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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

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July 8, 2014

Guest: Caree Harper, Maisha Allums, Phillip Holloway, Carmen St. George

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: I`m live tonight in Washington, D.C.
tonight Washington crossing the line on immigration. President Obama took
steps to address the crisis on our southern border. He asked congress for
nearly $4 billion in emergency funding to secure of the border and help
take care of the tens of thousands of immigrant children who crossed into
the United States.

While the president is working to solve a crisis, Republicans are talking
impeachment. Today, Sarah Palin called for the President`s impeachment
comparing the United States to a battered wife. She writes quote "enough
is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border
crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say "no mas."" And
she accuses the president of quote "making up his own laws as he goes
along. The many impeach able offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be
ignored if after all this he`s not impeachable then no one is."

This attack is way over the line. But it echoes what we hear from
Republicans on Capitol Hill blaming the president after years of inaction
in Congress.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The frustration you see all throughout the United
States is because they feel the administration is doing nothing about
border security.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a lack of leadership I think on the part of
the president in getting ahead of this issue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a humanitarian crisis, perfectly preventable this
administration cause.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: What`s happening right now in the border
particularly with kids is heartbreaking. And it is the direct consequence
of President Obama`s lawlessness.


SHARPTON: But all these Republicans are so busy blaming President Obama
that they forgot the history. The law controlling how the immigrant kids
are handled was, in fact signed by a different president.

President Bush, he signed the law back in 2008 to protect immigrant kids
against child trafficking. The Bush administration said this is a piece of
legislation we are proud to sign.

Republicans were proud, but now it is the basis for impeachment. It just
show how some in the GOP are more interest in the playing political games
than solving real problems in this country.

Joining me now are former Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell and Angela Rye.

Thanks for being here.

Governor, let me go to you first. What`s your reaction to Sarah Palin
calling for the president`s impeachment over this humanitarian crisis?

happy, Rev., and let me explain.

I`m furious that Sarah Palin, the (INAUDIBLE) Republican Party and people
in Congress are talking impeach lt. The constitution says you can impeach
the president for high crimes and misdemeanors. There is nothing President
Obama has done that`s remotely close to a high crime or a misdemeanor.
They can disagree with policy.

One of the things cited was the EPA`s order on controlling emissions from
coal plants. You can disagree with that. You can say it`s a wrong policy,
but it is not impeachable offense. It`s why we have elections. It is why
we have elections.

I`m furious that political party and people who held public office could
stoop so low as to suggest something, to do nothing but rile up the base.
They know there is no chance of success.

But I`m also happy because I thought at the beginning of this year that it
was can be a tough year for Democrats, a tough year in the hall of senate,
a tough year to pick up seats in the house. But now I think by acting so
bizarrely, and so irrationally, and so wrong headedly, the Republicans are
trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

And I think that`s exactly what`s going to happen. Remember, when they
impeached President Clinton, even though we got election traditionally, it
goes against the president because the American people were fed up. And if
they try to stop, American people, even people who don`t think President
Obama is doing a good job, reasonable people will say these -- the
Republicans are nuts and we can`t vote them back into office.

SHARPTON: No. And I think you raised a good point about they are actually
not even going by what the articles of impeachment requires to suggest for
impeachment. I mean, they have talk about lawlessness. They absolutely
reinterpreted what impeachment is for.

And Angela, when you look at her column, Sarah Palin suggests the President
has deliberately created this crisis. I mean, she writes, opening our
borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. I mean, she is
really saying that this was done intentionally suggesting, I guess, the
president, she criticizes, quote, "Obama`s purposeful dereliction of duty.

And Rick Perry had similar comments about the president`s stance on
immigration this weekend. Listen.


GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: I don`t believe he particularly cares whether
or not the border of the United States is secure. I believe that when you
do not respond in any way you are inept or you have some an ulterior motive
of which you are functioning from.


SHARPTON: I mean, following up with Governor Rendell said, do you think
they really believe the American public is going to buy this some liberal
conspiracy to bring in children in here and that the president is
deliberately doing this?

ANGELA RYE, POLITICAL STRATEGIST: Well, I think it is a way for them to
gin up their base. We have seen, you know, with conspiracy up against
conspiracy theories or there is Benghazi or the IRS or whatever else. And
now it`s just an open border issue.

So the one thing that I would say that`s really interesting is on one hand
the president has been called a deporter in chief by the Latino community
en masse which is unfortunate. And then on the other hand, they are saying
he`s responsible for porous borders which five in the face of the fakes
(ph). We know he`s enforced the president and President George W. Bush`s
deportation and enforcement laws.

SHARPTON: And has asked for $4 billion to try to deal with this.

Governor, you know, by one count, the GOP who has come up with at least 13
reasons the president should be impeached. Look at them. From claiming he
wasn`t born here to not extending the Bush tax cuts, all the bizarre and
now the child immigration crisis. I mean, they are making a mockery out of
the idea of impeachment.

RENDELL: There is actually no question about it. None of these things --
they are all things that they disagree with the policy that the president
is undertaking. And they neglect the facts that he hat was said, that in
fact, has deported more people than any president in the United States
history. The fact that we have more border guards now than we have ever
had. We are at the highest number of border guards ever.

They just ignore the facts and come up with legal theories that are not
even close to the constitutional mandate. But again, let me stress, Rev.,
that I think it may gin up the base. And I think you`re absolutely right
that it is going to chin up the base. But independents will still control
this. Reasonable Republicans, you go to the Philadelphia suburbs. If I`m
-- a good congressman, if I am Michael Fitzpatrick, running in Bucks
County, I`m petrified hearing all this talk. Because moderate Republicans
and independents are going to say, maybe I like my congressman. But I
can`t keep this party in power. They are just crazy. They are
irresponsible. They are wrong-headed in their approach to everything.

And by the way, this is a Congress that`s talking about all this stuff and
hasn`t done a jobs bill, hasn`t done infrastructure, hasn`t done tax reform
and hasn`t done the immigration reform. If they care so much about it,
let`s sit down and do immigration reform bill before the end of August.

SHARPTON: Well, I`ll tell you what they have done. This afternoon,
Angela, Republican house Judiciary chairman responded to the president`s
request for funding to stop the immigration crisis. They wanted to impeach
him on it or some do. He said quote, this is the judiciary chairman, "no
amount of resources or changes will be effective in stealing the surge of
illegal border crossings if President Obama continues to ignore the law."

So no matter what the president does it won`t be enough for Republicans.
Is it because he`s supposedly lawless? I mean, he`s asking to enforce the
law. George Bush made law.

RYE: Which they just requested that he do last week. Last week, he wasn`t
doing enough. This week he is complied with their request, so to speak.
And on today, again, it`s a problematic. I don`t think that this is about
whether or not the policy is right. It is a matter of whether or not the
person that is requesting the policy looks and acts like them. That`s the
biggest issue there.

We saw it with health care reform. And we are seeing it again now. I know
the house Democrats issued a memo today saying you have 16 legislative days
left. Are you going to do anything to act on all the outstanding issues
from raising the wage to immigration reform, et cetera? What are you going
to do to move on this? And there is (INAUDIBLE).

SHARPTON: And the thing that`s really so upsetting to me is we are in a
humanitarian crisis. We are talking about children here. How do we look
to the world? We are talking about we can`t even get unemployment
insurance extended by this congress.

Governor Ed Rendell and Angela Rye, thank you both for your time tonight.

RYE: Thanks, Rev.

RENDELL: Our pleasure, Rev.

SHARPTON: Coming up, our exclusive interview with the daughter of the
woman shown on tape getting punched by California patrolman.

Also, new details about the baby boy who died in a hot car in Georgia. The
mother said something at his funeral that`s raising a lot of eyebrows

And John Boehner found something he`s actually willing to spend money on.
Here`s a hint. It starts with Ben and ends with ghazi. All that plus a
bunch of people eating pies without using their hands. Do you know what
that means?

Your "Politics Nation" summer break is back.


SHARPTON: Tonight there is growing outrage over the video of a California
highway patrolman beating a woman on a Los Angeles freeway.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is beating her up.



SHARPTON: Tonight, our exclusive interview with her daughter, the daughter
of the woman getting punched in that video. We`ll talk with her daughter
and her attorney next.


SHARPTON: Growing outrage over the video of a California highway patrolman
beating a woman on a Los Angeles freeway. Tonight we are speaking to the
daughter of 51-year-old Marlene Pennic, the woman being punched in the
disturbing video.

One week ago today, Pennic was walking along the freeway and had wandered
into traffic when a patrolman confronted her. After a brief struggle, the
passing driver recorded this cell phone video and the patrolman hitting Ms.
Pennic in the head face and head, over and over and over again.

The highway patrol said it`s are investigating. It put out a statement.
Quote, "we understand everyone`s concerns regarding the You Tube video of a
CHP officer. We ask for your patience as we complete the detailed
investigation process."

But local activists want answers now. Some are calling for a federal
investigation and met this afternoon with officials from the highway
patrol. And yesterday, another group of activists shared their concerns
with the CHP deputy commissioner.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This just happened.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The questions you are asking are the questions that I
want answers too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: The NBC 4 i-team has confirmed the officer
involved in the beating wasn`t placed on administrative leave but instead
has assigned office work. Much to the frustration of activists and
Pennic`s attorney, his identity has not been revealed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We want to make sure that he has some anonymity at
this point while we conduct our investigation.


SHARPTON: They are protecting the officer`s identity. He`s still at work.
There`s also a disagreement over whether Ms. Pennic was hurt.


indicated that the individual was not injured. And the officer didn`t
notice any individuals on the individual.

CAREE HARPER, PENNIC FAMILY ATTORNEY: The CHP`s representation that there
were no injuries is absolutely false. She has suffered multiple injuries.


SHARPTON: Is an incident like this likely to produce injuries? Watch the
tape and you decide for yourself. For now, her daughter says she is just
grateful her mom is alive.


I was finally able to see and talk to her. And I just thank God that she`s
alive. He hit her over and repeatedly and repeatedly over. She wasn`t
even putting up a fight. I just to justice for my mom.


SHARPTON: She just wants justice for her mom. The pressure is on to make
sure she gets it.

Joins me now is Marlene Pennic`s daughter, Maisha Allums. Also with is
Caree Harper, the family`s attorney.

Thank you both for being here.

HARPER: Thank you, Reverend Al, for having us.

SHARPTON: First of all, Maisha, how is your mother doing now?

ALLUMS: I mean, she`s OK. She`s better. She`s not being beaten on the
side of the freeway. So she`s a lot better. And like I said once before,
I`m just happy she`s alive.

HARPER: I would just --

SHARPTON: What was your reaction?

HARPER: I`m sorry.

SHARPTON: I`m sorry. Go ahead.

HARPER: And I would just say, Reverend Al, as opposed to "she`s OK,"
that`s to say that she`s not currently being plummeted on the head. She`s
actually not OK. She suffered head injuries. She suffered bruises about
her neck, head, shoulders, arms. She`s suffered multiple bruises. One
bruise is so large on her shoulder. It`s the size of a small plum. So
she`s most certainly not OK.

But anything is better than someone who is sworn to protect and serve
bashing her head into cement as though he`s trying out for some sort of
mixed martial arts competition. That`s the only place I have seen such
savage, repeated plummeting. And usually, even in that sport you have a
referee that says, hey, let her tap out. This officer wouldn`t have let
her tap out. But for the acts of another person coming along, how long
would he have beat her? I say that he would have continued beating her.

SHARPTON: Now, let me ask you this, Maisha. I want to come back to you,
Attorney Harper. But what was your reaction, Maisha, when you first saw
this video?

ALLUMS: I was in disbelief. I couldn`t believe a CHP officer was beating
my mom like that. And he, and also like he had the right to beat her. She
couldn`t do anything to him. He was just are pounding and pounding on her.
He`s two times or three times her size.

SHARPTON: Now, you said you weren`t able to see her for a few days. What

ALLUMS: I couldn`t find her.

HARPER: And I would just say, too, it personally took me 20 hours to find
her, Reverend Al. The CHP actively concealed her location.

SHARPTON: When you say concealed her location, for viewers, they actually
apprehended her?

HARPER: They apprehended her. They arrested her. And an arrest is, you
know, they took her into custody. We have witness information that they
handcuffed her. And at one point they had her on the side of the curb.
They put her in a hospital. And I did make contact on July 3rd with
someone from the CHP and I attempted to ascertain if this person was even
getting proper medical treatment. And I wrote and called and did
everything I could because I was disturbed by the video. I was actually
going to fly out for a family reunion.

However, this incident was so troubling that I investigated where this
woman was. And they had her in custody under a numeric value, not a name.
And then they changed it to a Jane Doe name. And then they gave her an
alias. And then they transferred her to an entirely separate facility.

Why would they do that? They did that because they beat her up and they
wanted to hide her so that her injuries could somewhat subside and not have
someone taking photos. Now, my client had been looking to hospitals, and
trying to find her mom, under her mother`s proper name. But they made that
virtually impossible. So even if you go to the facility and say her name,
you cannot locate her. And they will deny that she`s here.

They hid her because they knew they did wrong. And for the officer, that
Mr. O`Quinn, to represent, the officer said, well, we didn`t see any
injuries, well, you need better pair of glasses because off -- the rest of
the world clearly saw injuries.

SHARPTON: Let me ask this. I need to clear a few things so everyone has
the perspective. There is no accusation that there was a weapon involved.
There was no accusation that this officer was reacting to a physical
threat. I mean how in the name of saying she was wandering on the side of
the freeway may have wandered into traffic. How do you justify pummeling
somebody, a woman defenseless, unarmed woman like that over and over again
like the video shows.

HARPER: You can`t justify it. That`s why they want to give this officer
anonymity. They can`t justify it. They may be consulting someone to try
to creatively make some reason up. But clearly, there is no justification.
There are other means, I was a police officer for a number of years and you
were taught other means when someone is passively doing something you want
to detain them for and they are not hitting you. You are taught to use
lesser means of force.

So if he needed to take her down, he could have simply used some type of
control hold on her. He could have used maybe something on his back belt
that he`s given in the course of his duty. He has mace, maybe pepper
spray, maybe some other type of spray. There are other lesser means of
force to be used or how about this?

Try to be a man and hold her arm and put her in a wrist lock and handcuff
her. But there is a real problem, blows one through 15. What was he
thinking? He`s the one that`s a danger to the community. He`s the one
that needs to be on an involuntary hold. He is the one that`s mentally
impaired. Something is the matter with the system that you will give him
anonymity but attack the woman who`s beaten.

They are saying various things about her. And I believe they are going to
continue to. They are going to keep him anonymous while they keep
investigating her.

SHARPTON: Let me ask Maisha this and I want to come back to you on what
you want to see done, Attorney Harper.

But Maisha, have you talked to your mother without compromising anything?
Have are you talked to her about that day and her feelings now?

ALLUMS: Yes. I have talked to her.

SHARPTON: What`s she saying to you?

ALLUMS: She said she wasn`t doing anything --

HARPER: She`s hurt and I just want to tell you, Reverend Al, that they are
going to try to prosecute her for something criminally. So statements out
of someone who may be facing some type of criminal liability, it might be,
even though are there is nothing to justify blows 15, one through 15. But
statements from her regarding her injuries, I`m sure Ms. Allums would be
able to say regarding her injuries.

SHARPTON: Has she said anything to her about injuries?

ALLUMS: When I visit her, she was in pain. They were giving her medicine.
They were giving her ice packs. So yes, I know, she was in pain and she
was hurting.

SHARPTON: If you, Maisha, could say something to the officer, if he`s
watching you right now on television, what would you say to him?

ALLUMS: I feel he betrayed my mom, he disrespected my mom, he beat her on
the side of the freeway without a care in the world. It seemed like he
just got lost in himself. I don`t understand. And if you saw someone
beating a dog like that on the freeway, they would be in jail right now for
beating a dog.

HARPER: That`s true.

SHARPTON: Maisha Allums, we are going to be following this. And I`m sure
Attorney Harper, you are going to stay on this and we are going to keep
following this.

Thank you both for your time tonight.

HARPER: Thank you, Reverend Al, for having us.

SHARPTON: We`ll keep your mother in our prayers as well, Maisha.

ALLUMS: Thank you so much.

HARPER: Please. Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Coming up, what does NBA superstar Lebron James have to do with
RNC chair Reince Priebus?

And the hot car death case, was it an accident or was it murder? Today,
the mom visits her husband in jail as questions build about her. The
justice files ahead.


SHARPTON: The city of Cleveland knows about heartbreak when it comes to
their sports teams. The city has been waiting, watching, praying for
something to celebrate. Remember, it was four years ago today their local
hero made that devastating decision.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The answer to the question everybody wants to know.
Lebron? What`s your decision?

LEBRON JAMES, NBA PLAYER: This fall -- man, this is very tough. This fall
I`m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.


SHARPTON: Would that decision be reversed? Four years later the city
wants LeBron James back. And today, another long awaited announcement.
Another big decision. The city is getting this guy. That`s right.
Congratulations, Cleveland. RNC Chair Reince Priebus announced today, the
GOP is taking its talents to Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: So Reince, where will it be in 2016?

in Cleveland in 2016. The Republican National Committee has chosen
Cleveland. And we couldn`t be more excited.


SHARPTON: Oh, yes. You can just feel the excitement. So, ladies and
gentlemen, put your hands together for your Republican Convention 2016
starting line-up featuring Reince Priebus at power forward, Congressman
Paul Ryan at center even though he`s way to the right. Senator Rand Paul
and Governor Scott Walker at guards. Governor Rick Perry at forward. And
who knows? Maybe Governor Chris Christie, he`s keeping the bench warm for
now. Did Cleveland think we wouldn`t notice this decision? Nice try, but
hold out hope for LeBron. Until then, the RNC gotcha.


REP. TREY GOWDY (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: No one has been arrested. No one has
been prosecuted. No one has been brought to justice.


SHARPTON: GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy last year attacking the President for
not capturing any Benghazi terror suspects. Today, of course, the alleged
mastermind is in U.S. custody. He was back in court this morning. And
yet, Congressman Trey Gowdy, now chair of the GOP`s Benghazi panel, is
still hunting for scandal. Today, we learned he`s ready to call the
committee back next month during recess. So they do nothing on jobs.
Nothing on minimum wage. Nothing on immigration. But when it comes to a
phony scandal, you better get back to work. It`s the waste of time and
money. Today we learned they are requesting 3.3 million for this bogus
committee. That`s more than they spent on the Veterans Affair Committee.
This is a party that loves all this and the spending hypocrisy is just as


REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: The President released his
budget and showed us his big ideas. Higher spending.

We ought to do something about our spending problem.

He wants more spending and more tax hikes that will hurt our economy.

And giving the federal government more money would be like giving a cocaine
addict more cocaine.


SHARPTON: Today, the same GOP house that wants to slash the safety net is
getting are right to work, spending millions on a fake scandal.

Joining me now is Richard Wolffe. Thanks for coming on the show, Richard.


SHARPTON: Richard, $3.3 million on a phony Benghazi scandal? I mean,
isn`t a GOP supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility?

WOLFFE: Well, they are. But they are also trying to do something of the
job of oversight in Congress. The hard thing for them is to explain how
they can spend more money or the same kind of run rate in terms of money as
the House Intelligence Committee. You are talking about something which
was intelligence-related. But if they are going to spend this money on one
issue where intelligence failed spectacularly badly to the cost sadly of
three people`s lives.

Well, what are they going to spend on the entire intelligence budget in
overseeing that? So, it`s disproportionate. We already knew that. This
committee has a problem with what people think he is trumped-up charges or
excessive over investigation of something that`s been thoroughly
investigated already. They have to do everything they possibly can to look
like they`re above board on that priorities at this point just in terms,
the finances look skewed.

SHARPTON: Now, when you talk about money, you know, one of the things that
they keep bringing up -- I`m talking about the Republicans. Is they keep
comparing Benghazi to Watergate. Listen.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: Somebody the other day said to me, this is
as bad as Watergate. Well, nobody died in Watergate.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Benghazi gate is the right term for this. I think
this is very, very serious. Probably more serious than Watergate.

SEN. JIM INHOFE (R), OKLAHOMA: That`s going to go down in history as the
greatest cover up. And I`m talking about compared to the Pentagon papers,
Iran contra, Watergate and the rest of them.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Get to the bottom of it like we did in Watergate and
Iran contra.

REP. STEVE KING (R), IOWA: If you add Watergate and Iran-contra together
and multiply it times maybe ten or so, you`re going to get in the zone of
what Benghazi is.


SHARPTON: Now, it`s extremist and Republicans may have started to believe
their own rhetoric. But the Benghazi Select Committee budget is $3.3
million, Richard. Adjusted for inflation. The Senate Watergate Committee.

WOLFFE: Right.

SHARPTON: The Senate Watergate Select Committee was just $2.4 million.
Again, that`s what adjusted for inflation. So they are spending more on
this Benghazi committee than lawmakers spent on Watergate.

WOLFFE: That`s a great comparison Reverend. And shows there was actually
more value for money back in the old days when maybe there was no sort of
fund-raising letters that were going out on the back of this kind of thing
as we know there have been about this Benghazi issue. You know, it`s
interesting hearing Republicans talk about what people didn`t lose their
lives in Watergate. But, you know, this is so much bigger.

I don`t recall them spending this kind of money or attention on -- I don`t
know -- the intelligence failures of the run-up to the water in Iraq that
they were enthusiastic about where several thousand Americans servicemen
and women lost their lives. It is disproportionate on a historical basis
whether it`s Watergate but even in terms of their own history with their
last republican president.

SHARPTON: And you`re right. No lives were lost in Watergate. But they
are the ones keeps bringing up Watergate. I just wanted to help them do a
little research on their point.

WOLFFE: Very useful.

SHARPTON: But let me ask you on the bigger picture. Is this going to hurt
them politically?

WOLFFE: Well, I think any time they looked like this is a witch hunt but
they are out of touch with political priorities of the country, that`s a
problem. They are playing to their base, they`re playing to people who
hear the word Benghazi and it conjures up also a conspiracy theories. And
that`s fine. But that`s not how they will going to get back to being a
national party. And so, anything that looks like they are overdoing it,
they`re overplaying their hand like spending too much money on this kind of
investigation when the economy is still struggling, that`s a problem for
Republicans nationally.

SHARPTON: Richard Wolffe, thank you for your time tonight.

WOLFFE: Thanks, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, new focus on the mom in the death of a baby boy
inside a hot car in Georgia. Lots of people talking about what she said at
her son`s funeral.

Also, a political odd couple is making headlines today here in Washington.
And it`s time to wake up. Your POLITICS NATION summer break is back.


SHARPTON: Was it an accident or was it murder? The hot car death case
that`s captivating the nation. Was the 22-month-old boy left in a
sweltering hot car by his father on purpose? Ross has pled not guilty
claiming he forgot to drop off his son at day care on his way to work.
Today, new questions are swirling around the actions of the little boy`s
mom Leanna Harris. This morning cameras caught Harris visiting the Cobb
County jail where her husband Ross remains in custody, charged with
murdering his son. Harris stayed for just over 30 minutes and didn`t talk
to reporters.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: How is Ross doing? What do you want people to know this


SHARPTON: She had her hand on her head and looked upset as the car pulled
away from the jail. Leanna is coming under increasing scrutiny for the
role she may have played in her son`s death. According to police, she
remained calm and had an unusual reaction when she go and went to pick up
her son at day care and was told he had never been dropped off.


calm and she`s like, well, I don`t know what to do. They walked back into
the lobby and in front of several witness, all of the sudden she states,
Ross must have left him in the car. And they`re like, what? There is no
other reason. Ross must have -- no other explanation, excuse me. Ross
must have left him in the car. And they tried to console her and they`re
like, no, you know, there are a thousand reasons. He could have taken then
him to lunch or something. We don`t know yet. And she`s like, no.


SHARPTON: We are also learning of a bizarre statement she made about the
toddler at his funeral saying, quote, "I miss him with all my heart. Would
I bring him back? No. To bring him back into this broken world would be
selfish." Leanna has not been charged. But questions are building.

Joining me now is former Cobb County former prosecutor Philip Holloway and
criminal defense Attorney Carmen St. George. Thank you both for being



SHARPTON: Philip, police haven`t called Leanna a suspect. And she hasn`t
been charged. But do you think this investigation is headed in that

HOLLOWAY: What we know from the preliminary hearing is that the
investigation is certainly considering all options including whether or not
and to what extent she may or may not have been involved. You mentioned
the statements that were made at the funeral and some evidence that was
testified to at the preliminary hearing. This has to be kept in context.
We don`t know the entire context of the statements. Who they were made to,
what else she may have said, and under what circumstances. The prosecution
has only laid out a very small or at least incomplete picture. What it`s
case may look like. In the end I suspect we`ll going to know a lot more
than we do now.

SHARPTON: Now, that`s a good point. Context is always important. But let
me ask you, Carmen. Leanna Harris is standing by her husband. Here`s what
she told mourners at her son`s funeral, quote, "Am I angry with Ross?
Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will
be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful
daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him." How
do you feel that ways either way on where some feel this investigation
maybe going, Carmen?

GEORGE: Reverend, they have a problem. I don`t know how, you know, a
wonderful father forgets their child in a car. I mean, I`m a parent with
two kids under the age of four. You just don`t forget children in your car
and the police are keeping things close to the vest because there are many
clues in this case. They have searches that were done on the computer. We
have search warrants that had been executed for information. The
statements that were made by both her and her husband. The reactions. I
mean, this is a time where we really look, we speculate, we investigate, we
carefully dissect the reaction the people have to determine whether this
was an accident or whether this rises to the level of a crime.

SHARPTON: Now, one thing that`s very very interesting, Philip, is that
police reports say that Ross Harris viewed at video online of a
veterinarian showing what it was like for a pet to be left inside a hot
car. Here is part of that video. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Twenty five minutes. It`s now -- oh, gosh, what is it?
Hundred and thirteen degrees. It`s awful. The only thought that`s going
through my head right now is I want out of the car. You know, it`s just
everything in my body is saying get out, get out, get out, get out. You`re
helpless. You have no control over what`s happening. You don`t understand
what`s happening. You just know that your body is getting so overheated
that you could be in real danger. I mean, this kills. And it`s a lousy
way to die.


SHARPTON: Now, he watched that video twice, five days before this
incident. What can investigators try and see as this indicative of.

HOLLOWAY: Well, what we saw at least in the eyes of some, what they have
seen is the prosecution laid out the case even though they didn`t have to,
this was a premeditated, and perhaps deliberated murder. That would mean
malice. Premeditation and deliberation. And if the rest of the evidence
leads to that point, this video would bring this case potentially to the
death penalty. This would show a malignancy of the heart, it would show
particular depravity, it could potentially show torture. Those are the
types of things that in this state can qualify a case for the death penalty
under the appropriate circumstances.

SHARPTON: Carmen, if there is a trial, would this video be very damaging
and lead toward what Philip says may possibly be some prosecutor`s decision
to move toward? I mean, five days before this young boy was found in the
car, he watched this video twice.

GEORGE: It`s extremely damaging. I mean, just think of yourself sitting
there as a juror on one of these cases and watching this video. You`re
horrified. You are actually sitting there saying, how could somebody sit
there and not only watch this once but twice. For what purpose? Are you
really that depraved that you are thinking of about how long it will take a
child to die and what the effects of that will be? I mean, we have to sit
here as a country and think about what we are going to do to protect our
children and to hold people responsible.

Care takers, parents who leave their children unattended in vehicles. I
mean, you can look, in Nassau County, Senator Martins proposed legislation
just on this topic that children under the age of eight should not be left
in vehicles unattended without a parent or guardian or without somebody
over the age of 12 in severe conditions either cold or hot, heat because
this is what happens. And it`s devastating.

SHARPTON: But not only Philip leaving his child. Leaving him all day
saying he forgot the child was in the car and he forgot he didn`t drop the
child at day care. Is that going to be something that he`s got to convince
the prosecutors and possibly a jury?

HOLLOWAY: Well, you have nail the head, it`s going to be up to what a jury
may think about whether or not he actually did forget the child. Keep in
mind, we know that this does happen. As counterintuitive, is it maybe to
those of us who have children, how could you possibly leave a child in a
car and forget, there`s been documenting cases that it can and does happen.
But whether or not that is the truth here ultimately is going to be for a
jury to decide.

SHARPTON: All right. Philip Holloway and Carmen St. George, thank you
both for your time tonight.

GEORGE: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, a good news story from Washington. They don`t agree
on much. But senators Cory Booker and Rand Paul are taking positive steps

But first, get ready. We are running into our POLITICS NATION summer
break, next.


SHARPTON: We are back with a pause from the political battles of the day.
A time to rest, relax and recharge. That`s right. It`s back. It`s time
once again for the POLITICS NATION summer break. And at number three, we
go to Spain and day two of the running of the Bulls. Thousands ran
alongside the fierce animals. I haven`t seen a run like this since
Republicans ran away from this guy. At number two, we head to the Bronx
where are we found a lawsuit that gives Speaker Boehner`s stunt a run for
its money. If you snooze, you`re sued. This guy is suing ESPN, the
announcers, Major League Baseball, and the Yankees for $10 million for a,
quote, "avalanche of disparaging words against him." You be the judge.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: It`s not the place you come to let`s see. But I tell
you what, how comfortable is that? Probably won`t have any neck problems

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I mean, is that guy to his left his buddy who`s just
letting him sleep or is he here alone? What`s the deal with this guy?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Maybe that`s his buddy and he likes him a lot better
when he`s asleep.


SHARPTON: You got me. Look out for my lawsuit. But at number one, Key
West, Florida. A key lime pie eating contest. Competitors had to finish
pans of the pie without using their hands. Please insert your own
blueberry pie joke here. I think we have found a new segment for POLITICS
NATION. And that`s today`s "Summer Break."


SHARPTON: I`m in Washington, D.C. tonight. And it`s easy to think that
this city is a mess, that no one can find common ground. But it doesn`t
have to be that way. Today democratic Senator Cory Booker and republican
Senator Rand Paul teamed up to unveil legislation to overhaul the criminal
justice system. The redeem act would expunge criminal records of juvenile
who committed nonviolent crime, limit solitary confinement of children and
restore food stamp and welfare benefits for low level drug offenders who
have served their sentences. Now, I disagree with Senator Paul on just
about everything. But this new bill that he and Senator Booker are
proposing would be a big step in the right direction. And it shows that we
can always find common ground, even with people we disagree with.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.



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