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October 29, 2014

Guest: Barbara Boxer, James Hoffa, Lena Turner, Melissa Sargent, Mike


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Texans will have to show government issued photo
identification to cast a ballot.

GOV. RICK PERRY, (R) TEXAS: Simply put that out and say I am James R.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 15 states now require a photo I.D.

PERRY: Here I am.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The voting is such a fundamental right.

MAYOR TOM BARRETT, (D) MILWAUKEE: There are people in state government who
do not want you to vote.

PERRY: Here I am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who gets to vote and how?

PERRY: Do we want our elections to be clean and fair.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Any benefit of the doubt should go to the voter.

PERRY: Here I am.

BARRETT: It was to make it harder for people of color.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are fighting for rights that paid through the blood.

PERRY: The use of race at the drop of a hat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can`t be giving up now.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

Well, we`re less than a week away. You know what we`re asking folks to do?
Do something out of the ordinary. We`re asking them to get in their cars
and drive to somewhere that they normally don`t do and then stand in line
and then vote. You know, when this push-button mentality society we live
in where iPhones or have everything in our fingertips, "you mean I got to
go vote?"

That`s kind of the feeling you get when you talk to some folks. But the
bottom line here is, is that we have to understand what is at stake and
what was happened leading up to the vote. It`s scurrilous. It`s
scurrilous what`s on in America.

The results of Tuesday`s midterm elections are going to come down to really
one thing, no matter where you go all over the country you hear, well it`s
all about turnout. I was in Kentucky the other day, well its all about
turn out. Been in Michigan, been in Ohio, been in Wisconsin, been in
Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa. It`s all about turnout.
Everybody`s got the same story. Its all turnout -- well then turnout if
you care.

There are plenty of polls and projection models out there that say, well
the reality is the vote is going to be determined by who actually decides
to get in their car and drive to somewhere that they normally don`t go to
on a routine basis, stand in line and then care about the country.
Republicans have been doing everything in their power to make sure that you
stay in your routine to keep the Democratic voters away from the polls.

Now if you`re running for office in the State of Georgia, I have to ask
you, would this infuriate you? Earlier this year in the State of Georgia
organizers in the state registered a phenomenal number, 90,000 people.
They packed the big house, OK? These folks had never voted before. A
massive voter registration in the State of Georgia, 90,000 people and a lot
of them were people of color or under the age of 25.

In August, organizers noticed, hey there`s a 40,000 of those registrations
they`re gone, they vanished from the states database. Now would that make
you feel really good about what`s happening in your state if that happened?
Would it really motivate you to go out and register more people? Nearly
all of those belonged to people of color in Democratic leaning areas around
Atlanta, Savanna and also Columbus.

Now, if you`re a Republican and you are a member of the party of Lincoln,
you should be absolutely furious of this happen. That someone`s right is
being taken away from him because of a computer glitch. You know we do
internet banking in America, that`s kind of normal but certainly cant vote
online can we?

I refuse to believe that what happened and unfolded in Georgia is just a
coincidence. Because you see on Tuesday a judge denied a petition from
civil rights advocates to force Georgia`s Secretary of State to process the
missing registrations. So, one judge, a man with that much power said, to
hell with it on those 90,000 folks, to hell with it on those 40,000 lost
registrations. It don`t matter, we`re going to have this election down in
Georgia anyway.

No, it doesn`t stop there. In the State of Texas the strict voter I.D. law
could potentially disenfranchise nearly 600,000 voters on Election Day.
Now I remember a few months ago we were down in Texas and we did a town
hall meeting and we did a focus group. And, to a tee, all of those folks
in that focus group told us that Texas is going to turn blue.

The Democrats have the demographics on their side. That is going to
happen. So doesn`t it make sense with one big swap they better pass a law
that will take out 600,000 folks, a disproportion of percentage of those
voters are African-American or Hispanic. Now if you`re still wondering how
hard is it to get an I.D. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve gone twice to get the voter I.D. card.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you go in May to get the card that`s required and
they tell you they`re out of it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, (inaudible) said they were out. And I went, this
is ridiculous, you offered them, and now you`re saying you ran out? May I
went, July I went. I know the date.


SCHULTZ: Don`t you kind of get the feeling that this election just isn`t
about a bunch governors trying to save their rear end and taking control of
the United States Senate which the Republicans really want because it`s all
about power.

See Republicans know that the midterms will really take shape and maybe
determine the faith of the 2016 presidential elections.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R) NEW JERSEY: What would you rather have if you were
a Republican candidate and the nominee for President? Would you rather
have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism or Charlie
Crist? Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the
voting mechanism or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would your
rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed Fitzgerald?

The fact is if you`re just a pragmatist and you don`t really care about
what happens in the states you`re going to care about whose running those
states in November of 2016. And what kind of political apparatus they
setup and what kind of governmental apparatus they setup to ensure a full
and fair election in 2016. All of those things are incredibly important.


SCHULTZ: And they sure as hell are. I mean its amazing how Governor
Christie has come to the conclusion. Let`s see on teachers he got rid of
on, he`s now an Ebola expert. And, he`s just come to the conclusion that
everybody whose running for governor against his people are so damn corrupt
they could not run an election.

So we better make sure which Scott and John Kasich and Scott Walker and
Schneider and all these guys are overlooking the election because that`s
the only way its going to be fair. But he can`t find one Democrat in this
country who has gone along with the voter suppression that the Republicans
have put up state by state.

Christie is right. It`s an incredibly important election. Republicans
want to make all the rules and the governors that Christie listed in that
sound byte, they have lead the charge when it comes to voter`s suppression.

In March, Scott Walker in Wisconsin signed a bill eliminating absentee
voting on weekends ahead of elections in Wisconsin. Now why would a guy on
the party of Lincoln do something like that? Well he`s not alone. You see
in February, John Kasich signed bills in Ohio eliminating the number of
early voting and registration days. Now why would a guy of a party of
Lincoln do something like that?

And in 2012, can we remember that Florida have the worst voter lines in the
country thanks to Rick Scott. But just remember according to the guy
across the street here in New Jersey you got to have these guys in charge
if you`re going to have a good election. However this year Scott is in
trouble which explains why Rick Scott in Florida is suddenly starting to
say stuff like this.


GOV. RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: We`re going to win because if you have an
absentee ballot, if you know anybody that does get them to vote it today.
Go do early voting right now. Let`s get every one to vote.

Get out to vote, if have an absentee ballot, vote. If you`re early voting
go to booth today.

Today what were doing, we`re getting the vote out. We are going to make
sure if you have an absentee ballot, we`re going to make sure you go vote
it. If you can go right next door. Go out and vote today.


SCHULTZ: That is just a classic sound byte right there. Did you see Rick
Scott standing there saying go out to vote early and early voting is what`s
it`s all about, and then Christie is standing to next to him, it looks like
he`s about ready to throw up. "No, wait a minute that`s really not the
plan. Really don`t want him to do that. Settle down here Ricky boy. I`m
down here stomping for you."

This is about power. This is about control of legislative body. This is
about the Republicans in a timely fashion over the last four years using
every legislative method they have to make sure they can massage the
numbers and the turnout so they will get the victory and get the power.
That`s what this is about.

Now if you`re a red blooded American that`s should infuriate you. The
legislation is right there. The suppression is there. If someone were to
register your son or daughter under the age of 25 and then all of a sudden
their name has been purged would you feel like you have an obligation as a
parent to jump into this thing and make sure its right? You can.

Yesterday I talked about how law makers have voted themselves a raise over
the years. You can vote justice next Tuesday. You can make sure that you
get a raise too because there is one party that will stand with you and
fight for you and that is the Democrats. And that`s not partisan talk,
that`s a fact.

There`s no Democrats in America that have said, "You know, what we need to
really cut these hours. We need to cut these polling places. We need to
cut the days. We need to shut off weekends." You can find a Democrat in
America that will do that. But you can find a hell of a lot of Republicans
and they all happen to be governors. And they`ve all pushed legislation to
do just that.

And now they have audacity to send Christie all over the country stomping
for these guys saying, "You know what if you don`t elect these guys were
not going to have a good election." And in 2016 he shows us the play book.
In 2016 we got to have these guys in charge so we could make sure we can
get Florida if Rick Scott`s governor.

We could make sure we can get Ohio. I have said on this program repeatedly
that one of the most important elections in this country is the Secretary
of State job in the State of Ohio.

Get your cellphones out I want to know what you think. Tonight`s question,
do you think this will be a fair election? Text A for yes, Text B for no
to 67622, you can always go to our blog at and will bring you
the results later on in the show.

I challenge anyone watching tonight, I want to be corrected. I know I`m
right. but I challenge any one watching tonight to bring me the name
anywhere state level, county level, federal level, give me the name of a
Democrat who has wanted to cut days and hours of early voting.

Joining me tonight is Senator Barbara Boxer of California, Senator, good to
have you with us tonight.

What can be done, Senator? What can be done to turn this tide?

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, (D) CALIFORNIA: When I listen to you where you lay out
the facts whether they`re Republicans, Democrats, or independents if they
cherish the right to vote, if they believe that the right to vote is what`s
fundamental to our democracy they should vote Democratic. Ed, there are
seven horrible laws on the books, very bad voter suppression, voter I.D.,
the worst kind. And you focused on Texas, there are others, every one of
those, every single one of those signed by a Republican Governor.

This is one of the biggest issues of this election of our time. And, you
know, I hate the fact that people say, "Well this is an off year election,
it isn`t presidential." Everything is at stake including our democracy,
the right to vote.

And the way we send a message real simple, we can talk about it more
important is we vote, we all vote. Every one who cherishes that right to
vote, get out there and defy the pundits who say, "Oh it`s just going to be
terribly low turnout." We have the power to change it. And this issue,
there are many issues on the line. We know that. The fair shot agenda,
equal pay for equal work, minimum wage, reducing interest rates on college
loans. All those are very important. But this one, the party that stands
for the right to vote is the Democratic Party.

The party that is trying to suppress the vote, we saw Dr. Christie talk
about that. We know it`s a fact, the Republican Party, it is so sad to say
the party of Lincoln...


BOXER: ... has taken this approach. They can`t win on the issues so
they`re trying to stop people from getting to the polls. By the way did
you hear about that 93-year-old Veteran who tried to vote in Texas? Did
you read about that?


BOXER: He went to the polls -- yes, he has his expired driver`s license
because the God he`s 93, no good.

SCHULTZ: Well Senator...

BOXER: He lost his right to vote.

SCHULTZ: What can be...

BOXER: He lost his right to vote.

SCHULTZ: You have to have power in the legislative body to do something
about this on a Federal level.


SCHULTZ: So obviously Tuesday is huge. Let`s say the legislative power
swings to the Democrats. What happens?

BOXER: Well, there are several of us that have bills. I`m going to drop a
new bill that combines two House bills, the Right to Vote Act which
basically says, "OK states if you want voter I.D. they have to be offered
free and on time. And if you are forcing someone to go buy their birth
certificate you have to foot the bill. And if your law is so difficult
that people can`t do it then they can go and they can vote."


BOXER: And they can sign an affidavit that they are who they are and they
live where they say they live under penalty of law. And it`s a stiff fine,
if any one lies -- $250,000 or five years in prison, or both. So we cannot
-- we cannot sit back now Ed. We need to hold control of the United States
Senate. And we have to hope we can gain control of the House for that,
keep our loses to a minimum there. And it is up to us. It is up to us.

SCHULTZ: Senator, Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, Senate Majority
Leader send an e-mail to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee`s 1
million members. And he said this, a Republicans House and Senate could go
beyond shutting down the government. They could waste months...

BOXER: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: ... of our lives on impeachment. What`s response to that?

BOXER: No doubt.

SCHULTZ: Do you agree with that?

BOXER: Well I do. I`ve been saying it for a long time, because I`m --
I`ve been around for a while and I hear what is being said. And I know
that this is on the agenda. There`s no doubt about it. No doubt about it.

And that ties right into the voter suppression, because if you keep
Democrats home because you don`t want them to vote and they can`t get to
vote, you had a better shot at controlling the Senate and they`re not going
to care about raising the minimum wage.


BOXER: They`re not going to care about lowering student loan rates.
They`re not going to care about anything that matters to middle class.


BOXER: They`ll give the tax breaks to the millionaires and the
billionaires. And then they`ll pass a national voter suppression law. And
yes, they will look at impeachment. I believe that.

SCHULTZ: Senator...

BOXER: You know, you haven`t heard much from Boehner. He`s going to


BOXER: ... the President. That`s just the start.

SCHULTZ: Senator Barbara Boxer of California, good to have you with us
tonight. I appreciate your time on this issue. Thank you.

Joining me now is Ari Melber who is the co-host of MSNBC`s "The Cycle",
3:00 Eastern here on MSNBC. You just got back from Texas. Some of the
sound that you came back with was actually startling. What struck you?

ARI MELBER, "THE CYCLE" HOST: Yes I was down in Dallas in Fort Worth there
over the weekend, early vote locations on Monday. And we saw two things,
Ed. Number one, there is a mobilization going on. You reported on it. We
saw Freedom Organizers in the church. They are commemorating the 50th
anniversary of Freedom Summer. They`re calling out voter I.D. from the head
of the church and saying this is racist targeting and we need to stand up
to it.

That you could say is positive. That`s a backlash. But we also saw, you
played some of it. We saw voters who had the right documentation, went
down to the local I.D. issuing agency there in Texas and were told, "Oh we
don`t have I.D.`s, we ran out. You have to come back later."

And let`s be clear, for people who don`t already have these I.D., some
people drive great, some people don`t. We have people who are seniors, who
have a medical condition. And so for them having to go two, three times
just to get an I.D. to have to vote in 2014 when as you know and as you
have reported we`ve been doing elections for a long time in this country
hundreds of years without requiring this kind of photo I.D.

SCHULTZ: So this has struck a new kind of passion with voters in Texas you

MELBER: I think so and I think this is also of course where Eric Holder`s
Justice Department did win in using the Voting Rights Act to find that it
was a poll tax. You got Senator Boxer here breaking some news on the Ed
Show. She`s telling you OK, she`s going to introduce a bill to try to say
at least that the Federal type of elections we`re not going to allow
anything to operate as a poll tax that cost money.

Texas made a big show of saying, "Well some people can get these I.D.`s for
free." Yes, some people can but others can`t. And the there`s not
supposed to be any price on voting in this country. People died to get us
to this point.

SCHULTZ: Senator Boxer`s intention is well intended no doubt about it.
But be aware you have to have the legislative power to be able to do
something like that.


SCHULTZ: There`s only one party on record that would do something like
that. Do voters in Texas get that?

MELBER: I heard a lot of folks who did get that. But I also think you
have to look at -- I interviewed Congressman Joaquin Castro who said he
wants the Feds to come in and audit the impact, measure it and find out
what the depressive level of turnout is. And that could ultimately go to
the Supreme Court.

Let`s remember something messed up here that gets people mad is they look
to next Tuesday as -- you have a court who said this Texas voter I.D. law
is illegal, is discriminatory, is a poll tax. That has not been
overturned. With the Supreme Court conservative majority said was, "Well
we`ll see about that but we`re going to let this play out as the law this

And in a year or so if this reaches -- they might overturn it. In the
meantime what you need it as you said from the beginning, you need people
to turn out to make sure they stand up to this if folks are trying to
suppress the vote.

SCHULTZ: All right Melber, good to have you with us.

MELBER: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: So much, you bet.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow, like us on Facebook. We
appreciate that. We always want to know what you think.

Coming up, union supporters fight to paint the country blue. James Hoffa
joins me next.

Plus, damage control, Scott Walker`s new ad fights for women`s rights but
the Governor`s voting history says otherwise. Keep it here. We`ll be
right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a PSA highlighting the issue of cat calls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey what`s up girl? How you doing?

SCHULTZ: A new video puts street harassment in the spotlight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So using a hidden camera, a young woman spent 10 hours
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God bless you mami...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bombarded by more than 100 comments.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I give you my number, would you talk to me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Robert standby the video saying he don`t put up with
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SCHULTZ: The number two trender, Canseco`s foul tip.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some tough luck in Las Vegas for former baseball star
Jose Canseco.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He accidentally shot himself in the hand.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s got to hurt.

SCHULTZ: The former Major League Baseball player has minor injuries after
a gun accident.

JENNIFER KASTNER, KTNV-TV REPORTER: Officer says he was cleaning his

BRIAN MCFAYDEN, CNN ANCHOR: His fiancee Leila told a local T.V. station
that his left middle finger was severely damage.

KASTNER: His left hand as you can see is a bandage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have a chance to replay, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She posted this on Canseco`s Twitter account, "Please
pray his finger".

SCHULTZ: In today`s top trender, labor lead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Alison Grimes rallies two (inaudible) little crowds
with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s all about DStv right now.

SCHULTZ: Union supporters rally voters in key states.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Warren told hundreds of Kentucky union workers that
Grimes is the best choice to fight for the middle class.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, (D) MASSACHUSETTS: You`ve got this gutsy gal who
has taken on the number one Republican.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Jefferson County Clerk predicts 65 percent turnout
next Tuesday in Metro Louisville.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If people get motivated, with labor motivates him.

WARREN: Question is, can she beat him?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Then Mitch McConnell won`t be the senate minority
leader, he won`t be the senate majority leader, he`ll just be another ex-

fight like you have never fought before.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight James Hoffa, President of the International
Brotherhood of the Teamsters, Mr. Hoffa good to have you on tonight.


SCHULTZ: What are union workers doing in these states that are labeled as
very critical? Let`s start with Kentucky and what kind of effect do you
expect it`s going to have?

HOFFA: I think it`s having the tremendous effect. It`s a number of things
going on. Now we`re making sure we get the vote out. We registered new
voters. We`re getting a tremendous amount of people that aren`t even
registered. We`re making sure that they early vote. We`re making sure
they get out to the polls, educate them, (inaudible), everybody is doing --
all the different unions are doing. And people are motivating people to go
out and vote for your candidate.

That`s the biggest thing we can do because as you said earlier, if we don`t
get out there we don`t win. But if we go out and we vote our pocketbook,
if we vote what`s important to us as human beings, what`s important to us
as our family. Go out and vote that`s the way we win.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Hoffa isn`t there somewhat of a special motivation knowing
that you can get rid of Mitch McConnell in the legislative side for good?

HOFFA: Well absolutely, you know, this man has been a pain in our side,
he`s anti-union, he`s anti-worker, he`s anti -- what we stand for, equal
pay for women. He does against raising the minimum wage. What more can I
say? If we can get rid of him and have Alison Grimes beat him, it would be
such a victory you cannot believe it.

And that`s what we were trying to do. Kentucky is a key state and if can -
- we can get people to the polls -- that`s the key. So we`re doing
everything we can, get people to the poll, so that`s the answer. Don`t sit
back, take advantage of the voting right now.

SCHULTZ: Another close race is one is Wisconsin for the governorship
there. Has labor mobilized there? And not your union but afscme has lost
a lot of membership in that state because of the policies that have been
implemented by the Republicans. In fact, you know, one union leader said
that Scott Walker was a public enemy number one, Lee Saunders from afscme.
What`s your respond to that and how important is it to make sure that
Walker is not a national candidate with his agenda?

HOFFA: Well he, you know, he really is, you know, kind of diabolical
person, you know, he comes on these debates and he`s so smooth and talk and
covers up the fact he wants to take away collective bargaining rights from
people. We got a great candidate up there Mary Burke. People are
motivated I just got back from Wisconsin. People are up there are getting
everything out.

The unions are working hard, you see signs everywhere. And I think we got
a real chance there and can you imagine if we knock out Scott Walker and we
knock out Mitch McConnell. That would be an earthquake absolute

SCHULTZ: That`ll be a pretty good night at the office wouldn`t it?

HOFFA: And that would be a full day, have a great day.

SCHULTZ: But in the message that`s being sent right now by union folks,
and the reason why unions are so important as I see it right now, is that
you have the social networking and the communication amongst employees that
you don`t have anywhere else. So, how much of an effect is that actually
have to get someone to go to the polls and to be involved in the process?

HOFFA: Well I think it`s changing a lot I mean even from every election.
You got new media, social media. People are talking to each other. There
Facebooking, they`re Twittering, all the different things and that`s a
whole new thing. And we can reach our members much easily than we were.

But I think one of the biggest things we should talk about is early voting,
there`s 33 states with early voting. I`m from Michigan, in Michigan, you
know what? On November 4 you get one day. 33 states allow you to vote 10
days before.

That is probably the most important thing. If you`re a working person, you
got to punch your clock, you got to be to work, you got to be there, if the
employer makes you work late. How are you going to know they`re going to
get to the polls? And what we`ve got to do is take advantage of the early

When off talking to members I tell them, "Did you vote, you got time to
vote have you voted?" And they said "Well, I`m going to vote". Some
people said they have voted. But the early voting is something that we can
take advantage of. As even with all the voter suppression that we`re
talking about, it`s something that is our edge and let`s do that.

SCHULTZ: James Hoffa of the Teamsters, good to have you with us tonight
sir thanks so much.

HOFFA: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Coming up, ladies` man Scott Walker will discuss the governor`s
laughable new employ to rally women voters in his state.

Plus good news for liberal, Sarah Palin could have a special announcement
soon. All we can say is run Sarah run. But next, I`m taking your question
Ask Ed Live.

Stay with us we`ll be right back on the Ed Show on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: Ask Ed, the segment I love. Appreciate all the questions.
Tonight our first question comes from Allen. He wants to know, "Do you
think Kentuckians have had enough of Mitch McConnell yet?"

Well I would hope so we`ll find out. Here`s the bottom line, what have
I`ve noticed about his campaign. He attacks Obama, he attacks his opponent
Grimes. He has not solutions. Now you would think a guy who`s been on
Washington that long would be able to come home with at least one solution
for health care, think about that. 500,000 people in his state have been
affected by health care and Mitch didn`t have anything to do with it.

Our next question is from Cordell. His question is, "Why is the media so
determined to see Republicans win this year?"

I can`t speak for the rest of the media. But that ain`t happen on this

Stick around Rapid Respond Panel is next.


KATE ROGERS, CNBC MARKET WRAP: I`m Kate Rogers with you CNBC Market Wrap.

Stock end modestly lower this Fed decision day.

The Dow rebound from its tripled digit decline to falls just 31 points.
The S&P shed 2. The NASDAQ is off 15.

Now as expected the Federal Reserve announced it`s ending its monthly bond-
buying program, it also reiterating its commitment to keep rates low for
over a "considerable time".

And shares of Orbital Sciences sank nearly 17 percent after its unmanned
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SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Scott Walker is trying to hide his
bad record with women. In 2012 Walker repealed Wisconsin`s Equal Pay
Enforcement Act. The law gave more resources to employees pleading cases
about wage discrimination.

The races are tight. Governor`s race could be decided by Women voters and
turnout. And now Scott Walker, well it seems like his sweating bullets and
just begging.

The Walker camp pushed out a new commercial aimed at women today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Under Scott Walker workplace discrimination will
always be illegal for any reason. Mark Burke wants to create more
opportunities to sue. We, want to create more opportunities for women to


SCHULTZ: The commercial fails to mention how Walker ripped out a support
system for women facing discrimination. President Obama helped remind
Wisconsin voter yesterday.


here in Wisconsin repealed a statewide fair pay law. I don`t understand
why would you want to repeal a law to make sure women are treated fairly on
the job?

That`s you platform, that`s your agenda? Earlier this year, it don`t make
no sense.


SCHULTZ: Scott Walker has been the most aggressively anti-women governor
or Wisconsin has ever had. Walker`s budget slashes funding for Women`s
Care Clinic, and takes birth control decisions out of their hands. Walker
refused to stand with women on the job. We`re just six days away from
seeing the decision that may cost him. Well, a new career.

Joining me tonight in our Rapid Response Panel, Wisconsin State Senator
Lena Turner. Also with us Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent.
Great to have both of you with us tonight.

Lena let`s focus in on Walker in his record with women. Will this
resonate? Will this be an eye-opener to voters and a motivator?

STATE SEN. LENA TAYLOR, (D) WISCONSIN: I hope that it will and if women do
what I know that they often do, which is do their research and do their
homework. They see that the repeal that Walker did in 2012, took away
their ability to go to state court, to go before judge to be able to ask
for their case to be heard if they disagree with an administrative law

Although Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch suggests that Governor Walker and
her administration supports women and equal pay. They took away the power
that women would have at the state level to go a state court to push
against an administrative law judge`s decision. And that huge, because
otherwise you have to go to the federal court, and many people are not in a
position Ed.


TAYLOR: To go to Federal court. And when that law was in place from 2009
to 2012, we did reduce discrimination in the workforce and equal pay. It
moved us from, you know, at 36 to like 24, I think it was. And now since
Walker has repealed the law we dropped again. And it`s, you know, it`s
basically encourage people to discriminate against women again, employers
to do that.

SCHULTZ: Melissa, the argument being made by Republicans in Wisconsin on
this is that it`s anti-business. What`s your response to that?

SARGENT: Well, in fact, I know that when businesses honor and invest in
their workers, the businesses and the workers do better. And, I was born
and raised in the state and in fact worked for my father and then I started
my own business. And know that economic security comes from understanding
that women are 40 percent of the primary breadwinner for their families.

And their hard work needs to be paid off. We should not be moving
backwards and unfortunately in Wisconsin over the last four years, we have
done under this current administration.

SCHULTZ: It sure seems like the Republicans are anti-take-home pay. They
don`t want to do anything with minimum wage. They don`t women have an
opportunity to make the same kind of money as men.

And Lena, Scott Walker won`t work for equal pay for women or fair pay for
workers. I mean how does this play, and do you think that this has played
into the lousy jobs, that numbers that he has been able to put up, and he`s
a far short of what was intended.

He said 250,000 they`re just over a 100,000 when the country has added over
10 million jobs. What about that?

TAYLOR: Well, there`s a couple of things with that Ed. First of all, the
jobs that he added, you have to also think about the income level that
individuals will be at the jobs that were created under the Walker
administration versus the jobs that we lost under the Walker

I really would love for the research to be done on that to be able to see,
because I think what we`ll find is Walker is often said that he thought
$7.25 was fine or $9 an hour was fine for jobs. That`s not a living wage
that people can live on. And 85 percent of women in my community, in the
black community, 85 percent of the money spent in our community comes from
a woman spending it in the household and in our community.

So when you consider that, these are major issues for a large subgroup
which is black women coming out to vote. That`s a large group of the
individuals voting in the City of Milwaukee. And so, we`re motivated.
We`re continuing to knock on doors and put people out there. I think that
these are huge issues that I think will resonate on...


TAYLOR: ... November the 4th.

SCHULTZ: Melissa, how do you view this ad by the Lieutenant Governor? I
mean, it seems, as an -- breath of desperation to it as I see it. Your

SARGENT: I agree. You know, I think that ultimately we continue to show
in Wisconsin that Governor Walker and his administration is highly divisive
and they -- one of the first things that they did when they gained control
of the state was to repeal the Equal Pay Act. Really that`s not how you
move things forward in the community.

And, the women in our state are very important. They are mothers as well
as breadwinners and they have been attacked time and time again under this
administration, making it harder for women to have access to health care,
making it harder for women to vote, and in fact knowing that women should
be paid the same amount as a man for the same pay.

TAYLOR: That`s right.

SARGENT: And unfortunately this current administration does not see that
and the 10 midwestern states, we are the last. And it is time for a
change. We need to honor our workers and build our jobs and support of


SARGENT: ... and so let everyone have access to the American dream.

SCHULTZ: And finally Senator Taylor, President Obama, Michelle Obama the
first lady, they know where Wisconsin is. Is this going to help Mary
Burke, I mean Mary Burke is running away from President Obama, some other
Democrats around the country are, what do you make of it?

TAYLOR: I don`t think it`s going to hurt at all. Not only did the first
lady come to Milwaukee. She also came to Madison, the area that represents
-- the sergeant represents. And yesterday President Obama was here and I
will tell there was no concern whatsoever by the thousands of people that
were inside the building and the thousands of people who had to turned away
because there was just not enough space.

So, I think it`s going to be to Mary Burke`s benefit. 99 percent of the
people in the area that the President came voted for him and they`re going
to vote for Mary Burke.

SCHULTZ: All right, Senator Lena Taylor and also Representative Melissa
Sargent, thanks for your time tonight. I appreciate it.

Coming up, Jeb Bush`s germ warfare, one political side effect of Ebola has
some big 2016 implication.

Keep it here. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And Pretenders tonight, haters going to hate I guess. Sarah
Palin, Palin`s flying circus made a stop in Fox business on Tuesday for a
big announcement. There was still a wonder, might run for office again.

Palin doesn`t remember she didn`t even her first term.


FRM. GOV. SARAH PALIN, (R) ALASKA: Bless their hearts, those haters out
there. They don`t understand that it invigorates me. It wants me to get
out there and defend the innocent. It makes me want to work so hard for
justice in this country. So hey, the more they`re pouring on, the more --
I`m going to bug the crap out of them by being out there with the voice,
with the message, hopefully running for office in the future too.


SCHULTZ: Yeah, hopefully. You know, the calendar says it`s Halloween but
Sarah Palin is telling us actually it`s Christmas. Palin, if you run for
office it would really be like a gift.


PALIN: Liberals they loved those Saul Alinsky`s Rules for Radicals, where
they`re out there playing the politics of personal destruction. They do
want to destroy personally those they disagree with. They`re very, very


SCHULTZ: No, no, no, no. Liberals aren`t intolerant of you Sarah Palin.
We`re actually rooting for you. We`re waiting for Palin to stop her five-
year long infomercial and jump back into the ring. If Sarah Palin thinks
liberal is hate her, she can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. File this under predictable
Republican behavior. A member of the Bush family is criticizing President
Obama. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush called the President`s initial
response to Ebola incompetent.

During a guest lecture at Vanderbilt University, Jeb Bush said President
Obama, fueled fears that may not be justified and now you have states that
are legitimately acting on their concerns creating a lot of confusion than
is necessary.

The former Florida Governor patted himself on the back for his own handling
of an Anthrax incident back in 2001. He apparently thought it was a better
example of crisis management. He went on to say that we gave people a
sense of calm, what the plan was we talked in plainspoken English. We were
totally engaged.

It`s no surprise Jeb Bush seems to be thinking about his own political
future when asked about a potentially 2016 presidential run. He said he`ll
discuss the possibility with his family.

I`m joined tonight by Joy Reid, who was the host of the "Reid Report" here
on MSNBC, 2:00 Eastern Time and also Mike Papantonio, "Ring of Fire" radio
host and American`s Attorney.

Joy, what do you make on Jeb Bush taking a swipe at the president? He`s
not running against the President.

JOY REID, "REID REPORT" HOST: He will not. Yes he`s not running against
this President but Jeb Bush wants to run for president in 2016. I think...

SCHULTZ: Do you think he`s in?

REID: ... anyone, I think he`s in. I think Jeb wants to run, he`s been
wanting to run. And what he would want to run on is this idea that A,
Republicans want to see the governor get that nomination because they feel
like that displays competency. He was very good at handling hurricanes in
Florida. He was seen as a competent manager, but do you know what? Jeb
Bush is also a guy who`s worked with this President.

He`s worked very closely with Arne Duncan, they agree a lot of education
reform. And so he`s cozy (ph) enough to Barrack Obama that he`s got a kick
away from him and put distance between himself and the President and so
slamming the President because they`re still a part of the Republican base
that suspicious of the Bushes.

SCHULTZ: He`s in this thing. He`s going to Colorado.

REID: He`s running.

SCHULTZ: I mean he`s making the rounds.

REID: Yeah, I think he is running and I think...

SCHULTZ: So, how is going to be received?

REID: The problem that Jeb Bush has is his last name is Bush. And the
previous president Bush didn`t do a great job as president. And then also,
there`s some fatigue. You know, do we really want a third president Bush?
But Jeb Bush has wanted to be president for a very long time. I don`t
think his ambition has dimmed in the slightest. But yes, he`s got to deal
with the last name.

Pap, what do you make all of this, is Jeb Bush in and is he a really the
frontrunner for the Republicans at this point? What do you think?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, "RING OF FIRE RADIO" HOST: He needs to get busy. If you
take a look at just the Value Voter Summit, incredible numbers and I`ve got
him right here. Is Value Voter Summit, Ted Cruz number one, Ben Carson
number two, Mike Huckabee and this is very interesting. The right in
candidate had 1.4 percent of the voter summit votes.

Jeb Bush had 0.22 percent. So he`s got a lot of work to do. They`ve held
him back like he is their ace in the hole. The GOP thinks they`re going to
unleash Jeb Bush and he`s going to change this chaotic picture for the GOP
with a whole car load of really crazies up there running for president.
But he`s got some problems.

First of all, he looks a little schizophrenic. Day one, he`s not going to
run. Mama says he`s not going to run. Wife says he`s not going to run.
His advisors are telling the big money people to hold their powder dry. So
it`s a crazy picture right there, but you know what? They`ve always held
him back as if he`s the guy that`s going to unite the GOP.

Right now he better get busy if he`s going to be serious about it because
this can get a way from him when he starts seeing numbers like Value Voter
saying, "You know, we don`t really care much for this guy." Same thing
happened in the Republican Leadership Conference, he didn`t even register
there with the vote.


PAPANTONIO: So he has to get busy.

SCHULTZ: Well, he`s kind of a Bob Dole -- Bob Dole Republican, isn`t he?
I mean he`s not one of these contemporary Tea Party nut jobs, I mean, there
is some balance to the guy in some sense, isn`t there?

PAPANTONIO: Well, look, Republicans have worked hard to keep all the Jeb
Bush character defects away from the public. The GOP plan was to roll Jeb
out as this new improved intelligent version of George W. They wanted and
elect more like Daddy Bush than the troubled big brother version of a Bush.

But now we see exactly with this anti-science position he takes on Ebola.
We see the side where basically it suggest that, that maybe he`s not that
much different. Maybe we`ve -- they`ve been able to cover up what he
really is. And I think what you`re going to see is a real cuckoo side to
this guy before it`s all over, just like you see with Ted Cruz, Huckabee,
Rick Perry.

SCHULTZ: Why isn`t he hugging up to Rick Scott right now? There`s a big
race down there in Florida. It would seem to me that if Jeb Bush is going
to run for president, boy he would certainly want Rick Scott to be the man.

REID: Well he`s been slamming Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist reserved a lot
of Bush things. Charlie Crist has been a lot more progressive on things
like voting rights than Jeb Bush was. They were in government in a lot of
the same time. He knows both of these guys really well and of course Rick
Scott has those roots in Texas where he was a partner with George W. Bush
on that baseball team, but here`s the (inaudible).

Jeb is, I think that Mike has an important point. Jeb was the neocon. Jeb
bush is from that old school neoconservative wing of the party that the new
libertarian wing does not trust and he does not want any part of it

Jeb Bush has been pro-immigration reform for most of his political career.

SCHULTZ: And he went far.

REID: ... most recently can win for -- sure. Yes, he`s got...

SCHULTZ: So, it would be -- if it were Hillary Clinton, you`d say that you
think that Jeb -- that would be heck of...

REID: Well that will be tough because Florida is Clinton country. And the
other issue is, Hillary Clinton would start off. She`s not going to lose
any states Barrack Obama won.


REID: So which state does she give up to Jeb Bush? That`s the problem
that any Republican is going to have.

SCHULTZ: Pap, what about it, who wins Florida, Clinton or Bush?

PAPANTONIO: Clinton wins Florida. Look Bush is positives are, is it
unlike his brother, he thinks and speaks in complete cogent sentences.
That was him ahead a little bit.

SCHULTZ: All right, Joy Reid, Mike Papantonio, good to have you with us

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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