants more spending and more tax hikes that will hurt our economy.

Because of the Obamacare millions of full-time workers can only find part-
time work.


SHARPTON: Speaker Boehner was wrong every step of the way. And today, he
had the nerve to say the President has failed to lead on the economy.
Quote "until he proves that leadership, he is simply part of the problem."

It`s ridiculous and harmful. Yes, the economy is growing. But there is
work left to do. Too many people are still hurting and looking for jobs.
That`s why it`s so outrageous that Republicans are still playing games.
And refusing to help the President rebuild this economy.

Joining me now are Jared Bernstein and E.J. Dionne. Thank you both for
being here.



SHARPTON: You know, Jared, are you surprised at the job are growth we are
seeing? I mean, despite Republicans trying to block the President`s
policies for so many years and with them blocking the public sector, he`s
been able through private sector growth to bring us back to where we
started in the recession at 6.1 unemployment rate?

BERNSTEIN: Yes. I think it is a little surprising. It`s a symbol of just
how resilient the American economy and the people in it really are.
Because we know that obstructionists in Congress have been not only
blocking the President`s agenda, but at least last year in 2013 were really
doing great harm to economic growth because of all of what economists call
fiscal drag. That is by really trying to pull government support out of
the economy in a way that slowed growth significantly in 2013, relative to
this year.

This year we have been doing better. And as you suggested, the last time
we saw 6.1 percent unemployment, it was on the way up to much worse times.
We are headed in the eight direction. We are moving there at a faster clip
than we thought. And there is more work to do, as you suggested.

SHARPTON: Now E.J., there are still a lot of people and I deal with them
every day that are suffering. Many because the public sector has been
blocked by the republic. We have been able to gain in an amazing way, in
my opinion, the longest stretch in history with private sector job growth
every month.

Look at this graph again, that I showed. It shows when the Bush recession
started, we were at 6.1 percent unemployment. As of today, we are back to
6.1. Now, it is not in areas that many of us need a lot of attention. But
this President has built a recovery. There is no doubt about it. And look
how far we have come. There have now been 6.1 million jobs created under
this President.

Under President Bush, the private sector lost 646,000 jobs. Yet
Republicans still claim the President Obama`s policies are killing jobs?

DIONNE: Well, you know, one of my favorite lines today on these jobs
numbers came from Floyd Norris, a very good economics writer from the "New
York Times." And he said there is no longer any way to claim that the good
news is really bad. And people have been saying for months, and Speaker
Boehner is addicted to the sentence, "where are the jobs." Well, here are
the jobs.

And this was a very deep jobs report. The proportion of people who have
been out of work for more than six months the lowest in five years. So
finally, we are making a dent, long term unemployed. Low wage jobs went up
but so did middle wage jobs and high wage jobs. So, something good is
happening here.

Now, I think you are right on this public sector point. And if you go back
to the Reagan recovery, we are weren`t cutting under the conservative
Ronald Reagan. We did not cut public sector job at the state, local and
federal level to the degree we did here. And part of that is you had a lot
of Republican governors continuing to hack away at the public sector.

And so, I think that we could probably be quite a bit below 6.1. But as
you say, that`s an enormous achievement. It is down since the beginning of
2013, it`s down from 7.9 percent. That`s one of the best year on year
improvements in a long time.

SHARPTON: No. Let`s go to that point, Jared. Because many people that
have been at the bottom of the economy are the ones that depend on the
public sector jobs. This is a chart of state and local public sector jobs
since right before the Bush recession. It shows a loss of over 600,000
jobs since August of 2008. In recent months, these jobs have slowly
started to come back. But Republicans are still obsessed with cutting
public sector budgets, am I right?

BERNSTEIN: Very much so. As I said earlier, that`s one of the reasons why
this year has been a little bit better and your chart shows that, than last
year. Because some of those budget cuts that were really causing great
headwinds to growth last year have been mitigated this year.

In fact, last month the government sector added 26,000 jobs. And I believe
18,000 were in public education at the local level. That`s obviously very
important. But, listen, I have a bit of a warning on this public sector
job point. And it is very important because we now, as we have been
discussing, we now have some real momentum.

Congress has not stopped doing damage, as you might expect, especially the
conservatives we have been talking about. And we have a highway trust fund
that`s in trouble. And if Congress doesn`t get its act together and
replenish this fund quickly, we are going to have are to start -- states
are going to have to start laying off people who are building roads and
bridges. And this is exactly the wrong time for that. So we have to keep
our eye on the ball, Rev.

SHARPTON: E.J., in fact, the opposite should be happening in most states.
We ought to be hiring people to rebuild the infrastructure. We talked
about on this show the other night, for example, a bridge in Arkansas
needing are repair. It`s all over the country, everywhere you look.
People here in New Orleans are where I am. The reason there is
disproportionate unemployment with minorities is we work in fun lick
sector. That`s where the blocking has been.

DIONNE: Right. And it`s a shame you had all the budget cutting over the
last few years. Because the best time to begin rebuilding our
infrastructure when was interest rates were almost at zero and a lot of
people needed the jobs.

And Jared is absolutely right about this trust fund. I mean, we`ve got
about a month, right? I think it`s in August, where if it`s not
replenished, if Congress doesn`t act, then you`re going to have to cut some
of these projects by, like, 20 percent. That`s crazy. Our infrastructure
is not anywhere where it should be. We are behind other countries. We
used to be ahead of other countries which is where we ought to be.

SHARPTON: Well, we are going to stay right on this issue. Jobs, jobs,
jobs. You can guarantee are we`ll be on it.

Jared Bernstein and E.J. Dionne. Thank you for your time tonight. And
have a great holiday weekend.

BERNSTEIN: Happy fourth, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Coming up, a stunning day in court for the dad accused of
letting his son die in a hot car. New allegations that he was sexting
during the tragedy.

Also a tea party darling who doesn`t know when to quit. The nastiest race
in the country is getting evens worse with ugly talk spilling over into a
media conference call.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`d like to know if black people were harvesting cotton
why do you think it`s OK to harvest their votes?


SHARPTON: And finally, just in time for your holiday barbecue, tips on how
to handle your nutty neighbor who spends too much time watching FOX News.

Big show tonight. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: We are back with live pictures from Wrightsville Beach, North
Carolina, where people are bracing for hurricane Arthur. Right now, the
storm is Barreling up the east coast, causing havoc with July 4th plans for
millions of people. The storm is expected to be a category two by the time
it makes land fall in North Carolina late tonight. With winds over 90
miles per hour, heavy rain is expected up and down the coast throughout the
weekend. Already causing major airport delays.

The storm surge is forecasted to be up to five feet in eastern North
Carolina. While North Carolina braces for impact, cities farther north are
scrambling to change 4th of July plans.

Boston`s fireworks display has been moved to tonight. Portland, Maine,
will have fireworks on Saturday. Atlantic city pushed its fireworks to

For the latest on hurricane Arthur, stay tuned to MSNBC. We`ll be right


SHARPTON: We told you, Mississippi tea party candidate Chris McDaniel is
having a tough time since his loss in the Republican run-off. Check out
his latest reaction.


SHARPTON: That was actually a Japanese politician who is suspected of
misusing funds. But it`s not that different from what we have seen from
McDaniel. He`s mad because his opponent Senator Thad Cochran reached out
to Democrats and particularly African-American voters. Now McDaniel is
fund-raising to challenge the election results calling them a sham, plain
and simple.

His campaign sent Senator Cochran a quote "notice of intent to challenge."
And they are offering rewards to people who provide information on voter

Meanwhile, the tea party group "True The Vote" is suing Mississippi
secretary of state alleging violations of the voting rights act. McDaniel
lost by more than 6,000 votes. It wasn`t a sham. Cochran`s campaign says
claims of irregularities are just sour grapes. But when they held a
conference call on the issue yesterday, one caller interrupted with this


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`d like to know if black people were harvesting cotton
why do you think it`s OK to harvest their votes? Why did you use black
people? Why did you use black people to try to get Cochran elected when
they are not even Republicans and you are treating them as if they are just
idiots that they will vote for Cochran just are because they are black.
That`s ridiculous.


SHARPTON: Yes, that caller claimed Cochran harvested votes like blacks
harvested cotton. It`s crazy. That we are hearing this in 2014 is nuts.
You know what else is crazy? That McDaniel and his supporters can`t accept
the reality that it`s over.

Joining me now is Dana Milbank and Tara Dowdell. Thank you for being here.



SHARPTON: Dana, you`ve got real ugliness here. I mean, someone talking
about harvesting voters. How does this hurt the GOP if McDaniel and his
supporters just won`t go away?

MILBANK: Yes. There is something special about the tea party now claiming
protection of the voting right act after cheering its demise at the Supreme
Court in recent months and years.

I think what you are seeing here is sort of the meltdown of the tea party.
The tea has been boiling a little bit too long here. The Republican party,
let`s face it. Thad Cochran is as conservative as they come.
Ideologically it`s a tea party. The question is, are there people here who
still believe in government? Are there people who are trying to burn the
entire thing down?

I think that`s what you are seeing from McDaniel. This scorched earth
politics throwing race into the equation, putting out this sort of bounty.
He`s not going to win the challenge. But he is going to sully Thad Cochran
and his party.

SHARPTON: Now, Tara, you know, Speaker Boehner is suing the President, for
example. It was supposed to appease the tea party. But now, he`s getting
are criticized by other conservatives. One writer who is called for
impeachment wrote, the lawsuit simply reinforces the President`s assessment
that his opposition is unserious.

Now, Boehner did this for the tea party. Now he`s getting hammered for it.
Doesn`t it show the disarray in the GOP, Tara?

DOWDELL: Absolutely. I mean, this is clearly he`s gone way over the line.
You know he`s gone over the line when his own party is criticizing him for
it. I think what he thoughts he was going to try to make up for the fact
because they want to impeach the President. Let`s not pretend that is not
where they are trying to go and they know that is not feasible. So, this
was supposedly something they could do in the interim.

It is not serious. It is transparent. And Boehner gave himself away when
he could not name an executive order at his own press conference. He could
not name an executive order that he was going to sue about. He could not
name one at his own press conference.

SHARPTON: You know, and you`re right about that, Tara.

You know, Dana, the thing with the with tea party is that they always take
things to the extreme. I mean, take Ted Cruz. No one was more responsible
for the government shutdown. Listen to what he said afterward.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: I didn`t want a shutdown. Throughout the whole
thing I said we shouldn`t have a shutdown. Now, folks here can disagree,
but repeatedly, I voted to keep the government open.


SHARPTON: He claims he didn`t want a shutdown. I mean, how removed from
reality are they?

MILBANK: Well, Ted Cruz didn`t want the government to shut down. He
wanted President Obama to agree with all of his demands. So, I mean, I
suppose technically he`s correct. He`s using a debater`s point of view.

But, here is the interesting thing, Reverend. Why are they going the
lawsuit route with John Boehner instead of impeachment. Well, they said
because Democrats control the Senate. Suppose Republicans take over the
senate in November, then all bets are off. And then you see the Ted Cruz
is dominant. You see the efforts at impeachment. That`s when you have a
co conflagration when Republicans are going to have to say, are we going to
be serious here or are we just going to ride this right off the cliff?

SHARPTON: You know, something interesting today, Tara, that caught my
attention. The President in an interview said himself that the GOP is
going to have to change if they are going to move forward nationally.
Listen to this.


Republican party will move back to the center. Mainly because if they
don`t they will never win the presidency again. At a certain point people
will get fed up.


SHARPTON: Tara, your response to the president`s assessment?

DOWDELL: Well, I think at some point, they would have to move a little bit
toward center. Whether they will move back completely I`m not sure that
will happen. Because they have gone so far to the right.

And right now, the tea party, the Republicans generally, they are focused
on 2014. And Democrats need to be focus on 2014. 2014 happen before 2016.
And what you are seeing is the Republicans are trying to rally the base.
That`s all everything they are doing is about, is ensuring that they are
going to have enough turnout to try to take the Senate. That`s what this
is about. And Democrats need to stop focusing on 2016 and focus on 2014.

SHARPTON: And you are absolutely right, 14 comes first. That`s why we`ll
be all over the country protecting the vote this year.

Thank you Dana Milbank and thank you, Tara Dowdell. And both of you, have
a great weekend and a great 4th of July.

MILBANK: You, too, Reverend, thanks.

DOWDELL: Thank you, you too.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, what was a dad allegedly doing while his son died
in a hot car? Stunning new details from a horrific murder case today.
Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Republicans have become experts at recycling old ideas. And
now, they are even recycling candidates.

Massachusetts senator Scott Brown lost his seat in 2012 but he`s having
another go at it, this time in New Hampshire. And this week, Brown did
some recycling of his own. He brought back Mitt Romney to campaign for
him. The event at the same exact -- the exact same farm in New Hampshire
where Romney kicked off his failed Presidential campaign back in 2011. I
even think Willard may have worn the same shirt. They look similar to me.

And another thing Romney recycled, the same old tired attacks on President


the President has not done what he promised to do.


SHARPTON: Where have I heard that before?


ROMNEY: We have more than slogans and promises to judge him by. Barack
Obama are has failed America.


SHARPTON: This is like a bad rerun. Here is another old favorite.
Willard trying to connect with common folks.


People are having a hard time paying their electric, gas and gasoline


SHARPTON: And here is the same line at the same farm back in 2011.


ROMNEY: Families are buried under higher prices for food and higher prices
for gasoline.


SHARPTON: The agony of repeat. Even Romney seemed to realize he was
reliving the past.


ROMNEY: You guys are terrific to be here. It`s like deja vu all over
again right here to see you.


SHARPTON: Did he think we wouldn`t notice how he`s recycling his greatest
hits? Well Willard, here`s another blast from the past. We got you.


SHARPTON: Now to Georgia and that disturbing case of a 22-month-old boy
who died after being left by his father in a hot car. It was 88 degrees
outside. And likely, much hotter inside that car. Justin Ross Harris was
in court today for a probable cause hearing. He pled not guilty to murder
and child cruelty, claiming he forgot to drop his son off at a day care
center. On his way to work. Only to discover his son`s body later that
afternoon. In dramatic and gut-wrenching testimony today, police testified
that Ross wanted to lead a, "child-free life."


also. He started off trying to work himself up. We were watching him on
the camera as he`s doing this, and he`s walking around, and rubbing his
eyes. And he`s, you know, looked like he was trying to hyper ventilate
himself. And then he stops. No tears, no real emotion coming out except
for, you know, the huffing.


SHARPTON: The police also testified that when Ross finally did show some
emotion, it was not over his dead child.


STODDARD: It was all about him. I can`t believe this is happening to me.
I can`t believe, you know, this happened to me. Why am I being punished
for this? It continued. It was all very one-sided.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Did he talk about losing his job?

STODDARD: He talked about losing his job? What are we going to do? I`m
going to lose my job. I`ll be charged with a felony.


SHARPTON: The detective also revealed Harris was exchanging sexually
explicit texts with several women, including a teenage girl in the hours
before he found the boy dead. His wife, who has also been under scrutiny
was in court today supporting her husband. Both parents admitted to
internet searches about what temperature would harm a child inside a
vehicle. Ross also searched for and watched videos about kids dying in hot
cars. Today, a judge denied bail for Harris. And now the case will go to
a grand jury.

Joining me now is legal analyst Lisa Bloom and former child abuse
and sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy. Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Lisa, you have covered so many tough cases. But the case the
prosecution laid out today is truly horrible. I mean, what struck you

BLOOM: It really is, Reverend Al. It makes me physically ill to actually
hear these allegations. I mean, the worst thing a human being can do is
kill his own child. When you add to it that this manner of death was
especially designed to cause horrific suffering to last a very long time.
And now we hear the allegation that he`s sexting at work while his little
boy is baking to death in the car? I mean, it`s almost more than the mind
can take in. If these allegations are true, this man is clearly a
sociopath and needs to be locked up for the rest of his life. But I want
to emphasize he`s still presumed innocent. We have heard only one side of
the story so far.

SHARPTON: We have only heard from the prosecutors these allegations.

BLOOM: Right.

SHARPTON: Wendy, what`s your response?

MURPHY: You know, I just don`t want to jump on the bandwagon and say the
guy is a monster. Because I agree with everything Lisa said. But I`m
struck by the juxtaposition of this guy. Remember, we are talking about a
man who has essentially admitted because the photographs are there, having
an erection and sharing it with teenage girls while his son is suffocating
to death. It`s just -- could there be more contrary emotional experiences?
An erection, the ultimate sexual pleasure and the ultimate suffering of the
ultimate victim utterly voiceless in a car.

I mean, it`s so hard to get around the horror of those pictures being
together. Now, that said, I still think there is more to the story.
Remember, we have heard from law enforcement officials that there is more
to the story. That this man is a suspect in even more grotesque crimes.
I`m guessing that potentially here this man wasn`t just doing pornographic
stuff with his body parts and teenage girls. Perhaps we are going to hear
that this child of his was also being sexually exploited by this man.

SHARPTON: Wow. We`ll be watching to see where this goes. But let`s stay
where we are right now. Here was Mr. Harris`s response when police
informed him about the murder charges. Watch.


STODDARD: We did decide to charge him with murder. I brought him back
into the interview room and sat him down to explain the charge to him. He
looked -- and say, damn, but there is no malicious intent.


SHARPTON: Now, he said there was no malicious intent. Is it odd that
someone would use language like that after being charged with murder?
Murder of his own child, Lisa?

BLOOM: Yes. It`s beyond odd. It certainly shows a devious mind. A guy
who has researched this. Listen, it would be odd if an attorney said that.
For a non-attorney to say that, if you were accused of a crime as horrific
as killing your own child and you`re innocent, your first reaction would
be, are you are crazy? Are you kidding me? I never did anything like
that. Not, "I didn`t have malicious intent."

SHARPTON: And Wendy, the police also overheard a conversation between
Ross-Harris and his wife in the interrogation room. Watch this.


STODDARD: After he was talking about how Cooper looked peaceful, and his
eyes were closed. And just, you know, it looked like he was sleeping. He
goes, I dreaded how he would look.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Dreaded, past tense.

STODDARD: As in past tense.


SHARPTON: I mean, what do you make of that, Wendy? I dreaded how he would

MURPHY: If we only had the linguistic oddities as the proof of the crime,
this guy would be toast. There`s no doubt about it. It`s not just the
words he chose and the things he said and the lack of emotion that add to
the consciousness of guilt which the prosecution is going to have a field
day proving and I think it`s going to be an easy case to prove that he knew
what he was doings which is why, I think, he planned the whole thing and
potentially as a cover-up for another crime. But here is another piece of
the puzzle. Simultaneous with this guy clearly planning what I think is a
cover-up of some other more horrific stuff, you have his wife going to the
day care center when she`s supposed to pick the child up, realizing he
isn`t there and her saying, oh --

SHARPTON: Well, let me --

MURPHY: Maybe my husband left him in the car.

SHARPTON: Let me show the detective saying the unusual and I will use that
word -- unusual reaction of the mother when she found out that the son had
not been dropped off. Listen to this.


STODDARD: She`s like, just got really calm, she`s like I don`t know what
to do. They walked back out into the lobby. And in-front of several
witnesses all of the sudden she states, Ross must have left him in the car.
And they`re like, what? There is no other reason. Ross must have -- no
other explanation, excuse me. Ross must have left him in the car. And
they tried to console her. And they`re like, no, you know, there are a
thousand reasons. You know, he could have taken him to lunch or something.
We don`t know yet. And she`s like, no.


SHARPTON: Wendy, that`s what you were referring to.

MURPHY: Yes. Yes. And let me tell you why it`s significant. This shows
that these two are in cahoots at least with regard to the defense strategy.
And one of the things I have seen work in too many cases, it`s frustrating
for a prosecutor. I`m sure Lisa will agree. When only two people know
what happened and they each go like this. If you point the finger at the
other one and you agree to be each other`s built-in spousal reasonable
doubt, that can be a tough case. And I think we are watching that unfold
right now.

SHARPTON: And Lisa, we also told that the mother asked Harris in the
interrogation room, quote, "Did you say too much during the interrogation?"
What could that indicate, Lisa?

BLOOM: Well, it does appear that they are co-conspirators. I want to
emphasize she has not been charged with anything. She`s not on trial yet.
She`s presumed innocent. We haven`t heard her side. But based on what we
know so far, that sure does not look good for her. You would expect a
mother who was not part of this to be outraged, to be shocked, to be
horrified. Her own little boy has just died. And whether it was by
accident or intentional, she should be mad at the dad for doing that.


BLOOM: And instead she`s covering up for him. That doesn`t look good for
her either.

SHARPTON: Well, he`s been held without bond which means he`ll stay in jail
pending the grand jury and assumed trial. And we will be watching this
one, I promise you, very closely.

Lisa Bloom, Wendy Murphy, thank you both for your time tonight. Have a
great holiday.

BLOOM: Thanks, Rev. Happy Fourth.

MURPHY: You, too.

SHARPTON: Coming up, a new 40 percent tape is causing havoc in a critical
GOP campaign. When will Republicans learn that insulting half of the
country isn`t a smart political strategy?

Also, do you have a neighbor who talks like Ted Cruz? Before he comes over
for your holiday barbecue, I will give you some tips on how to counter his
right wing talking points.


SHARPTON: It`s the number Republicans just can`t escape. Forty seven. As
in 47 percent, the number of Americans Mitt Romney claimed was dependent on
the government in a secret recording back in 2012. And now another
republican has been caught on camera using the same language we heard from
Romney. Bob Beauprez, the republican candidate for governor in Colorado
made comments about 47 percent of this country in a 2010 speech. And he
sounded a lot like Willard.


frankly doesn`t surprise me, having been on ways & means. Forty seven
percent of all Americans pay no federal income tax. I`m guessing that most
of you in this room are not in that 47 percent, and God bless you. But
what that tells me is we have almost half of the population perfectly happy
that somebody else is paying the bill. And most of that half is you all.


SHARPTON: Forty seven percent don`t pay taxes? This has been debunked
time and time again. But if it fits right into the ugly republican
narrative about people in need, that`s continued right into this year.


BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST: No matter how much money the government
takes from the haves and gives to the have nots, poverty will not change
until personal behavior does.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: When you`re hungry, you will figure out a way to eat.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: A lot of people are lazy and a lot of people are
becoming lazier.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: More and more takers are in the cart and fewer and fewer
makers are pulling the darn thing.


SHARPTON: Whether it`s 47 percent or makers versus takers or welfare
queens, this kind of rhetoric only divides the country.

Joining me now is Karen Finney. Thank you for being here Karen tonight.

KAREN FINNEY, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Great to be with you, Rev.

SHARPTON: Karen, just how central is this 47 percent makers server takers
rhetoric to the GOP right wing now?

FINNEY: Well, it`s absolutely senseless. I mean, but unfortunately I
think, you know, it`s the kind of rhetoric we know we`re going to continue
to hear. Because it falls into their stereotypes about who is really doing
hard work in this country and who`s not doing hard work. And who is
deserving and who`s not deserving. And, you know, one of the things that
was really so shocking about that video with Beauprez is he`s basically
saying those are other people, those people, don`t work hard.

And we know as you pointed out, this whole thing has been debunked time and
time again. But to assume that people don`t work hard simply because they
may not pay federal income taxes but they pay other forms of federal tax,
state tax, and so forth. But it shows such a lack of respect for American
workers in this country.

SHARPTON: Well, talking about stereotypes in that 47 percent tape, Bob
Beauprez, you know, he also talked about the liberal plot to keep people
reliant on the government. Listen to this.


BEAUPREZ: I submit to you that there is a political strategy to get
slightly over and have a permanent ruling political majority by keeping
over half of the population dependent on the largess of government that
somebody else is paying for.


SHARPTON: I mean, a liberal plot.

FINNEY: Right.

SHARPTON: Reliant? I mean, this rhetoric is often used like people are
getting rich that are just getting barely by with no government to try to
bring them over to some level of stability.

FINNEY: Well, but I mean, we have heard that before. Not that long after
the 2012 election part of the rationale was, well, those people who voted
for Barack Obama just won free stuff. Right? So, this is another version
of rhetoric that we have heard. But, you know, Reverend Sharpton, I think
it`s also time that we flip the script on this conversation. Because
remember that, you know, when we talk about Wal-Mart workers, we as
taxpayers are subsidizing those workers because they don`t make enough to
afford to even shop at Wal-Mart. Right?

So, and that is a form of corporate welfare. Let`s also talk about, you
know, those wealthy one percenters who won`t pay their -- who don`t pay
their fair share in taxes? I mean, there are, you know, we have plenty
that we can talk about. So, let`s talk about those people and really flip
the script on these guys. Because you know, again it`s so disconnected
from reality.

SHARPTON: You know, this week a new law in Tennessee went into effect that
allows the state to drug test people applying for federal welfare. It says
even though similar programs have failed in Florida and research shows
welfare recipients use drugs at a rate no higher than the general
population, despite that Karen, they put this law into effect in Tennessee.

FINNEY: And it`s are really despicable. And we did see, you know, in the
last couple of years, we`ve seen measures like this cropping up. You
mentioned Florida and Tennessee. There were a couple of other places where
people have tried to pass this. And again it goes to a stereotype about
who people are and why they need assistance. And it is basically
penalizing someone for needing assistance. I mean, that`s just should not
be -- we are about to hit July Fourth and celebrate this great country of
ours. That`s not the American way. That is not what these programs are
there for. And instead we should think there before the grace of God go
any one of us. And let`s just make sure those programs are there for

SHARPTON: Well, Karen Finney, thank you for your time tonight. Enjoy your
Independence Day.

FINNEY: Thank you. You too, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Are you dreading the barbecue this weekend with your whacky
cousin who watches too much FOX News? Never fear. I have Reverend Al`s
July 4th barbecue tips sure to grill that cousin`s arguments to a crisp.


SHARPTON: We are back to remember a literary lion who never forgot where
he came from. Walter Dean Myers passed away Tuesday at the age of 76. His
fiction for teens and young adults tackled serious issues inspired by his
own experiences growing up in Harlem. His best known book "Fallen Angels"
is a tough depiction of a Harlem teenager fighting in the Vietnam War.
Other books confronted the realities of drugs and racial injustice. Myers
won some of publishing`s highest honors and his books sold more than a
million copies. But he never forgot who he was writing for.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: The most positive thing I can give them is their own
presence, acknowledging them. If I say to a kid, you are a human being
that -- I understand. I know where you are coming from. I know that you
feel and that you`re thinking. I need to do that. I need to write that.


SHARPTON: Myers spent his life writing about kids he felt no one else
cared about. And for that, Walter Dean Myers will be missed by children,
young and old.


SHARPTON: Happy Fourth of July holiday to everyone in POLITICS NATION.
It`s a day to celebrate our great are country, to rest, relax and maybe
have a barbecue. But you know what that means. Your whacky uncle or your
Ted Cruz-loving neighbor or your cousin who watches FOX News all day may
swing by for a burger or a dog. But don`t worry. I`ve got you covered.
It`s time for Reverend Al`s July 4th barbecue tips. Or should I say July
5th because if you`re on the east coast, chances are you are getting rained
out. Whenever it is, you will be ready when the neighbor comes over and
drops something like this.


SARAH PALIN (R), FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Barack Obama is a socialist. He
believes in socialism.

wants to turn America into another European-style social welfare state.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: President Obama and his socialist
policies must be stopped.


SHARPTON: Ah, the classic socialist line. But you will have the cold hard
facts to go with those. There`s been 52 straight months of private sector
job growth under President Obama. The United States is on pace for the
best year of job creation since 1999. And on Wall Street it was a record-
breaking day. The Dow Jones crossed 17,000 for the first time ever. Look
at this jobs picture. You can see the surge under President Obama. But as
your neighbor digests that, your cousin might start up on health care.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: ObamaCare is the biggest job killer in this

BEN CARSON, COLUMNIST: The worst thing that`s happened in this nation
since slavery. And it is in a way. It is slavery.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R), OHIO: Our position is very clear. And the law is a
train wreck.


SHARPTON: First tip, look up and point. The sky is still there. It
didn`t fall like conservatives predicted. Over eight million Americans of
all ages have signed up. The uninsured rate is at a new low, the lowest
since Gallup started tracking in 2008. The Affordable Care Act is not a
job killer. Just see the first tip. With that one out of the way, get
ready for the fireworks. No, not the ones in the sky. I`m talking about
the family fireworks. Uncle Frank might uncork this one.


he`s become a monarch or an emperor that can basically ignore the law and
do whatever he want.

CRUZ: President Obama doesn`t want to be bothered with the niceties of
democracy and the constitutional system. He just wants to decree it.

BACHMANN: He said that let`s make this a year of action and then the
declared himself King Obama.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY: I`m afraid that President Obama may have
thins king complex sort of developing.


SHARPTON: Since the beginning of the 20th century, President Obama has the
least amount of executive orders. You can see this chart way at the end is
President Obama. And yes, that means less than George W. Bush. So, now
you have grilled your conservative friends like you grilled that last piece
of chicken. Give them one grand finale by saying, nice try, but we got
you. Thanks for watching. Have a great holiday.


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