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The Ed Show for Thursday, October 30th, 2014

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Date: October 30, 2014

Guest: Leo Gerard, Virg Bernero, Nina Turner, Angela Rye


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... partisan rhetoric.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Divide and conquer.

GOV. TOM CORBETT, (R) PENNSYLVANIA: My opponent, along with the public
sector units unions, have been saying and lying...

GOV. RICK SNYDER, (R) MICHIGAN: Right to work is an issue that`s a very
divisive issue.

I signed a legislation regarding right to work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Divide and conquer.

BILL CLINTON, 42ND U.S. PRESIDENT: Ideological whack going to attacks that
our friends in the other Party are doing. I`m telling you we got get the
show on the road in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Divide and conquer.

CLINTON: When you think of governor you got think about that.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching. That`s a very profound point that former President Clinton
just made.

Do you think their radical agenda is going to stop that they`re all done
with the way they`ve operated. You know, we`re just five days away from
the election, Republican Governors. The polls say they`re on the ropes.

It`s been four years since they rode the Tea Party wave into office with
voters. And maybe voters right now are wising up after everything they`ve
been through. Let`s take them state by state. First in Wisconsin, Scott
Walker, a new Marquette Law School Poll out shows that, what? He`s leading
the Democratic challenger Mary Burke by seven points among likely voters.

However among registered voters if folks get out there it`s going to be a
dogfight all the way down to the wire. Walker leads by only one point. So
it is about turnout. It seems awfully close for a race where the
Republican Governors Association has poured $8 million into Walker`s staff.
And also with $2 million a lone going to spent in the final week of the

Maybe it has something to do with this.


GOV. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: We don`t have a jobs problem in the
state, we have a work problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your position on the minimum wage? Should we
have it?

WALKER: Well I`m not going to appeal it. But I don`t think its -- I don`t
think it serves a purpose.

I was paid the minimum wage when I worked at McDonald`s as a kid. I use
that to save up for money in college. I didn`t expect that was going to be
my lifetime`s work.

SCHULTZ: So I guess he did work in the private sector a little bit.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is also in trouble. Look at the numbers,
according to the latest PPP polling, Snyder is in dead heat with Democratic
challenger Mark Schalier tied at 48 percent. Snyder, let us remember he
was at the helm when Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in
United States history.

He wasn`t there to help Detroit. In fact they turned off the water.
Snyder signed right-to-work legislation and slashed education budgets
galore. And he also says things like this.


RICK ALBIN, WOOD-T.V. REPORTER: Where are we with right-to-work now?
That`s a law the state - and is it showing any results, negative or

SNYDER: Yeah, what I would say is, one I was standing up for hard working
Michigan people. They have a choice now.

I like to ask people sometimes with right to work.

If you remember the protests and the signs and all the terrible things that
were going to happen, have -- has people really seen a major negative
impact in their life? No.


SCHULTZ: Well, that`s his perspective.

Now let`s go to Pennsylvania. The race is all but over for Governor Tom
Corbett, who is really fighting for his political life here. The latest
Franklin & Marshall poll has Corbett trailing Democratic challenger Tom
Wolf by a whopping 18 percentage points. Corbett will be the first
Pennsylvania Governor to loose re-elections since it became legal to run
for a second term back in 1974. Gosh, I wonder why?


GOV. TOM CORBETT, (R) PENNSYLVANIA: I believe we shouldn`t be looking at
minimum wage as a lifetime family sustaining wage. And in fact most people
at minimum wage are young people. 75 percent are between this age 16 and
24, we should be encouraging them to use that as a means to go find a job.

TOM WOLF, (R-PA) GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: You have not been a friend of
education and...

CORBETT: Well, I would disagree with you...

WOLF: And 27,000 educators have lost their jobs.

CORBETT: I`m not been a friend of the union.


SCHULTZ: So, he has not been a friend of unions. Well, there is a
teacher`s union so he hasn`t been a friend of public education. He`s cut
the budget to prove it. And by way his numbers on minimum wage like all
Republicans, they are wrong on that.

Finally we have Florida Governor Rick Scott. The best business candidate
big money can buy. No doubt about it. New Quinnipiac poll released today
shows that Charlie Crist edging ahead of Scott by three points. The trends
with independent voters are very strong. Scott somehow managed to forge a
political career despite overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in U.S.

Now four years later he can barely answer a simple question like this one.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you support the principle of minimum wage? Do you
support the concept of a minimum wage?

GOV. RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: Sure, but -- the here -- this would be, OK.
How would I know -- I mean the private sector decides wages.


SCHULTZ: Now does conviction and confidence just pour off this guy when he
talks about workers. Get off this idea Republicans, that minimum wage is
career. It is not. It is the lower end of the economic spectrum of this
country. But they`ve been at that level for too long.

Everything points in that direction. Now, keep in mind these governors,
the once we just saw I highlighted here. They have a lot in common. They
rejected Medicaid expansion and they lead the crusade against Obamacare.
They actively targeted workers rights, voices in the workplace. They are
against equal pay and raising the minimum wage.

Just listen to what they have to say. They have slashed public education
budgets and gone after collective bargaining in a big way. And they have
supported radical legislation, radical legislation to suppress the votes.

Now, the question tonight is, if they are re-elected are they just going to
change or is it going to be more the same? It will be more of the same,
there`s no doubt about it. And every Republicans Governor that`s running
for re-election has outspent their Democratic opponent. They have the
wrong agenda. They`re not for the folks. They`re not for the working
folks. They`re not for the middle class. They are going to attack every
entity they possibly can to suppress the vote to make sure that they can do
what? Stay in power.

Culturally, this is what the Republicans understand. They`re not after to
be statesman not even on the state level. They are not out there to be
representatives. They are out there to control and they are out there to
have power and they know how to use it.

And if the Democrats figure that out that you`re not going to go ahead with
the Republicans out there. That this income divide is going to continue,
no Republican has a good answer for any of the graphs we`ve ever shown on
the Ed Show when it comes to income inequality in this country. All you
have to do is not only listen to what they say but listen and watch how
they act.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, do you believe these Governors will be defeated next Tuesday?
Text A for yes, text B for no to 67623, you can always leave a comment at
our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the

Joining me tonight, Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers
International. And also, Mayor of Lansing, Michigan, Virg Bernero, great
to have both of you with us tonight. OK.


SCHULTZ: Question for both of you guys, Leo you first. If they`re not
stopped now, when are they going to stop? I mean can we expect things to
go kind of back to normal or is this radical agenda going to continue on?

GERARD: I think the radical agenda would continue on and it may get even
more radical because we got to look and see who paid their way to get these
governors elected. And you went through the minimum wage issue, you went
through a numbers of issues. The fact of the matter is, every one of those
governors that you mentioned just now has had attack on women, has had
attack on working people, has denied people the right to have Medicaid

And one of the things that should really enrage people, how many of those
governors have tried to suppress the vote. They want to a, call it voter
I.D. but when you shrink early voting that`s got nothing with I.D., when
you cancel weekend voting that`s got nothing to do with I.D. When you tell
people that, you know, "I don`t know anything about the minimum wage."

Well look, if the minimum wage is now unfortunately the wage that is
employing millions of people because their wages has been stagnant for way
too many years and if we want to fix the economy, one of the first that we
got to do is start dealing with income inequality. One of the ways you
deal with that is raising the minimum wage to a living wage, and then
taking that issue on.

And, you know, Ed I was in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday. I want to say
something about Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell had to now go and get
$1.8 million of his money to put into his own race. And he`s now having to
pay people to show up at his rallies and pretend their enthusiastic. We
have a chance in Kentucky to take Mitch McConnell to the woodshed and show
Mitch the door.

SCHULTZ: He`s got people on the pay -- he`s paying people to show up at
his rallies to make it look like their supporting him?

GERARD: That`s what we were told yesterday when we were in Louisville,
Kentucky and that`s what Alison Grimes in fact has reported to people. And
so, he`s in trouble. And they`re in trouble because their agenda whether
you`re a governor or whether you`re a senator is about continuing to punish
people who are in the middle class...


GERARD: ... or would love to get in the middle class.

SCHULTZ: Virg Bernero, everything Leo Gerard is talking about, does get
the attention of voters. You got a tight race there in Michigan. And
Snyder has been as radical as any of them.

MAYOR VIRG BERNERO, (D) LANSING, MICHIGAN: You`re both right on. The
Republicans are running of gas. They`re running out of stream. The wind is
out of their sail. The secret is out, the jury is in. People know what
the Republicans are up to.

The attack on women that Leo talked about, the attack on working people,
the attack on the unions is an attack on working people. The attack on
public education, the attack on seniors, and the pensions, people have had
it. People now get it. The nerd has been unmasked in Michigan. You know,
he ran as the nerd and nobody really knew what he stood for. So now people

Mark Schauer is a guy -- a great guy, a standup guy with a great record for
standing up for working people. And that`s exactly what we`re going to get
with him as Governor. We`ve got a U.S. Senate race that is clearly on the
Democratic side. Terri Lynn Land has imploded her Senate race.

Garry Peters will be the next U.S. Senator. He will lead the charge that
the Party. Lon Johnson at the state party is doing a phenomenal job
turning out the vote, getting people to the polls, the opposite of what the
Republicans are doing. The voter suppression that you talked about Ed, of
course is disgusting. I put it on my Facebook many times. It is
unbelievable. It is un-American, what the Republicans are doing.

And, they`re unabashed about it. They are not ashamed and they ought to be
ashamed because for years, for decades in this country we rolled that back.
We we`re about getting people, Democrats and Republicans we`re about
getting people to the polls. Now, this outright voter suppression, these
tactics are despicable and down right un-American. We`ve got to fight
that. This maybe for some people one of our last chances to do it.


BERNERO: I`ll tell you Ed, I do worry about revolution in this country if
they succeed in continuing to stopping people from voting, it`s scary.

SCHULTZ: What do you mean you`re worried about revolution in this country?

BERNERO: If they get to the point Ed, I`m glad you asked. If they get to
the point, what they are doing this -- I almost said something I can`t say
on T.V. this bull crap that they`re doing with the voting where they`re
going to go to have Presidential voting by Congressional district. You`re
talking about gerrymandered Congressional districts. You are talking about
disenfranchising people from a Presidential election.


BERNERO: And the Republicans are not afraid to play with that kind of


BERNERO: It`s amazing to me.

SCHULTZ: Leo, has there ever been this big of an effort to turn out the
vote in midterms by organized labor? I mean...

GERARD: No, I don`t -- sorry go ahead.

SCHULTZ: What about that?

GERARD: No, I don`t think there has been, and it`s not only organized
labor. It`s the people that we`ve just been referring to. Women who are
feed up with getting used as ping-pong balls by the Republican Party. It`s
about people from minority communities who are seeing that they marched and
they fought and some got beat, some got killed to get the right to vote.
And they see that their vote is being suppressed.

They see that there`s an attack on seniors. They`re going to -- now
they`re going to get the majority and try to privatize social security?
How would have that looked in September of 2008 when the Wall Street
collapsed if you are getting your social security from the private sector?

Let`s look at what`s happening in schools as Corbett has just done. We
lost 27,000 teachers as a result of Corbett`s budget cuts in Pennsylvania.
And then you`re going to complain that kids aren`t graduating in an high
enough rate? Teachers are some of the most important people in our society
next to our parents who has access to our kids more than we do?


GERARD: It`s the teachers...

SCHULTZ: Leo I know you...

GERARD: ... they ought to be treated with dignity.

SCHULTZ: I know you`ve also spent some time in Wisconsin in a John Doe
investigation revolving Walker -- involving Walker`s administration. There
had been some e-mails that have surfaced, for instances his staff has used
some very disparaging language describing organized labor. One e-mail
called an AFL-CIO members the crazies, another referred to union thugs. I
mean this is the kind of vernacular that`s being used by these staffers
that these radical governors surround themselves with.

GERARD: They have no concept about what a union is or what a union does.
A union is a voice for the workers whether it`s teachers or whether it`s
steel workers or whether it`s auto workers or whether it`s public sector
workers. It`s the guy who picks up your garbage. It`s the person who
plows the road after a snowstorm. Those are the workers. Those aren`t
thugs. Those are the people do that work everyday. And by the way we`re
the ones that brought you the middle class. We`re the ones that brought
you the weekend.


GERARD: We`re the ones that you brought you -- I`m going to be in Maine
tomorrow and Saturday. I`m going to Portland, Maine because we have
chance to elect a guy as governor who came off the shop floor, worked his
way up, got elected to the state senate in Maine, got elected to Congress.
Now he`s coming back to be governor so he can fix the state he grew up in.
So, workers are going to work harder than ever but so are women, so are
people of color, so are young people who can`t afford to go to college


GERARD: So this is the time for the revolution at the ballot box that we

SCHULTZ: OK, what both of you gentlemen have just talked about and what I
documented at the top of the show here, if there`s low voter turnout, if
the turn out is not what`s needed and it`s a good night for the Democrats
what is that signal for America, Virg?

BERNERO: Well, you know, Leo got to the things Ed, that really make up the
American Dream. My dad came here from Italy. He was able to raise a
family of five, to support them. The UAW had done a tremendous job in
putting benefits in place. So as an auto worker he was able to support his
family, work hard everyday which he always did. He`s still with us at 89
years old.

The American Dream is at risk. It is jeopardy in this country. And it`s
all of those people. It`s the attack that`s going on. And this attack on
the American Dream will continue. There is no reason to believe that the
Republicans will stop, just when I think they might, they never cease to
amaze me with the stuff they come up with. The attacks on the middle
class, it`s incredible, the attack on women with reproductive rights. I
mean going after birth control, continuing to limit them. It goes beyond
abortion. They want to limit access to health care. It`s unbelievable.

And then this voter suppression, I really do fear for the future of this
country. And what we stand for and what we went through. As Leo said
people fought and died for the right to vote, to get protections in place.
And those protections are clearly being ruled back. Now is the time.
We`ve got to draw the line in the sand.

And in Michigan we are doing it. Mark Schauer is running a phenomenal
campaign. He`s a great guy, the party is there. All regular folks are
there. I believe they will respond. This is the time. It is -- this is
the hour for people to step forward and vote your conscience and do the
right thing. Vote for the middle class. Vote for your future and vote for
the American Dream

SCHULTZ: And I want to go back to...

GERARD: Ed, Ed...

SCHULTZ: Go ahead, Leo.

GERARD: I want to put it in a -- in my perspective. I`m like Virg, I`m
worrying about the future. I worry of the Republicans get a Majority in
the Senate, Majority in the House and if we don`t take out some of these
extremist governors, what we will see is continued extreme exasperation
with the public and we`ll see continued spreading inequality.

And one of the things you know for sure, you can have the kind of democracy
that America represents when workers can`t have a ladder up to the middle
class and you deny them the right to vote. And I`m worried about, as you
put it at the start of the show, more extremism, more division within the
country and democracy is actually going to get very badly wounded in this

SCHULTZ: All right, Leo Gerard and Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing,
Michigan. Good to have both of you with us tonight. I appreciate your
time on this subject.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. We
appreciate that and we always want to know what you think. Thank you.

Coming up Rand Paul compares the Republican Party`s relationship with
African American to bad pizza. And you heard it right folks. That`s
coming up.

But first Nina Turner joins me discuss her uphill battle to win the
Secretary of State`s job in Ohio. Stay with us. We`ll be right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Heard any good jokes lately?

SCHULTZ: The number three trender, the joker.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s a joke about white men may backfire on
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R) SOUTH CAROLINA: If I get to be President, white
men who are in male only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you trying to be a funny man?

SCHULTZ: Lindsey Graham`s race joke falls flat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Graham said the club encourages speakers to make fun
of themselves and the members.

GRAHAM: I`ve tried to help you with your tax status. I`m sorry the
government`s so (inaudible) up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s so funny, I forgot to laugh.

SCHULTZ: The number two trender, salty language.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Christie lashing out at a protester on
Belmar`s main street.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R) NEW JERSEY: Somebody like you doesn`t know a damn
thing about what you`re talking about.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Halfway into his speech some signs came out.

CHRISTIE: Sit down and shut up.

SCHULTZ: Chris Christie gets Jersey fresh again.

CHRISTIE: I`m a compassionate man.

Really, are you stupid?

I am who I am but I am not a bully.

When you`re the executive and you`re in charge, your job is to get
something done. Sometimes it`s my taking somebody out and giving him a
beating publicly. I`ve been nice up to this point.

Cut the crap OK.

SCHULTZ: And today`s to trender, buckeye battle.

SEN. NINA TURNER, (D) OHIO: The citizens of this grate state deserve a
chief elections officer that believes in expanding and protecting access to
the franchise.

SCHULTZ: Nina Turner faces an uphill battle for the Ohio Secretary of
State seat.

TURNER: We have been fighting for the last few years for the voting right

JOHN HUSTED, SECRETARY OF STATE: In Ohio continues to be one of the best
states in the nation for voting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t need the Secretary of State that is going to
go the Supreme Court at the United States and try to lessen the number of
hours that people can vote.

COURTNEY GILBERT, PROTESTOR: You`re making it harder for people to
participate and to believe in the political process.

TURNER: I really believe that I`m not going to foreign office, that I`m
running for a cause and that cause is unfettered access to the ballot box.


SCHULTZ: And joining me tonight is Ohio State Senator Nina Turner,
Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State. Senator, good to have you with us

TURNER: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: We`re coming down to the wire here. There hasn`t been a lot of
polling in your race but I do want you to give us a sense of where the race
is right now. Do you have a chance to win this?

TURNER: I do Ed. I am in the statistical dead heat with Mr. Husted.
Absolutely I have a chance to win. And this race is really about the
people power that we need to drum up. Now, I was listening to your segment
with Leo and the president of Lansing and everything that they said is so

Everything that you all discussed, that this election 2014 is about the
heart and the soul of the great people of this state but of this nation.


TURNER: It is about the middle class, it is about women, it is about our
children, it is about our future and we need folks to come out to vote.
There is no such thing as an off-year election.

SCHULTZ: Your opponent Mr. Husted is saying that the State of Ohio is one
of the best in the nation when it comes to voting. I want your respond to

TURNER: Well, you know, he is scaled back voting opportunities along with
the Republican controlled legislature. As you know Ed, he just appealed
all the way to United States Supreme Court to stop -- to ask for stay,
taking away Golden Week and also less hours and weekends for folks to be
able to vote.

Now, a chief elections officer should not be doing that. So he definitely
is not making it easier to vote in the great State of Ohio. He`s making it
more complicated, more difficult, more challenging and it makes no sense.
In 16 hours before early voting was supposed to start, on Tuesday September
to 38, the United States Supreme Court five to four gave him a stay.

SCHULTZ: Which means, that it`s going to be harder to vote in Ohio so...

TURNER: Yes, for working class people absolutely Ed. And, the lower court
agreed that this was a violation of the 14th amendment of the United States


TURNER: ... and section two of the Voting Rights Act but that did not stop
him from continuing to...


TURNER: ... appeal all the way to take away access to the ballot box. It
is the greatest equalizer that we have, and we need people to come out to
vote to express the vision that they have for this nation and for this
state and their community...


TURNER: ... through the power of the ballot box.

SCHULTZ: So how does he come to the conclusion that Ohio was one of the
best states in the union to vote in? What does his talking about? He`s
changed boundaries...

TURNER: (Inaudible) compared Ohio to other states. But what he is leaving
out is that voters in the great State of Ohio have less voting
opportunities than they did it year ago or...


TURNER: ... year before that. We are a nation of progress and no chief
elections officer should be scaling back those opportunities to vote. Less
we forget that in the State of Ohio, we got those opportunities because of
the buckle (ph) of 2004 which was at the hands of another Republican
Secretary of State. You fast forward to 2014 and they are at it again Ed.


TURNER: It is unfair. Ohio should be the gold standards of elections. We
should be making...


TURNER: ... progress in the state but Republicans are scaling that
opportunity back. Golden Week was the time in the state where one could
register and vote at the same time.

In 2012, 90,000 voters took advantage of that and 14,000 of those voters
both registered and voted at the same time. He is taking away evening and
weekend hours that working class, women and men utilize. It is wrong and
especially on the hills of Citizens United where the more money you have is
more speech, and then you look at the McLachlan (ph) case and then you have
Republican leaders all across this great nation scaling back voting
opportunities. It is un-American, Ed.


TURNER: And I`m calling all Ohioans of good conscious to stand up to this
madness and get out there and vote.

SCHULTZ: A survey conducted earlier this year by the Pew Charitable Trusts
found that only 8 percent of Ohio voters know who manages elections in the
state. And there`s a real dip in knowledge here. Has this made it
difficult for you to get the message out to voters? I know we talked about
it an awful lot. But, it seems like that people don`t quiet understand the
process and they hear Husted say this is the one of the best states in the
union to vote in.

And then you have the head of the Republican Governors Association,
Governor Christie saying, asking the question who do you want in charge,
Kasich or a Democrat, or Scott in Florida or Charlie Crist? And he went
around the horn asking that question. Leaving the impression that
Democrats would run fraudulent elections, your response to that?

TURNER: Well, you know, Ed, when Democrats are in control, we expand and
protect access to the ballot box. What Republicans know is that when they
scale back opportunities less people vote and that is how they win. They
subscribe to it. You can`t bit them, you cheat them and that is exactly
they`re doing and that is why we need Democrats to win in this race.

The fact that I am running for this race Ed, and we are continuing to
educate people. The Democratic Party is out educating people about why
it`s so important to vote. And I am running an initiative right now called
"Meet Me at the Box". And I want all Ohioans to go to,
"Meet Me at the Box", where we are encouraging people to come out and vote
in a communal way. Luckily we do have...


TURNER: ... Saturday and Sunday right before Election Day thanks to a
judge. So we will be able to bring souls to the polls this Sunday and I
want all souls to come to the polls and exercise the most fundamental right
that they have all across this nation Ed, not just in Ohio. You`re looking
North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin.

Republicans are scaling back the hands of time, they are regressing this
great nation. We are a nation of progress and we need folks to stand up
whether they are Democrat, Republican, libertarian, or an unaffiliated. We
need people to stand up and say that our democracy will not be stolen from
us. We will exercise...

SCHULTZ: All right.

TURNER: ... our fundamental right to vote. Correlation Ed, between the
ballot box and the bread box, people must vote.

SCHULTZ: State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio, good to have you with us
tonight. We`ll do it again.

TURNER: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate it.

Coming up, extreme makeover, the Rapid Response Panel will talk about Rand
Paul`s plan to re-brand the GOP, good luck.

John Boehner thinks President Obama`s message to Puty, Vladimir Putin
doesn`t pack a punch. He lands in Pretenders tonight.

Question is next, Ask Ed Live here on the Ed Show.

We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I appreciate the questions tonight,
only got time for one in our Ask Ed Live Segment. Our first question is
from Judson, and our only question is from Judson Klein. "Do you think
Republicans would eliminate the minimum wage if they could?"

Yes, they have never believed in it, ideologically. They have never
supported it. They have never advocated for it and they have only voted
for it on certain times when it was politically a must for them to do it.
You give these people power, they will get rid of the minimum wage and
they`ll hide behind what they call the free market. And more people will
need to be on assistance.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

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SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Republican Senator Rand Paul
compared his own party`s relationship with African-Americans to bad pizza?

During a visit to Detroit the Kentucky Senator said, "Remember Domino`s
Pizza? They admitted, "Hey, our pizza crust sucks." The Republican Party
brand sucks and so people", now he said, does not me, "so people," but I do
believe it, "so people don`t want to be a Republican and for 80 years,
African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans."

"We`re also fighting 40 years of us doing a crappy job of Republicans not
trying at all for 40 years, so it`s a lot of overcoming. You got to show
up. You got to have something to say and really we just have to emphasize
that we`re trying to do something different."

I don`t know what it is. This is the same senator who said he agreed with
9 out of 10 portions of the Civil Rights Act. Rand Paul said in 2010 he
disagree with making it a crime for private businesses to discriminate
against customers on the basis of race. He compared segregating launch
counters to carrying a weapon in a restaurant.


SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: If you decide that restaurants are publicly
owned and not privately owned then do you say that you should have the
right to bring your gun into the restaurant even though the owners of
restaurant says, "Well, no we don`t want to have guns in here. The bar
says, we don`t want to have guns here because people might drink and start
fighting and shoot each other." Does the owner of the restaurant own his
restaurant or does the government own his restaurant?


SCHULTZ: He own a business, senator, you don`t own the world.
Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham has another idea of why African-
American voters overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party.


plantation. It is their sole province for maintaining control of the black
population. You must be liberal. You must be for certain policies that Al
Sharpton and Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid favor. You
can`t waver because if you think for yourself, you are, as that caller said
a, "Sell-out".


SCHULTZ: Republicans are clueless, the black community and this country
knows Republicans do nothing on issues like jobs, health care, cutting
public education that`s for minorities? How are you supposed to get off
the plantation if that`s the way it`s going to be? This thinking is
outrageous and Laura Ingraham is playing the race card. You can`t get
around that.

Joining me tonight on a Rapid Response Panel, Angela Rye, Political
Strategies. And also with us Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC Political Analyst
and George Town University Professor.

Dr. Dyson, your response to this story, the comments by Laura Ingraham.

is repeating the well trend (ph) trope that suggested black people are on a
plantation that the Democrats have got us slavishly following them, and as
a result of that, black people who are Democratic can`t think for
themselves, because to think for themselves would be to what? Go into the
arms of the Republicans?

I think that would be and even greater, if you will, enslavement for so
many African-American people to ideologist that have been counterproductive
to our history.

But, I must say, I`ll give Rand Paul credit for rethinking the issue of the
relationship between black people and the Republican Party. He is talking
about poverty. He is talking about unemployment. He is talking about
crime reduction and reform. And he is talking about education reform.

So we can`t beat him up on the one hand and say, "Hey, you got to say
something that is substance of the African-American people and then on the
other than hands say, well when they do throw them away. I just

SCHULTZ: But Dr. Dyson...

DYSON: ... you`re absolutely right, we got to challenge them to speak up
and subsequently about the issues that they address.

SCHULTZ: But he stops at the water`s edge.

DYSON: Sure.

SCHULTZ: He does not talk about voter suppression.

DYSON: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: He is not talking about the story that`s unfolded in Georgia
where 90, 000 African-Americans were registered and, "Oh by the way the
Secretary of State lost 40,000 of those names in registration." I mean,
the Republicans pick and choose, but across the board when it comes to
making a commitment about equality they are a no-show...

DYSON: I agree with you.

SCHULTZ: ... I think this is just Rand Paul trying to gain the system to
get people to pay attention to him but he is of the same ilk. Angela your

ANGELA RYE, POLITICAL STRATEGIST: Well, several, one is, you know, Rand
Paul is this very interesting creature who has manifested, you know,
several different faces at this point. The face that we saw of Rand Paul
was, "I don`t support the 1964 Civil Right Act", at least not this
particular arm.

His father, when he was in the House voted against a commemoration of the
40th Civil Right Act. Who does that? Like where that`s that happen? And
it happens often in their party. So, again you just mention voter
suppression. Rand Paul went to Ferguson to have a kumbaya meeting with the

But nothing else he does demonstrate any type of real support for
communities of color. And we`re not stupid, you know, people that have a
liberal leaning policies whether they`re African-American, Latino or
whatever else know that this is a gain (ph). Whether you`re talking about
-- I`m not going to support the president because the immigration reform
piece it and pass and he moved...


RYE: ... on the executive action. At some point you have to realize the
reason why there`s no comprehensive immigration bill is because the -- not
because the president it because of Republican policies.

So, Rand Paul is one of them. And, if they really cared about addressing
these issues they would address women, the fact that they`re now a majority
in this country. And so our young people, so where are the policies that
benefit the communities that they say they really want to serve?

SCHULTZ: I just feel like this is a big trial balloon by Rand Paul. I
mean if you`re going to go with equality you got to go the distance don`t
you Dr. Dyson? I mean...

DYSON: You`re absolutely right.

SCHULTZ: ... there`s absolutes here when it comes to suppression.

DYSON: There`s no question about that. I absolutely agree with both you
and Ms. Rye. My argument is though they got to open that door. And I
think that those of us...


DYSON: ... who are inclined to do so must exploit the door opening, push
it to open further. Do just what we were doing here. If your really
committed inequality and injustices erosion, the following this must occur.
If you`re interested in African-American people voting for you, then stop
the ability of African-American people to vote universal registration.

Stop going to get Sunday`s when black people might go from the church, to
the polling place.

RYE: Right.

DYSON: Stop suppressing that kind of effort and stop the suppression of
African-American people because of their criminal past or at least a
conviction on a record...


DYSON: ... that often is a reflection of inequality in the justice system
to begin with. So I`m with you all 100 percent, I`m just saying we`ve got
say, "OK, good"...


DYSON: ... if you`re interested on it, here`s what it really takes for you
to have a serious engagement with African-American people around the issues
of justice (inaudible)...

SCHULTZ: Angela, I don`t want to ask you a leading question here. But the
plantation talk, your response.

RYE: It`s ignorant. It is blatantly ignorant and it is overly
inflammatory. So many times we`ve seen whether it`s, you know, Rand Paul.
Or they put out, you know, Allen West and Ben Carson because they`re black
so that term could be more socially acceptable. I`m not really sure.

But I`m not (inaudible) by either party. I have a freethinking mind that
works on my own. What is more and captive to -- not only to the people
that they`re talking about targeting is the fact that, how convenient for
Rand Paul now to be pro-civil right when he has a potential 2016
presidential bid on the line.

How convenient now that it`s time to turn out the black vote and there have
all of these racist in the south. How convenient.

SCHULTZ: How does a guy make a comment about what a restaurant owner can
do with this counter as to who sits there and discriminate and then say
"You know, what we got to have a conversation about rebranding our party
and be...

KYE: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: ... and genuinely serious about it."

KYE: Well and then to compare the party to a bad price of crust and this
is the party that want to ensure that some folks never get their fair bite
of the pie. How ironic is all of that? It`s very troubling.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Dyson your final thought on this when it comes to his
comment. I mean you`re what you say, right? Unless you...

DYSON: There`s no about that.

SCHULTZ: ... unless apologize and show restitution. I don`t that Rand
Paul at all has every back off on his comment on discrimination at the
counter by the restaurant owner.

DYSON: And this is precisely what we have to hit him on. You got hit him
on the contradiction and the hypocrisies between what he states to be case
now, if he`s evolved and what he has said in the recent past. And if he
hasn`t shown any kind of evolution of thought, if his really trying to do
some kind of rhetorical sleight of hand so to speak. Then of course what
he saying is just (inaudible). But at the same time we`ve got at least
opened the door, jam it open and then force the Republican to deal with the
fact that you will have even less of the African-American vote if you try
to -- in one sense play us without speaking to the substance of issues that
constitute our concern...

KYE: Right.

DYSON: ... at the voting place. And I think voter suppression is a huge
one. The plantation metaphor is much to do about nothing, it`s ridiculous,
it`s recalcitrant, it`s reactionary and quite frankly it`s irrelevant to
our condition in play in predicament right now.

SCHULTZ: But it was said.

DYSON: Oh, it was absolutely said it needs to be -- it needs to be opposed
as well.


DYSON: It needs to be said, the real plantation happens to be on those
places where Republicans continue to dole out resources to African-American
people as cherry picker.

SCHULTZ: All right, Michael Eric Dyson, Angela Rye, great to have both of
you with us tonight on the Ed Show. Thanks for you time.

Coming up Sandra Fluke joins us live. We`ll talk about her race for office
in California and what one big money conservative is doing to try to stop

Keep it here. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, sucker punch John Boehner. Now the
speaker is using revisionist history as a campaign platform. Boehner told
a group of Iowa Republicans the world will be a lot better of if George W.
Bush was still in charge. Boehner said President Obama just doesn`t have
enough punch.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH), HOUSE SPEAKER: Five years ago, when the
President of the United States went to Europe and he went to the Middle
East on what I`ll call his "apology tour" apologizing for America being
strong, apologizing for America leading. And the manifestation of that
apology tour is what we see in the chaos going around the world today.

When you look on this chaos that`s going on, does anybody think that
Vladimir Putin would have gone into the Crimea had George W. Bush been a
President of United States? No. Even Putin is smart enough to know that
Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds.


SCHULTZ: Punched him in the nose. Boehner`s memory is weaker that his
control over his House. W`s best weapon was eye contact.


GEORGE W BUSH, 43RD U.S. PRESIDENT: I looked the man on the eye. I found
him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good
dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul. I wouldn`t have invited
him to my ranch if didn`t trust him.


SCHULTZ: If Puty really got out a line maybe Bush would have just wink at
him too. John Boehner can turn a blind eye to history. But if he thinks
that soul gazing in Kansas` (ph) foreign policy, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. What has happened to talk radio in
America? The 30-year Domination, a conservative radio in the industry is
coming to an end because of I think one woman. This is where it all
started. In 2012 Sandra Fluke she testified before Congress to support
birth control access and she was attack.


the college co-ed Susan Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee
and essentially says "That she must be paid to have sex?" What does that
make her?

It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be
paid to have sex. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and us
pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. And I`ll tell you what
it is, we want you to post the videos online, so we can all watch.


SCHUTLZ: Well, it was three-day rant by the dragster and this was a
turning point in talk radio. The king of the conservative air ways tried
to knock down a law student because we she stood up for women`s health
care. Advertisers where did they go?

Well, they fled the format, it cost a lot of people in the industry their
jobs. Rush Limbaugh`s influence diminished along with his ratings. Sandra
Fluke ascended as one of an outspoken advocate for women`s rights in this
country. Fluke is still on the rise, she`s running for state senate -- a
state senate seat in California. But now there`s another conservative who
is trying to take her down.

A wealthy real estate mogul named Bill Bloomfield drop $1.3 million in
campaign against the candidate. Lose campaign finance laws are allowing
this wealthy donor to push his own agenda -- one agenda, once again Sandra
Fluke has a challenge to overcome and she join us tonight, the lawyer, the
activist, the candidate for California state senate.

Sandra good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: You`ve attractive some attention. Why is that?

FLUKE: You know, I think that I am standing up and loudly fighting for our
progressive values. And it seems pretty clear that Mr. Bloomfield doesn`t
want to see in office fighting for the kind of chance that we need in this
country. And there are a whole host of other conservative voices who are
also contributing to my opponent`s campaign and attacking me with
misleading and personal attack to try to keep me out of office.

Try to keep us from accomplishing things like the change we need on
campaign finance reform. The types of environmental protection I want to
fight for and the types of gender equality that are so important that we

SCHULTZ: Conservative talk radio according to conservative consultants
pretty much on life-support. It`s nowhere near where it used to be. And I
believe and others do as well in the industry think it all started with
what you went through three years ago. I want your response to that?

FLUKE: Well, you know, as I said I`ve -- I face these kinds of attacks
before. And I`m really proud that I helped to put an end to these types of
efforts to silence people in our community. Because I think there`s this
idea that if you have enough money, if you have loud enough microphone your
voice counts more than others.

And, frankly we`re in that fight again now. I`m up against an incredibly
wealthy donor who`s trying to buy this election. He has put in about a
million and a half dollars more than my opponent has raise for his entire

And his trying to take the choice away from votes. So I`m really proud
that in 2012 I spoke out and I called out that kind of bullying, that kind
of conservative bullying and I`m doing it again. But what really mattered
two years ago was that it wasn`t just my voice it was a lot of folks, a lot
of the public, of voters standing up and saying "This is not how we want
our democracy to work, we don`t want women to be called sluts for speaking
out and we don`t want billionaires to be able by elections.

And that`s what I need voters to do again now. The election is coming up
on Tuesday and if they don`t make their voices heard, then we`re not going
to be able to fight for the kind of progressive change that we really need.

SCHULTZ: Some of that change that I think you`re going to fight for, and
correct me if I`m wrong. Do you plan to address campaign finance laws,
allowing people to come in and buy elections and what could be done on a
state level in California on that?

FLUKE: Absolutely, you know, I think we can actually do more at the state
level than we can federally. The state is where we define a corporation`s
obligation and responsibilities, so we can put in tough disclosure
requirements. We`re working on that in California, but there`s more to be
done. I also want to create a matching grants programs so that we give
candidates an incentives to fund there campaigns in the way that I have by
reaching out to individual contributors for small dollar contributions.

We`ve had 5,000 people contribute and 85 percent of them give 250 or less.
Now that gives me the independence I need to be able to be accountable to
the community and go to Sacramento and fight back against the special
interest that are pouring money into our election.

SCHULTZ: Sandra Fluke.

FLUKE: So there are those kinds of reforms...


FLUKE: ... but I also want to be really honest with folks that Citizen
United is going to be a long fight.


FLUKE: And there are somethings we can do legislatively, but until voters
ask their candidates to do more.


FLUKE: That`s what got to be done. Voters have to take a stand.

SCHULTZ: Thank you Sandra. Good to be with you tonight and of course we
certainly hope yours successfully. Way to say on the fight.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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