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The Ed Show for Thursday, August 7th, 2014

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August 7, 2014

Guest: John Garamendi, Tierman Sittenfeld, Bob Shrum, Leo Gerard


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The issue of global warming.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hawaii is bracing for a powerful dual storm.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Expected to be the worst storm that hit islands in more
that two decades.

REP. MICHELE BACHMAN, (R) MINNESOTA: There isn`t even one study that can
be produced that shows the carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The most comprehensive climate change report ever,

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Climate change is something that I think a lot of
people don`t put as a top priority.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The science is not settled off.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How do you change that?

not out in the distant future but right now.

BACHMAN: There isn`t one such study.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Top scientist in the U.S. say you can expect fewer
normal weather day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s being called a super storm...

BACHMAN: Because, carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Climate change has been making the fire season in the
United States longer.

BACHMAN: It is a harmless gas.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for
watching. We`re going to start tonight with an issue that I believe
literally is right in front of us and is destroying our country, and that`s
climate change. Now, there are four examples that are happening right now
that I`m going to give you tonight that really are abnormal.

Every single day, we see weather getting more severe because of changes in
the environment. And there are currently two hurricanes in the Pacific
heading for Hawaii. Now, this is not a radar image that you see too often,
in fact it is very rare. Hurricane Iselle is expected crash into the big
island later tonight. Now, this is going to be the first hurricane to hit
Hawaii in 22 years.

Would you say that`s rare? I would. Iselle would be the first hurricane
in history to hit the big island. Now, the category one storm is expected
to slam Hawaii with sustained winds of 80 miles an hour. The second
hurricane, Julio is expected to pass just north of the islands, it`s very
rare. There`s still a chance that it could hit Hawaii in a couple of day,
so they`re taking precautions.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie made clear that all levels of government
are working together.


GOV. NEIL ABERCROMBIE, (D) HAWAII: The emphasis we want to make is that
all levels of government are working together. When I say we were talking
about the federal, the state, the county, non-profits, private enterprise,
from the -- all the electric companies, et cetera. Everybody meeting and
working together under the game plan that we`ve put together.


SCHULTZ: So, here is the arena that we`re talking about there, they`re
getting ready, they`re getting prepared, it`s very rare, Hawaii doesn`t
have to do this too often, at least not in the last two decades. And if
federal relief is needed, I believe that you can bank on the Republicans
talking about offsets and how we`re going to pay for this, you know, when
they`re back on vacation.

You see, climate change is also impacting America`s drinking water. This
is the second example tonight, now this week we`ve been covering the story,
we saw a water ban for 400,000 people on Toledo, Ohio, very rare. Water
temperature and phosphorus runoff from farms cause algae blooms in Lake
Erie. Algae contaminated the city`s water supply with dangerous bacteria
that could cause liver damage. We`re all looking forward to that.

The ban was lifted on Monday, but nobody can tell us exactly why. But
officials caution, wait a minute, there could be another ban coming up here
later on in a month.

Example number three, on the west coast we are seeing record dry conditions
devastate communities. That`s not a promotional statement, it`s the truth.
Look at this tape, California is currently experiencing its most severe
drought ever. A new study shows that Colorado River basin has lost 17T.
That would be trillion gallons of water since 2004.

Now, it`s enough water to fill Lake Need (ph) twice. Now official say that
drought could cause California`s economy over $2 billion. 17,000 of the
State`s farm jobs are expected to be lost and cut. Now the high
temperatures have also caused a massive fish die-off in Southern

Example number four, last week, warm nutrient-rich waters drew huge schools
of anchovies into the Santa Cruz harbor. The fish used up all the oxygen
and suffocated themselves. Workers had to clean thousands of dead fish
from the harbor. Now census (ph) reported overwhelming, you can only

Oh, we got another example. Meanwhile wildfires are raging out of control
in the western portion of the United States. Three states fighting
wildfires are now declared emergencies, California, Oregon and Washington.
Washington State, they have all declared emergencies because of raging
fires. Roughly a 180 wildfires are burning across this country right now.

In July, Washington saw the largest wildfire in the State`s history.
Firefighters in Washington are still battling numerous fires. One of the
fires doubled in size this week on Wednesday to 10 square miles because of
the drought. Now today, the biggest west coast fire is burning in Rowena,
Oregon. The 1,900 acre fire is threatening 600 structures and evacuations
are under way.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dusk in the Dows (ph) and the smoke approaching town is
proof that the wildfire burning near Rowena is getting bigger by the hour.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t know what it`s going to do, the wind shifty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rick Wolf (ph) and Christie Garner (ph) were told, be
ready to evacuate with the understanding that it could become a mandatory
evacuation at any time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Firefighters in the Portland metro area raced out to
the gorge, while the Tomacian (ph) family watched as the fire crept closer
and closer to their homes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, never thought this would happen to us, it`s
always been a concern of ours living here in this area, we`ve had a couple
of scares but never to this extent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This scare can be attributed to the wind. Just look at
this video, it`s not split up, this is realtime. It explains why Rick Wolf
(ph) and Christie Garner (ph) were under a mandatory evacuation by late


SCHULTZ: And you know this, storms across this country are also becoming
more severe. Damage from tornadoes and severe thunder storms is on the
rise across America. In 2013 alone, it marked the 6th year in a row with
insured looses over $10 billion, this chart, we`re not messing around, it
doesn`t lie these are the numbers. Severe weather is on the raise for a
reason, climate change.

This past June, just recently days ago, June 2014 was the warmest June
since records started being kept back in 1888. May was also the hottest
May on record. Unfortunately there is a party in this country that refuses
to even acknowledge the problem exists. House Republicans refuse to
approve funding for wildfires instead they went on vacation and were --
what they were doing while they were suing the president.

The huge amount of these wildfires this year has forced the forest service
to use other funds to fight fires. They asked congress for money and some
Republicans to their credit even sponsored (ph) a fix with the funding but
meanwhile the House did nothing, Republicans sued the president and went on
vacation. Unless congress takes meaningful action to address climate
change, things are only going to get worse.

A new White House report reveals delaying climate policies could cause the
United States economy a $150 billion a year. Ah that`s chump change.
Folks, America is burning, the storms becoming larger and more threatening
to our coast, sea levels are rising, our drinking water is at risk, go ask
the people on Toledo. And everyone but science-denying Republicans know
what`s happening, it`s climate change.

But we as a country seem to be in denial. So, what`s unfolding here in
front of our eyes right now is that we have this do-nothing congress. And
they`re basically telling you that you`re on your own. Go get your own
drinking water, go fight your own fires. We don`t have anything for you
we`re too busy, we going to tea time.

And you wonder why the polling that is out there right now shows that the
American people are so fed up with their government, so fed up with the
lack of action in Washington. The only thing they know how to do is not
get along. And the only thing they do well is obstruct this president
because for whatever reason. I guess they just don`t like him. Sue him,
threaten impeachment, it`s the lot.

In the meantime, America is looking at things we haven`t seen, there`s a
lot of abnormal things happening out there. And what do we -- where are
we, what`s our arena filled with? Our Arena is filled with a bunch of
deniers, and a political system that doesn`t want to address it. But wait
a minute, America is still a great country, we`re loosing our grip on that.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, it`s a good question, I`m sure I`ll be quoted on this one,
"Should climate-denying Republicans be forced to take a basic earth science
course?" Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always go to our
blog at, we`ll bring in the results on in the show.

Not to make fun of the situation at all, it is very serious. But it`s so
frustrating when all of these things that are happening, that are terribly
abnormal and very severe and we say, "Well, the science doesn`t back it
up", really? That`s the position of one political country in this country,
the Republicans.

I want to bring in Congressman John Garamendi of California who sees it
firsthand in this district. Congressman, good to have your with us


SCHULTZ: How bad is the situation in California with the wildfires and the
drought taking place John?

GARAMENDI: Well every year it gets worse, Ed. And it`s been bad over the
years before. But every year it`s worse because there really is climate
change. The state is drying out. The drought is part of it. But we are
seeing all across the state, dryer and dryer conditions. And we`re not
preparing for what we know will happen in the next fire season and that is
more fires. So we got to try to get ahead of this in two ways, Ed.

One is to get on top of the carbon emissions. In the president had made a
major step forward with the EPA regulations that are being seriously
attacked by the Republicans in both the Senate and the House and across the
nation. At the same time we need to prepare our communities for these
fires. We need to put in the fire brigs. We need to manage the forest,
reduce the fuels and frankly were going to need to appropriate the money to
fight the fires and to prepare for the next fire season by reducing the
fire threats in our forest and in our wild lands.

SCHULTZ: Well, Congressman we`re looking at the video tape and the
devastating fires that are taking place in California. And the House went
home without fixing the funding to deal with this. You`re reaction to

GARAMENDI: Well, it`s going to cause problems this year and problems next
near. The Department of Agriculture, that`s the U.S. Forest Service. It
managed millions upon of millions of forest fire -- forest acres is
spending all of its firefighting money that was appropriated by the end of
this month and actually by the last couple of weeks of this month of
August. And then they`re going to have to dip into other accounts to force
management accounts and maybe even more beyond that to finish up the fire
season which will clearly run another four months beyond August.

And so we`re going to see more problems this year and next year because we
will not have put in place those fire suppression and making the forest
even safer.

The other part of this problem, a 196 members of Congress all of Democrats
have signed a discharge petition to pull a bill out of committee, a
bipartisan bill that would set up a special fund so that the fires could be
fought in this year and in the next year. And the money set aside to
manage the forest, to build the roads, to reduce the fuel load could be
spent on that purpose rather than be taken out and putting into fighting
the fires this year.


GARAMENDI: The Republicans leadership in the House objects to that saying
its going to cost money. Well yes, but fighting fires this year and next
year more and more is going to cost even more money.

SCHULTZ: We just don`t have money for the basics. They deny the basics.
And I just struggle with this, these Americans out there loosing their
homes, loosing their property. What did they do wrong to be singled out
and to be told, "No, we have nothing for you". And in the meantime it`s
estimated that this going to take a real toll on California`s economy.
17,000 jobs are going to be lost in the Ag. (ph) committee, over $2 billion
to the economy. Are there any numbers out there Congressman that are going
to move Republicans in your state?

GARAMENDI: Well I think the Republicans in this state are more sensitive
to this issue. They are living it. They are living it in their own
districts. So I think they are more sensitive. It is the leadership and
frankly Mr. Ryan in the Congress that has been putting out letter after
saying, no, no, no we can`t do this. But Ed, I was a Boy Scout in fact I
was an Eagle Scout. And the motto is, "Be prepared".

But we have to prepare ourselves in two ways. One, go after the carbon
emissions, reduce those carbon emissions. Take whatever action we need to
do and much of that is already under way certainly here in California with
the cap and trade program. And secondly, get ahead of next year`s fire.
Put in place the fire brigs.


GARAMENDI: Reduce the fuel loads. Those are the things we can do and when
we do that, we save lives and frankly we save money.

SCHULTZ: Congressman John Garamendi, we ask you to stick around tonight
because I want to get your take on the breaking news...


SCHULTZ: ... out of Iraq later on in the show because you`re on the House
Arms Services Committee. Fore more on this story let me bring in Tierman
Sittenfeld of the League of Conservation Voters. Tierman, if all these
disasters won`t get the attention of Republicans, what is it going to take?

question, Ed. And thank you so much for calling the attention to the
devastating impact that climate change is already having. You know, it is
very distressing. There are more than a hundred members of Congress today
who deny the basic existence of climate change, disagree with 97 percent of
scientist. It is time for them to stop siding with their polluter allies
and start looking out for public health and protecting the environment.

The good thing is that there are all kinds of solutions that are at our
disposal, win-win solutions that are going to create jobs. They`re going
to put money back in consumer`s pockets that are going to protect the


SITTENFELD: ... and protect public health. And those are the solutions
that we need to pursue. But at this point it`s not just that there are so
many Republicans in Congress who deny climate change. There are any number
of them running for the U.S. Senate today who think things like we should
even abolish the EPA like Joni Ernst, she`s running against a real
community champion in Ohio Bruce Braley had said.

So, it`s going to be a really important elections cycle for whether we move
forward and continue to make progress like the administration is doing on
climate change.

SCHULTZ: Well, on these wild fires, is there any doubt these wild fires
are linked to climate change? Any doubt at all.

SITTENFELD: Unfortunately, there is no doubt whether it`s the forest fires
or the droughts or the more frequent and intense storms that you talked
about. Climate change is happening. It is absolutely -- the extreme
weather that is upon us. It`s only going to worst, but we can act now.

The Obama administration is taking a lot of action through its climate
action plan especially with cutting carbon pollution from coal burning
power plants, that is widely supported by the public, and that is one of
the things that makes us so encouraged, is that the American people
overwhelmingly support this commonsense solution to cut carbon pollution.

We really have a moral obligation to future generations to prevent these
devastating impacts that you have been really pointing out.

SCHULTZ: And Tiernan, of course the Republicans, they`re in denial on
climate change. And they claim that man hasn`t had anything to do with any
of these, but isn`t a perfect example of what`s unfolding in Ohio where
farm chemicals and where -- waste from all kinds of different things have
gone into the rivers and now end up in Lake Erie and man has done that and
now they can`t drink the water and there`s bans and there`s possibly more
coming. I mean, isn`t this the best evidence? And so, human behavior is
that the root of the all -- root of all of these and the Republicans are
still in denial.

SITTENFELD: You`re absolutely right, I mean the situation in Toledo, as in
Ohio and I find it particularly disgraceful and upsetting is absolutely
unacceptable, the fact that 400,000 people across Toledo were unable to
drink their water because of global warming, because this algae bloom which
is a result of increasing temperatures and increasing concentrations of
carbon dioxide. This is unacceptable. We need to do better. We can do


SITTENFELD: We can continue with the administrative progress that we`re
making but it is time for the members of Congress to stop denying basic
science and start working on solutions.

SCHULTZ: Tiernan Sittenfeld, good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate your time.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow and @wegoted, like us on
Facebook at both places. We want to know what you think.

Coming up, Mike Huckabee, here we go. He joins the impeachment chorus.
He`s the lead singer.

Our Rapid Response Panel reviews his performance. Plus breaking news, out
of Iraq the United States is considering intervention in the humanitarian
crisis there. We`ll be right back with more on that here on the Ed Show.
Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.
Breaking news out of Iraq and reports at the United States might become
more involved.

U.S. officials are telling NBC News, President Obama is considering some
combination of air strikes and humanitarian airdrops in Northern Iraq.
ISIL lead insurgency in control of the area has reportedly trapped, up to
40,000 members of a persecuted religious minority.

The White House is not confirming whether it is considering air strikes.
Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, any U.S.
Military action would be very limited in scope.


JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: They are unable to access food
and water. They don`t have any access to shelter and they are -- they have
fled persecution and efforts to leave the mountain are blocked by ISIL
Forces who are vowing to kill them.

This is terrible humanitarian situation and one that is off great concerned
here to the United States.


SCHULTZ: And I am joined again tonight by Congressman John Garamendi who
sits on the House Armed Services Committee. Congressman, this story
developing, your reaction. What action should we take if any?

GARAMENDI: Well, we start with the humanitarian assistance. We clearly
have the capability with out C-17s and C-130s to provide airdrop
humanitarian support, food, shelter, tents and, you know, and whatever,
water and other supplies might be necessary.

We could do that and we have planes -- those kinds of planes flying through
that area nearly all the time back and forth to Afghanistan and into Iraq
also. So we could do that and that`s something that we definitely should
do if the situation is as described. Air strikes are another matter, and
this brings us to our neighbors in the area, particularly Turkey.

They have a keen interest in this area and to try to settle down the
fighting in the area because it could end -- well, it does threaten them at
this time. And so we need to work closely with Turkey on this matter. The
Iraq government to the extent that they have any capability left all to
deal with it. They should be involved.

Air strikes, we got to be really careful. You`re in for a dime, you`re in
for a dollar so we got to be really, really careful here. I`d like to know
exactly what the President has in mind, what the military has in mind, how
extensive, how often.

Clearly, we have the assets available the rippers, the drones. They could
launch hellfire missiles if that was appropriate. But watch out, the War
Powers Act is out there and the President, this is the clearly the
initiation of a military campaign.

SCHULTZ: Well, I was going to ask about that. Do we legally stand on
solid ground to be able to do any kind of air strikes?

GARAMENDI: I believe the answer is yes. I`m very, very concerned about
Iraq. I`ve lead the effort in Congress that the President must come to
Congress before he takes any military action on the offensive side in Iraq.
However, the President does have the power under the War Powers Act to take
offensive military action for up to 60 days, then he must notified
Congress, and then there`s another 30 days in which Congress either says,
OK continue on or stop.

That`s the way the law is written presently.


GARAMENDI: We`ll see what happens here, but I think the President needs to
be very, very clear as to what exactly is the goal of any action and be
very careful, it is a slippery slope.

SCHULTZ: So, humanitarian aid from your perspective, not a problem, any
kind of air strike is a slippery slope at this point which brings me to the
question, what about Maliki? Is he unworkable? Is he just not a true
partner with the United States to continue this behavior against other
sects within Iraq? What about that?

GARAMENDI: Maliki has got to go. That`s my view. He`s got to go. He is
a major problem. He has pitted the Sunnis against the Shiites or use the
Shiites and he`s pitted the Sunnis against -- that he has created a very,
very divisive situation and really inflamed the Sunni population. And that
is given a lot of opportunity to the extremist because they`re teaming up
with disaffected and very, very unhappy as Sunni and the Iraq region.
That`s a problem and Maliki has got to go.

They really -- and this has been the policy of the U.S. government for a
long time. Form a correlation government. Bring all of Iraq the Kurds,
the Sunnis, the Shiites and other tribes into the government. Let them
participate fully. Let them read the benefits of whatever peace might
bring. That`s what has to be done. Maliki has gone exactly the other
direction and Maliki have to go immediately.

SCHULTZ: Well, with that in mind Congressman finally, if we were to have
some type of air strikes it would be against the Sunnis at this point.
Would it not? I mean, they are the problem here. And this of course with
-- militarily action be pitted against Maliki.

GARAMENDI: Well, there in lies the problem. You can`t be for all of Iraq
and go after one or the other sides however, ISIL is a terrorists
organization that really begun many years ago and took serious root in the
Syrian conflict and use in the disaffection of the Sunnis has been able to
move into and to take over a large portion of Iraq.

So, it depends what would -- and this is one of the things that needs to be
understood, and perhaps it is know but I`m not sure what it might. Who are
these ISIL people that are holding these people as hostage in this
mountainous area?

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman John Garamendi, good to have you with us
tonight. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

GARAMENDI: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks for staying with us John. You bet.

Coming up, Donald Trump believes something might tarnish his golden image.
He`s on tonight`s pretenders.

Plus Mike Huckabee`s argument for impeachment. All hat, no cattle. The
Rapid Response Panel, they`re going to have some fun with this one.

But next I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live just ahead. We`ll be right
back on the Ed Show on MSNBC. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, I appreciate all the questions. I
loved hearing from you wonderful viewers. Tonight in our Ask Ed Live

Our first question is from Edward. He wants to know, "What is your opinion
about the situation in Iraq?" Hey Ed, I`m all for humanitarian aid, at
some level to start with and maybe even a heck of a lot more but I am not
for international intervention here.

You go over there and start a shooting match. What`s our intel on the
ground, who we going to be hitting, how do we know we`re siding at the
right people, and one thing is going to leave to another. So I say, no
military intervention at all at this point but humanitarian aid certainly
has to be considered and I would before that.

Our next question is from John. "Do you think Steve King and Michele
Bachmann are a viable right-wing ticket in 2016?" What`s your definition
of viable? Do I think they`ll run? They`re crazy enough to, do I think
they`d win? Absolutely not. Would it be good for business? Oh yeah.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

Market Wrap. Stocks decline across the board on geopolitical worries. The
Dow closes off session loss, but it`s still down 75 points. The S&P down
10. The NASDAQ sheds 20 points.

Better than expected jobless claims figures failed to inspire investors,
claims unexpectedly failed by 14,000 to 289,000. And Netflix was a winner
jumping nearly 5 percent today. In a Facebook post, CEO Reed Hastings says
the company has surpassed HBO in subscriber revenue.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.



OBAMA: I never have a green light, I`m bound by the constitutional, I`m
bound by separation of powers. There some things we can do. My preference
in all these instances is to work with congress because not only can
congress do more, but it`s going to be longer lasting. What the American
people expect is that despite the differences between the parties there
should at least be the capacity to move forward on things we bring on.

And that`s not what we`re seeing right now. So, in the face of that kind
of dysfunction, what I can do is, you know, scour our authorities to try to
make progress. And we`re going to make sure that every time take one of
the steps that we are working within the compounds of my executive power.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Republicans refuse to tackle the
important issues like immigration, that`s what the President was talking
about yesterday. And once again, President Obama made it very clear he
wants to work with congress but in the face of unprecedented obstruction,
he`s not afraid to use executive authority to make progress and we`ve seen
that and they blame him for it. So, Republicans are responding to that show
of leadership, the only way they know how by talking impeachment.


STEVE DEACE, NATIONAL TALK SHOW HOST: Has this president done anything
worthy of being impeached in your view?

FRM. GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE, (R) ARKANSAS: Absolutely. There`s no doubt that
he has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.

From a governmental standpoint, you`re not going to see it accomplished
with this senate. But I think it`s an important argument to make that
there are a number of things that this president has done in the overuse of
an executive power, his complete ignoring of the law.


SCHULTZ: All generic talk from the hecklers from the stands. Joining me
tonight in a rapid response panel Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum, and also
Goldie Taylor, MSNBC Contributor and columnist for the Grio.

Well, the course is just getting a little bit bigger. Great to have both
of you with us tonight. Goldie, what is your response to Huckabee adding
to this impeachment buzz? What strikes me is that none of these hecklers
from the stands on the president get into dive (ph) in the detail on
exactly what the president has done that has them so upset that would take
them down the road to talk about impeachment, but they sure our sold on it
from a generic view of talking about it, your thoughts on it?

GOLDIE TAYLOR, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well Ed, that`s because they really
don`t have too. What they`re doing is plan a bit of like political crack
shot. They`re hoping that they flout this kind of language. The language
of impeachment, the language have delegitimize, this duly elected
president, in a way that turns out their base this fall. So this really is
not about flouting articles of impeachment. And you can pretty much
impeach a ham and sandwich in this congress. What you can get is
conviction in the senate and that`s what really sort of holding them back
from the real deal.

But what they`re doing is a political ploy, this is meant to scare votes.
This is may to scare up dollars for campaign, this is meant to make certain
that they can gain control of the senate come this fall in some of these
tight races such as Kentucky and Georgia. And so, you got to see this
language in the grassroots. What you`re not going to see is what the
establishment Republican, who understand what kind of dangerous fire we`re
playing with here.

SCHULTZ: What do you think Bob, what are the motivations of a guy like
Mike Huckabee who hasn`t ruled out running for president, running for the
Republican nomination on this?

the heart problem in a way. Goldie is right about Republicans wanting to
turn out their base. But I think all this kind of talk is also going to
energize the Democratic base. She`s also right that establishment
Republicans don`t want to go down this road, at least before the midterms.

Look, they didn`t want in -- a couple of years ago to shutdown the
government. They didn`t want to walk away from (inaudible) reform, but
their base force them to do that.

I think this could happen again after the midterms. I think after the
midterms, the base could force Republicans to actually try, at least in the
House to impeach the president. It`s a political disaster for them, but
they may not be able to avoid that. And I`ll tell you, one of the things
that going to drive it and it goes to the question you just asked. Mike
Huckabee is frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President in
2016. He`s a appealing to the most extreme elements in the country who
happen to control certainly the early Republican primaries and caucuses.
So I think we`re going to see more and more of this conversation. And I
think there`s some chance that they can actually try to do this.

ED SCHULTZ: So Huckabee is calculated here in his words and that he`s got
to go hard right early on to be entrenched in the states that you`re
talking about, Bob?

SHRUM: Oh sure and look, Lindsey Graham when he was in his primary in his
South Carolina and was facing a Tea Party challenge when he had voted for
immigration reform. He had done a couple of other reasonable things. He`d
once, even actually sponsored climate change legislation with John McCain.
He used the impeachment word and he did it to satisfy the base.

But this is playing with fire because once you light this fire after the
midterms Republicans could very well go down this road. You know, they`re
trying to say Democrats are jetting this up, Democrats aren`t creating
this. It`s not just Huckabee, it`s a lot of Republicans who have used the
i-word. Democrats are just calling them on it and as I said I think it
will help turn out Democratic voters in the fall.

SCHULTZ: Well, it`s this rabble-rousing that has taken place, Goldie, that
clearly is what they`re trying to do on immigration, on suing the
President, on the healthcare law and now of course this talk of
impeachment. It`s constantly being floated out there. Michele Bachmann`s
floated out there although she`s not running again. But Steve King has, at
a town hall meeting earlier this week. You got Rand Paul that is talking
it up. But now here you have Mike Huckabee. So, what should be the
Democratic response to this if any at all? They can let this just or
should Democrats out on the trail start talking about this?

TAYLOR: I think between now and the midterms Democrats ought to say, bring
it on. It`s raising the money and frankly Bob is right, it`s also turning
up the Demo base, it`s firing them up and getting them ready to go. And so
I think that Dems are right to keep the language alive to pass Huckabee the
mic, pass Sarah Palin the mic, pass Michele Backmann the mic, one more, two
more, three more times as long as they`ll repeat it. And so I think that,
you know Democrats are right to do this.

It`s a weakness that Republicans don`t sort of realize that they have.
After the midterms however it gets even more dangerous because were in a
position where Republicans may very well move ahead with something like
this. And they may very well vote articles of impeachment that are voted
on. But the problem there is they would destroy themselves with 2016.

SCHULTZ: I want both of you to respond to the Mississippi Congressman and
I`m so furious at the guy. I don`t even want to say his name, talk about
the Democrats are waging a war on whites. Bob, that`s about as low brow as
it gets and if you want to talk about war on women, war on wages, war on
workers, I mean all right. But a war on whites is there a scrape on the
bottom of the barrel? You`re thoughts on it.

SHRUM: It`s disgusting, it`s racist, it`s race-baiting. He reflects the
worse traditions of a south that we had thought had passed away or at least
was passing away. I think it hurts the Republican Party. But this Ed, as
I have said to you before, we have so much resentment in this country among
some people about the changing nature of America, the changing nature of
our population we`re becoming a majority non-white country. And we happen
to have an African-American President. And some of these folks just can`t
abide it.

SCHULTZ: Your thoughts on the war on white, Goldie.


SCHULTZ: That comment.

TAYLOR: I have to agree with that, but this is not new language. This is
the kind of language that`s been going on in this country for 200, 300
years where, you know, it`s the politics of victimization. And so, for
this particular Congressman to say, it is of no surprise, I think the party
establishment is sort quaking in their boots of this kind of language
because it doesn`t means that their tint gets smaller. In a day and age
where their tint gets smaller that means that their days as a national
party become numbered. If you cannot figure out...


TAYLOR: ... how to broaden your tint in terms of policy for non-
traditional Republican voters then you loose.

SCHULTZ: This is the pertinent question I think for Republican
representatives and senators across America right now as they go home in
August, on vacation and hold meetings. Do you agree with that Congressman
from Mississippi? Are the Democrats waging a war on whites? I don`t --
none of them seems to be distancing them selves from this comment. That`s
what I find rather interesting. Bob Shrum, Goldie Taylor, great to have
you with us tonight. Thanks for joining us.

SHRUM: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Coming up the new details in the Republican plan to take down the
unions in this country. Stick around for Trenders. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, dumped Donald Trump.

For the first time, Trump wants to take his name off of property. In the
beginning, the Donald had nothing by confidence about his Atlantic City


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Opening day of what Donald Trump in typical
understatement is calling the 8th Wonder of the World. The Trump Taj Mahal

Donald Trump has to take in a million dollars a day at the Taj Mahal just
to break even. His is convinced the casino can make it.


SCHULTZ: Well, it didn`t make it. His namesake went belly up and now he
wants to chisel the big letters off.

Donald Trump filled a lawsuit to dump his name from the two hotel and
casino properties in New Jersey. Trump says he`s no longer controlling the
failing businesses he founded and now they`re hurting his brand. Here`s
what really is hurting Trump`s image.


DONALD TRUMP, ENTREPRENEUR: We have being abused by China. They`re
manipulating their currencies. They are taking all and I don`t mean like a
little bit. They are taking tremendous numbers of our jobs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ties, where are the ties made, these are beautiful

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They are great ties.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These ties are made in where? China? Ties are made in

TRUMP: If you are going to be the president of the United States, you have
to be born in this country. And there is a doubt.

He didn`t kill Bin Laden, you know, he gets so much credit for that. So he
said, "All right, let`s go and get him". Why does he get so much credit?

I don`t even view myself as having failures.


SCHULTZ: It`s hard to wreck a casino. The house always wins unless you
are Trump. If Donald Trump thinks a pair of buildings are hurting his
brand more than his own words, he can keep on Pretending.


SCHULTZ: And we finished out tonight with the Trenders. Keep in touch
with us on Twitter@edshow and @wegoted. Like us on Facebook. You can get
my podcast just like the radio show everyday at,, and on iTunes as we continue to move up the charts.

The Ed Show Social Media Nation has decided. We`re reporting.

Here today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


Clinton Democrats.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number three Trender, big endorsement.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Bill Clinton had a very busy day raising
some big money and asking for votes.

FRM. PRES. BILL CLINTON, 42ND U.S. PRESIDENT: I chose Alison and I think
you will too.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Former President Clinton stamps for Alison Grimes in
the Bluegrass State.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love Kentucky. You`ve been good to me, voted for me
twice. You`re been good to Hillary.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Clinton`s aim to shift the conversation away from the
baggage of today`s national Democrats.

GRIMES: I am not an empty dress, I am not the cheerleader and I am not a
rubber stamp.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number two tender, apparently a star.

NOAH RITTER, INTERNET SENSATION: Aunt Pearly, I have never been on live
television before.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever expect to go to the fair and be a
superstar like you are now?

RITTER: No, I did not expect that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A chatty five year old becomes a viral video

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People all over the world...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... know the name Noah Ritter.

RITTER: It is so great because I`ve really never had any people like me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The soon-to-be kindergartner has become a global

RITTER: Like being a thousand (inaudible) of heavenly (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And where did you learn the word, apparently?

RITTER: I don`t know maybe from my mom. But I don`t how to spell

OK, now can I be done?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And today`s top trender, busted.

SCHULTZ: Republicans are not giving up on their crusade to roll back labor
rights for working Americans.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everything the unions get their hand into, business not
do well.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The GOP wanted to attack us because they are scared
of the power workers are building.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The GOP`s plan to take down unions is uncovered.

SCHULTZ: The top Republican on the Senate Labor committee said the NLRB is
pursuing some of the most intrusive and misguided policies under this

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is about a fear of employees being able to
express their rights by forming unions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With majorities in the House and Senate, Republicans
say they would push back against some of NLRB`s most controversial rules.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They want to make sure there`s no one standing who has
rights on the job.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Leo Gerard, President of United Steel Workers
International. Mr. Gerard, good to have you with us. Well the Republicans
are showing their cards, they`re saying what they`re going to do if they
get the Senate. Lamar Alexander calling the National Labor Relations Board
policies intrusive and misguided. What`s your response to that? What do
you think that really means?

response is that they`re coming out into the open and saying what their
agenda has been for many, many years, in fact for decades. And what he`s
actually saying is he doesn`t want workers to have any rights. But again,
he`s already doing is, propping up multinationals. He`s propping up the
already rich and powerful. And in fact if you look at what has happened
with the continuous attack on the labor movements since Ronald Reagan was
President, you can compare to the growth in inequality.

And in fact you could look at, the fact of the matter is that as the labor
movement has been attacked, income inequality has grown. So, that what
they`re doing is coming out of their shell and just absolutely telling what
their agenda has been. And it`s the wrong agenda and one of the


GERARD: ... for that -- one of the spokesmen that I heard on the clip
talking about unions destroying things. We`ve lost more jobs to the Reagan
and Bush agenda. We`ve lost more jobs to the rotten trade deals than
anything that they could ever try to pin on the labor (ph) movement. In
fact I can tell you from my own union, we worked with employers to save
them. We`re always before the International Trade Commission working with
our employers in paper, in tire, in steel and in rare earths which just
came out today to save jobs. I don`t see any Republicans there.

SCHULTZ: So, Mr. Gerard, what are they -- what do they have against the
NLRB? What policies are intrusive and misguided? They`re pointing to
this, what they call an ambush election. So if there`s something written
in the workplace to have an election the time would be cut down so there
wouldn`t be infiltration or influence by any group that the employees would
actually be able to vote on this in timely fashion. Is that intrusive?
What about that?

GERARD: Well, let me just say that in most advanced industrial democracies
when workers want to join the union they sign either a card or a petition.
And when a majority of them have signed the card or the petition in most
other industrial democracies they get a union. In America what they do is
get all kinds of delay, delaying tactics, interventions. They get what`s
called captive audience meetings where the foreman and the plant will bring
the workers in one at a time. They get to tell misrepresentation.

They get to drag elections out sometimes for six, eight months, a year, a
year and half, two years. And what the NLRB is saying is that`s not fair,
if people submit under the rules a substantial number of cards or petitions
wanting to join the union. There ought to be a vote within 10 days. In
most other democracies, Ed, the vote is...


GERARD: ... when the person signs the card or the vote is when the person
signs the petition. Only in America does this happen this way and so
they`re totally off base.

SCHULTZ: Well it`s pretty clear -- they are off base. And they are
telling America what they really think of wage earners in this country and
what they`ll do to dismantle their efforts in the workplace to have a
better living. Mr. Gerard, good to have you with us tonight. I appreciate
your time and we`ll follow the story for sure.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening


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