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The Ed Show for Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

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October 28, 2014

Guest: Ruth Conniff, Mitch Ceasar, Mike Papantonio, Deborah Burger,
Adrienne Elrod, Bob Shrum, Mike Michaud

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York.

Now when I say let`s get to work. I mean let`s go do something.

We`re once week away. Let`s get to work.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R) NEW JERSEY: I`m tired of hearing about the minimum
wage. I really am.

Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you support a higher minimum wage in Florida yes or

GOV. RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: How would I know? I mean, the private
sector decides wages.

CHRISTIE: I`m standing right here, OK? So the fact is I never said my
comments were misunderstood.

I`m tired of hearing about the minimum wage

I don`t back off from those comments one inch.

Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin...

GOV. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: I don`t think it serves a purpose.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No free lunch...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You got to put your money where mouth is.

What would rather have?


SCHULTZ: Good to have with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching. Do you
know what Scott said? He said that the private sector decides the wages.
So the private sector decides how many people in this county should get
some kind of assistance so they can live above the poverty line or make
ends meet and survive and make it?

Great to have you with us tonight on this subject the minimum wage. I
wanted to start with this picture. This is a picture of the capital.
There -- if you haven`t been in Washington lately this is what they`re
doing. They`re reconstructing it, reinforcing it.

This is important it`s part of our tradition, our culture, our heritage,
its important big time that we have the capital in good shape. The people
that work inside this building often times have voted themselves a raise.

The people that go through the building and go over the legislative side in
the middle of the night sometimes to kind of slip a mickey in there, "We
got to get another 3, 4, 5 percent for next year plus benefits and better
health care. Would you do that? If you had an opportunity, you damn right
you would, every American would. Go ask anybody, if you had a chance to
vote yourself a raise when you do it? Yes.

That`s why I think minimum wage is going to be an issue one week from
today. We`re one week and folks out there are doing some doom and gloom on
prediction for the Democrats. Why? The Democrats are going to give you a
raise. They`re going to tell the private sector. Millions of Americans
it`s going to better for you if we`re in power.

However, there is one issue the Democrats definitely are wining voters
overall and when I comes to doom and gloom and that is the minimum wage.
It`s starting to resonate.

A poll conducted this year found that 73 percent of Americans favor the
minimum wage, 25 percent no they don`t want it, 3 percent well I don`t know
what they`re thinking. 53 percent of Republicans say that they want to see
a pay hike, they favor it.

Now, when we wanted background checks on firearms it was the public at 90
percent but we never got a vote. Now you have a vote. You have a chance.
You have a chance to vote yourself a raise if you`re a minimum wage worker.
Now the Republicans basically have got this philosophy that it`s not very
good to pay people. That`s right they don`t think that it`s the position
of government to decide whether the private sector should up the ante on
what they`re going to pay people.

But they`re certainly OK with those people going off on public assistance,
yet they want to cut those budgets to0. You can`t have it both ways. How
is it that the wages can go up for the wealthy and wages can go up for the
upper middle class but the wages and the value of workers has stayed the
same in flat line over the years? It`s called power.

Three Republican governors have not gotten the message when it comes to
minimum wage and that`s Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Rick Scott. They
clearly do not support this issue at all.


CHRISTIE: I`ve got to tell you the truth. I`m tired of hearing about the
minimum wage. I really am. I don`t think there`s a mother or father
sitting around the kitchen table tonight in America who are saying, "You
know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage,
my God, all our dreams would be realized".

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is position on the minimum wage, should we have

WALKER: Well, I`m not going to appeal it but I don`t it`s -- I don`t think
it serves a purpose because we`re debating then about what the lowest
levels are at, I want the people to make, like I said the other night, two
or three times that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you support the principle of a minimum wage? Do you
support the concept of a minimum wage?

SCOTT: Sure. OK. How would I know with -- I mean the private sector
decides wages.


SCHULTZ: I want to take issue with Governor Chris Christie saying that
parents sit around the kitchen table and say that all of our dreams could
be realized if our kid could just get a minimum wage. You want to talk
about a guy who is totally disconnected with where families are in this

Of course every parent wants to see there child succeed and go as far as
they possibly can go in our system. But we`re not talking about kids,
we`re talking about moms and dads and a growing number of Americans who are
falling into this category of having to live on the minimum wage.

And for these governors to think that this doesn`t help the economy their
way off base. This week I sat down with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.
Beshear is a politician who actually understands the impact, raising the
minimum wage. What it would have for his constituents.


GOV. STEVE BESHEAR, (D) KENTUCKY: It will put the money into our local
communities, into our groceries into our medical facilities and all the
places that people spend money because those folks that get a raise in the
minimum wage, they`re not saving a lot. They`re spending that money to
support their families.


SCHULTZ: You better believe they`re and every survey shows that. In fact
according to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute a $10.10 minimum
wage would mean -- look at this number. 1.7 million Americans would no
longer have to rely on public assistance programs. And, you know, what?
The Republicans could reduce that and it wouldn`t cost them a dime.

This would produce $7.6 a year or more in savings to the federal
government. Bottom-line, raising the minimum wage isn`t just good for
workers in the workplace, it is smart economic policy. Americans
overwhelmingly agree.

In the meantime we have Scott Walker, his out complaining that his not
getting enough money to get reelected from the Republican Governors

You know, what this guy is? His tone-deaf, he`s not listening to anybody
except his advisors. Some of them are in jail. His constituents live of
$7.25 an hour and his out complaining about million of dollars in T.V.
spending that`s his concern. In 2010 the Republican Governor Association
spent $5.2 million on Walker`s campaign. For the 2012 recall the RGA spent
$9 million.

They`re on track to spend $8 million for the 2014 campaign and then just
this final week before the election the RGA plans to spend $2 million alone
on just the Walker race in Wisconsin. All that money might not even help
considering Walker`s stance on the minimum wage.

According to a Public Policy poll of majority 44 percent of Wisconsin
voters said that they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who
opposes a minimum wage hike. In fact the same poll found voters in six key
battleground states are less likely to vote Republican -- for Republican
candidates who oppose the minimum wage.

So voters, can we come to the conclusion that they`re pretty wise to this.
Republican governors are not looking out for the best interest of their
voters. They want to control. Now, it`s not just Republican governors.
Republicans in Congress have also failed to pass meaningful legislation for
the middle class in this country.

We`re talking minimum wage, we`re talking equal pay for women, we`re
talking jobs and you name it.

Now Ohio Senator Rob Portman wants you to believe across the board, this is
all going to change if we get power. And it`s going to change for a price.
Republicans you see they have to gain control of the Senate for anything to


CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS, POLITICAL DIRECTOR: What`s the real difference for
the last two year the Obama administration with 51 Republicans?

SEN. ROB PORTMAN, (R) OHIO: Getting stuff done.

TODD: Really?

PORTMAN: What you polling shows.

TODD: I mean I just, you know, there`s a lot of skepticism that anything
can get done.

PORTMAN: No, absolutely the only way things get done is we chance the


SCHULTZ: The only way things get done is if change the majority. So here
we have the Republicans out hostage taking on Sunday shows. We have the
Republicans out there saying, "You know what? If you want something done
you better put us on power. And if you don`t put us in power ain`t no way
in hell anything going to happen."

Earlier this year I went to Lorain, Ohio to speak with the steel workers
suffering the effects of bad trade deals. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said
Republicans weren`t getting things done there either for Ohio workers.


DAN VORHEES, PRESIDENT, USW LOCAL 1104: We public servants that are
worried about taking care of the public and that special interest. That`s
where it comes down to, you know, you turn on the T.V. everyday we`re
talking about takers and entitlements. Well, if it`s not for good paying
jobs and investment in this country and supporting or our infrastructure,
you know, where are we going to be in 10 years, 15 years, 20 years? What
kind of opportunities are my kids going to have?

CHRIS MILLSAPS, LAID OFF STEELWORKER: They say that I`m a taker for, you
know, collecting unemployment because my job is not there at this moment
for me to work. In the State of Ohio I have to put in two applications a
week to try to find a job. You know, I`m not a taker. I just don`t want
to be taking advantage off.


SCHULTZ: Now, why in the world would we play a sound byte from six months
ago? Because the Republicans haven`t changed a bit, if you get
unemployment insurance you`re a taker. If you are on a minimum wage job,
you shouldn`t get anymore. The good news is, that gentleman Chris Millsaps
is back to work in Lorain, Ohio. Thanks to investments made by U.S. Steel
not Republicans.

So, is it hostage taking? Yes, that exactly what it is. The Republicans
are sounding the alarm to the American people its fear again. That if you
don`t vote for us and if you don`t put us in power and if we can`t put
President Obama in the corner with veto pin, nothing is going to get done.
And they`re banking on the fact that the President is a pragmatist, they`re
banking on the fact that President Obama will be like Reagan and he`ll do

He`ll look over there and say "Well, gosh the election took place, the
Senate is owned by the Republicans now and it`s owned by the House and will
be for years. I might as well try to get something done for my legacy,
that`s the fear in all of these as I see it. Caving into the right-wing
and respecting their election. Bottom line here is, this is, as we say it
every time one of the most important election in the American history.

What will the Supreme Court look like if they maintain control of the
legislative bodies someday and once they get the White House? This
election matters. But if you`re a minimum wage worker and you don`t vote
you`re only voting against yourself. You have something to do here. You
just got to do what you got to do. Do what they do in Congress. Vote
yourself a raise.

Get your cellphone out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s question
"Do you think Republicans would ever raise the minimum wage? Text A for
Yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always go our blog and leave a
comment, we encourage you to do that at, results coming up
later on in the show.

I`m joined tonight by Ruth Conniff, Editor-in-Chief of the Progress
Magazine. Also with us tonight Mitch Ceasar, the Broward County Democratic
Party, and Mike Papantonio, host of the Ring of Fire radio show and
America`s attorney.

Ruth I`m just going to be real quick with all three of you here. Minimum
wage, what is it mean this election?

RUTH CONNIFF, THE PROGRESS MAGAZINE: Well, it means a lot because I think
as you point out there`s a real disconnect between the Republican`s view
and Christie and Walker, a great example, and so as Rick Scott. That, you
know, they need million and millions of dollars for their elections and
they need to appeal to these billionaires who want even more tax breaks and
even more control over our politics.

And yet, somebody who`s working for the minimum wage at Burger King, they
should just have the floor cutout from under them. They don`t need any
protection at all. That doesn`t appeal to most voters.

SCHULTZ: What about public assistance Pap you got 1.7 million people that
would be lifted off public assistant if they were to get the raise that the
Democrats want to do. And the Republicans won`t go along with it, what
about it?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST, "RING OF FIRE" RADIO: Not only that Ed, it puts
money into the economy. You have to have money into the economy at the
bottom, not at the top. If you put it on the top it never works it way
down. If you put at the bottom with a very type of thing you`re talking

Give the 1.5 million workers out there who are on minimum wage. Give them
an increase beyond poverty wages. Give them assistance and that money
moves up the capital system, a very well-defined column, every economist
who looks at it objectively agrees with that.

SCHULTZ: Mitch, how do you judge whether minimum wage is going to be a
factor at the polls?

There`s` a new Pew poll that asked people both Republicans and Democrats
their position. 90 percent of the Democrats in that poll nationally said
we`re in favor of increasing the minimum wage to $10.10. Also, 53 percent
of the Republicans did as well.

I think, you know, the governor`s play book of the Republican Party we`ve
talked about. Using clip notes or whatever they`re doing. But the bottom
line is, it will resonate, it will cut through.

There`s also four different such questions in four different Republicans
states on next week`s ballot which are rumored to be easily passing in
those Republican states. What the Republicans are trying to do, because of
corporate interest is to expand a permanent underclass of the working poor
and making sure that they protect corporate profits.

Which is fine, if it`s not at the expense of those people who are working
everyday at the current minimum wage, which comes out 40 hours $15,000 a
years. There`s no way you could, you know, put together and support a
family of four.

SCHULTZ: Ruth, Scott Walker has never really given a definitive answer on
minimum wage has he? He always talks about well we`re trying to focus on
other. Is he for it or is he against it?

CONNIFF: Well he`s not for increasing the minimum wage. He`s been pretty
clear about that. The question arose when he kind of went off script with
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and basically said he saw no purpose to the
minimum wage. And, you know, I want to reinforce that, Mitch said it`s --
when Christie said, you know, we need to talk about the middle class
income, we need to talk about higher wages which what Walker also said.

People are noticing that we`re turning into the third world here. We have
the greatest income and equality since the 1920s. So if you make a $100
hundred, your income is tripled since the mid `80s. The 99 percent who
make less than $20 million have seen incomes decline.

You cannot get a leg up. You can`t even reach the bottom rung on the
ladder if there`s no floor. You have this sort of sort (ph) class of
workers who are working really hard, they do have families in fact they are
not just kids. And they don`t have that little leg up to allow their kids
to do better. And I think big bait and switch in the way Walker and
Christie and Scott are talking about this.

SCHULTZ: Pap you heard Scott`s answer about minimum wage. He thinks the
private sector should decide it. Does it mean the private sector should
also decide how many people get assistance?

PAPANTONIO: His been ordered to say that just like every Republican
governors. Stay away from the issue as much as you can. This is all about
pleasing the billionaire inheritance babies. That`s what`s driving all of
these, whether Scott Walker or Rick Scott, it doesn`t make any difference.
They`re on the same play book, there sugar daddy billionaire Republican
donors are ordering them to say what they`re saying.

That`s why it all sounds exactly the same. They don`t want to talk about
the last 40 years the bottom 90 percent of Americans have had their income
rise at pathetic 3 percent rate. They don`t want to talk about that.
Republicans have spent decades developing and focusing the talking points
that move their base. There`s a checklist mandatory positions that they
have to take, minimum wage is one of them.

It has nothing to do with the reality of problems that the average American
faces out there. They`re simply ordered to do this like trained circus
monkeys, and that`s what you heard from Rick Scott, that what you hear from
Scott Walker. They can`t think for themselves because their ordered by the
billionaire inheritance babies not to think for themselves.

SCHULTZ: And Mitch would this movement independent voter based on you
surveys on Florida?

CEASAR: I think without question, I think Charlie Christ as we`ve talked
about his trending really well. I think even the last few days even better
so does necessitating Rick Scott, spending $20 million of his own money on
this go around. But I think it cuts through because it`s frankly very
important for us to get every involved in the election.

The larger the turnout obviously the better is for Democrats anywhere in
this country. But the bottom line is I think it does cut through. Listen,
look at anybody who`s out there. You cannot hire a baby-sitter for the
minimum wage. I can guarantee you that.

SCHULTZ: Ruth Conniff, Mitch Ceasar and Mike Papantonio, great to have all
of you with us tonight. Thanks a lot.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share you thoughts with us on Twitter appreciate the like on Facebook as
well over the Ed Show. We always want to know what you think.

At this hour labor workers are gathering for a rally to defeat Mitch
McConnell in Kentucky. Coming up, we`ll tell you what`s happening in

But first, Chris Christie continues to run his mouth on Ebola. We`ll get
the facts from the National Nurses United next, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: What`s happening out there? What`s hot, what`s not? Trenders,
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SCHULTZ: The number three trender, red alert.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Harry Reid has a bill to force the Red Skins to change
their name.

SEN. HARRY REID, (D) NEVADA: A tradition of racism is all the name leaves
in its wake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why won`t Warner fight the Anti-Redskins bill?

SEN. MARK WARNER, (D) VIRGINIA: Congress should focus on other issues.

SCHULTZ: Ed Gillespie in the senate race goes long to try and win over
Virginia voters.

GILLESPIE: I`ll oppose the Anti-Redskins bill.

I support the team`s positions to keep its name.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t you see that when you call your organization the
Washington Redskins it`s offensive to us.

SCHULTZ: The number two trender, Hawaii oh no.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The volcano that helped create this island now
threatens to take whatever is in its path.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We live in an island that we have an active volcano
so we know that this is always a possibility.

SCHULTZ: Lava creeps closer to neighborhoods on the big island.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The red hot river wider than a football field closing
in on a town of Pahoa.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: ... lava passed straight through the Pahoa Cemetery.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re praying really hard that it will spare us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s going to be sad, you know, watching our house go

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It could eventually get the whole town of Pahoa.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, quarantine controversy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nurse Kaci Hickox said she was quote made to feel like
a criminal.

CHRISTIE: We`re not going to take...
MATT LAUER, NBC HOST: Is it possible -- is it possible, Governor...
CHRISTIE: Well, let me just finish this, Matt. We`ve had experience...
LAUER: ... you`re on the wrong side of science here but the right side of
public opinion?
CHRISTIE: No, I`m going to be on the right side of both, ultimately.
SCHULTZ: Chris Christie defends his Ebola quarantine decision.

CHRISTIE: The CBC has been incremental on this. What`s the difference
when somebody is considered to be high-risk? You don`t want them on public
transportation. You don`t want them at public gatherings. And you want
them to work from home. That`s sounds like quarantine to me.

LAUER: Dr. Sepkowitz which is an infectious disease expert said they have
decided to ignore science, evidence and decades of careful observations.

CHRISTIE: Governors ultimately have the responsibility to protect the
public health and the public safety of the people within their borders.
Our policy hasn`t changed and our policy will not change.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Deborah Burger, Co-President of National
Nurses United, Deborah, good to have you with us tonight.

You just recently testified in front of Congress and laid out exactly what
this country has to do when it comes to equipping nurses properly to fight
this entire ordeal that we`re dealing with in this country right now. But,
I want to talk about quarantines and where your organization stands on
this. What conditions have to be present which would constitute a

we`re trying to do is do what`s right for the health care workers, the
patients and the community. And in reality we`ve had a lot of experience
with communicable disease like HIV, SARS and H1N1. And we know that most
quarantines don`t work.

That they end up stigmatizing the patient and separating them from their
communities. And as was proven with this nurse who is made to be
quarantined in a tent that was unheeded in a paper gown overnight was
really unconscionable when she really should have been given a heroes
welcome and then taken care of properly.

SCHULTZ: Do you know what New Jersey`s policy is on this right now?

BURGER: Well no, I don`t because it`s actually been changing from day to
day. It`s been shifting. And that`s been the problem that National Nurses
United has had all along. Is that the guidelines that are implemented by
the state tends, end up being a patchwork quilt of mandates or regulations
that really aren`t based on scientific principles and sound policy.

SCHULTZ: So, I don`t mean to Monday morning quarterback here. But you
have been sounding the alarm for weeks on end about this. And had the
nurses had been listened to from the get go we wouldn`t even be talking
about quarantines right now, wouldn`t we?

BURGER: We would not. And it`s really sad when they have the video of
Nina and her last days at the hospital in Dallas. The doctor had this huge
hazmat suit with a respirator. And it would have -- it was extremely
pathetic that had she had that equipment when she first took care of Mr.
Duncan, those two nurses wouldn`t have been infected whatsoever.

SCHULTZ: Does it pain you that this is now becoming a political issue?

BURGER: It does pain me that it has been a political issue because right
now we`re ignoring years of experience in dealing with infectious disease.
We know how to contain to the disease and we know how to treat patients.
And it never works to actually make patients go underground, to be fearful
to come and get treatment, to be taken care of properly.

And, we have been sounding the alarm for months. And if they had gone
alone with our recommendations which are mandated optimal standards for
personal equipment and training and the ability to drill for the
eventuality of an Ebola patient we would not be here today.

SCHULTZ: And Governor Christie also said in that interview that he doesn`t
think a mandatory quarantine would discourage aid workers from going to
Ebola infected regions. Do you agree with that?

BURGER: I don`t agree with it. I think that, right now there are nurses
and doctors that want to do the right thing. That want to help in West
Africa and have given up weeks of time on their own with no pay and only to
come back to the United States and be told that you must endure another
three weeks of mandated quarantine, when they know that these health care
workers are probably at lower risk than they would normally be.

SCHULTZ: So, we can come to the conclusion that some of these governors
are making decisions without the facts? And it`s somewhat of a knee-jerk
reaction. It`s an overreaction or is that a misstatement?

BURGER: Well, we do want to make sure that the public is protected.


BURGER: And we do want to follow what our scientist currently are telling
us and what we know to be true is that, a person is not infectious unless
they have symptoms meaning...


BURGER: ... a fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. And that they can be
monitored with a safe health care team providing effective follow up. And
that they can be productive members contributing to this war on Ebola.

SCHULTZ: All right, Deborah Burger, I appreciate your time tonight. Thank
you from the National Nurses United. Thanks so much.

Coming up, the Louisville Sluggers. We`ll have the latest from a new rally
going on right now to defeat Mitch McConnell.

Plus, monster mash Halloween tips from the Curvy Couch will make you

Next, I got your questions on Ask Ed Live coming up on the Ed Show at
MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, appreciate the questions in our ask
Ed Live segment. Our first question tonight comes from Joseph. He wants
to know, "Do you think President Obama`s visit to Wisconsin today will get
out the much needed urban vote to support Mary Burke for governor?"

That`s a big fat yes, absolutely. I think the President has been very
consistent on his policies which align with Mary Burke and which align with
the middle class in Wisconsin. Actually I wish the President had gone
there during the recall to go after Walker back then. But of course he had
other things on his mind that was him getting re-elected I guess. But no,
I think it`s important for the President to do this. He`s got a real good
basic message, vote.

Our next question is from Dennis (ph). He wants to know, "What are Rick
Scott`s qualifications to be Governor of Florida?" Pay attention folks.
He has a lot of money.

Stick around, rapid response panel is next.

MARY THOMPSON, CNBC MARKET WRAP: I`m Mary Thompson with your CNBC Market

Stocks rally on relief about earnings and consumer sentiment. The Dow
climbed 187 points, the S&P 500 gains 23, the NASDAQ at 78.

Consumer confidence soared this month. The Conference Board Sentiment
Index rose to a seven year high, thanks in part to falling gasoline prices.
And after the closing bell, Facebook reported earnings and revenues that
beat estimates, ad revenue jumping more than 60 percent from a year ago.
Shares though are moving lower in the after hours session.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. At this hour labor workers in
Kentucky are holding a rally to defeat Senate Minority Leader Mitch
McConnell. Labor was key for President Obama`s elections in 2008 and 2012.
Now Kentucky`s working families are throwing their support behind Alison
Lundergan Grimes for Senate.

The most recent Blue Grass Poll has McConnell with a very narrow lead over
Grimes. McConnell`s main tactic has bee to compare and to associate Grimes
with the President of the United States Barrack Obama. In a debate earlier
this month the Democratic candidate called herself a Clinton Democrat.

GRIMES: To grow in the middle class the right way and that`s by making
sure that we are building from the foundation up.

SCHULTZ: McConnell`s response made him sound like a broken record.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R-KY) MINORITY LEADER: There`s not a dime`s worth
of difference between a Clinton Democrat and an Obama Democrat.


SCHULTZ: The Clinton factor is not to be ignored. They`re working to
excite the Democratic base and get the voters out to the polls. President
Bill Clinton has already been to Kentucky three times supporting Grimes.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former first lady and Senator
will be in Lexington and Northern Kentucky stumping once again for Grimes
on Saturday.

Joining me tonight on our Rapid Response panel Adrienne Elrod, Vice
President of American Bridge and Correct the Record and she worked for
Hillary Clinton in 2008 and in the Clinton White House with Bill Clinton.
And also, with us tonight Bob Shrum, Democratic strategist and Professor of
Politics at USC, great to have both of you with us tonight.

Adrienne, I`m curious about -- I was in Kentucky yesterday and Governor
Beshear told me that things change when the Clinton`s showed up. And all
of a sudden it became a race. What do you make of that the Clinton factor
in Kentucky?

Clinton`s are clearly the most popular surrogates everywhere across the
country right now. They have a really big history Ed, with Kentucky. You
may recall that the Clinton`s and the Lundergan`s are very close family
friends. There`s a long standing history there. But they spend a lot of
time there. Secretary Clinton performed very well there in 2008.

And frankly they reflect the values of Kentuckians, you know, growing the
middle class, growing jobs, growing the economy. And they`re really
frankly the perfect surrogate to have in there at this time.

SCHULTZ: You know Bob Shrum I`m putting a couple of cards out in front of
the parade on this one. But it sure seems to me like the Clintons would
like to get rid of Mitch McConnell if Hillary`s ever President of the
United States.

probably true and look, Bill and Hillary Clinton have done a brilliant job
in this midterm. They`ve gone to races and places where they can make a
difference. They have made a difference in Kentucky and I give them a lot
of credit for standing up against the conventional wisdom like Alison
Lundergan Grimes did and saying we can win this race.

McConnell has finally been forced for example to admit that you can`t
really keep Kynect the Kentucky health care site if you get rid of
Obamacare. He wants to get rid of Obamacare or health care coverage for
500,000 Kentuckians. Those people`s health insurance`s on the ballot. And
if they show up it`s going to make a big difference in this election.

This is really a one to three point election. If you look at the polls you
can trust. You throw out the outliers and you throw out the Republican

So, I think if people get motivated. The Clintons motivate them, if labor
motivates them, if folks a like Elizabeth Warren motivate them then Mitch
McConnell won`t be the senate minority leader. He won`t be the senate
majority leader. He will just be another ex-senator looking to cash in as

SCHULTZ: Adrienne, is there a difference between Clinton Democrat and then
Obama supporter?

ELROD: Look, I mean, the bottom line is they`re all Democrats. They`re
all supporting the same broad agenda which is growing the middle class, you
know, reforming health care, making it better and not repelling it. And,
representing an agenda that`s working for the American Families not an
agenda like such as Mitch McConnell that is driven by the Koch Brothers.

You know, I Kentuckians are very independent. I think they`re just like
Arkansas. I`ve had the pleasure of being in Arkansas for the past week
knocking on doors, doing everything I can to help Mark Pryor -- Democrats
here and these are folks who think very independently, you know, you`re
seeing the same thing in Kentucky.

Trend lines are changing, it`s really exciting to see all the excitements,
enthusiasm around Alison Lundergan Grimes` campaign. And, you know, I
agree with Bob, I mean this is a really close race. It`s all about GOTV
right now and I think you`re going to see some really exciting things in
Kentucky on Election Day.

SCHULTZ: We all know where McConnell is on the minimum wage. Here is what
he had to say in the most recent debate about minimum wage. Here it is.


MCCONNELL: There are times when a minimum wage increase would be
appropriate but not in a jobless recovery like this.


SCHULTZ: Jobless recovery, we`ve added 10 million jobs. It has been a
remarkable run 56 months of private sector job growth. When are we going
to raise minimum wage? That to me is political speak in Kentucky that
McConnell is telling people. "You know, I`m not all that bad of a guy,
I`ll help you a little bit", when in reality he`s never been for it. What
about that Bob?

SHRUM: Well look, he lied for a long time about health coverage and
whether or not Kynect could stay around, the system that covers people in
Kentucky, he`s finally been force to admit the truth. He`s doing the same
thing here on the minimum wage. It`s double talk. And I think Adrienne is
right that if people get -- see through this, if they hear from folks like
the Clintons, if they hear from folks like labor, if GOTV works he`s in big

I don`t think Mitch McConnell has ever met a minimum wage increase he
liked. He would always have a reason why couldn`t do it. He used to
traffic in the old argument that raising the minimum wage destroys jobs.
That`s been discredited. So now he`s trying to say this is a jobless
recovery when it`s anything about that.

It`s been a slow recovery but we are not creating lots and lots and lots of
jobs. And by the way, raising the minimum wage will help to create more
jobs not destroy jobs because folks will have more money to spend, more
demand in the economy, more people will get hired.

SCHULTZ: And Adrienne what do you make of union rally tonight? There`s
not a lot of union workers in Kentucky. They`re there rallying I think as
much to get rid of McConnell as they are to support Grimes, what do you
make of it?

ELROD: Well, you know, look, again this is such a close race that even if
labor is not a huge part of the electorate in Kentucky, every single vote
counts right now. And, you know, building again on what Bob was saying
earlier, Mitch McConnell has voted against raising the minimum wage 17
times. And I think labor is sick of it I mean they`re ready to see someone
represent them, who`s going to actually fight for them and their


ELROD: ... by raising the minimum wage, by not opposing unemployment
benefits and just by, you know, being an independent voice and that`s

SCHULTZ: All right, well have to have you back to talk about Arkansas. I
heard that that`s closer to what the polls are saying.

ELROD: It is. It is.

SCHULTZ: Adrienne Elrod, Bob Shrum, good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate your time. Thank you so much for joining us on the Ed Show.

Coming up, Maine`s governor tries to turn LePage on his health care record.
Democratic Challenger Mike Michaud, the Congressman for Maine, will join us

Keep it here, we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, short circuit Fox in France. The
Kirby Coach lifted up their pitchforks and torches just in time for
Halloween. This year`s monster is clean energy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s National Energy Action Month and the Department Of
Energy thinks that you rather than carving out a scary face on a pumpkin to
do one of those five energy symbols, that`s right a wind mill, they`ve got


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... the impact with CFL. Really?


SCHULTZ: Really. Oh the renewable energy Jack-O-Lanterns gave Fox &
Friends such a fright they`ve carved out some passive-aggressive instead.


ANNA KOOIMAN, FOX NEWS HOST: What is this have to do with Halloween and
fall necessary? For Thanksgiving we have like turkey stuffed with anti-
Keystone Pipeline propaganda, an Easter Bunny with war on women chocolates
eggs or something?

DOOCY: You know what if you want to send an alternate message you can
always carve a coal plant on the front of your pumpkin because that`s where
the electricity to run your Prius comes from.


SCHULTZ: No, their ignorance is not just a costume. If Fox & Friends
think that backing coal is worth smashing pumpkins they can keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. One of the most radically conservative governors
in the United States is hidden on state of Maine, and now he`s warming up
after rejecting. He`s warming up to Obamacare joining the flocks to speak.

Paul LePage is well-known for outrageous comments.


GOV. PAUL LEPAGE, (R) MAINE: As your governor, you`re going to be seeing a
lot me on the front page saying, "Governor LePage tells Obama to go to

What I heard is you take plastic bottle and put it on the microwave and it
heated up it can gives off a chemical that`s similar to estrogen and -- so
I mean the worse care is some woman might have a little beards spot, we
don`t want to do that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would like to do? We could fly...

LEPAGE: I want to find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up.

Senator Jackson claims to be for the people but he`s the first one to give
it to the people without providing, that he`s the first one to give to the
people without providing Vaseline.

Who is that?

(Inaudible) that con man is not politically correct but we got to
understand who just man is. This man is a bad person. He doesn`t want to
have no brains. He has a black heart.


SCHULTZ: LePage is also known for vetoing the Affordable Care Act`s
Medicaid expansion five times. He left 70,000 low-income state residents
without health care. Now LePage is up for reelection and the story is


LEPAGE: The federal exchange will allow anyone from 100 percent on up to
qualify -- up to 400 percent to qualify for large subsidies. And so, I
think that we need to address that, maximize that aspect a bit, take those
that do not qualify and then find a way to give them insurance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some of those health care options are maybe affordable
but they are deductibles on there that they would say they`re affordable to
somebody making so little money.

LEPAGE: That`s ACA, I didn`t put that in because our program...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m talking private health care options too.

LEPAGE: Yes, well that`s ACA.


SCHULTZ: LePage is suddenly a big fan of the exchanges and finding a way
to help the uninsured. The solution is right in the Medicaid expansion he
vetoed five times and 70,000 residents are waiting.

Joining me now is Maine Gubernatorial Candidate and Congressman from Maine
Mike Michaud. Mike good to have you with us tonight. I appreciate your

Is this a genuine reversal on the part of the governor because of its

REP. MIKE MICHAUD, (D) MAINE: Well it`s great to be back with you Ed. No,
I mean the Governor -- the legislature extends the Affordable Care Act, the
expansion for the 70,000 Mainers in which 3,000 are veterans. To this
desk, he`ll veto it again. You know, the Governor made it very clear. He
is not going to accept that expansion.

He talks about the exchanges as you all know, that`s part of the Affordable
Care Act. So, I made a very clear on day one, I`ll be submitting a
legislation to legislature to expand access on the Affordable Care Act for
the 70,000 Mainers who denied under this governor`s veto pin five times.

So, what he says, what he does is two separate things and he doesn`t
support it. He never has and, you know, he never will, actually.

SCHULTZ: Do you think residents in you state got that figured out. Is he
a guy you can trust?

MICHAUD: I mean, he says he`s not a politician but he`s a great
politician. He knows the issues that divide Mainers, welfare and
immigration issues that`s all he`s been harping on.

He has no plan for governor. We made it very clear in the debates but
quite frankly just keeps talking about the same old things. And, 70,000
Mainers of which 3,000 of veterans are not getting health care because this
governor vetoed the bipartisan bill that was put together with the
Republicans and Democrats and I don`t except him to sign any bill that will
expand access under the Affordable Care Act.

SCHULTZ: Congressman it`s pretty clear that a lot of people respect
somebody that tells it like it is or speaks with an unvarnished opinion,
there`s a certain political attraction to all of that. But is this guy a
lose cannon? I mean, the things that he has said and the way he has

MICHAUD: Well, the way -- what he says and what he does is actually two
different things. You know, the fact that, you know, he has a failed
policy, homelessness in Maine went up 26 percent, child abuse increased,
more children are living in poverty here today. And for our governor who
is homeless, you`d he`d understand these issues and really focus on getting
Maine, you know, people are living in poverty out of poverty.

We got to change the system when you look at the welfare system. There are
two ways getting them off, kicking them off like he`s doing (inaudible)
changing the system have a tiered system so that the S.A. can get a job,
they`ll lose some of their benefits but not lose all of their benefits.

You know, his failed policy has kept Maine once again 58th under the
Forbes` list as a worst state to do business. And he touts how he is a
business person but we`re on that 50th list during all the four years of
his administration and 47th in the country as far as economic growth and
it`s because of his failed policy and his ideology that`s preventing Maine
from moving forward in a positive way.

SCHULTZ: And where does minimum wage fit in this debate with Mainers?

MICHAUD: Well, the majority Mainers support minimum wage, the legislature
sent the Governor a bill to increase minimum wage. He`s vetoed the
legislation. And if you look at what`s happening around the country, the
13 states actually have voted to increase a minimum wage. They`re actually
seeing economic growth in those states.

The fact of the matter is, is no one should be working full-time living in
poverty. And that`s why I`ve supported the increase in the minimum wage
here in the State of Maine.

I did when it was president of Maine Senate. Republicans and Democrats
unanimously voted to increase it.

SCHULTZ: And finally, he`s so radical and so against workers, why is this
race close?

MICHAUD: Well, the race is close because I mean, you know, what the
Governor says is not necessarily what he does and he know the issues that -
- the wedge issues. People are struggling here in the State of Maine...


MICHAUD: ... bunch (ph) of time clock for over 29 years. They`re
struggling and the fact that the Governor is resonating with this issue
about getting people off welfare is resonating unfortunately with the
voters but he is not telling how he can get them off welfare.


MICHUAD: He`s way to do it, mine is totally separate different ways to get
them off welfare. And, under my administration I will not allow the wage
fraud and abuse and mismanagement that this Governor has allowed under his
administration over the last four years.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Mike Michaud, great to have you with us tonight.
Gubernatorial candidate in State of Maine...

MICHAUD: Great to be with you Ed, thank you.

SCHULTZ: You bet, good to have you on.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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