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November 10, 2014

Guest: Ben Cardin, Lee Fang, Tiernan Sittenfeld, Larry Cohen, John


imposed by the administration are simply bad policy.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: I`m not going to -- I`m not
qualified to debate the science of a climate change.

JAMES ROSEN, WASHINGTON: This decade will go down as the warmest on

MCCONNELL: Overreached by the Environmental Protection Agency.

JONI ERNST, (R-IA) SENATOR-ELECT: The Environmental Protection Agency.



ERNST: Let`s shutdown the federal EPA.

MCCONNELL: The energy revolution.

BOEHNER: The energy boom that`s going on in America is real.

MCCONNELL: When you say energy this day people thing of the Keystone

BOEHNER: We can act on the Keystone pipeline.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

I have to admit, after last week`s results, that Tuesday night. It really
took about 30 seconds for all of these to sink in with me. Republicans
have control of the Congress and their sights are set on one thing, destroy
everything President Obama is trying to implement and favor big oil.
That`s where were going first up.

The new Republican leadership has made it overly clear. The feature Senate
Majority Leader says that Americans needs to, now get this, "embrace the
energy revolution."


MCCONNELL: We need to embrace the energy revolution that`s going on in our
country, promote it. It`s hugely advantageous to America. Not only in the
area of energy independence but employment.


SCHULTZ: Now notice that was November 5th. That is one for the archives.
I`m going to save that one. You know, nothing about wind, nothing about
solar, nothing about conservation, it still about oil. The United States
has already fully embraced and engaged in an energy revolution. Thanks to
the guy that nobody likes to talk about anymore President Obama.

Here`s a fact, now I come from a middle of the country, I spend most of my
career there. You know, I love to hunt and fish, got a pickup truck all
that guy stuff, you know, I love it. It`s the life.

This is a fact, from that part of the country. We are pumping oil out of
the ground at record rates. Now, this isn`t big liberal Ed telling
something you something that I want you to believe, it`s a fact. In August
the United States produced 260 million barrels of crude oil. It`s the
largest amounts since 1986.

Well, I guess I can report facts. Since President Obama was elected, crude
oil production has risen roughly 80 percent. Now, these are numbers and
then Mr. McConnell comes out and he says, "Well, we have to embrace this
energy revolution", as if were not doing it. We can do other things than
oil. This has been the mission of the progressive all along. Apparently
somebody didn`t connect the dots.

So McConnell goes on to say that the Keystone pipeline. Here`s another
dandy, would create jobs.


MCCONNELL: I mean the employment figures connected with Keystone are
stunning, if we would just get going. So, there certainly going to be
areas of disagreement but that`s not unusual going back to the founding of
the country.


SCHULTZ: There`s another one for the archives. Did he say stunning? The
jobs that would be created because of Keystone XL, that -- would be
stunning. The numbers that we have is it would be just over 2,000 jobs,
would last about 18 months maybe a little bit longer. I`ll tell you what?
Let`s give it three years, let`s say there`s bad whether in the Midwest and
they can`t finish the whole pipe. Let say its 2,000 jobs for three years.

We have debunked this lie time and time again here on the Ed Show. All
those jobs McConnell was talking about are temporary. But he says they`re
stunning, I guess 55 months of private sector job growth just as move
anybody on the right. Meanwhile McConnell`s fellow leader over on the
House side, he`s working on the same set of bullet points, John Boehner,
just one day after Mitch McConnell`s Keystone push said this.


BOEHNER: You have heard me talk here many times about the many jobs bills
that the outgoing Senate Majority has ignored. Those bills will offer the
Congress, I think a new start. We can act to on Keystone pipeline.
Restore the 40-hour work week that was gutted by Obamacare, and pass the
Hire More Heroes Act that would encourage our businesses to hire more of
our veterans.

The energy boom that`s going on in America is real, and I think it provides
us with a very big opportunity.


SCHULTZ: You bet it is real. It`s just so real, did you get that about
the 40-hour work week. I didn`t know that Obamacare told me I can`t work
40 hours a week. But whatever, that`s not the story. There`s no doubt
that Keystone -- I mean they`re comical, in my opinion they`re just

There`s no doubt that the Keystone XL pipeline will be a huge issue coming
up here in the coming months. A lot of Republicans run on the pipeline
during the midterms including incoming Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado.
This is one that`s hard to figure.

I mean this guy ousted current Colorado Senator Mark Udall by running ads
like this. He got these big windmills behind him. He claims that he a new
type of Republican who supports green energy. But then he says stuff like


CORY GARDNER (R-CO) SENATOR-ELECT: Just yesterday the Keystone pipeline
delay turns six-years-old. Thanks to the president`s inaction we`re no
closure to building the pipeline today than we were six years ago. As a
result thousand of Americans are missing out on the good paying jobs the
pipeline would create. Americans know that purely political failures like
this are one of the main reasons Washington is broken.

Republicans agree and that`s why we`ve repeatedly called for President
Obama and the Senate to take action.


SCHULTZ: Now this is rather interesting because the people that are behind
the Keystone XL pipeline are union workers. And we all know how
Republicans feels about unions and unions workers, "They just have too much
demands, they get paid too much, they got a pension, they got health care."

I mean -- but it would seem to me that if they want to present the argument
to the American people that there`s going to be all these jobs created, how
come the Republicans aren`t quoting the unions? Because the unions are
going to tell them the truth, the unions are going to say "Well, it`s only
going to be about 2,000 jobs for a couple of years and then there`s going
to be about 50 full time jobs.

So, Mitch McConnell and Boehner they think it`s stunning that we could be
on the verge of getting 50 full time jobs if we build Keystone.

Now, whatever a carbon is saved by wind power in Colorado, which Gardner`s
talking about, is going to be more than canceled out if the Keystone XL
pipeline is approved. The Republicans will be seeking standalone
legislation dealing with the Keystone. They have just the right guy
sitting in the chair to get this done. Science-denying Senator Jim Inhofe
of Oklahoma is expected to Chair the Senate environment and public works


SEN JIM INHOFE, (R) OKLAHOMA: First of all global warming is not taking
place. It`s kind of laughable right now with all the records that are
being sent -- being set. Kind of understand we have people with their
lives tied up and trying to make this hoax a reality.


SCHULTZ: It just a hoax ain`t it (ph)? I wouldn`t hold out too much hope
for facts in science being held in those series are thrown out and put on
the board somewhere. I mean it`s not going to get action stone (ph) with
this crowd.

But Republicans will likely get the 60 votes on Keystone with support from
some few oil-friendly Democrats. President Obama knows this and he`s
addressed the Keystone XL pipeline at this press conference last week.
Don`t want you to miss it.


independent process. It`s moving forward. And I`m going to let that
process play out. I`ve given some parameters in terms of how I think about
it: Ultimately, is this going to be good for the American people?

Is it going to be good for their pocketbook? Is it going to actually
create jobs? Is it actually going to reduce gas prices that have been
coming down? And, is it going to be on net, something that doesn`t
increase climate change that we`re going to have to grapple with?

There`s a pending case before a Nebraska judge about some of the citing.
The process is moving forward. And I`m just going to gather up the facts.

I will note, while this debate about Canadian oil has been raging -- keep
in mind this is Canadian oil, this isn`t U.S. oil -- while that debate has
been raging, we`ve seen some of the biggest increases in American oil
production and American natural gas production in our history.


SCHULTZ: So let me give you the short version of that sound byte. We are
kicking ass and taking names when it comes to getting oil out of the
ground. We`re as energy independent as we`ve ever been. The Keystone XL
pipeline, the President is not going to do anything about it until the
Nebraska Supreme Court makes a ruling on eminent domain.

Which of course the Republicans, they used to be real concern about eminent
domain and property rights and all that kind of stuff, but that kind of
fell by the wayside when all these green stuff started waving in front --
from the oil companies.

Now, when it comes down to it, President Obama has the final say on the
Keystone XL pipeline. If the Republicans don`t get what they want on
standalone legislation, their plan is to do what? They will attach a
Keystone amendment to every bill that ends up on the desk of the President
of the United States.

So they`re going to test the heart and soul of the President when it comes
to climate change and let Inhofe go up there and cheer the big committee
that has nothing but climate-deniers from the rights sitting on it.

The Keystone is just the first step for the Republicans. They want to ban
the export ban that is out there, they want to lift that so that we can
ship all these oil that were producing out of Dakota and Montana, we can
ship it overseas, so the oil companies can make more money. They want to
drill baby drill.

They want to lift the ban on the East and the West Coast. They don`t want
any -- in fact their going to blame the EPA, Environmental Protection
Agency. They want to just let him run rough shot over anything.

And now this narrative by mainstream media types who lean to the right or
trying to us, "There`s really not a whole lot, it`s going to get done here
on the next couple of years -- nothing real big. Just as Keystone thing
we`ve been fighting for six years for. And of course we want to get that
trade deal done with the TPP and oh by the way we`re going to get some help
from the Supreme Court, we`re going to really take care of Obamacare."

So welcome to the reelection results. Now maybe it will be different in
2016, but there needs to be a new drawing board on how liberals are going
to deal with all of these. I`m just giving you the facts. I`m giving you
the facts on where the Republicans are, what they`ve want to do, how much
oil were digging out of the ground and the risk that is in front of this
country if we go with Keystone.

Get you cellphones. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s question,
"Is Jim Inhofe a reasonable person to lead the Senate environment and
public works committee?" Big question mark. Text A for yes, text B for no
to 67622, you can always go to our blog We`ll bring you the
results later on in the show.

I want to bring in tonight Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland. Senator, always
a pleasure, good to have you with us tonight.

SEN BEN CARDIN (D) MARYLAND: Thanks Ed, it`s great to be with you.

SCHULTZ: I guess green energy is going to left at the water`s edge for the
next couple of years. But I want to know what your thoughts are on the
standalone legislation for Keystone. Do you think they`ll be 60 votes
there in the senate?

CARDIN: I think it`s going to be pretty close about the 60 vote margin.
But you said it upright. These are not permanent jobs. The oil is not
American oil, its dirty oil, it`s going into the international marketplace.
And we produce our own energy supplies and were pretty much energy
independent today.

So this really isn`t about American energy, it is about, what we can do
that will provide dirty oil and make it more difficult for the climate
change issues for global carbon immission. That will have impact as the
President has said. And there`s an orderly process for us to review them
this issue and the President is using that.

SCHULTZ: So, what regulations do you believe Mitch McConnell is talking
about that has gotten a way of this country producing more oil than its
produce in some 30 years?

CARDIN: Well I think what we want to do is open up more of our land to oil
exploration. I think he want to just have a wide open process. He has
little regard for protecting our natural heritage in this country whether
it`s on park land. He has little concern about drilling in sensitive areas
such as near the Chesapeake Bay. If we had an oil spill near the bay it
would be devastating to our way of life.

He has little concern about that. The issue of course is that we don`t
need to do that. We need to have an energy policy where we are self-
sufficient where we create jobs and we`re friendly towards the environment.
President Obama has led us in that direction and we`ve seen the results.

We use less energy that`s important. Now were getting better, mileage (ph)
on transportation on or cars and were using less energy in our buildings.
That`s how you start. Then have a diversified energy source including wind
and solar, that`s what we`re doing.

And yes, we can get a variety of sources for energy that`s what we`re doing
in America. And Mitch McConnell, more interested in the oil and coal.

SCHULTZ: And how do you feel about lifting the export ban which has been
in place for decades?

CARDIN: I think I`d be very, very careful about that. Energy first should
be about America`s security and dealing with a predictable energy cost of
America. That`s a critical call, so before we start talking about
eliminating our restrictions on export, let`s make sure that we have our
own security need best (ph).

SCHULTZ: Senator Ben Cardin. Good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate your time.

CARDIN: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much. Let me bring in Lee Fang reporting fellow with
the Nation Institute and also Tiernan Sittenfeld of the League of
Conservation Voters, great to have both of you with us tonight.

Tiernan, what do you make of Jim Inhofe now going to chair up a very
powerful committee and there was no greater climate-denier than this

right Ed, there is no greater climate change-denier than Jim Inhofe who
infamously said that climate change or global warning is the greatest hoax
ever perpetuated on the American people. That he could have the nerve to
continue to say things like that after the summer that we came off with
more extreme forest fires, more flooding, more droughts, more storm, the
algae bloom Toledo, Ohio. It`s absolutely outrageous.

Clearly Senator Inhofe is out of touch with what American people want.
Overwhelmingly people from all demographics all across the country want to
address a climate change. In fact the solutions that the EPA is pursuing
are still common sense. Protecting public health by cutting carbon
pollution and people they`re already in place.

SCHULTZ: Lee Fang what do you make that fact that President going to let
all these legal wrangling play out. I mean basically he`s putting on the
state in Nebraska the state Supreme Court at this point, at least that`s
how I read his answer your thoughts?

LEE FANG THE NATION INSTITUTE: Well, this Congress was bought and paid
for, in many ways by some of the largest polluters in this country, coal
companies, oil companies. Companies that are involve in fracking as well.

And, regardless of the court decision in Nebraska, this Congress will use
every avenue possible to pressure the Obama administration on these big
decisions. Whether it`s attaching the Keystone XL, as you mentioned said
different bills that are passed by Congress, or even attaching that
approval to government funding.

We might even see another government shutdown but instead of this vote
being attached to the Affordable Care Act, this time it will be around the
Keystone EL.

SCHULTZ: And how do you think that plays out Tiernan. I mean if it`s
going to be attached to every bill that goes to the White House for the
President`s signature. Isn`t Keystone going to get eventually done?

SITTENFELD: You know, we are very confident that at the end of the day,
we`re going to able to defend the President`s ability to cut carbon
pollution under the Clean Air Act. We believe that the President is making
so much progress in combating climate change through things like the clean
power plant. Now it simply wouldn`t make sense for him to turn around and
approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

So, we will fight this every step of the way. I think we`ve seen
Republicans really talking a big game over the last few days. But if you
look at the way this issue has played out over the last few years, the fact
that, six years in. It is still not approved. There it is still no route
in Nebraska. We are confident that pipeline will ultimately be rejected.

SCHULTZ: I think there`s been very little coverage in the fact that Lee
Terry who is the Congressman from Nebraska, who represents the area where
Keystone is going to go through. He lost, Lee what do you make of that?

FANG: Well, you know, there`s a lot of part of the election that have not
really been covered. One of the other big Democratic upsets was a
candidate in Florida who run on food stamps and unseated a Republican.
There`s an undercurrent to this election, it was one of the lowest turnout,
most expensive elections.

But, outside of traditional politics people want to talk about climate
change. You see a lot of people protesting on the street on this issue,
people want to talk about economic justice. And maybe for the future of
these issues, it has to be outside of the traditional realm of politics.
Not big financing of election or think tanks, that type of thing. It`s
organizing on the streets, and you see the result of that in election like
with Lee Terry.

SCHULTZ: All right, Lee Fang and Tiernan Sittenfeld good to have you with
us tonight. I appreciate you time.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow, like us on Facebook, we
appreciate that. We always want to know what you think.

Coming up, the new Republican Majority could be great news for the horrible
trade deal known as the TPP. That means bad news for American workers
Larry Cohen of CWA joins us when we come back. He`s got all the detail.

Plus Scott Walker can`t help himself. Less than a week after his win in
the governor`s chair his handing a run at the White House just like we told
you. Rapid Response Panel weight in on that, and lot more, stay with us
we`ll be right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s escalated quickly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And today`s top trender, TPP push.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Obama is starting a diplomatic trip that
will focus on the economy, trade and restarting his so-called pivot to

OBAMA: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a high-priority.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Obama heads to China to talk trade.

OBAMA: Our Trans-Pacific Partnership, they can spurt greater economic
growth, spurt greater jobs growth.

LEO GERARD, USW PRESIDENT: Every trade bill that we`ve had since the
passage of NAFTA has led to job losses, it led to deficits.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This scenario where there`s common ground with the new
leadership in the House and Senate.

LARRY COHEN, CWA PRESIDENT: Mitch McConnell will sign off with the chamber
of commerce for any trade deal.

OBAMA: The stronger the agreement, the greater of the benefits to our


SCHULTZ: And I`m joined tonight by Larry Cohen, President of the
Communication Workers of America who has made the TPP, one of his
priorities to educate the American people what the heck is going on here?

The President clearly is on the wrong side of the issue. Is that a correct
statement Mr. Cohen? Is that how you feel about it?

COHEN: Yeah, I mean absolutely. And now, he`s ready to pass Boehner
trade. So, the slim guarantees for citizens in this country that we might
have had are likely to get shredded in Republican leadership in the House
and Senate.

SCHULTZ: So, why would the President do something that would be against
the economy? You heard the sound byte there. He`s over in Asia, in China
and he`s telling people that it would create more jobs, increase exports,
increase economic activity for America, what`s going on here?

COHEN: So unfortunately I think we have the joint efforts of the state
department saying that we can win the Vietnam with 90 million people away
from China, at least slightly, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
saying, "Here`s a way to cut our cost and even with flat revenues maintain
our profits or actually increase our profits." And so you really have
finance capital and corporate rights, a huge investor chapter here that
lets corporation sue.

If any of these nations improve standards for workers. If they improve
environmental standards or safety standards, anything they improve on that
cuts corporate profits allows these corporations to sue in a private
tribunal believe it or not where they can sue for billions of dollars of
lost profits.

That`s why Wall Street is excited about the TPP but Main Street in the rest
of us need to focus on what happens to the rights of citizens? How do we
enforce the nice symbolism that may still be in the TPP on citizen rights
when corporations have these secret tribunals and we have to work through
our government and the government of the nation like Vietnam?

SCHULTZ: So with the Republican legislative body in the majority, House
and Senate, what does this mean in your opinion?

COHEN: It means that this is a week of action for citizen groups across
the country. We will mobilize at least 3 million people to take action and
in the weeks ahead, the first months of 2015, our union, CWY but many other
partners, greens and democracy groups. We will keep that same structure in
place, the same level of funding and support that we had in this election
until we defeat this trade bill and get to 21st century trade which needs
the work for citizen groups.

We will keep the entire political apparatus that we`ve had in place to
mobilize our members and community organizations, immigrant rights groups,
all share the same story here.


COHEN: And we hope this President will listen to those of us who have
supported him and not just the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and those who want
to make even higher profits while we have our rights shredded.

SCHULTZ: So, now the shoe is on the other foot, are you accounting and
should workers in this country count on the filibuster to stop this?

COHEN: I don`t think we can cut on that because we don`t know how Finance
Committee Chair Hatch in majority leader of McConnell are going to -- what
version of Senate rules we`re going to see.

I think the only thing we can count on, number one, is the Democratic
Caucus in the House. Three-quarters of it is going to be solidly opposed.
And again that question to -- and the House is really the battle ground, it
always has been for every trade bill.

The question is, Mr. President we stand by your own Caucus or you going to
roll them and use Boehner to pass this? We would to say to him, if you can
get this with a majority support in a Democratic Caucus, we`ll actually
come around on this, because then we know it`s a decent bill.

But if you`re not going to get majority support of your Caucus, shame and
shame (ph) if you`re going to use Boehner to pass the biggest and worst
trade deal ever.

SCHULTZ: So, it is black and white, very clear that this is going to hurt
jobs and workers and industry in this country and the President couldn`t be
more wrong on it. So...

COHEN: It is clear, absolutely clear. It`s not just manufacturing Ed.
It`s the whole tradable sector which right now is information technology
jobs. Its call center jobs, it`s any job that can be done somewhere else,
in this case in Asia.

And by the way, we`ll also hurt our old trading partners in Mexico,
Honduras. I spend a week in Honduras earlier in October and a devastation
there its just going to grow because they can`t compete but a 28 cent an
hour wage in Vietnam that 75 cent an hour minimum wage in Honduras. Its
way to high and these companies one after another will move their
production now to the cheapest place in the world which will be Vietnam if
this deal gets done.

SCHULTZ: Well, there`s been very little explanation from this President
when it comes to the TPP and what he really thinks it`s going to do. And I
think the country deserves a presidential explanation detailed charts the
whole thing why he is for this and why the United States should sign on to

Why so many Democrats against it? He needs to explain that.

Larry Cohen, CWA, great to you have you with us tonight. I appreciate your

Coming up, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, well they share the
limelight in today`s rapid response segment.

And later, President Obama gives us his critics 1,500 more reasons to
disapprove his job. Congressman John Garamendi joins me to discuss. Now
what with Iraq (ph).

Your questions coming up next here on the Ed Show. Stay with us, we`ll be
right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We appreciate all the questions.
We have a time for a couple of them every night in our Ask Ed Live Segment.

Our first question comes from -- I believe -- well there you have it right
up there -- I`m sorry I missed that. "Do you think there needs to be new
leadership in the Democratic Party?"

Well, do you mean in the House? In the Senate? In the DNC? A fresh
start? What are you going to do?

They`re still going to be dealing with people who were ideologically bent
and want to dictate and not negotiate.

Our next question is from James. He wants to know, "What do you believe is
Republican`s true agenda?"

Well, if you`ve been out on the prairie and you see this storm coming, you
can see the clouds are really dark and it`s moving and the wind as picking
up and you know they are coming in. Oh, that storm is coming. That`s just
kind of like the Republicans right now. This storm is coming.

So we know that they`re going to go corporate tax rates. They want to
reduce that. They want to kill Obamacare. They wanted be regulate. That
storms coming. You can see it right at there.

Still around, the Rapid Response Panel is next.

JULIA BOORSTIN, CNBC MARKET WRAP: I`m Julia Boorstin with you CNBC Market

An update for stocks, the Dow rises about 40 points to another new high,
the S&P gains 6 also closing in a record, and the NASDAQ adds 19 points.

Gas prices continue to move lower. They`re down more than 13 cents over
the last two weeks to $2.94 a gallon. That`s 27 cents lower than a year

And there`s been another massive data breach, this time at the U.S. Postal
Service. The attack may have compromised the data of employees and
customers who contacted its call center.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Well, here we go again more of the

Republicans want to delay confirming Loretta Lynch, President Obama`s pick
for Attorney General Nominee until next year when the GOP has controlled of
the chamber. Senate majority incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
said, Miss Lynch will receive fair consideration by the Senate and her
nomination should be considered in the new Congress through regular order.

You know what? I guarantee within a week they`re going to come back and
say, do we really need an A.G. in America?

Meanwhile, Bush 43 is spreading the idea of a Bush 45.

Former President George W. Bush spoke highly of his brother. Former
Florida Governor Jeb Bush on the Sunny Talk Shows.


GEORGE W. BUSH, 43RD U.S. PRESIDENT: You know, there`s a lot of
speculation about him. I occasionally feel the speculation by saying that
I hope he runs. I think he`d be a very good president. I think it`s
50.50. He and I are very close. On the other hand, he`s not here knocking
on my door, you know, agonizing about the decision.

I would give it a toss. I know this about Jeb. He is not afraid to
succeed. In other words, I think he knows he could do the job. And nor is
he afraid to fail.


SCHULTZ: What a commercial. More than a dozen Republicans governors and
senators are also dipping their toes in a 2016 waters.

Immediately after winning his third election in four years, Republican
Governor Scott Walker gave a strong hint about his presidential


REP. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: Any of us, now 31 governors across the
country, have the executive experience from outside of Washington to
provide a much better alternative.

Overall, I believe governors make much better presidents than members of


SCHULTZ: Do all of you people in Washington are really bad and you got to
be a governor.

Joining me now in our Rapid Response Panel E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Columnist and MSNBC Contributor, also with us tonight Mike Papantonio, Ring
of Fire Radio Host and Americas Attorney. Great to have you with us

Mike you first. What do you think about the Scott Walker`s comment about
governors? Does -- I mean, three elections in four years, he`s got more
cred. than the rest of them, doesn`t he? When it comes to making the case
in a toxic atmosphere?

the Republican primary stage. No question about it. He`s everything the
new Republican prototype represents and he`s already visited all that on
Wisconsin, destroy unions both government and private, make pubic education
unrecognizable, engineer the suppression of minority votes, keep wages to
side pan (ph), third world level, cut the safety net. There were poor
people have to leave Wisconsin or starve to death.

So he actually is the perfect prototype going forward. He`s been a
perfectly molded into exactly what a billionaire America aristocracy want
in their President.

He`s made every Tea Party move that movement that he`s been ordered to do.
So now in his quest to make all America suffer, he`s now stamping in New
Hampshire, in Iowa. And even though Ed, very interesting, Wisconsin
polling numbers showed that about 70 percent independence and 40 percent
Republicans don`t even want their own governor...


PAPANTONIO: ... to run because of the level of disappointment.

SCHULTZ: E. J. Dionne, what do you think of Bush 43 talking about a Bush
45? That was a pretty strong endorsement phrase, definitely there`s family
conversation going on here.

E. J. DIONNE, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think if you don`t have that
coalition and order, from the beginning you might as well forget about it.
So we know that that one is together. I thought he went pretty part. It
feels like Jeb Bush really does want to run and, you know, what`s holding
him back, maybe family consideration.

The fact that he seems to make quite a bit of money in business and
wonders, does he want to give that up? I think those are the kinds of
things he`s thinking off. In many ways he probably be the strongest
Republican in a general election but for the Bush name.

I`m not sure if people want to go back to Bush. And when you take brand
Bush versus brand Clinton, the country tends to vote for brand Clinton.
But he`s actually more optimistic in the way he talks than a lot of other
Republicans are. I have I feeling he is going to do it.


DIONNE: That is my guess and that`s what I am hearing. And Barbara Bush
was the last one onboard but she expressed some doubts about it awhile
back. She seems now finally as part of the coalition too.

SCHULTZ: In our other story, Ted Cruz from Texas, the Senator, and Mike
Lee send a letter to Harry Reid saying that they would stop all action in
the Senate if the President takes action on immigration with executive

Mike that would clear the beach so to speak for a Jeb Bush run, wouldn`t
it? What do you make of the push in the Republican Party not to do
anything there?

PAPANTONIO: Well, first of all, look I`m going to tell you, this is a
woman who`s great for Wall Street. It`s almost like Ted Cruz didn`t get
his memo. She maybe an effective activist when it comes to Civil Rights
issue but she`s nothing more than a retread of Eric Holder when it comes to
descending Wall Street white collar criminals to prison.

So, it is tough to understand the story. My bet is, that in about a week,
Wall Street is going to be burning up phone lines to the Republican
political mouthpieces telling him to let Loretta Lynch replace holder so
Wall Street can continue the same corruption we`ve seen for six years. So
some of these Republicans simply don`t understand who this woman is, once
they get the memo, once they connect that dots I think we may see a
difference with...


PAPANTONIO: ... the attitude of Republicans in Loretta.

SCHULTZ: E.J., should the President run the country on his schedule or
Mitch McConnell`s and wait until after the first to the air?

DIONNE: Well, I mean he can`t control what the Senate does in terms of
confirming her. I sure think that the Senate kept saying -- these guys
keep saying what they want. They don`t want to be obstructionist. This is
easiest thing for them to let through as a confirmation of Loretta Lynch.
She`s been confirmed before.

In terms of immigration, I think the President should act and I think --
he`s postponed it and postponed it, the notion that John Boehner is
suddenly going to turn around and say, "Oh, yes, I want to pass...


DIONNE: ... comprehension immigration reform." I just don`t believe that.
And I think you`re much better, if you`re going to have to fight, you
better have a fight from a position of strength that way you`ve done
something than to look passive or weak or inactive. So, I think he should
welcome the fight and go ahead and do it.

SCHULTZ: Let`s talk Hillary for just a moment. Dan Balz your colleague,
he has a column in the Washington Post obviously. He wrote this and caught
my attention.

"The past two midterm elections have been cruel to Democrats, costing them
the control of the House and now the Senate, and producing a cumulative
wipeout in the states. For all of her appositive attributes, former
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is a suffocating presence when it
comes to intraparty presidential competition."

Mike, what is your reaction to that and E.J. you as well? Mike, you first.

PAPANTONIO: I completely agree. We have to move away from this nepotism.
It can`t be a Clinton dynasty versus a Bush dynasty. She will not do well
in the states for a lot of different reasons, but one thing is, people want
something fresh. It`s a new generation out there. We can`t drink out of
the same coffee...


PAPANTONIO: ... cup forever.

SCHULTZ: What do you think there E.J. on what Balz wrote?

DIONNE: Well, I think what Dan was saying is that you look compared to
what. I mean Elizabeth Warren is the one obvious alternative but what Dan
also said that piece that Democratic should think a lot about is midterm
wipeout, wipeout your bench. And they got to figure out a way to win this
midterm election.

They can`t use the excuse that our people don`t vote because that`s where
the next generation mentality comes from and...


DIONNE: ... that`s a real problem.

SCHULTZ: E.J. Dionne and Mike Papantonio, always great to have you guys
with us tonight.

Coming up, George W. Bush may not have a silver tongue but he was born with
the silver spoon his month. W. has earned his spot in tonight`s
pretenders, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Often times, we get questions,
what`s the mission of the Republicans, what do they really want to do?
Well, let me tell you something that`s going to happen. Just after the
first of the year, hang on to your local post office because there`s going
to be another round of facility closing.

That`s right, and because of what has unfolded I don`t think that there is
anything anybody can do in Congress about this because this is what the
Republicans want.

Mark Dimondstein, who is the President of the American Postal Workers Union
will join us tomorrow night to explain to the country exactly how this is
going to affect service and what it means as the conservative right-wing
continuous to chip away at the postal service in this country in an effort
to privatize everything that can get their hands on.

That is tomorrow night. We`ll be right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. And finally tonight, last week
President Obama authorized the deployment of an additional 1,500 American
troops to Iraq to train local forces in the fight against ISIS. This week
the President sat down with CBS`s Face the Nation where he called the
decision to double the number of U.S. troops in Iraq just part of a new


BOB SCHIEFFER, "FACE THE NATION" HOST: What does this signal? That what
we`ve done so far hasn`t work?

OBAMA: No, actually, what it signals is a new phase. So what has been
changed is our troops are not engaged in combat. Essentially what we`re
doing, we will provide them close air support once they are prepared to
start going on the offense against ISIL, but what we will not be doing is
having our troops do the fighting.

SCHIEFFER: Should we expect that more troops may be needed before this is

OBAMA: You know, as a commander-in-chief, I`m never going to say never.


SCHULTZ: The White House is expected to request an additional $5 billion
for military operation against ISIS during the lame-duck session. The
President is also looking for new authorization from Congress to continue
military action.

President Obama has repeatedly pledged to keep boots off the ground in
Iraq. The question on everyone`s mind after Election Day, will the mission
change now that the Republicans have the majority? That first goes tonight
to Congressman John Garamendi of California.

Congressman, good to have you with us tonight. What does a Republican
majority in both Houses mean when it comes to dealing with ISIS and the
pressure on the President? Your thoughts.

REP. JOHN GARAMENDI, (D) CALIFORNIA: Well, I think we`re going to see a
much aggressive Congress, really wanted to get into this. Consider John
McCain, Chairperson of the Senate on Services Committee.

He is bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb again. It is never enough troops on the
ground for him so it`s going to be heavy pressure coming from the Senate.

On the House side, I think we`ll probably see pretty much the same which
was strong support for intense military action. For me, I think we`re
headed down the same path. We`ve been on twice before. This would be the
third time we`ve been engage in a war in Iraq. The first two didn`t work
out particularly well.

What is different about this? Well, we`ve got a very nasty group out
there, ISIL. No doubt that they`re a bunch of bad actors but we really
need to think seriously about what our overall strategic interest is and
how we`re going to deal with it.

The old way just hasn`t work and we need to redo that, therefore, we
absolutely have to have an authorization to use force, really a declaration
of war. This is a new war that Congress that people`s representatives
under the constitution we need to come to grips with our responsibility.

Do we declare a war, if so, how much, how and where?

SCHULTZ: Well, do you think the President is actually going to have
difficulty getting new authorization from Congress to continue...

GARAMENDI: Well, sure.

SCHULTZ: ... what`s going on right now, now that the Republicans are all
about it?

GARAMENDI: Well, he should. I mean all of us were appalled to
constitution. The constitution is very clear. Congress declares war. The
President executes that war. This is a new war. We`re talking about five
billion here. There`s already been perhaps a billion spent before this $5
billion. Where is that going?

We`re on slippery slope. This war has been going on for 30 years since
1982 when 200 marines lost their lives in the bombing of the barracks in
Beirut. This is not good...


GARAMENDI: ...policy. We do need to really think about how is it that we
can actually stabilize the Middle East without another ground war.

SCHULTZ: So, Congressman, are you saying that it`s just hard to hold this
position and continue to say that our troops are not going to be involved
in combat and this is, as the President says, a new phase?

GARAMENDI: Well, it is indeed a new phase. These soldiers are not going
to be just in Baghdad and Erbil. They`re going to be out in the outlying
areas. Twelve brigades are going to be placed -- are going to be stood up,
three of those are Kurds, nine of those are Iraqi. Those are not going to
be sitting in Baghdad they`re going to be out in the -- out and around in

The reality is our forces are going to be and harm`s way. And just think
about this Ed, what`s going to be the American public`s reaction when one
or more of our soldiers...


GARAMENDI: ... men and women are killed or captured?

SCHULTZ: Well, President Obama responded to concerns about additional
troops saying that he actually expect to see troop totals decline. Take a
listen to this.


OBAMA: What, you know, the commanders who presented the plan to me say is
that we may actually see fewer troops overtime because now we`re seeing
coalition members starting to partner with us on the training and assist


SCHULTZ: Do you buy that Congressman?

GARAMENDI: I hope he`s right. We do know that this has to be an effort by
Turkey, by Saudi Arabia, by others that were addressed. He`s even talked
that Iran is part of the effort to deal with ISIL.


GARAMENDI: That`s an interesting partnership right there. But yes, they
must get involve. It is their turf, their territory. They`re the most at
risk. Eventually the United States could be at risk. There is a serious
potential that ISIL could bring that to the United States. But right now
this is something that has to be dealt with by the...


GARAMENDI: ... people and the countries in that region.

SCHULTZ: Congressman tomorrow is Veteran`s Day. To you, your family, you
colleagues, what is it mean?

GARAMENDI: Well, it means everything. It means exactly what we`re talking
about here. We`re going to have 33,000 more veterans coming back from
Iraq. We`ve already have well over a million. They`re people that heard
it (ph), they`ve sacrifice.

Veteran`s Day is time for this nation to take stock in what we owe these
men and women. Fortunately the new Secretary, Mr. McDonald seems to be on
the right track. I certainly will give him any support that he may need to
carry out his tasks. I did meet with him for about an hour and 15 minutes
in Sacramento when he was here in this area.

I think he`s a good person. I think he is well-intended. He`s got a big
bureaucracy. He is going to need a lot of support from Congress in order
to make the changes necessary to take care of our veterans.

SCHULTZ: All right, Congressman John Garamendi of California, good to have
you with us tonight. I appreciate your time sir.

GARAMANDI: Thank you.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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